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We have a few pictures and yearbooks from the following other schools. Contributions to these pages are greatly appreciated.
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This 1st picture is a mystery picture sent to us in Feb 2014 by June Sulivan julysullivan@yahoo.com She wonders if anyone knows these people. She writes: Third person from right in white blouse is Lucy Jobe. Second person from left is her sister, Julia (Jewel) Jobe. She has her hands on sister, Mary's shoulders. I think these others may be cousins. If so, they would be McKinneys, Walkers, or maybe Baughs. The girls' mother was Bettie McKinney Jobe and their father was Joseph Jobe. Their grandmother was Julia Bowers. They lived in Crafton.Thanks for posting and I would love to know who the others are if anyone contacts you.

We have only one picture from each of the following schools.
Click on the images to see them FULL SIZE.

1913 - Aurora School Group
1913 Aurora School.jpg (1152601 bytes)   
Picture given by Wanda L Lewis of Huntsville Alabama. Click to make Larger. Elmer Dacus and Gertie Mae Dacus are named.
Barbara Byrom Short fivetonbridge@yahoo.com writes about the 1913 Aurora School Group above:
Bottom Row-sitting from left to right: the 4th child-she is the first girl-she has a big bow in her hair---this is Mary Josephine (Josie) Byrom. She was abt 6 or nearly 6 years old in this picture. 
5th child- the boy standing on his knees beside Josie is Harley Leon (Harley) Byrom - abt 7years old in this picture.
Josie and Harley are siblings and children of James Harris & Lula Mae Beauchamp Byrom of Aurora.
The Dacus boy and girl are cousins to Harley & Josie.Harley and Josie were my Uncle and Aunt.

1899 - Bethany School Group
1899 Bethany School.jpg (620829 bytes)   
Picture given by Brent Allen Mason. Click to make Larger. It is thought that Brent's great grandmother, Claudia May Bell Armstrong, is the young lady in the center of the picture holding the sign.

Date Unknown - The Old Boonsville School Building
Old Boonsville School House.jpg (346027 bytes)   
 Click to make Larger.

1925 - The Boonsville School Group
Boonsville School - 1925.jpg (511924 bytes)   
 Picture given to the Bridgeport Index by W.B. 'Cotton' Lawrence in 1975. Click to make Larger. Those named in this picture are: 

Conner, Fay
Conner, James
Conner, LaRue
Fitzgerald, Loyd 'Tuff'
Glass, Lucion
Herrin, Chester
Herrin, Gerald
Herrin, Juanita
Herrin, Opal
Holley, Evelyn
Holley, Junior
Holley, Virginia
Lawrence, Katie Lou
Lawrence, Spurgeon
Lawrence, W.B. 'Cotton'
Luttrel, Myrle
McNeil, Carman
McNeil, Margie
McNeil, Red
Morris, Carrie
Morris, Estell
Patterson, Marie
Patterson, Ruby
Sanders, Anna, Miss
Sanders, Laura, Miss
Sanders, Sammy Lane
Shadle, Glen
Shadle, Sherman
Tackett, Donnese
Tackett, Hazel
Walker, Dock
Walker, Plummer
Walker, Tenny Bill
Womack, Eugene
Womack, Fayteen
Womack, Jack
Womack, Leona
Womack, Lois
Womack, Loyd
Womack, Orman
Womack, Ruth
Womack, Thurman

1901 - Fannie J. Clifton Private School Group
1901 Clifton School.jpg (559961 bytes)   
Picture given by Eleanor Hembree. Click to make Larger. Mrs. Cliften, Verne Eskridge, Floyd Bobbie Reeves, Frank Gose, Frank Carpenter, Gazier Gose, Emmett Ford, Marie Garrison, Alva Gose, May Eskridge, Nadine Watkins, Ruby Read, Yakin Ranken, Rosa Watkins, Ada Cook, and Mary Lou Carpenter are named (names hard to read).

