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Indexed Bridgeport Index Newspapers
Names 1970s

Indexed are all local names and stories of interest in the older papers, but only the local births, weddings, deaths, pictures, and stories in the newer papers.

Year Number of Papers Pages  Indexed by
1970 40+12 Papers 834+253 Pages Sue Tackel
1971 49+3 Papers 1,164+72 Pages Sue Tackel
1972 26+26 Papers 690+718 Pages David Pitts
1973 45+8 Papers 1,316+200 Pages Sue Tackel
1974 45+7 Papers 1,068+151 Pages Sue Tackel
1975 20+32 Papers 332+547 Pages Sue Tackel & David Pitts  
1976 1 Paper 18 Pages  Sue Tackel

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     Type or Notes Yr-Mo-Day-Page
"give to the heart fund" Story 1972-02-17-pg16
"Wagon Wheels to Rockets" casting party  Picture 1973-06-28-pg04
"Wagon Wheels to Rockets" High School field set  Picture 1973-07-12-pg01
100 Years of Bridgeport celebration  Story 1973-07-19-pg01
1916 Front Page of the Bridgeport Times 1916 Paper 1976-07-01-pg01
1940 Bridgeport High Graduating Class  1940 Picture 1974-09-05-pg27
23 BHS band won 1st place medals at state meet,  photo, long list of medal winners 1972-03-09-pg25
287 Highway Proposed Route Around Alvord  Picture 1970-08-07-pg16
4-H article article 1975-10-16-pg03
4-H Club Elects Officers Story 1970-09-25-pg16
4-H Club News Story 1970-02-06-pg18
4-H Club News Story 1970-03-27-pg17
4-H Club News Story 1970-05-01-pg08
4-H Club News Story 1970-06-12-pg14
4-H Club News Story 1970-07-24-pg05
4-H Club News Story 1970-09-11-pg08
4-H Club News Story 1970-09-11-pg09
4-H Club News Story 1970-09-25-pg10
4-H club News Story 1972-08-17-pg09
4-H County Dress Revue - 70 girls  Story 1970-03-27-pg20
4-H District Food Show  Story 1970-03-20-pg10
4-H ers Complete Record Books Story 1970-07-17-pg22
4-H Horse Profect Meeting Story 1970-03-06-pg09
4-H Junior Leaders Held Meeting Story 1970-06-19-pg18
4-H Members win at State Fair article 1975-10-30-pg14
4-H News  Story 1970-05-08-pg03
4-H News  Story 1970-12-11-pg18
4-H News Story 1972-02-24-pg08
4-H News Story 1972-12-14-pg09
4-H News  Story 1975-07-03-pg13
4-H News  Story 1975-07-10-pg07
4-H News  Story 1975-07-17-pg05
4-H News  Story 1975-07-17-pg14
4-H News  Story 1975-07-31-pg11
4-H News  Story 1975-08-07-pg04
4-H News  Story 1975-09-11-pg13
4-H News  Story 1975-09-11-pg16
4-H News  Story 1975-09-25-pg03
4-H News  Story 1975-09-25-pg14
4-H News  Story 1975-10-02-pg10
4-H News  article 1975-10-30-pg06
4-H News  article 1975-11-20-pg09
4-H News  arrticle 1975-11-27-pg06
4-H News (works on Cemetery) article 1975-10-30-pg07
4-H Photography Club Goes to Ft. Richardson Story 1970-07-17-pg20
4-H Record Book Winners Story 1970-08-07-pg15
4-H Record Books Entered Story 1970-07-17-pg09
4-H Recreation Meeting Story 1970-06-19-pg19
4-H Recreation Project  Story 1970-05-01-pg23
4-H Roundup Time Story 1970-06-05-pg09
4th & 5th Graders get Perfect Attendance Certificates  Picture 1974-06-06-pg03
4th & 5th Graders get Physical Fitness Certificates  Picture 1974-06-06-pg03
4th & 5th Graders get Reading Certificates  Picture 1974-06-06-pg03
55 MPH speed limit in TX Story 1974-01-17-pg19
8th Grade Commencement Held Story 1970-06-05-pg11
A.B. Conley, Jr. Clothing Store 1916 Advertisement 1976-07-01-pg01
AAA Tire Service Story 1970-08-07-pg01
Aaron, Robin Picture 1975-06-12-pg18
Abbot, Sharon  Picture 1971-04-02-pg16
Abbott, J. D./Moose, Margaret Ann wedding 1975-10-16-pg02
Abbott, Roland Picture Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg06
Abrams, Bob injured in a fire in Jacksboro 1972-03-23-pg11
Abshire, Opal Picture 1974-06-06-pg13
Abt, Kathryn Jane/Sammy Joe Potts Wedding 1971-02-19-pg05
Acme Brick Plant Picture 1975-06-26-pg08
ACS Crusade Meeting at Runaway Bay Story 1970-02-27-pg12
Adams, Fitzhugh Story 1970-12-18-pg04
Adams, John  Picture 1973-04-19-pg11
Adams, Ken Story 1973-09-06-pg09
Adams, Kim Picture 1974-05-02-pg03
Adams, Mack Picture 1974-11-14-pg07
Adams, Nancy Picture 1971-04-16-pg21
Adams, Nancy Picture 1971-08-26-pg17
Adams, Nancy photo, favorite food is Baloney 1972-03-30-pg33
Adams, Nelda  Picture 1974-03-14-pg03
Adamson, George Picture 1971-01-22-pg23
Adkins, William C./Sharon Louise Brewer  Wedding 1974-02-14-pg11
Admire, Kelly Picture 1973-02-08-pg08
Advertisement supporting school bonds Story 1972-10-05-pg15
Aging lion dies at Lion Country Safari Story 1972-12-28-pg07
Airington, Mitch Picture 1971-05-07-pg03
Albright, Lauren Story 1970-04-17-pg15
Albright, Lauren Story 1970-05-15-pg18
Albritton, Ben Franklin  Obituary 1974-11-21-pg16
Albritton, Doris  1940 Picture 1974-09-05-pg27
Albritton, Glenn  Story 1974-07-18-pg32
Albritton, Glenn Picture 1975-11-27-pg03
Albritton, L.G. family reunion Story 1974-06-13-pg05
Albritton, Sara Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-06-pg20
Albritton, Sara Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-04-06-pg20
Alexander, Clifford  1920 Picture 1973-07-19-pg18
Alexander, D.B. 1948 Story 1976-07-01-pg06
Alexander, Jackie  Picture 1973-07-26-pg19
Alexander, Jackie  Picture 1973-07-26-pg20
Alexander, O.L. 'Pete' Obituary 1971-02-05-pg23
Alexander, Shana Picture 1971-04-09-pg05
Alexander, Wayne Story 1975-06-19-pg01
Alexander, Wayne Picture 1975-11-27-pg09
Alexander, Wayne, Mr. & Mrs.  Picture 1975-10-02-pg04
All Sports Banquet planned Mar 30 Story 1972-03-23-pg01
Allbritton, Sarah Belle  Obituary 1974-09-12-pg07
Allen, Bobby, Mrs.  Story 1970-03-27-pg23
Allen, Brettie Story 1970-08-21-pg09
Allen, Floyd M., Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1971-09-09-pg01
Allen, Kathy  Story 1973-10-11-pg02
Allen, Margie Bernice article 1975-10-16-pg12
Allen, Sandy Story 1970-05-01-pg23
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1971-11-11-pg25
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1971-12-02-pg11
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1973-02-15-pg10
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1973-02-15-pg11
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1973-04-05-pg31
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1973-04-19-pg33
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1973-05-24-pg06
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Allen, Sandy  Picture 1973-12-13-pg23
Allen, Sandy/Rickey Allen Bailey  Wedding 1974-01-17-pg28
Allen, Sandy/Ricky Allen Bailey  Wedding 1973-11-29-pg12
Allen, Tawana Picture 1970-05-15-pg03
Allen, Tawana Picture 1970-05-15-pg22
Allen, Tawana Jeanette Picture 1971-05-27-pg18
Allen, Tawana Jeanette Picture 1971-05-27-pg28
Allen, Tawana Jeanette/John Randolph Newton Wedding 1971-05-27-pg22
Allen, Tawana/John Randolph Newton Wedding 1971-07-22-pg20
Allen, William Eugene article Story 1975-10-16-pg12
Allgeger, Richard Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-09-14-pg05
Allison, Alfred Picture 1970-10-23-pg24
Allison, Bertha Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-08-24-pg10
Allison, Carolyn Diane Picture 1971-05-27-pg28
Allison, Carolyn Diane Picture 1971-05-27-pg35
Allison, Diane Picture 1970-09-04-pg01
Allison, Diane Story 1970-09-25-pg21
Allison, Diane Picture 1970-10-23-pg25
Allison, Diane Picture 1970-12-18-pg21
Allison, Diane  Picture 1971-02-05-pg19
Allison, Diane  Picture 1971-02-19-pg19
Allison, Diane  Picture 1971-03-05-pg19
Allison, Diane  Picture 1971-03-19-pg19
Allison, Diane  Picture 1971-03-19-pg26
Allison, Diane  Picture 1971-04-30-pg27
Allison, Diane  Picture 1971-04-30-pg28
Allison, Diane  Picture 1971-05-27-pg27
Allison, Etheline Hospital News- admittances 1972-03-16-pg27
Allison, Etheline Hospital News- Dismissals 1972-03-16-pg27
Allison, Jan Story 1970-02-06-pg04
Allison, Jan Picture 1970-02-27-pg01
Allison, Jan Picture 1971-11-25-pg03
Allison, Janice Picture 1970-05-29-pg07
Allison, Janice  Picture 1971-11-25-pg01
Allison, Janice Miss photo, bride elect to marry Pat Phillips 1972-08-17-pg18
Allison, Richard Story 1970-01-16-pg01
Allison, Richard E.  Story 1970-08-07-pg01
Allison, Ricky Ray/Cathy Renee Hall Wedding 1975-09-11-pg11
Allison, Suzanne Picture 1970-04-10-pg16
Allison, Suzanne Picture 1970-05-29-pg28
Allison, Suzanne  Story 1973-10-18-pg18
Allison, Suzanne  Picture 1974-05-09-pg23
Allison, Teresa  Picture 1974-04-11-pg16
Allison, tommie winner of bare back riding in Rodeo 1972-05-04-pg32
Allison, Tommy Story 1970-12-18-pg19
Allison, Tommy Picture 1971-07-01-pg21
Altom, Bob Picture 1970-01-30-pg03
Altom, Bob G. Picture 1970-05-29-pg08
Altom, Bob G. Picture 1970-05-29-pg20
Altom, Lana Sue (f. Joe Max) Birth 1970-07-17-pg09
Alurn, Baky Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Alurn, Betty Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-28-pg12
Alurn, Betty Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Alvey, Terry R. Navy Seaman Apprt. aboard Ship USS Butte in the Mediterranean 1972-04-06-pg10
Alvord Local News-many names Story Alvord News-1950-01-05-pg01
Alvord News - 40 Years of Service Story Alvord News-1950-01-05-pg01
Amburn, KaLinda Story 1970-03-13-pg08
Amburn, KaLinda Picture 1970-03-20-pg21
Amburn, KaLinda Picture 1970-03-27-pg17
Amburn, KaLinda Story 1970-03-27-pg18
Amburn, Kalinda Picture 1970-08-07-pg10
Amburn, Kalinda Picture 1971-04-02-pg16
Amburn, Kalinda Picture 1971-04-16-pg05
Amburn, Kendall Ray Story 1970-12-25-pg31
Ames, Sean  Picture 1974-02-14-pg18
Amity Club celebrates Christmas those present are listed 1972-12-28-pg12
Amity Club Meeting Story Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg06
Anderson, Andy Picture 1971-05-07-pg08
Anderson, Anita A.  Picture 1974-07-11-pg03
Anderson, Audra Hospital News - admittances 1972-03-30-pg19
Anderson, Daniel Elbert Birth 1971-08-19-pg05
Anderson, David A.  Picture 1974-02-21-pg17
Anderson, Deborah Jean Birth 1973-11-15-pg11
Anderson, Edwin R. Picture 1971-12-23-pg09
Anderson, Edwin R.  Story 1974-08-01-pg02
Anderson, Edwin R.  Story 1974-09-12-pg19
Anderson, Jim Picture 1975-11-20-pg03
Anderson, Judy  Picture 1973-04-26-pg21
Anderson, M.S. Picture 1975-08-07-pg11
Anderson, Norma Cook Story 1970-02-20-pg09
Anderson, Paul article 1975-10-16-pg12
Anderson, Paul W.  Picture 1974-02-28-pg04
Anderson, Paul Wilson  Story 1973-12-13-pg03
Anderson, R.V. 'Andy' Picture 1971-12-23-pg34
Anderson, S. L. local well contractor innovates in water well 1972-12-14-pg04
Anderson, Susan  Picture 1973-04-26-pg21
Anderson, Terry  Picture 1973-05-17-pg09
Anderson, Terry article 1975-11-27-pg01
Anderson, Terry L.  Picture 1974-04-11-pg10
Andreasen, Laura Picture 1971-07-08-pg20
Andreasen, Laurie Picture 1971-07-08-pg17
Andreasen, Marilyn Picture 1971-07-01-pg24
Andreasen, Marilyn Picture 1971-07-08-pg20
Andreasen, Mike Picture 1971-07-01-pg19
