Wise County, North Texas
Brief History of Paradise Schools
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1893 - This school building was in use until 1916
1903 Paradise School Picture.jpg (706183 bytes)  1916 Paradise School Building.jpg (1065204 bytes)
Both pictures are from the Bridgeport Index. The one on the left was sent in by Anna Potts. It was dated 1902. The picture on the right was dated 1916, was taken by Henry Livengood and was sent to the Index by Mrs. Joe Coffman.

1940 - High School Building
Paradise High School 1940 yearbook.jpg (732409 bytes)  
A picture taken from the 1940 School Annual.

1954 - High School Building
1954 Paradise High School.jpg (1107234 bytes)  
A picture taken from the 1954 School Annual.

1955 - School Buildings
1955 Buildings.jpg (3614373 bytes)  
A picture taken from the 1955 School Annual.

1965 - School Buildings
1965 Yearbook-Buildings.jpg (2010975 bytes)  
A picture taken from the 1965 School Annual.

1966 - Old school fire
1966 Paradise Old School Fire.jpg (1714294 bytes)  
A picture from the Bridgeport Index. Old school building fire in July of 1966.

1966 - School Building Construction
1966 Yearbook-Building Construction.jpg (2650188 bytes)  
Pictures of Building construction taken from the 1966 School Annual.

1966 - New school opens
1966 Paradise New School Building.jpg (1196715 bytes) 
A picture from the Bridgeport Index. Story and picture about the new school that opened in January 1966.