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History of Bridgeport Schools
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1800's - The first school in Bridgeport was part of the 2 story Masonic Hall in Old Town (west of present Bridgeport)
1800's Bridgeport Old School Map.jpg (546770 bytes)
This part of a map shows the school building and Masonic Hall just to the north of the Old Town Square. Note that some of the data for this map came from Pollard Jeter. He was born in 1880 and is buried in nearby West Bridgeport Cemetery. Walter Johnson attended this school as a child in the late 1800's, and he called it the Poly-Jeter Grammar School. See whole article on page - http://www.wisecountytexas.info/bridgeportindex/images/1973/1973-07-19-pg61.jpg .


1893 - The town of Bridgeport moved to the east when the railroad came through. A Mexican school remained on the west side, but a new school was built in the new town.
1800's Bridgeport School Building.jpg (260879 bytes)  1800's Bridgeport School Building 2.jpg (892193 bytes)
2 pictures of the old school that was in the new town. Part of this school was the Methodist Church. The teachers were paid by "subscriptions". See story on page http://www.wisecountytexas.info/bridgeportindex/images/1973/1973-07-19-pg63.jpg 


1902 - The Bridgeport school house (pictures below) was on Carpenter Street.
  1900 Bridgeport School Building 2.jpg (1610428 bytes)   School built in 1902.jpg (287589 bytes)

The picture on the left was rescued from a flea market, and a copy shared with our web page by Linda Davis.
The original picture belonged to Mrs. S.L. Atkins of Paradise TX. The picture in the middle was printed in The Bridgeport Index, as was the article on the right. It is memories about the old school by Reba Funk Erikson. Click to make any picture LARGE.


1910 - This Bridgeport school house (picture below) was on Cates Street were a new elementary school was later built.
1929 Bridgeport High School Building.jpg (1310062 bytes)   1911 Bridgeport-Woody Photo.jpg (1020929 bytes)   School on Cates St.jpg (108169 bytes)
The picture on the left is from the 1929 yearbook (when the high school was held here). The picture in the center was sent in by Ken Sprecher kensprecher@kensprecher.com . The picture came from a descendent of Sam Woody who found it in her father's things. The only thing written on the back was 'Bridgeport TX Sept 7, 1911'. We think this center picture shows the end of the building that was on Cates Street. The article on the right is memories of this school by Reba Funk Erikson. Click on these to make them larger.


1920 - 2 school rooms were built on the west side of the railroad tracts. This was called the Pollard Jeter School.
1924 Pollard Jeter School.jpg (1420951 bytes)
A picture of the Pollard Jeter students from 1924.


1924 - A new high school was built on Carpenter Street at the site of the old 2 story school building.
1951 Bridgeport High School Building.jpg (1512497 bytes)  1947 Bridgeport High School Gym.jpg (887835 bytes)  1952 Bridgeport High School Homemaking House.jpg (296565 bytes)
These pictures of the high school front, gym and homemaking house came from yearbooks. The gym was built in 1937 by WPA workers. See picture on page http://www.wisecountytexas.info/bridgeportindex/images/1963/1963-11-15-pg14.jpg

1935 - Bridgeport High School Class
1935 Bridgeport High School Class.jpg (10451476 bytes)
This picture was given to me by Joy (Green) Palmer. It was in the newspaper in 2002.
Students listed:
Barnett, Foy Bain
Beason, Emmett
Boase, James
Boase, Reba Parish
Brewer, Nettelee
Brown, Pauline Chilton
Carpenter, Velma
Carrera Robert
Coffman, Fay
Cope, Oleta Gibbons
Cunningham, Retha
Dickerson, Inez
Ferguson, Marvin
Ford, Ruth
Hamock, Margaret
Hartsell, Mary Jane Montford
Howell, Loretta
Huezdoz, Joe
Jeter, Pollard
Kennedy, Mildred
Kersey, Clinton
Kersey, Eulalah Ruth Green
Knox, Thelma
Matar, Fay
Matar, Freda
McClung, Elmo
Mitchum, Tora
Moxley, Smiley
Nelson, A.J.
Pate, Roberta Johnson
Pike, Angelina
Pike, Glen
Reddell, Frances
Sharp, Fred
Smith, Ozell Culwell (Teacher)
Vine, Harry
Waters, Cone

1951 - A new elementary school on Cates Street replaced the old 3 story school.
1952 Bridgeport Elementary School Building.jpg (555559 bytes)  1961 Bridgeport Elementary Addition.jpg (512907 bytes)
The picture on the left was taken from the 1952 school yearbook. The picture on the right is from The Bridgeport Index of a new addition added in 1966.


1958 - A new high school was built on 7th Street.
  1966 Bridgeport New Wing to High School.jpg (1203027 bytes)
Picture on right is a new wing added in 1966.

1969 - A new junior high school was built on highway 380.

1990 - A new high school was built on Cuba Road
  2000 Bridgeport High School.jpg (474760 bytes)

2005 - A new elementary school way built on 7th Street