Andreasen, Nelta Picture 1971-07-01-pg24
Andreasen, Stacy Picture 1971-07-01-pg23
Andreason, Laura Story 1970-12-25-pg16
Andrews, H.R. 'Andy', Mr. & Mrs.  Story 1975-06-05-pg03
Andujar, Betty  Picture 1973-10-11-pg01
Angly, Maurice photo, discuss state economic issues 1972-05-11-pg04
Applegate, Rodney W./Velda McGlothlin Wedding 1971-04-02-pg03
Aquiler, Carlos  Obituary 1971-09-02-pg05
Arant, Brenda photo, opinion poll about improving school news 1972-02-24-pg21
Arant, Iva E. Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-11-pg11
Archer, Aletha Picture 1971-03-19-pg29
Archer, Alethea Picture 1970-12-18-pg05
Archer, David Picture 1974-01-24-pg09
Archer, David Picture 1974-03-21-pg04
Archer, David Picture 1974-05-09-pg13
Archer, Dwight  Picture 1974-05-09-pg03
Archer, Earl Barnette driver of gravel truck had a minor leg injury 1972-04-13-pg14
Archer, M. C. Mrs art student at Runway Bay Art Class 1972-04-13-pg21
Archiman, Harold Picture 1975-10-16-pg10
Arledge, Thomas  Picture 1974-11-14-pg06
Arledge, Tom Corporal photo, National Guardsmen conduct monthly 1972-01-20-pg19
Armes, Vera Beatrice Jennings  Obituary 1973-05-10-pg13
Armor, Richard D. Marine PFC graduated from basic training in San Diego 1972-05-11-pg17
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased buried in Throckmorton Cemetery 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased lived in Throckmorton County TX for 35 years 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased married Eldrige Armstrong in 1915 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased obituary, born June 27, 1895 in Wise Co. 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by brother Ruben Fisher of Dallas 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by daughter Mrs N. A. Presswood 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by daughter Mrs W. J. Chancey 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by daughter Mrs W. L. Cogburn 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by Robert Fisher of Greenwood AR 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by sister Mrs Doyle Love of Paradise 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by sister Mrs Lotie Oswalt of Lubbock 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by sister Mrs Mae Burks of CA 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, Ethel, deceased survived by sons: Forrest and Terry 1972-01-13-pg09
Armstrong, James Picture 1971-07-01-pg04
Armstrong, James R. Story 1970-06-19-pg16
Armstrong, Joyce  Picture 1974-04-04-pg03
Armstrong, Joyce  Picture 1974-06-06-pg01
Armstrong, Joyce  Picture 1974-06-06-pg16
Armstrong, Marsha Picture 1971-03-19-pg19
Armstrong, Marsha Lee Picture 1971-05-27-pg24
Armstrong, Marsha Lee Picture 1971-05-27-pg29
Armstrong, Rick Picture 1975-06-12-pg15
Arnold, Hugh 1910 Picture 1973-07-19-pg22
Arnold, James L.  Obituary 1973-03-08-pg28
Arnold, James Lynn  Story 1973-03-01-pg04
Arnold, Kenneth Picture 1971-10-28-pg11
Arnold, Kenneth photo, winning Cub Scout Pack Den 1972-01-20-pg10
Arnold, Kenneth photo, Cub Scouts clear up the City Park 1972-05-25-pg05
Arnold, La Nita Mrs furnished Cub Scouts with refreshments 1972-05-25-pg05
Arnold, Lawaynda Picture 1971-07-01-pg19
Arnold, Sara Obituary 1970-09-18-pg20
Arnsdorff, A.G.  Story 1973-04-19-pg15
Arnsdorff, A.G., Mrs. Picture 1971-01-15-pg08
Arnsdorff, Alton, Jr.  Picture 1973-06-28-pg27
Arnsdorff, Clara Sue  Picture 1973-06-28-pg27
Arnsdorff, John Gordon Picture 1971-01-15-pg08
Arnsdorff, John Gordon (f. A.G.)  Birth 1970-07-03-pg05
Arrington, Bill Picture 1971-11-11-pg23
Arrington, Bill candidate for Bridgeport City Council 1972-03-09-pg01
Arrington, Bill elected to Bridgeport City Council 1972-04-06-pg20
Arrington, Bill photo, New City Council Member 1972-04-13-pg01
Arrington, Jimmy  Picture 1973-02-01-pg09
Arrington, Mitch Picture 1975-10-16-pg02
Arrington, Robert  Picture 1973-08-02-pg03
Art Festival Winners Story 1975-06-12-pg01
Art Festival Winners Story 1975-06-12-pg02
Art Workshop  Story 1975-07-03-pg11
Arthur, Janette & children  Picture 1973-07-26-pg14
Arthurholt, Laura Hospital news - Dismissals 1972-03-30-pg19
Article on old courthouse in Concho County Story 1972-01-27-pg11
articles on driving safely and increase in accidents compared to previous year Story 1972-05-25-pg16
Arwine, Ike 1949 Story 1976-07-01-pg18
Arwine, Lewis Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-10-05-pg31
Aschner, DiAnn/John Clayton Bush  Wedding 1974-05-16-pg02
Aschner, DiAnn/John Clayton Bush  Wedding 1974-06-27-pg06
Ash, Mary Kay Picture 1971-08-26-pg20
Ashcraft, Charlie article 1975-10-16-pg12
Ashley, Earnest W./Wilma Dyers Wedding Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg02
Ashlock, Jerry Don  Obituary 1974-04-25-pg02
Askey, W.A., Mr. & Mrs.  Picture 1975-10-02-pg02
Assembly of God Church of Chico ground-breaking  Picture 1973-11-01-pg03
Assembly of God Singers Picture 1970-06-05-pg15
Assets and Liabilities of City of Bridgeport Texas Story 1972-12-14-pg11
Atkins, Gaylon Lynn/Mary Jane Austin Wedding 1970-11-13-pg03
Atkins, Janice Story 1970-12-11-pg20
Atkinson, Terry, Rev.  Story 1973-11-29-pg03
Auburn, Katrina Kaye photo, win 4-H Honors 1972-03-16-pg03
Audubon Bethel Baptist Celebrates Centennial Story 1975-07-03-pg20
Audubon Reunion held  History of Bethel Baptist Church highlighted 1972-08-17-pg03
Aurora Cemetery 'alien tree' Picture 1973-06-07-pg02
Aurora Cemetery Spaceman Ledgend  Story 1973-06-07-pg04
Austin, Homer Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-02-17-pg11
Austin, James S., Jr.  Story 1974-08-08-pg17
Austin, M.E., Mrs./Dr. L.H. Pitt  Wedding 1974-12-19-pg07
Austin, Mary Jane/Gaylon Lynn Atkins Wedding 1970-11-13-pg03
Autry, Kelly Story 1973-12-06-pg01
Avey, Dick Picture 1971-11-04-pg07
AWARE ladies exercise class  Picture 1974-03-07-pg06
Babble, Virgil  Story 1974-08-22-pg01
Bable, Virgil  Story 1974-08-29-pg16
Bable, Virgil  Story 1974-09-12-pg23
Baby Boy Murillo Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-02-17-pg11
Bach, Harry Story 1970-08-07-pg01
Bach, Harry Picture 1970-08-07-pg20
Badalati, John J.  Obituary 1973-05-03-pg08
Badden, Barbara Church of God Trio wins 3rd place 1972-04-27-pg20
Bader, Barbara photo, VOE student at George Mitchell & Assoc.  1972-04-06-pg40
Bader, Barbara Hospital News - Admittances 1972-05-25-pg09
Bader, Vicki Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-25-pg09
Bader, Vickie Hospital News - Admittances 1972-05-25-pg09
Badshaw, Holly Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-11-pg11
Bailey & Love Feed Store  Picture 1971-12-02-pg23
Bailey & Love Fertilizers Picture 1970-02-06-pg05
Bailey, Bobbie  Picture 1973-07-26-pg20
Bailey, Bobbie  Picture 1973-07-26-pg22
Bailey, Buddy Picture 1971-03-05-pg23
Bailey, Buddy Picture 1971-08-26-pg05
Bailey, Buddy photo, Bailey & Love Feed & Seed 1972-04-06-pg39
Bailey, Cathy  Picture 1974-04-04-pg06
Bailey, Cathy  Picture 1974-04-18-pg17
Bailey, Cuil, Mr. & Mrs.  Picture 1975-06-19-pg11
Bailey, Cuil, Mr. & Mrs.  Picture 1975-07-03-pg14
Bailey, Elaina  Picture 1974-05-02-pg03
Bailey, Elana Picture 1973-11-29-pg27
Bailey, Elana Picture 1974-10-31-pg16
Bailey, Helen Story 1970-09-04-pg09
Bailey, James Melton  Story 1973-06-07-pg23
Bailey, Keith Dwayne (f. Jimmy)  Birth Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg01
Bailey, Rickey  Picture 1973-02-15-pg11
Bailey, Rickey  Picture 1973-05-03-pg15
Bailey, Rickey  Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Bailey, Rickey  Picture 1973-05-24-pg21
Bailey, Rickey Allen/Sandy Allen  Wedding 1974-01-17-pg28
Bailey, Ricky Story 1970-05-01-pg19
Bailey, Ricky Picture 1971-02-19-pg21
Bailey, Ricky Picture 1971-08-26-pg01
Bailey, Ricky Picture 1971-09-30-pg21
Bailey, Ricky Picture 1971-10-21-pg10
Bailey, Ricky Picture 1971-12-02-pg11
Bailey, Ricky Picture 1971-12-09-pg27
Bailey, Ricky Picture 1971-12-23-pg35
Bailey, Ricky photo, favorite food is Baloney 1972-03-30-pg33
Bailey, Ricky Allen  Picture 1973-01-11-pg24
Bailey, Ricky Allen/Sandy Allen  Wedding 1973-11-29-pg12
Baines, Kerri Picture 1973-05-03-pg26
Baird, Walter - home of  Picture 1974-01-10-pg14
Baker, Becky Picture 1973-05-24-pg27
Baker, Becky Picture 1973-07-19-pg62
Baker, Carolyn, Curtis & Dale photo, Young Citizen of Tomorrow 1972-09-14-pg12
Baker, Charles Picture 1973-07-26-pg21
Baker, Charles Picture 1973-07-26-pg31
Baker, Clyde Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-13-pg08
Baker, Clyde Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-11-pg11
Baker, Clyde Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-25-pg09
Baker, Clyde Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-28-pg12
Baker, Clyde Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Baker, Countess  Picture 1974-03-07-pg07
Baker, Randy Picture 1975-07-31-pg05
Baker, Rebecca/Ronnie D. Petty  Wedding 1973-09-13-pg16
Baker, Vera Picture 1971-05-27-pg36
Baker, William I. Picture 1971-02-12-pg17
Balckman, Richard  Picture 1973-06-07-pg10
Balding, Judy Lynn/Robert Harris Staton  Wedding 1973-10-25-pg16
Baldridge, V.E. 'Vic' Obituary 1975-06-05-pg05
Ball, B.D.  Picture 1973-03-22-pg21
Ball, Billy D.  Picture 1971-08-19-pg01
Ball, Billy Dan  Obituary 1973-04-26-pg07
Ball, Billy Dan  Obituary 1973-05-03-pg20
Ball, Bobby Picture 1973-12-06-pg15
Ball, Britt  Picture 1973-04-12-pg10
Ball, Britt  Picture 1973-04-12-pg22
Ball, Linda Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-18-pg03
Ball, Linda Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-18-pg03
Balsora Baptist Church presents musical Story 1972-08-17-pg23
Banat, Bill  Picture 1973-05-03-pg01
Band - under direction of Bill Brady Picture 1970-09-18-pg01
Band Boosters Club News Story 1975-09-25-pg15
Band Brings Home First Division Trophy  Story 1970-11-13-pg01
Band UIL - 15 Earn Medals  Story 1974-03-14-pg13
Bank changes ownership  Event 1973-04-26-pg01
Bank robbery in 1932  1932 Story 1973-08-02-pg17
Banks, Armilda  1940 Picture 1974-09-05-pg27
Baptismal service -half mile south of town - 1901  1901 Picture 1973-07-19-pg33
Baptist Church musical and missionary programs Story 1972-02-24-pg24
Baptist Church of Chico 1935 group picture  1935 Picture 1974-07-25-pg11
Barclay, Audi Picture 1975-07-31-pg05
Barclay, Teddy Albert (f. Pete) Birth Alvord News-1950-01-05-pg01
Bardsdale, W.G. Obituary Alvord News-1950-01-05-pg01
Barksdale, Lee, Chico  1916 County Court Jury 1976-07-01-pg01
Barksdale, Margaret  Obituary 1973-08-23-pg02
Barksdale, Margaret Mary Ann Jennings Liles  Obituary 1973-08-23-pg11
Barnes, A. E. Mrs attended funeral of brother in law Claude Barnes 1972-03-09-pg22
Barnes, A. E. Mrs visited by daughter Mrs Myra Jackson 1972-03-09-pg22
