Wise County, North Texas
Audubon School
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Text of Historical Marker at site on former main street of town of

    A vanished town which was important in this area in the 19th century. It was settled by southerners and named for naturalist John J. Audubon (1785-1851).
    Earliest settler, D.D. Shirey, platted town out of his farm land in 1865. He and his wife, "Aunt Polly", expanded their log house into a stagecoach inn that grew famous for a lavish table. Their excellent food was set out on a lazy susan which was the wonder of the countryside. In the late 1860ís and following decades, trail crews detoured from the cattle trail that ran to the east of here, and bought supplies in the town. Audubon had a post office from June 25, 1874, to July 20, 1904. Local social and fraternal bodies included Woodmen of the World and a Masonic Lodge active from 1879 to 1886. There were three churches, a school, a telephone office, two cotton gins, several mercantile stores, several lawyers and physicians, and two blacksmiths. The noted Dr. W.B. Palmer, had a beautiful country home, "Gynndome".
    Bypassed by the Fort Worth & Denver railroad in 1883, Audubon gradually declined. Post office closed in 1904. School consolidated with Alvord in 1930.
    Among outstanding native sons was the Rev. M.M. Barnett of the California Baptist Foundation. (1970)

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1904 - Audubon School Group
1904 Audubon School.jpg (293015 bytes)   
This photo furnished by Dianna Baklik, who received it from Mary Howard. Click to make Larger. No names are given.

1914 - Audubon School Group
1914 Audubon School.jpg (2279480 bytes)   
This photo furnished by Dianna Baklik, who received it from Mary Howard. It is of Audubon School children about 1914. Among those pictured are Dianna's grandmother at age 19, Modrell Howard, and cousin Eva Ruth Clardy. Modrell Howard died on November 8, 1999 at 100 years of age. Others named in the picture are Virgil Daniel, Mattie Belle Gossett Phillips, Garland Howard and Minyard Barnett.