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Indexed Bridgeport Index Newspapers
Names 1960s

Indexed are all local names and stories of interest in the older papers, but only the local births, weddings, deaths, pictures, and stories in the newer papers.

Year Number of Papers Pages  Indexed by
1961 52 Papers 586 Pages Sue Tackel
1962 50 Papers 620 Pages LaDarla Keith
1963 52 Papers 718 Pages Sue Tackel
1964 52 Papers 682 Pages Sue Tackel
1965 39+4 Papers 574+60 Pages LaDarla Keith
1966 44+8 Papers 648+144 Pages LaDarla Keith
1967 47+5 Papers 788+84 Pages Sue Tackel
1968 50+2 Papers 966+32 Pages Sue Tackel
1969 44+9 Papers 861+175 Pages David Pitts

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     Type or Notes Yr-Mo-Day-Page
18 adults receive their G. E. D. story 1969-03-21-pg15
1910 Main Street, Bridgeport 1910 Picture 1962-12-07-pg08
1918 Picture Bridgeport Downtown 1918 Picture 1962-11-30-pg09
1955 Graduating Class 1955 Picture/Story 1962-06-22-pg12
3 young ladies (names not given) photo, essay winner from Wise Co. Historical Soc. 1969-04-04pg20
3000 Acre Ranch Donated to Scouts on Lake Bridgeport Story 1967-06-02-pg01
4-H Award Winners at Achievement Banquet Story 1967-11-17-pg14
4-H Awards long list of awards 1969-10-24pg07
4-H Camp at Methodist Camp-pool picture Picture Story 1967-06-09-pg05
4-H Club elects new officers listed 1969-11-14pg24
4-H Club Members enter State Fair  Story 1961-09-22-pg02
4-H Club News  Story 1969-06-13pg15
4-H Club News  Story 1969-03-07-pg24
4-H Club, 5th & 6th grade officers Story 1961-11-03-pg13
4-H Food Show Contestants  Picture 1967-11-03-pg18
4-H Horse Playday results Story 1967-11-03-pg06
4-H members to show cattle at N. Texas State Fair Denton 1969-09-19pg12
4-H news story 1969-03-14-pg16
4-H Photography Class at lake Picture 1967-08-18-pg08
4-H Second Annual County Horse Show Results Story 1967-06-30-pg11
4-H winner of recent horseshow listed 1969-07-18pg24
4-H Winners at Banquet-listing Story 1961-11-17-pg04
6 Inch Snow Picture 1964-01-24-pg08
61st Legislative session in Austin TX Story 1969-03-21-pg04
64 students given diplomas Bridgeport High School  1969-05-30pg01
A & A Engineering Fire Picture 1966-11-25-pg05
A&A Engineering Fire 1966-11-18-pg01
Abernathie, E. B. Mrs outstanding farmer 1969-04-11pg23
Abernathy, Bill  Picture 1968-10-11-pg01
Abernathy, Bill Picture 1963-11-08-pg04
Able, John, Mrs. Picture 1962-08-10-pg08
Absher, Oleta Story 1961-06-09-pg04
Ace Automotive opening Advertisement 1967-11-03-pg04
Acme Brick Co. Presents employee awards  Story 1961-04-14-pg10
Acme Brick Plant  Picture 1964-07-10-pg01
ad, thank you from Hodges Hardware sold to new owners 1969-06-27pg03
Adams, Alonzo Bright Obituary 1961-05-26-pg12
Adams, Becky Picture 1963-04-12-pg06
Adams, Becky Picture 1963-12-20-pg03
Adams, Becky Picture 1967-04-28-pg06
Adams, Becky  Picture 1965-09-24-pg03
Adams, Beulah Hospital News, Patients Admitted 1969-12-26pg02
Adams, Beverly Picture 1964-08-28-pg10
Adams, Beverly/Potts, Larry Wedding 1966-01-21-pg07
Adams, E.R., Mrs. Event 1962-07-20-pg03
Adams, Eula C. Hospital News, patients admitted 1969-10-31pg10
Adams, J.S. Picture 1964-10-02-pg08
Adams, John Henry Picture 1966-06-03-pg19
Adams, Karen  Picture 1964-07-03-pg04
Adams, Karen Picture 1965-12-10-pg01
Adams, Karen Picture 1966-04-01-pg08
Adams, Karen  Picture 1965-12-24-pg23
Adams, Karen Evon/Roger Dale Sharp Wedding 1967-01-27-pg16
Adams, Lee (Mattie Smith), Mrs. Obituary 1965-04-09-pg08
Adams, Lonnie Wayne Picture 1967-05-26-pg03
Adams, Margaret Picture 1964-10-02-pg15
Adams, Nacy photo, won 1st place in UIL Literary Contest 1969-04-04pg06
Adams, Rebecca Hospital News 1969-11-14pg27
Addison, Bill Picture 1962-11-23-pg05
Addison, Bill Picture 1963-03-29-pg08
Addison, Bill Picture 1965-01-29-pg12
Addison, Cindy Picture 1962-06-01-pg05
Addison, Cindy Picture 1962-12-28-pg08
Addison, Scotty Picture 1964-12-04-pg01
Aerni, Lucille Flowers Obituary 1967-07-28-pg04
Ag boys, 2nd and 3rd year Picture 1968-02-16-pg20
Ag Class, Freshman  Picture 1968-02-16-pg20
Ag III Class with landscaping  Picture 1968-03-29-pg06
Ag III Class with trailer they built  Picture 1968-02-16-pg01
Agricultural Agent's report Story 1969-09-12pg17
Agricultural County Agent's column Story 1969-08-22pg16