Barnes, Baby Girl Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-14-pg35
Barnes, Ben Picture 1970-03-13-pg01
Barnes, Ben, Lt. Governor Picture 1971-01-22-pg03
Barnes, Chris Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-13-pg08
Barnes, Chris Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-04-13-pg08
Barnes, Ed  Picture 1971-05-07-pg08
Barnes, Ed  Picture 1971-12-02-pg10
Barnes, Ed  Picture 1971-12-16-pg04
Barnes, Ed receives donation for Fireman's Building fund 1972-01-20-pg03
Barnes, Ed  photo, officer of Bridgeport voluntter Fire Dept. 1972-01-13-pg03
Barnes, Ed (Bridgeport Fire Dept) photo, accepts $250.00 check from John Lamkin  1972-01-13-pg24
Barnes, Ira  Story 1970-01-30-pg09
Barnes, jean Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-14-pg35
Barnes, Tommy  Picture 1973-05-24-pg09
Barnett, Cindy Picture 1970-08-21-pg08
Barnett, Cindy Trying out for Cheerleader 1972-03-23-pg25
Barnett, Cindy  Picture 1974-10-03-pg23
Barnett, David  Picture 1974-05-30-pg17
Barnett, David  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Barnett, Doug  Picture 1974-03-07-pg01
Barnett, Doug  Picture 1974-05-16-pg14
Barnett, Doug  Story 1974-09-19-pg20
Barnett, Gary Picture 1970-05-29-pg28
Barnett, J.E., Mrs. Story 1970-03-13-pg18
Barnett, J.E., Mrs. Story 1970-08-21-pg15
Barnett, J.E., Mrs. Story 1970-09-11-pg11
Barnett, James F. Picture 1971-04-02-pg09
Barnett, Jennie Joe Miss deceased obituary, born Feb 17, 1895 1972-02-03-pg14
Barnett, Jennie Joe Miss deceased survived by nephew Kirby Barnett 1972-02-03-pg14
Barnett, Jennie Joe Miss deceased survived by niece Mrs Mildred Hickox  1972-02-03-pg14
Barnett, Jennie Joe Miss deceased survived by niece Mrs Rachel Johanson of CA 1972-02-03-pg14
Barnett, Nannye Elizabeth  Obituary 1973-04-12-pg15
Barnett, Nannye Mrs visited grandson Phillip graduated Trinity Univ. 1972-05-25-pg21
Barnett, Nannye Mrs visited son Kirby 1972-05-25-pg21
Barney, Jessie Edward Obituary 1971-07-29-pg11
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1973-04-05-pg30
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1973-04-12-pg23
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1973-04-19-pg32
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1973-04-26-pg19
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1973-11-01-pg16
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1974-04-11-pg25
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1974-05-30-pg05
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1974-05-30-pg15
Barnsley, Jimmy  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Barnsley, Randy Picture 1970-03-27-pg05
Barnsley, Randy Picture 1971-10-28-pg10
Barnsley, Randy  Picture 1974-11-14-pg07
Barr, kenneth Hospital News - Admissions 1972-10-05-pg31
Barr, Kenneth Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-10-05-pg31
Barr, Kenneth Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-10-05-pg31
Barret, Ella Mae Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-27-pg19
Barrett, Ella Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-11-pg11
Bartee, Elaine  Picture 1974-05-30-pg18
Bartee, Jamie  Picture 1973-03-08-pg01
Bartee, Jamie  Picture 1973-03-08-pg10
Bartee, Jamie  Picture 1973-03-08-pg11
Bartee, Jamie  Picture 1974-05-30-pg06
Bartee, Jim Picture 1975-10-30-pg14
Bartee, Jimmy  Picture 1973-07-05-pg17
Bartee, Liz Picture 1973-08-16-pg19
Bartee, Liz Picture 1974-05-30-pg06
Bartee, Liz Picture 1974-07-18-pg01
Barton, Bertha Jane (Yale) Mrs former resident of Audubon Texas who died 1972-08-17-pg03
Barton, Cheryl Ann Picture 1971-03-26-pg21
Barton, Don Picture 1975-06-12-pg01
Barton, Don Picture 1975-08-07-pg11
Baseball - Independents Team  Story 1970-05-15-pg04
Baseball - Independents Win  Story 1970-05-08-pg05
Baseball Team - Los Chiconos  Picture 1975-07-31-pg04
Baseball Team From Local Area Wins Award  Story 1975-08-07-pg09
Basket Ball Court at College 1916 Story 1976-07-01-pg01
Basketball-8th Grade Boys & Girls Teams Story 1970-01-30-pg19
Bass, Billy Francis  Obituary 1973-06-21-pg04
Bass, Pam photo, selected as student of the month 1972-02-10-pg19
Bass, Pam Picture 1973-04-05-pg22
Bass, Pam Picture 1973-04-19-pg24
Bass, Pam Picture 1973-05-17-pg28
Bass, Pam Picture 1973-05-24-pg02
Bass, Pam Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Bass, Pam Picture 1973-05-24-pg21
Baucom, Elaine Picture 1971-04-23-pg01
Baucom, Ronnie  Picture 1973-08-23-pg21
Baucom, Ronnie  Picture 1974-04-04-pg08
Baucom, Ronnie  Picture 1974-09-05-pg01
Baucom, Ronnie  Picture 1974-09-26-pg12
Baucom, Ronnie  Picture 1974-10-24-pg28
Baugh, E. M. his daughter Mrs Virginia Gautney called 1972-01-27-pg14
Baugh, E. M. photo, celebrates 91st birthday 1972-01-27-pg14
Baugh, E. M. son, E. D. Baugh of Dumas Texas 1972-01-27-pg14
Baxter, Melba June/Clinton Lee Dennis Wedding 1970-06-12-pg08
Bayport Real Estate building  Picture 1973-10-18-pg31
Beal, Ralph  Picture 1973-03-01-pg01
Beaman, Debra Joyce/Forrest David Hart Wedding 1975-09-25-pg10
Beaman, Lola Viola Obituary 1971-01-01-pg13
Beaman, Mark  Picture 1974-08-08-pg10
Beaman, R. C. Hospital News- admittances 1972-03-16-pg27
Beaman, R. C. Hospital News,- Admittances 1972-03-23-pg11
Beaman, R. C. Hospital News,- Dismissals 1972-03-23-pg11
Beaman, Robert Gregory  Birth 1973-02-08-pg04
Beaman, Robert Gregory  Picture 1974-01-31-pg08
Beaman, Warren & Martha  Picture 1973-08-09-pg15
Bean, Dana  Picture 1973-04-26-pg08
Bean, Dana  Picture 1973-04-26-pg17
Bean, George virgil  Story 1973-08-02-pg05
Bean, Roy Picture 1975-07-24-pg07
Bean, Shannon Story 1970-12-25-pg31
Bean, Sheena Vanedra (f. George V.) Birth 1970-04-10-pg10
Beanan, Robert  Picture 1973-05-03-pg26
Beard, Darla Sueann/Joe Lynn Mowery Wedding 1971-06-24-pg16
Beard, George Bryan Obituary 1971-02-12-pg08
Beard, Jerry Story 1974-09-26-pg28
Beard, Ronalee  Birth 1974-02-14-pg20
Beard, Tiann (f. Ronald) Birth 1970-06-19-pg16
Beard, Tiann (f. Ronald) Birth 1970-06-19-pg20
Beard, Walter, Mrs.  Picture 1973-01-25-pg15
Beardon, Avron Thomas Obituary 1970-06-19-pg17
Beardsley, Leora Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-11-pg11
Beardsley, Leora Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-18-pg03
Beaver, Sam Hospital News - Admittances 1972-05-25-pg09
Beaver, Sam Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-25-pg09
Beavers, Evelyn Picture 1975-10-16-pg12
Beavers, Nora Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-06-pg20
Beavers, Nora Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-13-pg08
Beavers, Nora Hospital News - dismissals 1972-05-04-pg10
Beavers, Sam Hospital News-admissions 1972-01-27-pg19
Beavers, Sam Hospital News,- Dismissals 1972-03-23-pg11
Beavers, Sam Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-18-pg03
Beavers, Sam Hospital News - Admissions 1972-11-23-pg21
Beaves, Sam Hospital News-dismissals 1972-01-27-pg19
Beck, Charles Story 1970-06-12-pg06
Beck, Charles W. Story 1970-08-21-pg09
Beck, Madalyn Sue/Donald Wayne Billington Wedding 1971-01-08-pg05
Beckham, Alan Bean/Sue Ryan  Wedding 1973-10-25-pg16
Beebe, Joe Obituary 1971-03-19-pg01
Beef price freeze  Story 1973-08-09-pg01
Beeson, George Picture 1970-06-12-pg01
Beeson, Norma Picture 1970-06-12-pg01
Beeson, Sarah Pearl  1940 Picture 1974-09-05-pg27
Begeman, Barry Picture 1975-11-20-pg03
Begeman, Beverly Picture 1971-05-27-pg11
Begeman, Beverly Diane/Ricky Darrell Read Wedding 1971-09-02-pg10
Begeman, Cristy awarded Trophy for home economics 1972-03-30-pg18
Begeman, Cristy Lynn/Kenneth Rayford Fuqua  Wedding 1973-08-02-pg05
Begeman, Denise  Story 1974-08-29-pg09
Begeman, Jimmy  Picture 1974-06-06-pg09
Begley, Jerry Story 1970-12-25-pg16
Belcher, Edward Glynn of Grapevine killed in one truck accident on highway 114 1972-05-25-pg01
Bell Manufacturing Co Building, Bowie  Picture 1970-05-08-pg07
Bell, Bubba  Picture 1973-05-24-pg22
Bell, Chris  Picture 1971-04-30-pg18
Bell, Chris  Picture 1971-08-26-pg17
Bell, Chris photo, female athlete of the year 1972-04-06-pg19
Bell, Cris  Picture 1971-04-02-pg25
Bell, Cris  Picture 1971-04-30-pg28
Bell, Danny Picture 1970-02-27-pg03
Bell, Danny Ray Picture 1970-05-29-pg20
Bell, Danny Ray Picture 1970-05-29-pg22
Bell, Danny Ray/Victoria Esperanza Vidal  Wedding 1973-01-04-pg14
Bell, Gary Picture 1971-05-27-pg11
Bell, Gary  Picture 1970-05-01-pg22
Bell, Hobert Grady  Story 1973-03-01-pg04
Bell, James  Picture 1971-11-11-pg25
Bell, James Hospital News - Admittances 1972-08-24-pg10
Bell, James Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-08-24-pg10
Bell, James photo, student mayor during Youth week 1972-11-23-pg18
Bell, James  Story 1973-03-01-pg20
Bell, James  Picture 1973-04-05-pg32
Bell, James  Picture 1973-04-19-pg34
Bell, James  Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Bell, James  Picture 1973-05-24-pg29
Bell, James  Picture 1973-05-24-pg32
Bell, James A. Picture 1971-08-12-pg01
Bell, James A. Picture 1971-11-04-pg27
Bell, James 'Bubba'  Picture 1973-05-17-pg27
Bell, James, Mr. & Mrs.  Picture 1974-04-25-pg03
Bell, Jenie Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-28-pg12
Bell, Jerri Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Bell, Sue  Picture 1973-05-24-pg24
Bell, Sue  Picture 1974-06-06-pg12
Bell, Verda Hospital News - admittances 1972-03-30-pg19
Bell, Verda Hospital news - Dismissals 1972-03-30-pg19
Bell, Verda Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-18-pg03
Bell, Verda Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-18-pg03
Bellah, Cheryl Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-14-pg35
Bellah, Dow Hospital News-admissions 1972-01-27-pg19
Bellah, Dow Hospital News-dismissals 1972-01-27-pg19
Bellah, Juanita Hospital News - Admittances 1972-03-09-pg14
Bellah, juanita Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-03-09-pg14
Bellah, LeRoya  Picture 1973-04-19-pg19
Belle Starr story  Story 1973-07-19-pg25
Belle Starr story - continued  Story 1973-07-19-pg26
Bement, Bret photo, Cub Scouts clear up the City Park 1972-05-25-pg05
Bement, Mike  Story 1973-04-26-pg29
Bement, Mike  Picture 1973-04-26-pg30
Bement, Mike  Picture 1973-08-02-pg03
Bement, Mike  Picture 1974-04-18-pg01
Bement, Rhonda Picture 1971-02-05-pg21
Bement, Rhonda Lyn Picture 1971-05-27-pg22
Bement, Rhonda Lyn/Michael J. Stockton Wedding 1971-04-02-pg03
Bement, Rhonda Lyn/Michael J. Stockton Wedding 1971-06-17-pg05
Bement, Rhonda Lynn Picture 1971-05-27-pg29
Bement, Steve  Picture 1971-08-26-pg01
Bement, Steve Hospital News-admissions 1972-01-27-pg19
Bement, Steve  Picture 1973-09-20-pg20
Bement, Steve  Story 1973-11-15-pg16
Bement, Steve  picture 1973-12-06-pg14
Bement, Steve  Picture 1974-03-07-pg01
Bement, Steve  Picture 1974-05-30-pg06
