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   Embry, John A., Dr. - Vol III Page 50.jpg (365712 bytes)
This picture, from an unknown newspaper, was sent in by Betty McEntire Bettyjmcentire@aol.com 
She said that it was in some papers that belonged to her grandmother, Ollie Rich McEntire, who was born near Alvord in 1891. Listed in the picture are: Mrs. George Neilson, Mrs. R.H. Beall, Dr. John Embry, Mrs. L. Renshaw, Mrs. S.A. Lillard, Mrs. C.B. Beard, Mrs. J.W. Patterson, Mrs. C.A. Sanders, Mrs. J.R. Davenport, and Miss Mattie Perrin.
To the right of (or below) the picture is an article about Dr. Embry that came from page 50 of Vol III of "The History of Wise County, A Link with the Past"
Click on article to Enlarge To read.
There are 2 doctor Embry's buried at Oaklawn Cemetery:
Dr. John Albert Embry - Oct 24, 1848-Nov 24, 1921
Dr. J.M. (James Monroe) Embry - Sept 22, 1845-Aug 19, 1933
Found this in "The Pioneer History of Wise County" by Cliff Cates (See below)(Click on article to Enlarge To read.)
Pioneer Hist-331.jpg (1736251 bytes)  Pioneer Hist-332.jpg (444491 bytes)


This picture was sent in by Dorothy Reid tdreid1@embarqmail.com

Dorothy Reid writes: This is a picture made at the west side of the very old Decatur school- The young man at the very left bottom is Marion Cocanougher- behind him is Aralene (Devenport) Gary- her sister was Mildred Askey- The jewelry man who was on the square is also in there- don't know many of the others-
- don't know the year-- but others thought it might have been third grade-

Richard Hollis richardhollis@sbcglobal.net writes: Am guessing this was the old multi story red brick building above not far from the tennis/basketball court. If so, I went to the 1st grade in that building in 1957, they finished the new elementary that summer and I went to it in the 2nd.


Decatur School 4th Grade about 1917.jpg (747821 bytes)

The picture above and the 2 below were sent in by Alton Cook booksco@cox.net . Click pictures to ENLARGE

Alton Cook writes: This is a photograph (above) of the fourth grade Decatur Grammar School Miss Martha Bates teacher.
My mother, Alta Mae Hilton, is the fifth girl from the left in the last row seated just below the
standing girl with the dark coat with big buttons. My mother was born in January 1907 so
I calculate this is
about 1917.

Decatur School 5th grade  about 1918.jpg (1057647 bytes)

Alton Cook writes about the picture above: A photo of the 5th grade Decatur School I think 1918.  The only student I know is Alta Mae Hilton, the blond girl at the right end of the 2nd row.

Decatur School 6th Grade about 1919.jpg (1553827 bytes)

Alton Cook writes about the picture above: This is the 6th grade Decatur School about 1919.
Alta Mae Hilton is in the middle of the picture 3rd row back in a white dress with black string ties.