Wise County, North Texas
Nickelville/Nickleville School
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Picture of the Nickelville (also spelled Nickleville) school building
(East of Park Springs and Northwest of Alvord)

Picture from 'The History of Wise County-A Link with the Past' Vol I.

All of the pictures and pages of the 
'School Remembrance Book' below were sent in by
Julie Watson Julie.Watson@Progressivewaste.com 

These are thumbnails of the pictures. Click on any image to see it FULL SIZE.

Nickelville School Students.jpg (511771 bytes)   Nickelville School Students-back.jpg (429723 bytes)
This is a picture of some Nickelville students. The names were written on the back.
Teacher - Miss Jackson, Mildred McDaniel, Bill Kerr, Ruby Littlefield, Dorthy Grissom, Clifton Grissom, Evelin Grissom, P (Punch?)  Cattrell, and Floyd Tailor

Nickelville School-Forrest McDaniel in front center.jpg (459218 bytes)
This is another picture of some Nickleville students. No names were written on this one, but Julie Watson says that her grandfather, Forrest McDaniel, was front row, middle.

Nickelville School Booklet 1.jpg (686502 bytes)   Nickelville School Booklet 2.jpg (956261 bytes)   Nickelville School Booklet 3.jpg (1073100 bytes)   Nickelville School Booklet 4.jpg (1030839 bytes)   Nickelville School Booklet 5.jpg (1002764 bytes)   Nickelville School Booklet 6.jpg (701877 bytes)
1916 Nickleville School 'Remembrace' Booklet 
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Below are the names listed alphabetically:

Teacher - Lena Hamilton
Beard, Ada
Beard, Deen
Beard, Zada
Blaylock, Grover
Blaylock, Harvey
Cackrell, Bernice
Callaham, Cleo
Callaham, Junita
Callahan, Lorene
Cattrell, Annie
Cattrell, Fred
Cattrell, Velaska
Cunningham, Aldridge
Cunningham, Edna
Cunningham, Lizzie
Cunningham, Mary
Grissom, Terrell
Grissom, Willie
Grissom, Willie
Ince, Halley
Ince, Mabel
Kerr, James
Lackridge, Raymond
Lassiter, Blanche
Lassiter, Fay
Lassiter, Ruby
Littlefield, Alberta
Littlefield, Esker
Littlefield, Otho
Littlefield, Ruby
Littlefield, Ruth
McDanniel, Forrest
McDanniel, St.
Mills, Truman
Mosely, Leonard
Mosely, Mabel
Price, Frank
Price, Ruby
Price, Virgie
Smith, Floid
Smith, Johnnie
Smith, Lee
Stagg, Eugene
Taylor, Lotella
Terry, Gracie
Terry, Hubert
Willis, Mary
Willis, Ola
Willis, Onie
Willis, Yvettie

Made near Nicholville.jpg (353495 bytes)   Made near Nicholville-back.jpg (281263 bytes)
Picture made in Nickleville Community. Click to enlarge.
Names on back are Riley McDaniel, Chester Best and Stambargh

Alvord Telephone Office.jpg (1065766 bytes)   Alvord Telephone Office-back.jpg (292910 bytes)
Picture made at the old Alvord telephone office. Names on back are Fort Ferlow and Ann Phillips.