Airport ground breaking  Picture 1968-08-23-pg01
Akins, Dennis Hospital News 1969-03-14-pg28
Akins, Dennis Wayne, Jr. (f. Dennis Wayne) Birth 1967-08-18-pg10
Akins, Glenelle/Donald Gene Hendrix Wedding 1964-12-11-pg13
Albert, Richard Victor groom, stationed with Air Force in Wichita Falls 1969-06-27pg04
Alberts, Tressie Marie (Charles) Birth 1966-09-30-pg15
Albright, Clarice Picture 1961-06-16-pg02
Albright, Clarice Picture 1961-09-29-pg01
Albright, Julie/Freddy Thompkins Wedding 1963-06-07-pg02
Albright, Julie/Freddy Thompkins Wedding 1963-07-19-pg05
Albright, Lauren Picture 1963-04-19-pg08
Albright, Lauren Picture 1966-04-01-pg03
Albright, Lauren Picture 1966-05-27-pg12
Albrittion, Doris 1930 Picture 1964-06-19-pg09
Albritton Family holds reunion Sunday June 8, attendees listed 1969-06-20pg17
Albritton, Addie May 1930 Picture 1964-06-19-pg09
Albritton, Ben  1930 Picture 1963-06-28-pg06
Albritton, Katy deceased survived by son Lloyd G. Albritton of Tyler 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, Katy deceased obituary, buried in Paradise Cemetery 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, Katy deceased survived by husband Archie Albritton 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, Katy deceased survived by sister Mrs Bill Bridges of Paradise 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, Katy deceased survived by sister Ethel Remmele of Paradise 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, Katy deceased survived by sister Ollie Bridges of Paradise 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, Katy deceased survived by half sister Lavada Srutt of Paradise 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, Katy deceased survived by half sister Trudy Youts of Borger TX 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, Katy deceased  survived by half sister Della Harris of OK 1969-08-29pg07
Albritton, L.G. Family Reunion Story 1961-06-16-pg11
Albritton, Razanna Kaye Obituary 1963-11-08-pg05
Albritton, T.H.? 1930 Picture 1964-06-19-pg09
Alexander, Carla Sue (David)  Birth 1966-09-30-pg15
Alexander, Clifford 1920 Picture 1963-04-19-pg11
Alexander, D.B., Mrs.  Story 1967-09-08-pg13
Alexander, Frank Hospital News 1969-07-18pg07
Alexander, H.B. Obituary 1967-05-05-pg03
Alexander, J.R., Mrs (Cora Cordelia Sheppard) Obituary 1965-08-06-pg11
Alexander, Mollie Modell Mrs deceased obituary, born Sept 18, 1884 in MS 1969-12-05pg03
Alexander, Mollie Modell Mrs deceased survived by daughter Mrs Dorothy Long 1969-12-05pg03
Alexander, Mollie Modell Mrs deceased buried in Chico Cemetery 1969-12-05pg03
Alexander, Mollie Modell Mrs deceased former Mollie Modell Sullivan 1969-12-05pg03
Alexander, Parker  Picture 1964-02-28-pg10
Alexander, Roy Story 1961-11-17-pg13
Alexander, William H., Sr. Obituary 1968-12-13-pg09
Alice Boaz Forum Building Board Members Story 1967-06-30-pg09
Alice Boaz Woman's Forum Story 1967-12-08-pg17
Allan, Ardath Picture 1968-04-19-pg08
Allen, Ardath Picture 1967-04-21-pg11
Allen, Dale Picture 1964-10-02-pg08
Allen, E.D., Rev. Obituary 1964-07-10-pg06
Allen, Herchel, Mrs.  Story 1961-01-06-pg01
Allen, Hershel photo of house decorated for Christmas 1969-12-26pg03
Allen, Kelley Dorinda  Birth 1968-07-12-pg06
Allen, Paige Hospital Notes 1969-03-07-pg22
Allen, Paige (3 year old) daughter of Coach and Mrs Jerry Allen 1969-03-07-pg01
Allen, Paige (3 year old) had heart surgery by Dr. Denton Cooley in Houston 1969-03-07-pg01
Allen, Paige (3 year old) had heart surgery by Dr. Denton Cooley in Houston 1969-03-07-pg04
Allen, thomas Hospital News 1969-07-18pg07
Allen, Thomas Richardson deceased obituary, born July 4, 1890 1969-08-29pg10
Allen, Thomas Richardson deceased Buried in Chico Cemetery 1969-08-29pg10
Allen, Thomas Richardson deceased survived by daughter Mrs Jeanell Latshaw 1969-08-29pg10
Allen, Thomas Richardson deceased survived by daughter Mrs Melba Thomas 1969-08-29pg10
Allen, Thomas Richardson deceased survived by son Carl Allen of Fort Worth TX 1969-08-29pg10
Allen, Thomas Richardson deceased married Mamie Gunner  1969-08-29pg10
Allgood, B. C. Hospital Notes 1969-02-07-pg10
Allgood, Ida Hosptial Notes 1969-01-31-pg19
Allgood, Ida Windham deceased obituary, born Sept 17, 1885 1969-07-25pg09
Allgood, Ida Windham deceased survived by husband Mr Bayles C. Allgood Jr 1969-07-25pg09
