Wise County, North Texas
Lisle School
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2 Pages of a booklet:
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1912 - Lisle School Book (Lisle School was West of Chico-Spelled 'Liles' on Map )
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This image was furnished by June Lance mandjlance@charter.net 
She writes, "My grandmother Lizzie Hammock and her siblings went to school here. The spelling on the card is different than on the map. 1910 census shows them in precinct 3."

Names from the booklet are given and an alphabetical list is below:

Acree, Douglas Pupil
Acree, Gladys Pupil
Acree, Herbert Pupil
Acree, Tealie Pupil
Acree, Virgie Pupil
Brooks, Flora Pupil
Brooks, Lester Pupil
Caddell, Dotson Pupil
Caddell, Minnie Pupil
Cearley, O.R. Trustee
Counts, Earl Pupil
Counts, J.M. Trustee
Counts, Methel Pupil
Counts, Minnie Pupil
Counts, Olevia Pupil
Counts, Ozella Pupil
Counts, Paul Pupil
Counts, Pearl Pupil
Counts, Tom Pupil
Counts, William Pupil
Cullender, Bertha Pupil
Cullender, Myrtle Pupil
Groves, Grace Teacher with Picture
Hammock, Jesse Bee Pupil
Hammock, Lillie Pupil
Hammock, Lizzie Pupil
Hammock, Lollie Pupil
Hammock, Willie Pupil
Marney, Felsie Pupil
Marney, Frank Pupil
Marney, Warren Pupil
McDanniel, Winfred Pupil
Pitts, W.S. Trustee
Saunders, Clay Pupil
Saunders, Elmer Pupil
Saunders, Eola Pupil
Saunders, Venezuella Pupil
Terrell, Meredith Pupil
Vaughan, Bessie Pupil
Vaughan, Irene Pupil
Vaughan, Odus Pupil
Watson, Louie Pupil
Watson, Mary Pupil
Watson, Velma Pupil
Watson, Wyett Pupil
Wright, Hubert Pupil
Wright, Jessie Pupil
Wright, Melvie Pupil
Wright, Paul Pupil