1917 - Crafton School Graduation
1917 Crafton Grad Class.jpg (1000825 bytes)   
Article loaned for scanning by Lois Watson Morrow. Click to make Larger. Names of teachers: Clara Counts, M.C. Counts, Edith Hanna and Laura Wiley - Brandon Trussell was superintendent. Students: B.F. Blanton, Josephine Chipman, Olive Collier, Ruby Mae Craft, Frankie Dickey, Lorene Goad, Lois Jarrell, Dean Johns, Amy Keen and Lorene Wells.

1920 (about) - Crafton School Group
Crafton School Group about 1920.jpg (863516 bytes)   Crafton School Group about 1920-closer.jpg (324788 bytes)
Picture sent in by Velvet Oberg haroldvelvet@centurylink.net It was sent to her by Mike Board BoardM@state.gov . The picture on the left is just closer and larger. Click on either picture to make them FULL SIZE. 
Mike writes that his grandmother, Hazel Hunter, wrote Crafton School Group on the back of this picture in her adult handwriting. He believes that she is 2nd from the left in the back row. She was born Dec 7, 1907. 
(Sand Flat School - 1916 is another picture of hers. See below)

1939 - Crafton 5th Grade Class. Crafton School closed and was consolidated with Chico.
1939 Crafton 5th Grade Class.jpg (1019008 bytes)   1939 Crafton 5th Grade Class-back.jpg (167277 bytes)   1939 Crafton Elementary Grad Cert.jpg (1021273 bytes)
Class picture and Elementary School Graduation Certificate loaned for scanning by Lois Watson Morrow. She is in picture. Click to make certificate or front and back of picture larger. Listed on certificate are: Geneva Hodges, teacher, S.T. Matherly, Principal, J.A. Woodard, Superintendent and T.L. Craft, President of the Board.

194? - Crafton Group (This was a church group that met in the school building after their church was destroyed by a storm)
Crafton School.jpg (1033731 bytes)   
Picture given by Darlene Boyett. 2 story school building also had a basement. Click to make Larger. No names are given.

1916 - Gravel Hill School Group
Gravel Hill  -1916.jpg (278692 bytes)   
Edna Wood sent this very good old picture. Click to make Larger. Those in the picture include Claude Niblett (father of Edna Wood) back row second from the left, Ruby Niblett front row on far right, Elmer Paschall back row far right, and some Findley children. Gravel Hill School was west of Cottondale on the Agnes Road near what is now the Jim Bob Paschall home.
In 1913 William Mowrey, J.R. Terry and Tom Weston were responsible for the election of trustees for this Gravel Hill School No. 88.

Date unknown - Greenwood School Group
Greenwood School.jpg (1691275 bytes)   
Click to make Larger. Weldon McNeely was the teacher.

1910 - 7th Grade Pella School Group
MarvinSewell7thGradeClass1910PellaTX.jpg (226927 bytes)   
Picture sent in by Cathy Sewell (akaimzadi at hotmail.com) Click to make Larger. She writes, "My grandfather, who appears on the lower left, was named Marvin Eldredge Sewell, born to Pleasant Perry Sewell and Lucy Jane Kirby Sewell in 1898 in Pella.

1916 - Sand Flat School Group
1916 Sand Flat School Group.jpg (859816 bytes)   1916 Sand Flat School Group-closer.jpg (348742 bytes)
Picture sent in by Velvet Oberg haroldvelvet@centurylink.net It was sent to her by Mike Board BoardM@state.gov . The picture on the left is just closer and larger. Click on either picture to make them FULL SIZE. 
Mike writes that his grandmother, Hazel Hunter, wrote Sand Flat School Group 1916 on the back of this picture in her child's handwriting. He believes that she is 5th from the left in the back row. She was born Dec 7, 1907. 
(Crafton School Group about 1920 is another picture of hers. See above.)