Allgood, Ida Windham deceased Maiden name was Windham 1969-07-25pg09
Allgood, Sally  Picture 1968-08-23-pg06
Allison, Angela & Teresa Picture 1968-04-19-pg17
Allison, Bertha Hospital News 1969-09-19pg15
Allison, Diana Picture 1967-02-17-pg08
Allison, Diana Photo, Miss Teenage Bridgeport Contestant 1969-03-14-pg06
Allison, Diana Photo, Miss Teenage Bridgeport Contestant 1969-03-21-pg01
Allison, Diane Picture 1967-09-08-pg10
Allison, Diane photo, Bridgeport Sissies, District AA Winners 1969-03-07-pg01
Allison, Diane   Picture 1968-05-03-pg21
Allison, Eddie photo of house decorated for Christmas 1969-12-26pg03
Allison, Helen Laverne/Floyd Allen Davis Wedding 1964-03-20-pg12
Allison, Janice  Story 1968-11-01-pg18
Allison, Janice  Story 1968-11-01-pg23
Allison, Janice Picture 1963-02-22-pg01
Allison, Janice Picture 1967-01-06-pg01
Allison, Janice Picture 1967-01-13-pg03
Allison, Janice Picture 1967-03-31-pg04
Allison, Janice Picture 1967-04-07-pg01
Allison, Janice Picture 1967-04-21-pg01
Allison, Janice   Picture 1966-11-11-pg03
Allison, O. C. His pickup with involved in a collision with a truck  1969-07-25pg01
Allison, Richard Hospital news, patients admitted 1969-08-29pg19
Allison, Richard Hospital News 1969-09-19pg15
Allison, Suzanne photo, outstanding Home Economics student  1969-04-04pg20
Allison, Suzanne Paradise F. H. A. president, new officers 1969-09-12pg03
Allison, Teresa (3 years old) struck by car while riding her tricycle 1969-05-09pg08
Allison, Thurman Picture 1961-11-24-pg08
Allison, Tommy Picture 1967-02-24-pg01
Allison, Tommy Picture 1967-04-21-pg03
Allison, Tresa Hosptial News 1969-05-16pg16
Allman, Craig Picture 1962-11-30-pg10
Allman, John Picture 1967-05-05-pg11
Allmann, John A., Rev.  Picture 1967-03-03-pg07
Alsup, Bonnie Lee photo, class Salutatorian in nursing school 1969-09-19pg03
Alsup, Bonnie Lee mother of MrsBobby Cantrell 1969-09-19pg03
Alsup, Bonnie Lee daughter of Mrs Irene Wood of Bridgeport 1969-09-19pg03
Altom, A.B. Picture 1962-06-08-pg01
Altom, Bob Picture 1961-03-17-pg01
Altom, Bob  Picture 1962-11-23-pg05
Altom, Bob  Picture 1966-11-11-pg07
Altom, Donna Lou/Joe David Miller Wedding 1963-07-05-pg08
Altom, Joe Picture 1966-08-19-pg08
Altom, Joe Picture 1966-11-04-pg12
Alvey, Mark Picture 1968-10-04-pg05
Alvey, Randy  Picture 1968-10-04-pg05
Alvey, Tammy  Picture 1966-12-23-pg14
Alvord Gymnasium-storm damage Picture 1961-05-05-pg02
Alvord Methodists have dedication of new sanctuary Story 1961-05-05-pg05
Amburn, Kalinda 4-H girl won a ribbon 1969-03-21-pg09
Ames, Sharon Hosptial News 1969-04-25pg16
Ames, Sharon Hospital News 1969-05-09pg14
Amity Club honors Pageant  contestants for Miss Teenage Bridgeport 1969-03-14-pg04
Ancell, George, IV Story 1961-01-06-pg08
Anderson Family Reunion in T.R. Anderson home Story 1961-06-23-pg09
Anderson, America Josephine  Obituary 1968-06-14-pg18
Anderson, Anita  Picture 1968-05-24-pg20
Anderson, Anita Picture 1967-02-17-pg05
Anderson, Audrey Picture 1964-02-21-pg07
Anderson, Bobby Story 1967-06-16-pg20
Anderson, Bobby Story 1967-08-25-pg01
Anderson, Bobby, Mrs.  Story 1967-08-25-pg06
Anderson, Danny Picture 1963-12-20-pg02
Anderson, David Roy  Birth 1968-02-09-pg12
Anderson, Dorothy photo, member Jack Co. Historical Committee 1969-11-07pg07
Anderson, Drew 1903 Picture 1966-03-11-pg06
Anderson, E.W. Picture 1961-06-16-pg02
Anderson, Eddie Picture 1963-06-21-pg12
Anderson, Faye 1927  Picture 1963-06-28-pg07
Anderson, James Curtis (Ronald)  Birth 1966-09-30-pg15
Anderson, Jeffrey Picture 1962-07-27-pg02
Anderson, Jennie  190? Picture 1964-02-07-pg03
Anderson, Jodie  Story 1968-08-02-pg01
Anderson, Kenneth R.  Story 1968-06-14-pg10
Anderson, Kenneth R. 1st Lt  photo, helicopter pilot in Vietnam 1969-12-26pg07
Anderson, Kenneth Ray / Cook, Norma Jeanette Wedding 1965-04-02-pg11
Anderson, Oscar 1903 Picture 1966-03-11-pg06
Anderson, Shirley Picture 1965-04-16-pg09
Anderson, Stuart Picture 1965-02-12-pg04
Anderson, Stuart Neal elected president of honorary math fraternity NTSU 1969-05-30pg15
Anderson, Thalia Joan  Picture 1961-09-22-pg03
Anderson, Tom 190? Picture 1964-02-07-pg03
Anderson, Wayne Picture 1963-01-11-pg08
Andreasen, Cindy Carol (f. Dale Chester) Birth 1967-12-22-pg05
Andreasen, Loura Beth Birth 1963-11-15-pg03
Andreasen, Wayne  Picture 1961-06-16-pg02