Bement, Steve  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Beneke Apartments on 13th street - construction  Picture 1974-01-03-pg01
Beneke, Bob Picture 1974-03-14-pg03
Beneke, Bob Picture 1974-07-04-pg08
Beneke, Bob & Marj Story 1975-07-03-pg10
Beneke's new Embers Restaurant  Picture 1974-06-27-pg01
Benham, Debbie  Picture 1974-05-30-pg02
Benham, Debbie  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Benham, Debbie  Picture 1974-05-30-pg25
Benham, Frank E.  Picture 1974-08-08-pg01
Bennet, Mark photo, Cub Scouts clear up the City Park 1972-05-25-pg05
Bennett, Horace H. Story 1970-01-23-pg01
Bennett, Mark photo, winning Cub Scout Pack Den 1972-01-20-pg10
Bennett, Rhonda Gayle (f. Jackie Don) Birth 1970-07-03-pg16
Bennett, Richard Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Bennett, Richard R. Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-28-pg12
Bennett, Yvonne Miss Little Miss Pageant first runner-up 1972-03-30-pg07
Bennie Trammell's Gookyear tire store building  Picture 1973-10-18-pg23
Berend, Sharon Picture 1975-11-27-pg13
Bergmann, Chris Picture 1971-02-12-pg03
Bergstrom, Denis Ranae  Birth 1973-07-12-pg14
Bergstrom, Jonathan E. Story 1970-06-19-pg19
Berry, Allen Picture 1974-04-18-pg02
Beuh, Lillian Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-09-14-pg05
Bevill, Leonard Arnold, deceased buried in Monahans Cemetery 1972-03-23-pg21
Bevill, Leonard Arnold, deceased obituary, born July 21, 1904 Springtown Texas 1972-03-23-pg21
Bevill, Leonard Arnold, deceased survived by daughter Mrs Patsy Armstrong 1972-03-23-pg21
Bevill, Leonard Arnold, deceased survived by mother Mrs W. B. Bevill 1972-03-23-pg21
Bevill, Leonard Arnold, deceased survived by sister Mrs Natalie Holt 1972-03-23-pg21
Bevill, Leonard Arnold, deceased survived by sister Mrs Wilma Kaker 1972-03-23-pg21
Bevill, Leonard Arnold, deceased survived by son Arlin D. Bevil 1972-03-23-pg21
Bevill, Leonard Arnold, deceased survived by wife Dee Eula Roberts Bevill 1972-03-23-pg21
Bevill, W.E., Mrs.  Story 1970-09-18-pg09
Beville, Angie  Picture 1974-04-11-pg16
Beville, Junie Picture 1974-07-25-pg02
Beville, Tennis Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-13-pg08
Beville, Tennis Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-11-pg11
Beville, Tennis, Jr.  Picture 1974-09-26-pg08
BHS Band  Picture 1974-10-03-pg01
BHS Band at airport  Picture 1974-10-17-pg09
BHS Drill Team  Picture 1973-10-18-pg17
BHS grads commencement exercise  Picture 1974-06-20-pg09
BHS Maroon stageband won 2nd place at Brownwood 1972-03-09-pg27
BHS Stage Bands Win honors at Texas Tech Story 1972-03-16-pg01
BHS to host play contest Story 1972-04-06-pg04
Bible Baptist Church Picture 1971-10-14-pg21
Bible Baptist Church Building  Picture 1973-02-08-pg24
Bible Baptist Church Building, 10th & Stevens Picture 1973-03-01-pg11
Bickerstaff, Kennette Gayle Picture 1971-05-27-pg29
Biffar, Glenn R./Patricia Ann Wilkins  Wedding 1974-11-07-pg16
Biggerstaff, Michele Dena  Obituary 1971-04-23-pg08
Bigler, John  Picture 1973-10-11-pg24
Bijack, Bill & Karen  Picture 1974-06-06-pg18
Bijak, William Walter/Karen Mae Taylor  Wedding 1973-05-17-pg12
Bilbrey, Homer former resident of Audubon Texas who died 1972-08-17-pg03
Bilby, Alvin M.  Obituary 1973-07-05-pg01
Bilby, Coy Picture 1970-12-18-pg05
Bilby, Coy Lou Runaway Bay News 1972-03-23-pg19
Bilby, Coy Lou Runaway Bay News 1972-08-24-pg22
Bilby, Diana Picture 1971-07-08-pg20
Bilby, Dianna  Picture 1971-07-01-pg23
Bilby, Jeff Picture 1974-11-14-pg07
Bilby, Rollins  Picture 1973-08-23-pg17
Bilby, Rollins  Picture 1973-09-27-pg01
Bilby, Rollins  Picture 1973-09-27-pg01
Bilby, Rollins - mule surrey in parade  Picture 1974-08-08-pg02
Bilby, Rollins, Mrs.  Picture 1970-12-11-pg05
Bilby, Scott  Picture 1971-10-28-pg10
Bilby, Scott Picture 1974-11-14-pg07
Bilby, Scott Picture 1974-12-19-pg06
Bill Hutto Agency Opening in M.L. Manoushagian Building  Picture 1971-02-05-pg01
Bill Hutto Insurance building  Picture 1973-10-18-pg23
Billings, Dave Story 1970-01-09-pg04
Billings, Dave Picture 1970-01-23-pg03
Billings, Dave Picture 1970-09-11-pg11
Billings, David e. Picture 1970-05-15-pg08
Billington, Don Story 1970-01-30-pg19
Billington, Don Story 1970-04-03-pg09
Billington, Donald Wayne/Madalyn Sue Beck Wedding 1971-01-08-pg05
Billington, E. E. Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-04-pg10
Billington, E. E. Hospital News - dismissals 1972-05-04-pg10
Billington, E.E.  Obituary 1974-11-21-pg16
Bill's Superette Grand Opening Picture 1970-07-10-pg19
Biographical sketches of all 13 in governor's race Story 1972-05-04-pg25
Bird, Becky Picture 1970-03-20-pg21
Bird, Hallman  Picture 1974-11-14-pg06
Bird, Helen Hospital News - Admittances 1972-05-25-pg09
Bird, Mada Picture 1975-06-26-pg08
Bird, Mada article 1975-12-25-pg01
Bird, Maxine Hospital News-admissions 1972-01-27-pg19
Bird, Maxine Hospital News-dismissals 1972-01-27-pg19
Bird, Maxine Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-02-24-pg08
Bird, Maxine Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-03-09-pg14
Bird, maxine Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-18-pg03
Bird, Maxine Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-25-pg09
Bird, Randy Story 1970-09-25-pg20
Bird, Randy Story 1970-12-18-pg20
Bird, Randy photo, Bird's Texaco Station  1972-04-06-pg30
Bird, Randy  Picture 1974-08-22-pg09
Bird, Raymond photo, Bird's Texaco Station  1972-04-06-pg30
Bird, Raymond Mr & Mrs photo, eating at the FFA Barbeque 1972-05-18-pg10
Bird, Raymond Sr, deceased buried Bridgeport East Cemetery TX 1972-08-24-pg20
Bird, Raymond Sr, deceased Died Aug 21, 1972 at Lake Worth Texas 1972-08-24-pg20
Bird, Raymond Sr, deceased obituary, born Juy 4, 1904 1972-08-24-pg20
Bird, Raymond Sr, deceased parents Walter Bird nd Sarah Jane Smith Bird 1972-08-24-pg20
Bird, Raymond Sr, deceased survived by brothers: Charley & L. C. (Fluff) 1972-08-24-pg20
Bird, Raymond Sr, deceased survived by daughter Betty Alice Hobbs 1972-08-24-pg20
Bird, Raymond Sr, deceased survived by son Raymond bird Jr 1972-08-24-pg20
Bird, Raymond Sr, deceased survived by wife Stella Brazier Bird 1972-08-24-pg20
Bird, Rex Hallman Obituary 1971-09-23-pg04
Bishop Motor Company in Bowie  Picture 1971-06-10-pg16
Bishop, Nora Picture 1970-12-18-pg05
Bishop, Nora  Picture 1971-05-14-pg14
Bishop, Nora photos, does raindance ritual at the spillway 1972-04-13-pg19
Bishop, Nora Runaway Bay News 1972-05-11-pg08
Bishop, Nora Runaway Bay News 1972-09-14-pg13
Bishop, Nora  Picture 1973-10-11-pg01
Bishop, Nora Mrs garden show winner 1972-05-11-pg01
Bishop, Paula Picture 1974-01-24-pg17
Bishop, R.H.  1940 Picture 1974-09-05-pg27
Bishop, Ralph Story 1970-01-09-pg04
Bishop, Ralph Mrs photo, arbor day planting by Garden Club 1972-01-27-pg23
Bishop, Sherry Story 1970-12-25-pg16
Bishop, Tommy E. sentenced to 90 days in jail 1972-03-16-pg11
Bissett, Anita  Picture 1974-09-19-pg15
Bjutram, A. V. Mrs visited aunt Mrs Earl May for her 86th b-day 1972-01-27-pg05
Black, A.W. 1899 Picture 1976-07-01-pg08
Black, Clarence, Mrs.  Picture 1973-07-19-pg03
Black, David  Picture 1973-04-19-pg19
Black, Donna/Lee Largent Wedding 1975-09-11-pg11
Black, Givens & A.W.  1899 Picture 1973-07-19-pg46
Black, Harold, Rev.  Picture 1970-01-23-pg09
Black, Harold, Rev.  Picture 1970-05-15-pg10
Black, Karl Picture 1974-11-14-pg07
Black, Kirt Picture 1974-03-07-pg19
Black, Lori Picture 1975-07-24-pg01
Black, Matha Picture 1971-04-30-pg09
Black, Ruby Picture 1971-05-27-pg20
Black, Ruby Picture 1974-06-20-pg06
Black, Tom 1904 Picture 1976-07-01-pg13
Blackman, Kenneth  Picture 1974-02-14-pg18
Blackman, Kenneth  Picture 1974-06-06-pg08
Blackman, Kenneth Picture 1975-10-02-pg16
Blackman, Kenneth 4 year old  photo at the junior high gymnasium 1972-02-03-pg03
Blackman, Ronald  Picture 1973-07-05-pg17
Blackman, Ronald  Picture 1974-06-06-pg08
Blair, Lee Hospital News- admittances 1972-03-16-pg27
Blair, Lee Hospital News- Dismissals 1972-03-16-pg27
Blair, Lee Hospital News - admittances 1972-03-30-pg19
Blair, Lee Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-04-06-pg20
Blake, Donna Picture 1970-05-01-pg17
Blake, Donna Story 1970-05-01-pg23
Blake, Donna Picture 1970-09-25-pg19
Blake, Donna Picture 1971-02-19-pg21
Blake, Donna Picture 1971-11-04-pg23
Blake, Donna Annette Picture 1971-05-27-pg29
Blake, Donna Annette Picture 1971-05-27-pg35
Blake, Stacy Annette  Birth 1974-01-24-pg10
Blakley, David Horold  Story 1970-08-21-pg09
Blalock, Buddie Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-13-pg08
Blalock, Buddy broken ribs in car wreck with gravel truck 1972-04-13-pg14
Blalock, Eric Picture 1970-03-13-pg08
Blalock, Jeff Picture 1974-02-14-pg04
Blalock, Jeff Picture 1974-03-07-pg04
Blalock, Jeffery D.  Picture 1973-05-17-pg12
Blalock, Jeffrey  Picture 1974-02-14-pg18
Blanks, David Picture 1973-05-24-pg01
Blasť, H. Hospital news - Dismissals 1972-03-30-pg19
Blasť, John Hospital News- Dismissals 1972-03-16-pg27
Blase, John H. Hospital News,- Admittances 1972-03-23-pg11
Blasť, John H. Hospital News - Admittances 1972-03-09-pg14
Blassingame, Mary  Picture 1973-02-01-pg21
Blaylock, Billy Brice (f. Billy) Birth 1970-04-17-pg18
Bledsoe, Larry Lee article 1975-10-16-pg12
Blessing, Thomas E. graduated from East Texs State University 1972-05-18-pg05
Bletsch, George A.  Story 1973-11-29-pg02
Bletsch, George A.  Story 1974-03-07-pg12
Bletsch, William Pete Obituary 1970-04-03-pg15
Blevens, Steve 1916 Story 1976-07-01-pg01
Blevins, Carolyn Obituary 1971-12-23-pg01
Blevins, Jason Picture 1973-04-19-pg19
Blevins, Jason Picture 1974-02-14-pg04
Blevins, Marie Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-28-pg12
Blevins, Ted Hospital News-dismissals 1972-01-27-pg19
Blevins, Ted Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-28-pg12
Blount, Bobby Joe/Evonne Clark  Wedding 1974-01-03-pg04
Blount, Christopher Dale  Birth 1974-08-01-pg11
Blount, James  Picture 1973-05-03-pg26
Bluebird Group, Judy Rutherford's Picture 1971-05-14-pg16
Blythe, Donald  Picture 1971-01-22-pg23
Board, Earl Story 1970-05-29-pg09
Boase, Exia Old Picture 1973-07-26-pg11
Boase, Exie Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-08-17-pg11
Boase, James L. deceased brother in law of Mrs Leslie Boase of Bridgeport 1972-01-13-pg17
Boase, James L. deceased buried in Salt Lake City Utah 1972-01-13-pg17
Boase, James L. deceased former resident of Bridgeport 1972-01-13-pg17
Boase, James L. deceased his wife, Lena died in 1981 1972-01-13-pg17
Boase, James L. deceased obituary, born Feb 14, 1891 1972-01-13-pg17
Boase, James L. deceased survived by daughter Christine 1972-01-13-pg17
Boase, James L. deceased survived by son James Jr 1972-01-13-pg17