1905 - Shiloh School Group
1905 Shiloh School.jpg (505040 bytes)   
Picture given by Betty McEntire bettyjmcentire@aol.com  . Click to make Larger. Teacher on the left is Miss Maud Vermillion. Betty's grandmother, Ollie Rich McEntire, at age 14, is in the picture.

1910 - Union Hill School Group
1910 Union Hill School.jpg (926911 bytes)   
Picture given by Bobby Pearce history@mail.airmail.net  Click to make Larger.
Robert Ray Pennington, an ancestor of Bobby's is in the picture.

David Pitts pitts-gen-281@sbcglobal.net sent in this story about The Union Hill School.
These are the memories of his father, Sidney Albert Pitts, who married Alma Imogene Ross in Bridgeport August 3, 1921.

   "I played baseball, basketball, and hide and seek as a boy.  I was pretty good at basketball at Union Hill School (a little north and west of Park Springs Texas).  I played guard on the Park Springs high school boys basketball team while still in grade school (fourth or fifth grade).  The Roach boy was the center since he was almost 7 feet tall.  The team never lost a game.
    Union Hill was the school I attended until I was about 10 or 11 years old, then I went to Park Springs to school.  They had a well at Union Hill, but no electricity.  School would start about 8 in the morning and last until about 3 pm.  Everybody brought their lunch, and sometimes we would trade lunches.  I remember some of the names of the people I went to school with at Union Hill:  McKinney, Raney, Huckabee, Ashford, and Wine.  Ralph Wine was a buddy of mine.  There were about a dozen kids in my class.  The wife of a son of Aunt Sook Pitts Robinson was our teacher at Union Hill (Lillian Killough Robinson, the wife of Dick (Richard) Robinson was the last teacher at this school near the Red Bud Church according to page 61 of "A History of Wise County - A Link with the Past").  I went to singing school at Union Hill with my brother Roy.  I sang tenor and Roy sang alto.  There were 4 or 5 total singers and a pianist.  I finished the fourth or fifth grade of school.  All the Pitts brothers and sisters were good in school.  I won a spelling bee at Union Hill School.  One girl cried when I beat her in the spelling bee.  I was embarrassed in school once when the teacher made me stand on one foot as punishment for laughing in class.
    Ralph Wines went to Ft. Worth and bought a new Ford Model T for about $500.00 and I learned to drive it when I was in school at Union Hill.  I had to walk 2 miles to school.  I first started dating girls when I was going to Union Hill School.  Ralph Wines, myself, and two girls got in that Model T and drove to Sunset.  When we got to Sunset, Ralph said to me "you can drive home".  I had never driven before.  Ralph put his coat on the side of the car and a limb caught the coat and we had to stop and go back and get it.  Our mail box was out of Sunset, so a lot of people thought my family lived at Sunset Texas.  The mail was delivered to a box in front of the house by a postman driving a buggy.  There was a well in the middle of Park Springs.  You could either drink water there or water your horse.  Our house was about 4 miles outside Park Springs.  The Rock Island Railroad came through Park Springs and there was a depot there.  There were two stores in Park Springs and they had a cemetery there which still exists.  Park Springs Texas is about 15 miles from Bridgeport Texas.
    My first date was with May Huckabee when I was at the Union Hill School at Park Springs.  I was about 15 or 16 years old."

Parker County

 1911- New Hope School Group Pictures (Just over the Wise County Line into Parker County)
New_Hope_School.jpg (1018432 bytes)   military_New_Hope_school.jpg (1018563 bytes)   New_Hope_School_Feb_1911.jpg (993538 bytes)   NewHope_School_1911.jpg (1000959 bytes)
Pictures sent in by David Pitts. These great old school pictures are not from Wise County but very close. Click to make Larger. David writes, "
These photos are from my 2nd cousin Christine Campbell. We visited her last week and I digitized these photos.  These photos are from her father who was born Sept 20, 1892 in Newark, Wise County Texas.  He and his wife lived on Ross Road just northwest of the New Hope Cemetery, where John Edward Ross II was the original Grantee of 180 acres of land."