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Park Springs School
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We have several pictures of the old Park Springs school and town, and below (on this page) are some of the pages of the 1942 Park Springs Yearbook

Below are 7 pictures sent to us by John Andrews johna15@earthlink.net 
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The first picture of the main street of Park Springs 1906-1920? was provided to a newspaper by Kenneth L. McKay and originally owned by Eunice Richmond. The second picture is of the Chadwick Store, Panhandle, in 1937 with Jude Chadwick on the left. The third picture is of the depot that was on the west side of town. The forth picture, of the school house, also came from a newspaper and was provided by Kenneth L. McKay and originally owned by Eunice Richmond. The fifth picture is a 1926 school group that includes Opal Monroe, K.W. Chadwick, Carmel Chadwick, Inell Chadwick, and Mrs. Buckner. The sixth picture is a 1920's meeting in front of the Musgrove Store. It was also one given by Kenneth McKay and Eunice Richmond to a newspaper. The last, seventh, picture was made about 2000 of Opal Monroe Chadwick by the town water well in front of the ruins of the old bank building.

Park Springs - 1910.jpg (1057972 bytes)   Chadwick Store - 1937.jpg (306558 bytes)   Park Springs Depot.jpg (569866 bytes)   Park Springs School - old.jpg (444931 bytes)   Park Springs School Group - 1926.jpg (909549 bytes)   Musgrove Grocery Store - 1920.jpg (294852 bytes)    Opal Monroe Chadwick.jpg (359689 bytes)
John Andrews writes, "My mother-in-law Opal Monroe Chadwick, who is now 94 years old, can remember what Park Springs looked like when she was going to school there in the 1920's.  From her description of what she remembers back then, that the building on the right foreground housed the Bank, Pharmacy and the Post Office.  She doesn't remember the next three buildings being there at all and is guessing that the building which housed Mr. Musgrove's grocery store would come next.  Then separated by about 30 feet or more would come the grocery store and gas station owned by W J & Opal Chadwick, called the Panhandle.  She can only remember that there were just a couple of buildings across the street on the East side of Main Street."

Below is a picture of a horse sale held in old Park Springs.
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Park Springs Horse Sale.jpg (1011046 bytes)   
Picture loaned for scanning by the Arlon Morris Family.
John Andrews writes about the above picture, "
According to my source, the photo is the sale of mules during the First World War. Also, and this cannot be confirmed, but the photo shows a young boy in the right foreground with a stocking cap on with his hands in his pockets is of Jude Chadwick, my wife's dad to be. He looks to be about 9 or 10 years old and that would put the photo in the middle of the War. He was born in 1907."

Below are 2 images from the Wise County History Book, A Link with the Past, Vol I
There is another picture of the school building and a map of Park Springs that helps clarify some of the discussion above.
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Park Springs School Front - old.jpg (871738 bytes)   Map of Park Springs - old.jpg (475997 bytes)
Two of the girls on this volley ball team (in the middle) were sisters, Lena and Jewell Earp.

Another Picture of the champion Park Springs Volley Ball Team
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   Park Springs Volley Ball Team.jpg (998488 bytes)
Picture loaned for scanning by the Arlon Morris Family. Name at bottom are Inez Baldwin, Bonnie McGee, Glenna Doris Bonds (little girl), Pauline Randles, Velma Badgel, Verner Baugh, Susan Frances Robinson, Neat Able and Miss Horn

Below are some of the pages (15) of the 1942 Park Springs Yearbook
(The first "Review")
Thanks to DARLENE BOYETT DBOYETT@Sw.rr.com  for scanning and sending these pages.

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Index of Names follows on this page

Picture of the Park Springs school building in 1942
1942 Park Springs School.jpg (146746 bytes)
Picture from the yearbook

PSHS-1942-pg01.jpg (661327 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg02.jpg (671869 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg03.jpg (725650 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg04.jpg (769092 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg06.jpg (667605 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg07.jpg (850394 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg08.jpg (841345 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg09.jpg (849774 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg10.jpg (830808 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg11.jpg (824726 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg12.jpg (800406 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg13.jpg (959094 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg14.jpg (856851 bytes)   PSHS-1942-pg15.jpg (878372 bytes)

Index by Sue Tackel - Report problems or corrections to Sue@WiseCountyTexas.info
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Last Name, First Name    Year     Name of page