Boase, Lizzy Old Picture 1973-07-26-pg11
Boase, Raymond L. deceased brother in law of Exia Boase of Bridgeport 1972-03-30-pg19
Boase, Raymond L. deceased buried March 11, 1972 in Maple Cemetery Neb. 1972-03-30-pg19
Boase, Raymond L. deceased died in Salem, Richardson Co. Nebraska 1972-03-30-pg19
Boase, Raymond L. deceased married Miss Alice Fouraker on Mar 20, 1934 1972-03-30-pg19
Boase, Raymond L. deceased obituary, born June 4, 1900 Kileen Texas 1972-03-30-pg19
Boase, Raymond L. deceased survived by daughter Mrs Saundra Parker 1972-03-30-pg19
Boase, Raymond L. deceased survived by his wife 1972-03-30-pg19
Boase, Virginia Cue  1940 Picture 1974-09-05-pg27
Boaz, Earnest Obituary 1974-07-11-pg08
Boaz, Earnest Obituary 1974-07-11-pg09
Boaz, Mary organizer of Art Classes at Runaway Bay 1972-04-13-pg21
Boaz, P.A. 1916 Name of Store 1976-07-01-pg01
Boaz, P.A. built first swimming pool  1919 Picture 1973-07-19-pg56
Bob Goode's Restaurant Sells to Harold Holt Event 1971-04-30-pg01
Bob, Diana Miss TWU representative promoting nurses training 1972-02-24-pg05
Bobo, Baby Girl Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Bobo, Darlene Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Boggs, Sally  Picture 1974-05-02-pg03
Boggs, Sammy photo, Blue Birds delivered gifts to nursing home 1972-04-06-pg20
Boggs, Sheila Hospital News- admittances 1972-03-16-pg27
Boggs, Sheila Hospital News- Dismissals 1972-03-16-pg27
Boggs, Shelly Picture 1975-10-30-pg14
Bogy, Asilee Young Obituary 1970-05-29-pg23
Bohannon, Dennis K.  Story 1974-03-07-pg12
Bohannon, Dennis K.  Chf Petty Officer serving aboard carrier USS Enterprise 1972-02-03-pg09
Bohot, Tisha LeAnn  Obituary 1974-01-24-pg02
Bolding, Judy Picture 1970-09-11-pg01
Bolding, Judy  Picture 1971-04-16-pg20
Bolding, Judy  Picture 1973-05-03-pg15
Bolding, Judy  Picture 1973-05-24-pg06
Bolding, Judy  Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Bolen, Mike Picture 1973-04-19-pg19
Boles, Bridget Diane  Birth 1973-12-13-pg15
Boles, Dale Picture 1970-01-30-pg03
Boles, Dale convicted of theft (2 years probation) 1972-03-16-pg11
Boles, Dale L. Picture 1970-05-29-pg20
Boles, Dale L. Picture 1970-05-29-pg22
Boles, Kathy Picture 1970-05-01-pg17
Boles, Michael  Picture 1973-03-01-pg28
Boles, Michael  Picture 1973-05-03-pg26
Bolet, Bill  Story 1974-06-13-pg23
Bolin, Brent Picture 1971-07-01-pg19
Bolin, Cindy  Picture 1971-07-01-pg19
Bolin, Debbie  Picture 1971-07-01-pg24
Bolin, Debbie Picture 1975-06-12-pg09
Boling, Hattye Jarnagin Story 1970-05-01-pg23
Bolinger, T.D.  Picture 1971-03-19-pg23
Bolinger, T.D.  Picture 1971-03-26-pg22
Bomb Threat called into High School No bomb was found 1972-05-04-pg17
Bond, Fredda Ann/Willford Wayne Buckner Wedding 1971-09-16-pg11
Bone, Jerry Don/Crystal Alene Howell  Wedding 1973-06-07-pg17
Boner, A. B. Hospital News - Admittances 1972-05-25-pg09
Boner, Milton R. Picture 1971-09-30-pg03
Boner, Milton R.  Story 1973-11-08-pg14
Boner, Milton R.  Story 1974-01-31-pg16
Boner, Zeak Hospital News - Admittances 1972-05-25-pg09
Bonham, Conrad Bridgeport Iron Works seeks loan 1972-02-10-pg01
Books Donated to Public Library Story 1970-11-27-pg09
Boonesville Community News  article 1975-11-20-pg07
Boonsville 4-H News  Story 1970-03-27-pg23
Boonsville 4-H News  article 1975-10-16-pg11
Boonsville 4-H News  article 1975-10-30-pg07
Boonsville 4-H News  Story 1976-07-01-pg16
Boonsville Community Center Lunch Picture 1971-07-01-pg15
Boonsville Community Club News article 1975-10-16-pg17
Boonsville Homecoming Sept 3 Story 1972-08-24-pg10
Boonsville Joe Roughneck Gathering Picture 1970-10-30-pg19
Boonsville Methodist Church  Story 1975-07-10-pg01
Boonsville News Story 1975-09-18-pg13
Boonsville School Class - 1925 1925 Picture 1975-07-03-pg13
Boonsville Well Drilled 20 Years Ago Story 1970-10-23-pg29
Boorhem, William Picture 1971-05-20-pg09
Booth, Benjamin Franklin deceased buried in Chico Cemetery 1972-03-09-pg17
Booth, Benjamin Franklin deceased married Vera Holden Curtner Jan 1, 1914 1972-03-09-pg17
Booth, Benjamin Franklin deceased obituary, born Sept. 18 1893 in Chico Texas 1972-03-09-pg17
Booth, Benjamin Franklin deceased survived by brother Virgil Booth of Beaumont TX 1972-03-09-pg17
Booth, Benjamin Franklin deceased survived by daughter Jewell Faith of Coleman 1972-03-09-pg17
Booth, Benjamin Franklin deceased survived by daughter Louise Gerron of Ennis 1972-03-09-pg17
Booth, Benjamin Franklin deceased survived by wife 1972-03-09-pg17
Boozer, Mark  Picture 1974-02-21-pg16
Bordner, Frank G. photo Western Auto Store Hawaii trip drawing 1972-08-17-pg01
Bordner, Melinda  Story 1973-02-08-pg09
Bordner, Melinda Kaye/Manoushagian, Ralph Pace  Wedding 1973-05-31-pg08
Bordner, Melinda/Manoushagian, Ralph  Wedding 1973-04-26-pg21
Bordner, Pete Obituary 1973-09-13-pg21
Boring, A.L. Picture 1974-09-12-pg09
Bost, Jim  Picture 1975-09-04-pg06
Boswell, Hattie Hospital News,- Admittances 1972-03-23-pg11
Boswell, hattie Hospital news - Dismissals 1972-03-30-pg19
Boswell, William R. Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-13-pg08
Bouldin, Larry/Jerrie Lindsey Wedding 1975-07-03-pg10
Boulware, Booty  Picture 1974-12-19-pg06
Boulware, J. B. Mrs photo, Corner Drug 1972-04-06-pg34
Boulware, J.B.  Picture 1973-04-26-pg30
Boulware, John R./Doris June Tucker Wedding 1971-01-22-pg18
Boulware, John Ross received degree from NTSU 1972-02-10-pg24
Boulware, John Ross initiated into business admin society Texas State 1972-05-18-pg14
Boulware, Larry L./Dorothy Lambert Walker Wedding 1971-01-29-pg18
Boulware, Paula Ann/Jack E. Morgan Wedding 1970-01-09-pg03
Boulware, Paula Ann/Jack E. Morgan Wedding 1970-02-06-pg08
Bounds, Larry Obituary 1973-03-08-pg27
Bounds, M.L. 'Red'  Story 1974-07-18-pg32
Bourne, Tim Picture 1973-02-15-pg11
Bourne, Tim Picture 1973-03-22-pg05
Bourne, Tim Picture 1973-04-05-pg02
Bourne, Tim Picture 1973-04-19-pg04
Bourne, Tim Picture 1974-01-31-pg01
Bourne, Tim Story 1974-03-21-pg01
Bourne, Tracie  Picture 1974-04-18-pg03
Bowers, Candace Sue/Edgar Wilton Cowling, Jr.  Wedding 1973-02-15-pg16
Bowers, Candace Sue/Edgar Wilton Cowling, Jr.  Wedding 1973-05-17-pg09
Bowers, Candy  Story 1973-04-05-pg12
Bowers, Candy  Story 1973-04-19-pg14
Bowers, Nora Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-04-13-pg08
Bowie Agriculture Committees List Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg02
Bowie Cases Filed List Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg02
Bowie Deeds Recorded List Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg02
Bowie High School  Picture Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg05
Bowie High School News Story Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg05
Bowie New Vehicles Registered List Bowie Banner-1959-09-24-pg02
Bowles, Austin SP 4  photo, memberof Decatur National Guard 1972-03-09-pg22
Bowlin, Brent Picture 1973-05-24-pg09
Bowlin, James P. Picture 1971-10-28-pg31
Bowman, Allen H., Jr. Story 1970-03-20-pg11
Bowyer, Carol  Picture 1974-01-03-pg08
Bowyer, Carol  Picture 1974-06-06-pg02
Bowyer, Kristin Michelle Birth 1971-08-19-pg21
Boy Scout Troop 194 Meeting Picture 1970-06-26-pg05
Boyd 1st Baptist Church celebrates it 75th anniversary 1972-04-27-pg19
Boyd Feed Store  Picture 1974-09-05-pg03
Boyd, Barbara Story 1970-07-17-pg21
Boyd, Barbara, Mrs.  Story 1970-05-15-pg20
Boyd, Cathy  Picture 1974-04-04-pg03
Boyd, Jack Story 1975-10-02-pg02
Boyd, Jackie article 1975-11-27-pg02
Boyd, Jackie Picture 1975-11-27-pg09
Boyd, L.C. Picture 1973-07-26-pg29
Boyd, Larry  Picture 1971-01-22-pg23
Boyd, Larry  Picture 1971-03-19-pg29
Boyd, Mary Mrs Cates Baptist Church honored on her birthday 1972-08-24-pg08
Boyd, Rhonda Denae  Birth 1974-08-22-pg02
Boyd, Ronda Picture 1971-05-27-pg26
Boyd, Ronnie  Picture 1974-06-06-pg16
Boydston, Bertha Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-11-pg11
Boydston, Bertha Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-25-pg09
Boydston, Betty photo, Wise Co. Youth Fair Queen Contestant 1972-03-30-pg36
Boydston, Betty Jo Wise County Queen contest candidate 1972-03-30-pg17
Boyer, Charlene  Picture 1973-02-15-pg27
Boyer, Charlene  Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Boyer, Charlene  Picture 1973-05-24-pg22
Boyer, Charlene  Picture 1973-05-24-pg26
Boyer, Charlene J.  Story 1973-02-15-pg26
Boykin, Bill article entitled "State Capital News" 1972-02-03-pg16
Boykin, Bill article entitled "State Capital News" 1972-02-10-pg11
Boykin, Bill article entitled State Capital News 1972-02-17-pg08
Boykin, bill State Capital News 1972-02-24-pg11
Boykin, Bill State Capital News 1972-03-09-pg18
Boykin, Bill State Capital News 1972-03-16-pg16
Boykin, Bill State Capital News 1972-03-23-pg20
Boykin, Bill article entitled "Highlights and Sidelights" 1972-12-14-pg17
Boykin, Bill Highlights and Sidelights 1972-12-28-pg16
Boys from Cal Farley's Boys Ranch hosted by Bridgeport Optimist Club 1972-05-25-pg24
Boy's Ranch Rodeo opens Labor Day Story 1972-08-24-pg19
Brackett, Bart Picture 1971-10-14-pg27
Brackett, Bart  Picture 1973-04-05-pg11
Brackett, Bart  Picture 1974-05-30-pg03
Brackett, Bart  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Brackett, Bart  Picture 1974-06-06-pg12
Brackett, Jack  Story 1974-08-01-pg07
Brackett, William Bart/Tonya Ann Wright Wedding 1975-07-17-pg02
Brackett, William Bart/Tonya Ann Wright Wedding 1975-09-04-pg15
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased Buried in Laurel Land Memorial Park Dallas TX 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased former resident of Bridgeport Texas 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased her father was Clyde Groves 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased obituary, Aug 9, 1921 Bridgeport Texas 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased survived by brother J. W. Groves 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased survived by brother Raymond Groves  1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased survived by daughter Brenda Joyce Brackney 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased survived by husband Malcoln Brackney 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased survived by mother Mrs Emma Tackel Groves 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased survived by sister Mrs Fern Wise of Irving 1972-02-24-pg18
Brackney, Lura L. Mrs deceased survived by sister Mrs Mary B. Wise of Dallas 1972-02-24-pg18
Bradburry, Becci Picture 1975-06-12-pg18
Braden, Kenneth Dennis/Debbie Burris Wedding 1975-09-11-pg02
Bradish, Clyde W.  Story 1974-01-31-pg16
Bradish, Jessie W.  Picture 1974-01-31-pg16
Bradish, Jessy photo 1972-04-06-pg35