Andreason, Marilyn, Stacy & Laura Picture 1966-07-08-pg07
Andreason, Mike Picture 1966-07-08-pg06
Andreason, Wayne Advertisement 1961-01-20-pg09
Andress, Kimberly Ellen Birth 1968-02-09-pg12
Anneville School Historical Marker set  Story 1968-03-29-pg16
Anneville School Historical Marker set  Story 1968-09-20-pg14
Annual Genealogical Soc meeting to be held in San Antonio 1969-11-07pg09
Applegate, J.R., Dr. Advertisement 1961-01-06-pg03
Arant, Sheila photo, student of the month in junior high 1969-04-18pg02
Arbes, Leoda Hospital Notes 1969-03-28pg11
Arbes, Marvin Patients admitted to the hospital 1969-08-22pg11
Arcadia Theatre Picture 1967-10-06-pg06
Arcadia Theatre Story 1967-10-13-pg01
Arcadia Theatre to reopen  Story 1961-01-13-pg01
Arellano, Albert Hospital news 1969-04-04pg20
Arendt, Chas doing student teaching in Bridgeport 1969-04-25pg20
Armes, C.C. Story 1961-07-14-pg02
Armes, Jimmie, Mr. & Mrs. Birth 1962-03-09-pg05
Armes, Vera Picture 1964-05-15-pg09
Armstrong, Elonda Picture 1962-11-02-pg05
Armstrong, Elonda Picture 1964-01-17-pg12
Armstrong, James Picture 1967-05-26-pg03
Armstrong, James R. Airman USN graduates from training school 1969-09-19pg09
Armstrong, James Walter Obituary 1967-11-03-pg17
Armstrong, Jim, Mr. & Mrs  Picture 1966-01-14-pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased Father's name Nathan Huff 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased obituary, born Jul y31, 1878 in Aurora TX 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased married Richard Armstrong in 1902 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased survived by daughter Mrs Othella Parker of Iowa 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased survived by daughter Mrs Lillian Gamble 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased survived by daughter Mrs Bonnie McCrary 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased survived by daughter Mrs Mary Adair of Dallas 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased survived by son Richard Armstrong 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased Husband died in 1917 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Lenora Mrs deceased Mother's name Mary Witten Huff 1969-12-05pg03
Armstrong, Mary Hospital News 1969-04-11pg10
Armstrong, Porter  1926 Picture 1964-10-23-pg07
Armstrong, R.P.  Story 1968-12-06-pg03
Army Induction and Physical list  Story 1961-01-20-pg05
Army Plane forced down Picture 1962-08-24-pg01
Arnn, John Picture 1963-11-22-pg01
Arnold Family of Wilma's Coin-O-Matic Laundry Picture 1964-07-03-pg01
Arnold, Alfonie Hospital news 1969-11-07pg21
Arnold, Kenneth Lee  Birth 1963-08-16-pg15
Arnold, Kenneth Lee Picture 1967-03-10-pg14
Arnold, LaNita Picture 1962-08-03-pg01
Arnold, Lawaynda Picture 1962-08-03-pg01
Arnold, Lawaynda Gail  Picture 1967-03-10-pg14
Arnold, Marvin photo, first to lane at new airport Story 1969-09-12pg01
Arnold, Wayne, Mr. & Mrs.  Picture 1968-06-28-pg18
Arnsdorff, A.G. & Mrs.  Picture 1968-08-16-pg08
Arrington, Ara Fae Hospital News, patients admitted 1969-10-31pg10
Arrington, Eddie Hospital news 1969-04-04pg20
Arrington, Mitch  photo, won 1st place in UIL Literary Contest 1969-04-04pg06
Arrington, Paul Story 1961-02-10-pg10
Arrington, Paul Story 1961-02-24-pg11
Arrington, Paul Edward/Patricia Anne New Wedding 1961-05-19-pg07
Arrington, Paula Anne Birth 1962-10-19-pg06
Arrington, Tricia Lin (f. Paul E.) Birth 1967-06-30-pg12
Art lessons at The Stationery Shop Picture 1961-05-19-pg02
Art Show, Annual Sidewalk, -list of winners Story 1967-10-13-pg03
Arthur, Barbara Story 1961-04-14-pg12
Arthur, Barbara Story 1961-06-23-pg11
Arthur, Barbara Picture 1963-01-25-pg01
Arthur, Barbara/Dr. William V. Bradshaw Wedding 1963-06-14-pg13
Arthur, Barbara/Dr. William V. Bradshaw Wedding 1963-08-30-pg05
Arthur, C.A. Picture 1961-07-07-pg01
Arthur, C.A., Mr.& Mrs. Picture 1962-10-12-pg11
Arthur, Jeanette Picture 1965-07-30-pg03
Arthur, Jeanette Hospital News 1969-06-20pg16
Arthur, Regina Picture 1964-06-05-pg07
Article about Longhorn Council of Boy Scouts Story 1969-11-07pg19
Article about Selective Service Story 1969-11-07pg18
Article on Agricultural programs by the ASCS 1969-10-31pg08
article on Wise County Traffic Deaths Story 1969-02-14-pg04
Arurne, L. M. Hospital News, patients admitted 1969-09-12pg16