Alexander, Floyd            1942            Senior Low Down
Alexander, Floyd            1942            Senior Basketball
Alexander, Floyd            1942            Annual Staff
Alexander, Floyd E.         1942            Name in Class Will
Alexander, Lucille            1942            Name in Class Will
Alexander, Lucille            1942            Sophomores
Alexander, Lucille            1942            Senior Volley Ball
Anderson, Georgia Beth            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Appling, Barry, Jr.        1942            Senior Low Down
Appling, Barry, Jr.        1942            Name in Class Will
Appling, Berry, Jr.        1942            Senior Basketball
Appling, Berry, Jr.        1942            Annual Staff
Appling, Billy Gene    1942            Name in Class Will
Appling, Billy Gene    1942            Sophomores
Appling, Billy Gene    1942            Senior Basketball
Appling, Laymon            1942            Senior Picture
Appling, Laymon            1942            Senior Basketball
Belew, Mrs.            1942            Freshmen
Belew, W.H., Mrs.     1942            Faculty Picture
Belew, W.H., Mrs.     1942            Junior Class
Belew, W.H., Mrs.     1942            Sophomores
Belew, W.H., Mrs.     1942            Annual Staff
Belew, W.H., Mrs., Coach            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Belew, W.H., Supt.    1942            Dedication Picture
Belew, W.H., Supt.    1942            Faculty Picture
Blackmon, Gladys            1942            Freshmen
Blackmon, Gladys            1942            Senior Volley Ball
Blackmon, R.L.            1942            Senior Low Down
Blackmon, R.L.            1942            Senior Picture
Blackmon, R.L.            1942            Name in Class Will
Blackmon, R.L.            1942            Senior Basketball
Blackmon, R.L.            1942            Annual Staff
Boyett, Jewell            1942            Sophomores
Boyett, Leona            1942            Freshmen
Boyett, Uewell            1942            Sophomores
Buckner, Harlen            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Bullard, Cecil, Mrs.     1942            Faculty Picture
Bullard, Mrs., -Junior Play "The Dude Ranch" 1942            Calendar
Carlisle, Ray            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Culver, Billings            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Daniel, Dorothy            1942            Freshmen
Daniel, Dorothy            1942            Senior Volley Ball
Dart, Part   1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Dobbs, Dolois            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Duck, Dottie Lou            1942            Senior Low Down
Duck, Dottie Lou            1942            Name in Class Will
Duck, Dottie Lou            1942            Annual Staff
Earp, Carol            1942            Junior Basketball
Earp, La Vern            1942            Freshmen
Earp, La Vern            1942            Senior Volley Ball
Earp, Paul 1942            Name in Class Will
Earp, Paul 1942            Junior Class
Earp, Paul 1942            Annual Staff
Fenley, Hubert            1942            Senior Low Down
Fenley, Hubert            1942            Annual Staff
Fenley, Hubert Lee      1942            Name in Class Will
Fenley, Josephine            1942            Senior Low Down
Fenley, Josephine            1942            Name in Class Will
Fenley, Josephine            1942            Annual Staff
Fenley, Josephine Marcelle            1942            Senior Picture
Fenley, Juanita            1942            Freshmen
Fenley, Una Mae            1942            Freshmen
Forsythe, Glen            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Forsythe, Marie            1942            Senior Volley Ball
Forsythe, Marie            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Gilbert, Mrs., from Chico            1942            Calendar
Harper, J. Lester            1942            Junior Class
Harper, J. Lester, Coach  1942            Junior Basketball
Harper, J.L., Prin.            1942            Faculty Picture
Harper, J.L., Prin.            1942            Name in Class Will
Huddleston, Cecil            1942            Name in Class Will
Huddleston, Cecil            1942            Freshmen
Huddleston, Cecil            1942            Junior Basketball
Hudson, Earl Wayne 1942            Sophomores
Huggins, Alice            1942            Freshmen
Huggins, Clarice            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Huggins, Flora Faye    1942            Sophomores
Huggins, Lou            1942            Sophomores
Huggins, Lou            1942            Senior Volley Ball
Jacobs, Lotella            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Jones, Carl M.            1942            Junior Basketball
Jones, Carl Mac            1942            Senior Basketball
Jones, James P.            1942            Junior Basketball
Jones, James Paul            1942            Boxing Team
Largent, Mrs. - new English teacher from Chico   1942            Calendar
Love, Wilbert            1942            Sophomores
Love, Wilbert            1942            Senior Basketball
McCay, Lee Boyce  1942            Senior Picture
McKay, Darius            1942            Freshmen
McKay, Lee Boyce  1942            Senior Low Down
McKay, Lee Boyce  1942            Name in Class Will
McKay, Lee Boyce  1942            Annual Staff
Monroe, Marie            1942            Freshmen
Mowery, Flora Jean     1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Mowery, Wesley            1942            Name in Class Will
Mowery, Wesley            1942            Junior Class
Mowery, Wesley            1942            Annual Staff
Mowrey, Wesley            1942            Junior Basketball
Page, Erma            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Page, Marie            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Richmond, T.C.            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Robinson, Robbie Jean     1942            Freshmen
Robinson, Robbie Jean     1942            Senior Volley Ball
School Building            1942            Picture
Senior play - "The Black Derby"            1942            Calendar
Shurbet, Glenn            1942            Name in Class Will
Shurbet, Glenn            1942            Junior Class
Shurbet, Glenn            1942            Annual Staff
Smith, Betty Lee            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Thompson, Truman            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Tucker, Euna Faye            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Tucker, James            1942            Freshmen
Tucker, James            1942            Junior Basketball
Tucker, James            1942            Boxing Team
Tucker, Olga Mae            1942            Name in Class Will
Tucker, Olga Mae            1942            Junior Class
Tucker, Olga Mae            1942            Annual Staff
Willet, Emmanuel            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Willett, Daniel            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Willett, Nathaniel            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Willett, Nolan            1942            Junior Baseball Teams
Williamson, Doris, Miss            1942            Faculty Picture
Williamson, Doris, Miss, Coach  1942            Senior Volley Ball
Williamson, Miss, Coach  1942            Junior Baseball Teams