Bradish, Paul G. Story 1970-06-12-pg10
Bradish, Sharon Picture 1971-05-27-pg27
Bradley, B.D., Sr., Mr. & Mrs.  Picture 1973-03-08-pg14
Bradley, baby girl Hospital news - dismissals 1972-02-03-pg14
Bradley, Doyle Glenn/Myra Lynn Ray Wedding 1970-04-17-pg10
Bradley, Doyle Glenn/Myra Lynn Ray Wedding 1970-08-07-pg05
Bradley, Judy Hospital news - admissions 1972-02-03-pg14
Bradley, Judy Hospital news - dismissals 1972-02-03-pg14
Bradley, Kay Picture 1971-07-01-pg19
Bradley, Lowell deceased killed in truck accident on Hwy 114 near Boyd 1972-02-24-pg01
Bradley, Lowell Lyenn deceased obituary, born Oct 18, 1947 1972-02-24-pg01
Bradley, Lowell Lyenn deceased survived by 2 daughters Lachelle & Karina  1972-02-24-pg01
Bradley, Lowell Lyenn deceased survived by brothers Doye, Wayne, Junior 1972-02-24-pg01
Bradley, Lowell Lyenn deceased survived by brothers Floyd and Henry 1972-02-24-pg01
Bradley, Lowell Lyenn deceased survived by parents Mr & Mrs B. D. Bradley 1972-02-24-pg01
Bradley, Lowell Lyenn deceased survived by sister Mrs Audeen Wilson  1972-02-24-pg01
Bradley, Lowell Lyenn deceased survived by wife Judy Lane Mclarty Bradley 1972-02-24-pg01
Bradley, Myra Ray  Story 1973-06-07-pg17
Bradley, Stephen Mark/Peggy Irene Denney Wedding 1975-09-04-pg03
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1973-04-05-pg08
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1973-04-19-pg10
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1973-04-26-pg15
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1973-06-28-pg01
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1973-11-29-pg27
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1974-03-07-pg19
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1974-04-04-pg01
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1974-04-11-pg17
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1974-05-30-pg06
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1974-05-30-pg18
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1974-07-18-pg01
Bradley, Tanya Picture 1975-06-19-pg02
Bradley, Tanya Jo Wise County Queen contest candidate 1972-03-30-pg17
Bradley, Tanya Jo photo, Wise Co. Youth Fair Queen Contestant 1972-03-30-pg36
Bradley, Tanya Jo Picture 1975-06-12-pg18
Bradley, Wayne Picture 1971-10-28-pg27
Bradley, Wayne president of former students association 1972-10-05-pg29
Bradley, Wayne  Picture 1973-04-26-pg15
Bradley, Wayne  Picture 1973-06-28-pg28
Bradley, Wayne  Picture 1973-07-26-pg01
Bradley, Wayne  Picture 1973-08-02-pg01
Bradley, Wayne  Picture 1973-08-02-pg03
Bradley, Wayne  Picture 1973-08-02-pg04
Bradley, Wayne  Picture 1974-04-11-pg01
Bradley, Wayne Story 1975-10-02-pg01
Bradley, Wayne & Reba  Picture 1973-08-09-pg15
Bradley, Wayne & Tonya Picture 1975-07-17-pg01
Bradly, Mary Hospital News - Admissions 1972-11-23-pg21
Bradshaw, Holly Trying out for Cheerleader 1972-03-23-pg25
Bradshaw, Holly Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-11-pg11
Bradshaw, Holly  Picture 1973-02-15-pg30
Bradshaw, Holly  Picture 1973-04-05-pg24
Bradshaw, Holly  Picture 1973-04-19-pg26
Bradshaw, Holly  Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Bradshaw, Holly  Picture 1973-05-24-pg29
Bradshaw, Holly Lisa/Charles Steward East  Wedding 1974-08-22-pg28
Bradshaw, Holly/Charles East  Wedding 1974-07-25-pg10
Brady, Bill Picture 1970-05-08-pg03
Brady, Bill Story 1970-06-12-pg08
Brady, Bill Picture 1970-09-25-pg19
Brady, Bill Picture 1970-10-23-pg27
Brady, Bill  Picture 1973-11-15-pg23
Brady, Bill  Picture 1974-04-25-pg11
Brady, Bill  Picture 1974-10-24-pg21
Brady, Bill Story 1975-06-19-pg01
Brady, Bill & Austin Picture 1975-07-17-pg01
Brady, Bill & Jean Story 1975-07-03-pg02
Brady, Bill Mr Band Director 1972-09-14-pg09
Brady, Bill Mrs BHS journalism teacher visited Arlington school 1972-02-24-pg22
Brady, J. Wallace Story Alvord News-1950-01-05-pg04
Brady, Jean Picture 1971-04-30-pg26
Brady, Jean Picture 1971-09-23-pg01
Brady, Jean Story 1973-09-20-pg17
Brady, jean Mrs photo, with Senator Creighton 1972-03-30-pg29
Brady, Valaria photo, Bridgeport Country Club Golf winners 1972-08-24-pg20
Brady, William  Picture 1973-02-01-pg01
Brady, William G. Story 1970-11-13-pg01
Brammer, Ollie May Obituary 1971-04-09-pg14
Branch, J. R. candidate for Sheriff 1972-01-06-pg04
Branch, J.R. Picture 1970-10-23-pg03
Brannscum, Sharon Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-08-17-pg11
Branscum, Kelly Hospital News - Admittances 1972-08-17-pg11
Branscum, Kelly Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-08-17-pg11
Branscum, Richard Hospital News - Admittances 1972-08-17-pg11
Branscum, Richard Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-08-17-pg11
Branscum, Richard  Story 1974-02-14-pg01
Branscum, Richard  Story 1974-02-21-pg03
Branscum, Sharon Hospital News - Admittances 1972-08-17-pg11
Branson, Wynona article 1975-11-20-pg07
Brantley, Sabra Story 1970-12-11-pg01
Brantley, Sabra Faye Picture 1971-05-27-pg29
Brantley, Sabra Faye Picture 1971-05-27-pg35
Brantley, Sid, Mrs.  Story 1973-07-05-pg01
Brantley, Sidney Picture 1970-06-19-pg17
Brantley, Sidney  Picture 1973-03-01-pg08
Brantley, Sidney  Picture 1973-10-18-pg07
Brantly, Charles Sidney Obituary 1971-10-21-pg10
Brantly, Sabra Picture 1970-01-30-pg03
Brantly, Sabra Picture 1971-02-05-pg19
Brantly, Sabra Picture 1971-03-19-pg19
Brantly, Sid Picture 1974-03-07-pg01
Brantly, Sid Picture 1974-05-30-pg03
Brantly, Sid Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Brantly, Sid Picture 1974-06-06-pg01
Brantly, Sidney  Story 1974-09-26-pg10
Braselton Sanitarium on Stevens Street 1915 Picture 1973-07-19-pg21
Braselton, B.E., Dr.  Story 1973-07-19-pg21
Brassfield, Bruce  Picture 1974-03-14-pg08
Brazelton, Ola Obituary 1975-09-25-pg10
Brazier, Alma Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-04-pg10
Brazier, Bobby Story 1970-09-25-pg20
Brazier, Bobby photo, New Year's resolution 1972-01-13-pg21
Brazier, James M. Picture 1970-07-24-pg15
Brazier, James M. Picture 1971-04-23-pg09
Brazier, M. B. Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-02-24-pg08
Brazier, Mauricette Hospital News - Admittances 1972-03-09-pg14
Brazier, Mauricette Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-03-09-pg14
Brazier, Melvin B. Hospital News - admissions 1972-02-24-pg08
Brazil, Linda Picture 1971-07-01-pg03
Bredemeier, Lorenz Picture 1971-07-01-pg21
Breedlove, Beth Picture 1971-07-29-pg03
Breedlove, Larry Picture 1971-07-29-pg03
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-01-22-pg19
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-03-05-pg22
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-08-26-pg01
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-09-23-pg15
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-10-14-pg01
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-10-14-pg28
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-10-28-pg22
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-11-04-pg05
Breeze, Billy Picture 1971-11-04-pg31
Breeze, Billy photo, Bridgeport High School football 1972-09-14-pg01
Breeze, Billy  Picture 1973-03-01-pg17
Breeze, Billy  Picture 1973-05-24-pg18
Breeze, Billy Jack Picture 1970-04-10-pg01
Breeze, Billy Jack Picture 1970-09-18-pg01
Breeze, Billy Jack Picture 1970-09-25-pg22
Breeze, Billy Jack Picture 1971-01-15-pg01
Breeze, Billy Jack Picture 1971-10-21-pg18
Breeze, Billy Jack  Picture 1973-04-05-pg11
Breeze, Billy Jack  Picture 1973-04-12-pg05
Breeze, Billy Jack  Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Breeze, Deloris Picture 1975-06-12-pg09
Breeze, Farrell  Story 1973-03-01-pg23
Breeze, Gay  Picture 1971-07-01-pg23
Breeze, Ronnie P./Cathy Lynne Chapman Wedding 1971-05-20-pg18
Breeze, Stacey Dawn Birth 1971-09-16-pg10
Brewer, Charles Picture 1970-07-10-pg16
Brewer, Charles R. Story 1970-12-25-pg03
Brewer, Charles Rosco Story 1970-03-20-pg21
Brewer, Christopher Jay Birth 1971-05-07-pg23
Brewer, Chuck  Picture 1971-03-19-pg28
Brewer, E. J. Mrs photo, of her and her musical jewelry Box 1972-01-06-pg10
Brewer, E.J., Mr. & Mrs.  Story 1970-03-27-pg09
Brewer, Elto H.  Obituary 1974-08-15-pg04
Brewer, J.D.  Picture 1973-04-05-pg24
Brewer, J.D.  Picture 1973-04-19-pg26
Brewer, Jimmy Hospital News - Admissions 1972-10-05-pg31
Brewer, Jimmy  Picture 1973-12-06-pg25
Brewer, Jimmy  Picture 1974-05-30-pg10
Brewer, Jimmy  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Brewer, Jimmy Dale Picture 1971-08-26-pg01
Brewer, Jimmy Dale  Picture 1973-02-15-pg28
Brewer, Pearl Story 1970-08-28-pg15
Brewer, Pearl photo, honored on 78th birthday 1972-08-24-pg18
Brewer, Pearl photo, relatives listed, but relationships not given 1972-08-24-pg18
Brewer, Sharon Louise/William C. Adkins  Wedding 1974-02-14-pg11
Brewer, Sheri  Picture 1974-09-19-pg15
Brick Plant in 1910  1910 Picture 1973-07-19-pg18
Brides Crossword Puzzle Picture 1975-06-26-pg20
Bridgeport 3rd Grade Class - 1908 1908 Picture 1971-10-21-pg17
Bridgeport 4-H News  article 1975-10-16-pg17
Bridgeport 4-H winners listed 1972-03-30-pg16
Bridgeport Bullies in 1920 1920 Picture 1973-07-19-pg22
Bridgeport Bulls Football Team Picture 1971-08-26-pg01
Bridgeport Cardinals Baseball Team Picture 1971-06-10-pg17
Bridgeport Cheerleaders Float in Rodeo Parade Picture 1971-09-02-pg16
Bridgeport City Council meeting Story 1972-03-23-pg11
Bridgeport City Council meeting minutes Story 1972-05-11-pg09
Bridgeport City Hall Building  Picture 1971-12-23-pg11
Bridgeport City Pool Splash Day Picture 1971-06-10-pg08
Bridgeport City Water Supply article Story 1972-03-30-pg08
Bridgeport Coal Mines Historical Marker  photo of the marker 1972-02-10-pg03
Bridgeport Depot 1899 Picture 1976-07-01-pg08
Bridgeport Drug Co. 1916 Name of Store 1976-07-01-pg01
Bridgeport Drug Co.-Wright's Condensed Smoke  1916 Advertisement 1976-07-01-pg01
Bridgeport FFA News  article 1975-11-27-pg13
Bridgeport Football Awards Banquet 70-71  Picture 1971-01-22-pg05
Bridgeport Garden Club Picture 1971-04-16-pg03
Bridgeport Garden Club Schedule Story 1972-04-06-pg15
Bridgeport High School Picture 1971-09-02-pg11
Bridgeport High School Band  Picture 1971-05-07-pg06
Bridgeport High School Band at Rodeo Parade Picture 1971-09-02-pg10
Bridgeport High School Cheerleaders & Pep Squad Picture 1971-10-28-pg30
Bridgeport High School Flagbearers  Picture 1973-09-20-pg01
Bridgeport High School Graduation Picture 1971-06-10-pg10
Bridgeport High School Journalism I Class Picture 1971-09-23-pg01
Bridgeport High School Journalism I Class Picture 1971-12-02-pg15
Bridgeport High School Marching Band Picture 1971-04-09-pg01
Bridgeport High School Pep Club - 1971 Picture 1971-10-07-pg15
Bridgeport High School Stage Band Picture 1971-03-05-pg19