Arwine, Dad  190? Picture 1963-03-08-pg08
Arwine, Sarah Hospital Notes 1969-04-18pg15
Arwine, William Issac 'Ike' Obituary 1964-08-28-pg08
Ash, Fred Picture 1963-05-17-pg07
Ashcraft, Charlie Picture 1966-04-29-pg05
Ashcraft, Johnny Picture 1961-06-02-pg03
Ashcraft, Johnny Mr & Mrs photo, display 41 inch Catfish from the Lake 1969-01-10-pg05
Ashford, Addie Mrs visited by daughter Mrs Lavin Farror of Idaho 1969-04-25pg09
Ashford, Addie Mrs visited by grandson 2nd Lt Johnny Westbrook 1969-01-31-pg09
Ashford, Addie Mrs visited by daughter Mrs Jim Westbrook of Ohio 1969-06-27pg16
Ashford, Addie Mrs visited her daughter Mrs Laverne Westbook 1969-10-24pg04
Ashworth, Jackie Dale (L.C. & Amelia) Birth 1967-01-13-pg06
Askey, Alvin Picture 1967-10-06-pg16
Askey, W.A. Picture 1967-03-17-pg08
Askey, W.A. 'Alvin' Story  Story 1961-12-15-pg12
Athens, Christine attended Jacksboro Golf Tournament 1969-06-27pg07
Athens, Christine participants in Bridgeport Golf Tournament 1969-06-27pg08
Athens, Jay participants in Bridgeport Golf Tournament 1969-06-27pg08
Athens, Ray professional golfer at Bridgeport Country Club 1969-06-20pg09
Athens, ray participants in Bridgeport Golf Tournament 1969-06-27pg08
Atherholt, Laura Hospital Notes 1969-03-07-pg22
Athins, David Picture 1963-11-01-pg07
Atkerson, Leon Picture 1963-06-21-pg08
Atkins House Hotel in Paradise in 1893 1893 Picture  1967-03-24-pg08
Atkins, Earl Obituary 1967-02-10-pg06
Atkins, Gaylon  Picture 1962-11-23-pg15
Atkins, Janice  Picture 1965-04-16-pg12
Atkins, S.L. in 1893 1893 Picture  1967-03-24-pg08
Atkinson, Estelle 1930 Picture 1963-11-15-pg06
Atkinson, Estelle 1927 Picture 1963-11-15-pg09
Atkinson, J.T. Picture 1964-05-15-pg14
Atkinson, John Thomas Obituary 1967-09-29-pg05
Atkinson, Warren  1930 Picture 1964-06-19-pg09
Austin, Linda Nell Story 1961-06-23-pg05
Austin, Louis Picture 1967-11-10-pg01
Auto Mart - New on Chico Highway Picture 1963-09-27-pg01
Automotive Supply - new building Picture 1961-04-28-pg08
Automotive Supply expanding Picture 1967-03-03-pg01
Automotive Supply to have new building Story 1961-03-10-pg01
Autrey, Donnie Picture 1962-10-12-pg15
Awalt, Earl T. Story 1961-09-22-pg06
Awalt, Earl Tracy, Jr. Obituary 1963-12-13-pg01
Award Pictures Picture 1966-04-01-pg07
Babb Cemetery Picture 1962-09-21-pg14
Babb Cemetery Picture 1965-06-04-pg12
Babb Cemetery Historical Marker  Story 1968-09-20-pg09
Babb, John  Story 1962-10-12-pg03
Babbitt, Sid Picture 1964-11-13-pg15
Bach, Christopher Harris photo, Bridgeport Citizens of Tomorrow. 1969-03-14-pg27
Badger, Eddie Hospital News 1969-11-14pg27
Bagley, Ronald Wayne Obituary 1963-05-24-pg04
Bailey, Bailey  Picture 1965-01-29-pg07
Bailey, Barbara Picture 1967-02-03-pg08
Bailey, Barbara Picture 1967-02-17-pg03
Bailey, Bud family reunion Story 1968-07-19-pg07
Bailey, Buddy C. appointed to Bridgeport School Board 1969-10-17pg08
Bailey, Buddy C. replacing Mrs Mildred Bryant on school board 1969-10-17pg08
Bailey, Cuil Story 1961-11-24-pg04
Bailey, Cuil Story 1961-12-15-pg16
Bailey, Elbert Story 1967-04-07-pg04
Bailey, Florence Maudena Matzinger Obituary 1961-05-19-pg10
Bailey, Greg  Story 1968-12-13-pg01
Bailey, Greg Picture 1965-10-01-pg01
Bailey, Greg Story 1967-07-14-pg16
Bailey, Greg - continued  Story 1968-12-13-pg03
Bailey, Greg 'Night Train' Picture 1963-04-12-pg01
Bailey, Gregory Picture 1961-09-29-pg12
Bailey, Gregory Picture 1961-12-08-pg13
Bailey, Gregory Picture 1965-05-21-pg07
Bailey, Helen Picture 1966-04-08-pg28
Bailey, John F. Hospital Notes 1969-02-28-pg09
Bailey, Johnny  Picture 1962-04-20-pg01
Bailey, Johnny  Picture 1966-05-27-pg12
Bailey, Johnny Story 1967-02-10-pg14
Bailey, Johnny W.  Story 1968-07-05-pg10
Bailey, Johnny W. Picture 1967-03-03-pg15
Bailey, Johnny W. Story 1967-09-01-pg10
Bailey, Johnny W. Pfc  serving aboard aircraft carrier Oriskany 1969-03-28pg04
Bailey, Maudena Obituary 1961-07-28-pg11
Bailey, Mike  Picture 1962-11-23-pg05
Bailey, Mike  Picture 1965-01-29-pg12
Bailey, Myrtle Hospital News, Patients Admitted 1969-12-19pg19
Bailey, Sally Anderson Obituary 1964-12-11-pg15
Bailey, Syd Charisse Story 1961-05-19-pg07
Bailey, Vaudie Hosptial News 1969-04-25pg16
Bailey, Walter M. Obituary 1967-05-12-pg06
Baker, A.J.  Story 1961-09-22-pg06
Baker, Beverly Jane Picture 1963-05-24-pg20