Bridgeport High School Volley Ball Team Picture 1971-04-16-pg19
Bridgeport Homecoming Pep Rally on Main Street Picture 1971-10-28-pg24
Bridgeport in 1914  1914 Picture 1973-07-19-pg18
Bridgeport Index newspaper - 1906 Picture 1973-07-19-pg57
Bridgeport ISD board meeting minutes Story 1972-04-27-pg10
Bridgeport ISD school board minutes Story 1972-05-11-pg07
Bridgeport Jaycee-Ettes Float in Rodeo Parade Picture 1971-08-26-pg14
Bridgeport Little League Yankees Team Picture 1971-07-22-pg03
Bridgeport Marching Maroon Band Picture 1971-10-21-pg01
Bridgeport Middle School  Picture 1974-07-18-pg01
Bridgeport Mrs. Williams' Homemaking Class Picture 1971-05-07-pg03
Bridgeport Paints Opens on West Side  Story 1970-05-08-pg10
Bridgeport Riding Club Picture 1971-09-02-pg14
Bridgeport Rodeo Parade Judges Picture 1971-08-26-pg15
Bridgeport Sissies Basketball Team Picture 1971-02-19-pg22
Bridgeport Sports News Story 1972-12-14-pg22
Bridgeport Volunteer Firemen  Picture 1973-04-26-pg29
Bridges, Albert, Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1975-10-02-pg02
Bridges, Barbara Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-14-pg35
Bridges, Barbara Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-14-pg35
Bridges, Bennie, Bill, & Terry photo, Young Citizens of Tomorrow 1972-10-05-pg28
Bridges, Bill  Picture 1973-01-25-pg25
Bridges, Bill  Picture 1973-01-25-pg31
Bridges, Billy M. Obituary 1975-10-02-pg05
Bridges, Butch photo, groom, son of Mr& Mrs John V. Bridges 1972-03-09-pg23
Bridges, Charlene Picture 1970-05-29-pg28
Bridges, Gilley Picture 1970-04-17-pg03
Bridges, Jerroll Picture 1970-08-28-pg03
Bridges, Karen  Picture 1971-08-26-pg04
Bridges, Karen Lois Picture 1971-03-26-pg20
Bridges, Melinda Jo/Carl Lynn Williams  Wedding 1974-08-15-pg18
Bridges, Pete Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-18-pg03
Bridges, Pete Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-18-pg03
Bridges, Pete Picture 1974-02-14-pg18
Bridges, Shawna Linn  Birth 1973-06-07-pg02
Bridwell, Doug Picture 1970-03-13-pg19
Bridwell, Doug Picture 1971-04-23-pg14
Bridwell, Doug photo, new editor of Hardin Simmons Newspaper 1972-05-18-pg08
Bridwell, Doug  Picture 1973-05-17-pg17
Bridwell, Doug  Picture 1973-06-28-pg02
Bridwell, Doug  Picture 1973-06-28-pg28
Bridwell, Doug  Picture 1973-07-19-pg62
Bridwell, Doug  Story 1973-11-01-pg20
Bridwell, Doug  Story 1974-05-16-pg04
Bridwell, Doug  Story 1974-08-01-pg03
Bridwell, Doug Story 1975-09-11-pg01
Bridwell, Doug, Mr. & Mrs.  Picture 1974-04-25-pg01
Bridwell, Doug/Lynda Carlton  Wedding 1973-11-29-pg12
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1970-02-27-pg19
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1970-03-13-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1970-03-13-pg19
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1970-09-25-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1970-10-23-pg30
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1971-09-23-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan  Picture 1973-07-26-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan  Picture 1973-08-02-pg03
Bridwell, Harlan, Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1970-03-20-pg05
Bridwell, Lowell Douglas  Story 1973-12-20-pg01
Bridwell, Lowell Douglas/Lynda Ruth Carlton  Wedding 1974-02-14-pg04
Bridwell, Lowell Douglas/Lynda Ruth Carlton  Wedding 1974-02-21-pg08
Bridwell, Melanie Story 1970-12-18-pg21
Bridwell, Melanie Picture 1971-04-30-pg18
Bridwell, Melanie Picture 1971-04-30-pg28
Bridwell, Melanie article "Who Turned out the lights??" 1972-02-10-pg21
Bridwell, Melanie  Picture 1973-05-24-pg19
Bridwell, Melanie  Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Bridwell, Randall Jason (f. Keith) Birth 1970-11-27-pg04
Bridwell, Rosemary editorial regarding "womens liberation" 1972-04-27-pg04
Bridwell, Stan Story 1970-10-23-pg26
Bridwell, Stan Story 1975-06-05-pg13
Brigeport City Council Minutes Story 1972-04-13-pg22
Brimmer, Bill new swimming pool manager of Bridgeport 1972-05-25-pg01
Brinkley, Larry New City adminstrator 1972-04-13-pg01
Brinkley, Larry  Story 1973-03-08-pg01
Briscoe, Cathy Picture 1970-01-23-pg21
Briscoe, Cathy Story 1970-10-30-pg03
Briscoe, Cathy Bridgeport Clarinet player on 9 day tour 1972-03-23-pg09
Briscoe, Cathy  Story 1973-04-05-pg35
Briscoe, Cathy  Story 1973-04-19-pg37
Briscoe, Cathy  Story 1973-05-10-pg05
Briscoe, Cathy L. touring Germany with Howard Payne symphony 1972-05-18-pg16
Briscoe, Dolph, Gov. & Mrs Picture 1974-04-25-pg01
Briscoe, Earl Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-02-24-pg08
Briscoe, Earl W. Hospital News - admissions 1972-02-17-pg11
Briscoe, margaret Hospital News - Admittances 1972-05-25-pg09
Briscoe, Margaret Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-25-pg09
Briscoe, Whitney  Picture 1974-03-21-pg01
Brite, Richard Picture 1973-12-06-pg15
Brock, L.A. Picture 1974-04-18-pg02
Brock, Luther A. Picture 1970-02-06-pg01
Brogan, Bridget Picture 1975-10-30-pg14
Bromley, J.T. 'Treet' Obituary 1971-01-15-pg19
Bronson, Jeana Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-11-pg11
Bronson, Jeana Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-18-pg03
Brooks, C.A. 1948 Story 1976-07-01-pg06
Brooks, Carolyn  Picture 1974-06-27-pg03
Brooks, Clarence 1948 Story 1976-07-01-pg06
Brooks, David photo, Jaycee officer 1972-05-04-pg01
Brooks, Donelda Hospital News- admittances 1972-03-16-pg27
Brooks, Donelda Hospital News,- Admittances 1972-03-23-pg11
Brooks, Donelda Hospital News,- Dismissals 1972-03-23-pg11
Brooks, John Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-18-pg03
Brooks, Julie  Picture 1973-08-16-pg02
Brooks, Melody photo, Blue Birds delivered gifts to nursing home 1972-04-06-pg20
Brooks, Melodye Story 1970-12-25-pg31
Brooks, Melodye Picture 1971-07-08-pg17
Brooks, Melodye Picture 1971-07-08-pg20
Brooks, Melodye  Picture 1973-04-26-pg21
Brooks, Melodye  Picture 1974-06-27-pg03
Brooks, R.C. Story 1970-10-30-pg08
Brooks, Tommy  Picture 1973-04-26-pg21
Broughton, Alan N./Judy Lynn Niblett  Wedding 1974-10-03-pg19
Broussard, Charles injured when his truck overturn ed 1972-10-05-pg29
Brown, Agnes  Story 1974-01-03-pg08
Brown, Alfred Wayne (f. Alfred) Birth 1970-01-16-pg17
Brown, Alice  Picture 1971-12-09-pg26
Brown, Alice photo, City of Bridgeport 1972-04-06-pg31
Brown, Alice Whitehead Obituary 1970-09-04-pg01
Brown, Angela  Picture 1974-10-03-pg23
Brown, Ballem Luther Obituary 1971-03-05-pg17
Brown, Barbara Picture 1970-03-06-pg06
Brown, Barbara Picture 1970-03-20-pg23
Brown, Barbara Picture 1970-03-27-pg01
Brown, Barbara Picture 1971-04-30-pg28
Brown, Barbara Sue/Gary Paul Stewart Wedding 1971-07-01-pg23
Brown, Barbara Sue/Gary Paul Stewart Wedding 1971-08-05-pg10
Brown, Beaumont/Mitzi Moody  Wedding 1973-03-01-pg13
Brown, Berta Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-13-pg08
Brown, Bill 1930 Picture 1970-12-25-pg07
Brown, Billie  Picture 1974-08-08-pg10
Brown, Bob Story 1973-09-20-pg17
Brown, Bobby Story 1970-09-25-pg20
Brown, Bobby  Picture 1973-08-23-pg01
Brown, Bobby Loyd Picture 1971-05-27-pg28
Brown, Bobby Loyd Picture 1971-05-27-pg35
Brown, Cathy  Picture 1971-03-26-pg20
Brown, Coach  Story 1973-12-06-pg25
Brown, Coach  Picture 1974-04-04-pg06
Brown, Cynthia photo, Blue Birds delivered gifts to nursing home 1972-04-06-pg20
Brown, Dan Picture 1973-07-12-pg01
Brown, Dan, Mrs.  Picture 1974-01-03-pg05
Brown, Deborah Marie/John Kingsley Deavenport Wedding 1971-06-10-pg10
Brown, Delia Rene Birth 1971-04-09-pg17
Brown, Donna Picture 1971-07-01-pg24
Brown, Frances Picture 1971-05-14-pg14
Brown, Gene  Picture 1971-03-26-pg22
Brown, Guy Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-05-11-pg11
Brown, Guy Jr Hospital News - admittances 1972-05-04-pg10
Brown, H. E. Hospital News - Admissions 1972-11-23-pg21
Brown, H.E. 'Earl', Mr. & Mrs.  Story 1973-11-29-pg17
Brown, H.E. 'Earl', Mr. & Mrs.  Story 1973-12-06-pg04
Brown, Jennings C. Story Alvord News-1950-01-05-pg01
Brown, Joey  Picture 1973-04-19-pg19
Brown, John Story 1970-12-25-pg08
Brown, Karen  Picture 1971-07-01-pg19
Brown, Kevin  Picture 1973-04-19-pg19
Brown, Leroy Picture 1971-12-23-pg37
Brown, Leroy  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Brown, Mable Hospital news - admissions 1972-02-03-pg14
Brown, Mable Hospital news - dismissals 1972-02-03-pg14
Brown, Mary Beth  Picture 1973-11-29-pg33
Brown, Maury Picture 1975-06-26-pg08
Brown, Maury Picture 1975-06-26-pg13
Brown, Maury Picture 1975-07-03-pg03
Brown, Maury Picture 1975-09-11-pg01
Brown, Maury Picture 1975-10-02-pg13
Brown, Melissa Picture 1970-12-18-pg19
Brown, Mike Picture 1973-02-01-pg19
Brown, Mike Picture 1973-05-24-pg20
Brown, Minnie Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-14-pg35
Brown, Minnie Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Brown, Minnie Helen Obituary 1975-09-11-pg16
Brown, Mitzi Moody  Story 1973-03-08-pg25
Brown, Molly Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-14-pg35
Brown, Myrtle L.  Obituary 1973-04-26-pg26
Brown, Nora Leona Obituary 1970-11-13-pg08
Brown, Nora Leona Obituary 1970-12-11-pg05
Brown, Patsy Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-02-24-pg08
Brown, Patsy Sue Hospital News - admissions 1972-02-24-pg08
Brown, Paul Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-13-pg08
Brown, Paul 1940 Picture 1974-09-05-pg27
Brown, Paula Picture 1974-02-14-pg18
Brown, Penny Picture 1975-09-18-pg15
Brown, Penny  Picture 1973-04-26-pg21
Brown, Penny  Story 1974-07-25-pg07
Brown, Phillip deceased former resident died of heart attack 1972-01-20-pg03
Brown, Randy W.  Picture 1974-11-07-pg16
Brown, Rayeanne  Story 1973-03-22-pg03
Brown, Rayeanne  Picture 1973-04-12-pg03
Brown, Raymond  Picture 1974-03-14-pg08
Brown, Raymond L.  Picture 1974-03-14-pg17
Brown, Richard  Picture 1974-01-10-pg03
Brown, Robert  Picture 1974-11-14-pg06
Brown, Robert & Ronda Story 1970-06-12-pg09
Brown, Robert 'Bobby'  Picture 1973-07-19-pg02
Brown, Rudy Picture 1971-06-10-pg17
Brown, Shelby  Picture 1974-05-09-pg04
Brown, Sherlyn Picture 1970-05-15-pg03
Brown, Sherlyn Picture 1970-05-15-pg22
Brown, Sherlyn Picture 1971-01-22-pg21
Brown, Sherlyn Picture 1971-05-27-pg19
Brown, Sherlyn Picture 1971-05-27-pg28
Brown, Stephania Picture 1970-06-19-pg18
Brown, Stephanie Picture 1971-04-23-pg04
Brown, Tom  Picture 1973-09-13-pg28
Brown, Tommy Z. Story 1970-01-23-pg10
Brown, Tony Picture 1975-10-30-pg09
Brown, W.A. 1916 Name of Store 1976-07-01-pg01
Brumlow Homecoming scheduled annual affair 1972-05-25-pg19
Brummell, Eugene  Story 1973-02-08-pg09
Brummell, Eugene  Story 1973-04-05-pg34
Brummell, Eugene  Story 1974-02-14-pg16