Baker, Butch  Picture 1962-05-25-pg04
Baker, Butch, Mrs.  Picture 1968-04-26-pg17
Baker, Countess Picture 1966-07-01-pg01
Baker, George D.  Story 1968-12-06-pg09
Baker, Jane Picture 1965-04-16-pg06
Baker, Joe hosted Shrine Club with Fish Fry 1969-08-29pg14
Baker, Joe  Picture 1961-12-29-pg01
Baker, John, Rev. Story 1961-11-24-pg01
Baker, John, Rev. Picture 1962-03-30-pg11
Baker, Laura Picture 1968-04-19-pg17
Baker, Linda Picture 1964-05-29-pg13
Baker, O. B. Hospital News 1969-07-18pg07
Baker, Oliver Marshall & Emma Rater Story 1967-01-13-pg08
Baker, Ona  Picture 1965-07-30-pg03
Baker, Ona  Story 1967-09-29-pg03
Baker, Vera attended Jacksboro Golf Tournament 1969-06-27pg07
Baker, W. Harrison & Eula  Story 1967-06-23-pg04
Baker, William  Story 1968-04-12-pg09
Baldosser, Leanna/Billy Jay Brewer  Wedding 1968-09-27-pg17
Baldridge, David Wayne Birth 1963-05-03-pg03
Baldridge, E.A., Sr.  Obituary 1968-04-12-pg09
Baldridge, Lizzie Hospital News 1969-06-06pg16
Baldridge, Lizzie Mae  Picture 1968-06-28-pg14
Baldridge, Lizzie Mae Picture 1965-08-13-pg14
Baldridge, V. E. Mrs election clerk  1969-02-14-pg01
Baldridge, V.E. Picture 1961-09-29-pg01
Baldridge, V.E. Picture 1962-01-26-pg01
Baldridge, V.E. Picture 1962-09-14-pg05
Baldridge, V.E. Picture 1963-05-17-pg10
Baldridge, V.E. Picture 1963-05-17-pg13
Baldridge, V.E.  Picture 1964-12-11-pg06
Baldridge, V.E. Picture 1965-08-13-pg08
Baldridge, V.E. Picture 1965-09-10-pg09
Baldridge, V.E., Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1962-08-17-pg11
Baldridge, V.E., Mrs Picture 1966-09-30-pg08
Baldridge, V.E., Mrs. Picture 1965-08-13-pg08
Baldwin, Oris photo, provided entertainment for Jr-Sr Banquet 1969-05-16pg17
Ball, M.B.  Story 1961-09-01-pg02
Ball, M.B.  Picture 1962-10-05-pg03
Ball, M.B.   Story 1967-12-08-pg01
Ball, M.B.   Story 1967-12-15-pg01
Band Club Variety Show Pictures Picture 1961-11-24-pg01
Band Wins Marching Trophy  Picture 1961-11-10-pg06
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) obituary, born Sept 4, 1893 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) buried in East Bridgeport Cemetery 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) survived by mother Lydia Charlotte West Voss 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) survived by sister Mrs Mary Harrison 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) survived by sister Ida Pelv of California 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) survived by Mrs Neel McQuillen of California 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) survived by sister Viola Moore of California 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) survived by brother Herman Voss 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) survived by brother Leo Voss of Oklahoma 1969-03-28pg07
Bane, Charles T. (deceased) survived by brother John Voss, Alvin TX 1969-03-28pg07
Bank remodeled and expanded  Story 1969-03-14-pg01
Banks family - 5 generations  Picture 1968-11-08-pg03
Banks, Alvin 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Banks, Buddy 1912 Picture 1964-03-27-pg05
Banks, Burn 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Banks, Harvey Picture 1963-05-24-pg15
Banks, Harvey Picture 1963-08-23-pg14
Banks, Harvey - sister, Mrs. Harvey Kelly Story 1961-12-08-pg07
Banks, Harvey Mr & Mrs visited by daughter Mrs Larry Rolison of Irving 1969-02-07-pg03
Banks, Harvey Mr & Mrs visited by daughter Mrs Larry Rulison of Irving 1969-06-06pg09
Banks, Harvey Mr & Mrs visited by daughter Mrs Larry Rolison of Irving 1969-07-18pg16
Banks, Harvey Mr & Mrs visited by daughter Mrs Larry Rolison of Irving 1969-07-25pg08
Banks, Harvey Mr & Mrs attended ordination of son-in-law Larry Rolison 1969-11-21pg08
Banks, Harvey, Jr. Story 1967-04-07-pg04
Banks, Hattie  1912 Picture 1964-03-27-pg05
Banks, Joe Reagan Picture 1966-07-22-pg12
Banks, Luther 1912 Picture 1964-03-27-pg05
Banks, Mary Alice Picture 1962-05-25-pg04
Banks, Mary Alice Picture 1965-06-18-pg06
Banks, Mary Alice/Larry Rolison  Wedding 1968-06-21-pg07
Banks, Mary Alice/William Lawrence Rolison  Wedding 1968-10-25-pg02
Banks, Nora  1912 Picture 1964-03-27-pg05
Banks, Renez  Picture 1966-07-22-pg12
Banks, Ruby Picture 1966-07-22-pg12
Banks, Ruth Pierce Obituary 1964-08-14-pg06
Banks, Wilmoth Melinda Coleman Obituary 1961-12-29-pg05
Bankston, Flora Hospital news 1969-02-14-pg15
Bankston, Flora May (deceased) obituary, bon June 7, 1872 Johnson Co Texas 1969-02-14-pg18
Bankston, Flora May (deceased) survived by brother Don Holt 1969-02-14-pg18
Bankston, Flora May (deceased) buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Jacksboro TX 1969-02-14-pg18
Bankston, Flora May (deceased) survived by daughter Sally N. Young of AZ 1969-02-14-pg18
Bankston, Flora May (deceased) survived by son J. B. Koger 1969-02-14-pg18
Bankston, Flora May (deceased) survived by son D. C. Koger 1969-02-14-pg18
Baptist Association- annual county meeting Story 1967-10-13-pg08
Baptist Chapel, Cates St. Picture 1961-05-05-pg01
Baptist Youthful Builders Luncheon attendees Story 1961-04-14-pg02
Barbara, Sister Picture 1967-06-16-pg09
Barber, Alden photo, Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America 1969-06-20pg05
Barber, Marvin R.L. Obituary 1963-06-14-pg06
Barclay, Alan Waylan son born to Mr & Mrs Alan Barclay of Alvord  1969-08-29pg19
Barfield place house  Picture 1967-03-10-pg05
Barke, Charlott Picture 1962-08-31-pg10
Barker, Bob  1910 Picture 1963-12-20-pg05
Barker, James Pleasant  Obituary 1968-09-20-pg19
Barker, Joanne Hospital Notes 1969-02-07-pg10
Barksdale, Aline Picture 1966-10-07-pg08
Barksdale, Alline Picture 1965-07-23-pg04
Barksdale, Alline Picture 1965-08-13-pg14
Barksdale, Carl Picture 1961-11-17-pg11
Barksdale, Carl  Picture 1964-02-28-pg08
Barksdale, Carl  Picture 1964-11-20-pg08
Barksdale, Carl Picture 1966-04-08-pg23
Barksdale, Thomas Story 1961-04-07-pg01
Barnard, John L.  Story 1968-07-05-pg10
Barnard, John L. Story 1967-09-01-pg10
Barnard, John L.  serving aboard aircraft carrier Oriskany 1969-03-28pg04
Barnard, Ruth  Picture 1966-04-29-pg05
Barnes, A.E. Picture 1961-03-03-pg01
Barnes, A.E. Picture 1961-10-06-pg10
Barnes, A.E. Death 1962-01-19-pg01
Barnes, Archie E. Obituary/Picture 1962-02-02-pg01
Barnes, Bertha Mrs visite her cousin Mrs Beulah Adams 1969-09-05pg07
Barnes, D. E. Hospital Notes 1969-03-28pg11
Barnes, Ed  Picture 1968-03-01-pg06
Barnes, Ira  Story 1968-05-24-pg04
Barnes, Ira  Story 1968-06-07-pg07
Barnes, Ira  Picture 1967-10-06-pg07
Barnes, John  Picture 1965-10-01-pg12
Barnes, John William Obituary 1961-03-17-pg08
Barnes, Molly  Picture 1962-12-28-pg08
Barnes, Myra Story 1961-05-19-pg12
Barnes, Myra Picture 1962-05-25-pg14
Barnes, Myra Lee Engagement 1962-07-06-pg03
Barnes, Myra Lee Story 1961-11-24-pg05
Barnes, Philip Picture 1968-03-08-pg08
Barnes, Roark Picture 1968-07-12-pg08
Barnes, Velma Picture 1967-09-01-pg11
Barnett, Airman William M.  Picture 1966-02-18-pg12
Barnett, Albert  190? Picture 1964-02-07-pg03
Barnett, Bennie Picture 1964-10-23-pg15
Barnett, Bennie  photo, honored by Natural Gas Pipeline Co. 1969-10-17pg01
Barnett, Beverly Picture 1965-04-16-pg12
Barnett, Bill Picture 1964-11-20-pg12
Barnett, Bill  Picture 1965-12-17-pg08
Barnett, Charles Story 1961-09-01-pg03
Barnett, Charles Keith/Avis Adelle Murrell Wedding 1964-04-24-pg09
Barnett, Cindy Picture 1962-07-27-pg07
Barnett, Cindy Picture 1963-05-31-pg09
Barnett, Cindy Picture 1967-03-10-pg11
Barnett, Dealey 1903 Picture 1966-03-11-pg06
Barnett, Garry  Picture 1968-02-16-pg14
Barnett, Gary Picture 1968-02-02-pg04
Barnett, Gary Picture 1968-10-04-pg16
Barnett, Gary Picture 1966-11-18-pg07
Barnett, Gary Picture 1966-12-09-pg03
Barnett, Gary Picture 1967-12-01-pg03
Barnett, George Picture 1961-11-24-pg08
Barnett, J. B. Mrs visited by sister Mrs J. D. McCary of Littlefield TX 1969-07-04pg09
Barnett, J. E. Mrs visited daughter Mrs W. H. Hickox in Phillips TX 1969-01-10-pg16
Barnett, J. E. Mrs visited by son Kirby from San Antonio TX 1969-10-24pg04
Barnett, James E. Obituary 1962-02-16-pg08
Barnett, James F.  Story 1968-03-22-pg03
Barnett, James F. Fireman serving aboard the USS Delta 1969-12-19pg14
Barnett, James F. Fireman USN serving in the South Pacific  1969-05-30pg09
Barnett, Jay  Story 1968-07-12-pg09
Barnett, Jay Picture 1967-09-22-pg05
Barnett, John L., Jr./Betty Jean Ivy Wedding 1964-10-09-pg07
Barnett, John L., Jr./Betty Jean Ivy Wedding 1964-10-16-pg08
Barnett, John Monroe Obituary 1964-06-26-pg03
Barnett, John, Mrs. -family reunion Story 1961-06-30-pg11
Barnett, Keith, Jr. Picture 1965-01-08-pg10
Barnett, Mary  Picture 1962-08-10-pg03