Brummell, Eugene Mr  to head Easter Seal Appeal  1972-02-10-pg16
Bruner, Angela Heather Birth 1971-11-25-pg08
Bruner, Roy Lee/Ernestine Smith Wedding 1971-07-01-pg11
Bruster, Judy Carol/Jimmy Ray Taylor  Wedding 1973-07-05-pg04
Bryan, Paul Sharon/Linda Jane Fagg  Wedding 1974-08-15-pg07
Bryant, Cindy Story 1974-02-14-pg09
Bryant, Cindy Ann/Dr. William Larry Elder  Wedding 1974-03-07-pg13
Bryant, Cindy/Dr. William L. Elder  Wedding 1974-01-17-pg17
Bryant, Claude, Family Picture 1971-08-19-pg05
Bryant, David W., Dr.  Story 1974-10-24-pg13
Bryant, David Wattam, Dr. Story 1970-04-03-pg09
Bryant, David, Dr. Story 1970-02-27-pg08
Bryant, David, Dr., Family Picture 1971-08-19-pg05
Bryant, Dr. & daughters Picture 1970-07-24-pg03
Bryant, Ed photo, at Pee Wee Football Banquet Story 1972-11-23-pg15
Bryant, Edna Bernice Obituary 1970-11-13-pg08
Bryant, Ella Picture 1971-12-02-pg18
Bryant, James Thomas 'Jim'  Obituary 1974-08-01-pg11
Bryant, John Story 1970-09-25-pg20
Bryant, Karen Sue/Lucien B. Clark, Jr. Wedding 1971-08-05-pg11
Bryant, Mildred Picture 1970-03-13-pg01
Bryant, Mildred Picture 1970-03-13-pg19
Bryant, Mildred Picture 1970-06-05-pg15
Bryant, Mildred Picture 1970-06-12-pg05
Bryant, Mildred Picture 1970-06-12-pg20
Bryant, Mildred Story 1970-07-03-pg11
Bryant, Mildred Picture 1971-05-07-pg01
Bryant, Mildred Picture 1971-05-14-pg14
Bryant, R.C. 'Butch' Picture 1971-08-19-pg19
Bryant, Wiley Hospital News-dismissals 1972-01-27-pg19
Buchanan, Baby Boy Hospital News - dismissals 1972-05-04-pg10
Buchanan, Calvin Story 1970-09-18-pg22
Buchanan, Calvin Picture 1970-10-23-pg03
Buchanan, Mollie Hospital News - dismissals 1972-05-04-pg10
buchanan, Molly Hospital News - Admittances 1972-04-27-pg19
Buchner, Dr. - came to old town in 1880  Story 1973-07-19-pg23
Buck, D.L. 'Dan' Story Alvord News-1950-01-05-pg01
Buck, Dianne Hospital News - Admissions 1972-10-05-pg31
Buck, Lillian Hospital News - Admissions 1972-09-14-pg05
Buckingham, Jerry Ann photo, with reserve grandchampion mare 1972-04-13-pg31
Buckner, Calvin Picture 1976-07-01-pg05
Buckner, Cathy  Picture 1974-07-25-pg16
Buckner, Cathy  Picture 1974-08-01-pg01
Buckner, Dr. - house moved to 15th Street  Picture 1973-07-19-pg23
Buckner, Dr. - Pictures of house 1916  1916 Picture 1973-07-19-pg21
Buckner, Harlan Hospital News - Admittances 1972-03-09-pg14
Buckner, Harlan L. Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-03-09-pg14
Buckner, Helen  Picture 1973-06-07-pg10
Buckner, Marsha  Picture 1973-02-15-pg17
Buckner, Marsha  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Buckner, Marsha  Picture 1974-05-30-pg23
buckner, Randall Picture 1975-10-02-pg16
Buckner, T.J., Dr.  Story 1973-07-19-pg56
Buckner, Tammy Sue (f. G.A.) Birth 1970-01-23-pg17
Buckner, Thomas Jefferson, Dr. headstone  Picture 1973-07-19-pg23
Buckner, Willford Wayne/Fredda Ann Bond Wedding 1971-09-16-pg11
Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Picture 1972-02-03-pg20
Bufford, Donald Airman 1st class selected as outstanding Airman 1972-01-06-pg08
Building Construction Trades Houses For Sale Picture 1975-06-05-pg08
Building Trades Class House-1806 Edgewood Dr.  Picture 1974-05-30-pg14
Building Trades House Picture 1970-05-15-pg16
Bull Fall to Pirates  Story 1970-11-13-pg01
Bull Fall to Pirates-cont Story 1970-11-13-pg05
Bull Track Club Picture 1971-04-16-pg22
Bull Track team  Picture 1974-03-07-pg06
Bullard, J.B. Picture 1975-06-05-pg14
Bullock, Carmen  Picture 1973-07-26-pg20
Bullock, Carmen  Picture 1973-07-26-pg32
Bulls and Cheerleaders 1971-72  Picture 1971-09-09-pg06
Bulls beat Northwest Story 1970-10-30-pg01
Bulls beat Northwest-cont  Story 1970-10-30-pg08
Bulls Beat Springtown Story 1970-09-18-pg01
Bulls Defeated by Nolan Team Story 1970-10-23-pg01
Bulls Fall to Bulldogs Story 1970-12-18-pg20
Bulls Fall to Mansfield Here Story 1970-09-25-pg05
Bulls Football Game  Story 1975-09-11-pg01
Bulls Football Game  Story 1975-09-18-pg01
Bulls Football Team  Picture 1970-09-11-pg01
Bulls Football Team  Picture 1970-11-13-pg14
Bundrant, Mamie Jarnagin Obituary 1970-02-27-pg04
Bunnell, Carolyn Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-14-pg35
Bunnell, Herman Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-14-pg35
Bunnell, Herman M.  Picture 1974-03-07-pg07
Burch, Coach  Picture 1971-10-28-pg30
Burch, Coach  Picture 1971-11-11-pg18
Burch, Troy Picture 1970-09-04-pg01
Burch, Troy  Picture 1971-01-22-pg22
Burch, Troy  Picture 1971-04-16-pg22
Burch, Troy  Picture 1971-08-26-pg01
Burch, Troy  Picture 1971-09-02-pg01
Burch, Troy  Picture 1971-09-16-pg04
Burch, Troy  Picture 1971-11-25-pg01
Burch, Troy Coach lists football statistics for this last season 1972-03-23-pg24
Burch, Troy Coach photo, presents male athlete award 1972-04-06-pg19
Burdett, Floyd Allen  cars badly damaged in accident 1972-04-27-pg15
Burdick, Eddie photo, B & H Gulf 1972-04-06-pg38
Burgess, Melany Cherie (f. Charles) Birth 1970-08-07-pg05
Burgin, Donald Ray  Story 1974-06-20-pg16
Burk, Jerry T. Picture 1973-03-08-pg10
Burk, Jerry Thurman/Alice Jean Reding  Wedding 1973-12-06-pg03
Burk, Jerry Thurman/Alice Jean Reding  Wedding 1974-01-03-pg04
Burleson, Leola  Picture 1973-03-01-pg19
Burleson, Leola  Picture 1974-05-30-pg07
Burleson, Leola  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Burleson, Omar Picture 1971-12-02-pg05
Burleson, Omar Picture 1971-12-09-pg25
Burleson, Omar Candidate for reelection to U. S. House 1972-02-03-pg05
Burleson, Omar  Picture 1973-09-27-pg01
Burleson, Omar  Picture 1973-09-27-pg06
Burlson, Leola Church of God Trio wins 3rd place 1972-04-27-pg20
Burnett, Kenneth  Picture 1974-01-31-pg01
Burnett, Kenneth  Picture 1974-06-06-pg13
Burnett, Kenneth  Story 1974-06-13-pg01
Burnett, Kenneth  Story 1974-08-01-pg11
Burnett, Kenneth  Picture 1974-11-07-pg12
Burnett, Kenneth Ray  Story 1973-07-19-pg02
Burns, Clara Mae Obituary 1975-07-17-pg07
Burns, Earl Picture 1970-04-03-pg15
Burns, H. B. Hospital News - Admissions 1972-12-28-pg12
Burns, Mike Picture 1975-09-11-pg16
Burns, Mike Picture 1975-11-20-pg03
Burns, Pam  Picture 1971-05-27-pg11
Burns, Pamela Kay/Bill Alvin Vardiman  Wedding 1974-11-14-pg07
Burns, Viola Story 1974-09-12-pg02
Burress, Luther  Picture 1973-11-29-pg30
Burris, Debbie  Picture 1971-04-16-pg21
Burris, Debbie  Picture 1971-08-26-pg17
Burris, Debbie  Picture 1971-10-14-pg27
Burris, Debbie  Picture 1971-12-02-pg21
Burris, Debbie  Picture 1974-01-31-pg19
Burris, Debbie  Picture 1974-05-30-pg17
Burris, Debbie  Picture 1974-05-30-pg20
Burris, Debbie/Kenneth Dennis Braden Wedding 1975-09-11-pg02
Burris, Etta Hospital News - Admittances 1972-03-09-pg14
Burris, George, Mrs.  Picture 1974-10-17-pg01
Burris, H. B. Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-12-28-pg12
Burris, Ira Herbert Obituary 1971-09-09-pg14
Burris, Ricky L.  Picture 1973-05-24-pg34
Burris, Ricky L.  Story 1973-10-11-pg09
Burris, Sheri  Picture 1971-08-26-pg17
Burris, Sherry Picture 1974-10-24-pg28
Burris, William  Story 1974-02-14-pg05
Burriss, Debbie  Picture 1973-04-05-pg08
Burriss, Debbie  Picture 1973-04-19-pg10
Burrows, John  Picture 1973-10-04-pg03
Burt, John  Picture 1971-06-17-pg05
Burt, John photo, Owner of Burt's Pharmacy 1972-04-06-pg38
Burt, John Picture 1975-06-05-pg14
Burt, John Picture 1975-06-12-pg15
Burt, John Story 1975-06-26-pg01
Burt, Lisa Anne  Picture 1973-06-28-pg02
Burton, Billy Joe  Picture 1974-02-14-pg18
Burton, Billy Joe  Picture 1974-09-19-pg15
Burton, Charles  Picture 1971-05-07-pg04
Burton, Mary Francis Obituary 1975-09-18-pg11
Buser, Mark Picture 1974-08-08-pg10
Bush, Becky Lynn/Alan Randal Robinson Wedding 1970-03-13-pg17
Bush, George Picture 1970-07-03-pg16
Bush, Jean Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-10-05-pg31
Bush, John Clayton/DiAnn Aschner  Wedding 1974-05-16-pg02
Bush, John Clayton/DiAnn Aschner  Wedding 1974-06-27-pg06
Bush, Johnny Picture 1970-02-27-pg03
Bush, Johnny Clayton Picture 1970-05-29-pg17
Bush, Johnny Clayton Picture 1970-05-29-pg20
Bush, Melba  Picture 1971-05-07-pg03
Bush, Melva  Picture 1973-07-05-pg03
Bush, Melva  Picture 1973-10-18-pg07
Bush, Melva Jean/Carl Henderson Wedding 1975-06-19-pg15
Bush, William 'Bill'/Becky Lois Dunn Wedding 1971-04-09-pg11
Bushell, Donald Picture 1970-07-10-pg09
Bushell, Donald Picture 1971-08-12-pg10
Businesses that moved from Old Town to new Story 1973-07-19-pg48
Butler, Allen A. Story 1970-01-30-pg07
Butler, Allen A. Story 1970-09-25-pg16
Butler, Calley Picture 1970-12-18-pg05
Butler, Callie Picture 1971-05-27-pg36
Butler, Callye  Picture 1971-07-01-pg23
Butler, Callye Mrs photo, presents Fire Chief with donation for Bldg 1972-01-27-pg21
Butler, Chris  Picture 1971-07-01-pg19
Butler, Kim  Picture 1971-03-19-pg30
Butler, Kim  Picture 1971-07-01-pg23
Butler, Kim  Picture 1971-07-08-pg20
Butler, Renee Wise County Queen contest candidate 1972-03-30-pg17
Butler, Ren'ee photo, Wise Co. Youth Fair Queen Contestant 1972-03-30-pg36
Butler, Rodney  Picture 1974-02-14-pg18
Butler, Tom Mr & Mrs visited by Mr & Mrs Bill Butler of Arlington 1972-01-06-pg09
Butler, Troy Picture 1970-09-25-pg01
Butler, Troy  Picture 1971-03-05-pg03
Butram Shower Given for Neice, Clara Sue Arnsdorff Story 1970-05-08-pg11
Butram, A. V. photo, Butram's 1972-04-06-pg29
Butram, A. V. Mrs hosted Opti-Mrs Club 1972-01-06-pg10
Butram, A. V. Mrs photo, arbor day planting by Garden Club 1972-01-27-pg23
Butram, A. V. Mrs guest speaker at Jr. Womans Club 1972-03-30-pg27
Butram, A. V. Mrs garden show winner 1972-05-11-pg01
Butram, A.V. Story 1970-03-27-pg20
Butram, A.V. Picture 1973-12-20-pg23
Butram, A.V., Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1971-12-23-pg34
Butram, A.V., Mrs.  Story 1970-05-01-pg21
Butram, A.V., Mrs.  Picture 1974-07-11-pg03
Butram, Bessie Picture 1970-12-18-pg17
Butram, Bessie Picture 1975-08-07-pg04
Butram, Mary Lou Picture 1970-03-13-pg01
Butram, Mary Lou Picture 1970-03-13-pg08
Butram, Mary Lou Picture 1971-05-14-pg14
Butram, Mary Lou photo, Butram's 1972-04-06-pg29
Butram, Mary Lou  Picture 1973-10-11-pg18
Butram, Mary Lou  Picture 1973-12-20-pg23
Butram, Mary Lou  Picture 1974-10-24-pg17
Butram's Store Employees Picture 1971-12-23-pg10
Butterfield Stage bridge across Hunt's Creek  1929 Picture 1973-07-19-pg44
Butterfield Stage history  Story 1973-07-19-pg43
Butterfield Stage history - continued  Story 1973-07-19-pg44
Butterfield Stage history - continued  Story 1973-07-19-pg45
Butterfield Stage history - continued  Story 1973-07-19-pg46
Byers Jurden Hospital News - Admittances 1972-08-17-pg11
Byers, John Larry/Cindy Sheree Stutt  Wedding 1974-04-04-pg02
Byers, Johnnie Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-10-05-pg31
Byers, Jurden Hospital News - Dismissals 1972-08-17-pg11