Barnett, Mary Picture 1963-02-22-pg08
Barnett, Mary Picture 1963-05-24-pg14
Barnett, Mary Jean Picture 1966-05-27-pg12
Barnett, Myrtle Mrs photo, daughter of Fannie Cash 1969-12-19pg07
Barnett, Paula  Picture 1965-02-12-pg04
Barnett, Phillip  Story 1968-06-14-pg09
Barnett, William M.  Story 1968-06-07-pg14
Barnhill, Jim Picture 1967-02-03-pg04
Barnifield, John 1903 Picture 1966-03-11-pg06
Barns moved from Fair Grounds to school Picture 1961-05-19-pg09
Barnsley, Bill Obituary 1964-10-23-pg01
Barnsley, Jimmy Picture 1965-01-15-pg12
Barnsley, Jimmy Picture 1967-12-01-pg20
Barnsley, jommy Hopsital news, patients admitted 1969-12-12pg08
Barnsley, William A. Obituary 1964-10-23-pg11
Barrett, Bessie 190? Picture 1964-02-07-pg03
Barrett, Thomas, C., Chico home of  Picture 1968-02-09-pg06
Barron, O.E.  Picture 1962-10-05-pg06
Bartee, Marilyn Hospital News, patients admitted 1969-09-12pg16
Bartlett, George  Picture 1968-06-28-pg01
Bartlett, George Picture 1967-06-09-pg03
Bartlett, George Lions Club summer camp for children 1969-01-31-pg01
Bartlett, George, Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1967-08-11-pg05
Bartlett, Grace & June  Picture 1967-08-11-pg05
Barton, Joel R. instructor in Vocational Ag welding class 1969-08-29pg16
Barton, Joel R. photo, giving farm Welding course 1969-09-05pg01
Baseball league Bridgeport/Bowie Story 1961-05-12-pg12
Baseball league Bridgeport/Weatherford Story 1961-05-19-pg04
Baseball, Bridgeport takes league championship Story 1961-09-01-pg10
Baseball, Bridgeport/Granbury Story 1961-08-04-pg02
Baseball, Bridgeport/Grandbury Story 1961-06-09-pg10
Baseball, Bridgeport/Jacksboro  Story 1961-05-26-pg12
Baseball, Bridgeport/Paradise Story 1961-08-18-pg16
Baseball, Bridgeport/Weatherford Story 1961-06-16-pg03
Baseball, White Sox Team swimming party Story 1961-08-18-pg11
Basheall, Lawrence of Dallas driver of car in accident in fair condition 1969-03-28pg07
Basketball - Parents vs. Teachers Story 1961-02-24-pg01
Basketball 'B' Team  Picture 1961-12-08-pg13
Basketball League-list of Bridgeport players  Story 1961-01-06-pg04
Basketball Results Story 1961-12-08-pg16
Bass, Bill  Picture 1968-05-24-pg20
Bass, Bill Picture 1967-10-20-pg01
Bass, Maud Obituary 1964-04-24-pg10
Bass, Pam Photo, Miss Teenage Bridgeport Contestant 1969-03-14-pg06
Bass, Pam Photo, Miss Teenage Bridgeport Contestant 1969-03-21-pg01
Bass, Perry Mr & Mrs photo, Sid Richardson foundation 1969-06-20pg05
Bastian, Jessie Picture 1963-05-03-pg09
Bastian, Joy Harlan Picture 1962-06-22-pg12
Bastian, Joy Harlan Picture 1965-06-25-pg08
Bayfod, Albert Hospital News 1969-05-09pg14
Bays, Angela Dorene  Birth 1968-11-01-pg15
Bays, Ernest Obituary 1961-07-07-pg01
Bays, Ernest Dee Obituary 1961-07-21-pg02
Bays, Harold Picture 1964-05-29-pg13
Beal, Violet Hospital News 1969-06-06pg16
Beall, Violet Hospital News 1969-01-17-pg08
Beall, Violet Hospital Notes 1969-03-21-pg10
Beall, Violet A. Hospital Notes 1969-01-24-pg11
Beaman, Bob Picture 1963-05-17-pg13
Beaman, Lola V. Hospital news 1969-06-13pg14
Beaman, R. W. Hospital Notes 1969-03-21-pg10
Bean, Dana  Picture 1962-07-27-pg02
Bean, Eula Story 1961-01-20-pg05
Bean, George Shannon Birth 1964-08-14-pg02
Bean, Jennie Lee Hospital news 1969-11-07pg21
Bean, Louise  Obituary 1968-10-11-pg07
Bean, Mary Lee Picture 1961-01-13-pg11
Bean, Mary Lee Picture 1962-05-25-pg04
Bean, Weldana Dee (f. Buddy) Birth 1961-11-10-pg07
Beard, Cherry Ann new teacher for 2nd grade 1969-01-31-pg01
Beard, Dale Picture 1966-11-11-pg05
Beard, Darla Picture 1963-04-12-pg06
Beard, E.P. Picture 1964-10-23-pg15
Beard, Edd photo, honored by Natural Gas Pipeline Co. 1969-10-17pg01
Beard, J.F. Obituary 1963-04-12-pg01
Beard, Jerry Don (f. Jerry) Birth 1967-08-11-pg12
Beard, Jerry L., Mr. & Mrs. Birth 1962-02-16-pg08
Beard, Jerry, Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1963-12-06-pg11
Beard, Kathy LaDena (f. Luther) Birth 1967-08-18-pg06
Beard, Kathy LaDena (f. Luther)  Birth 1967-08-11-pg12
Beard, Kimberly Laniece (Lavert) Birth 1965-08-13-pg13
Beard, Larry  Picture 1962-03-23-pg01
Beard, Larry  Picture 1962-12-14-pg01
Beard, Larry Picture 1963-05-24-pg15
Beard, Laurie Picture 1963-05-17-pg06
Beard, Laurie Ann Picture 1962-11-30-pg08
Beard, Malanie Picture 1963-05-17-pg06
Beard, Melanie Lee Picture 1961-08-04-pg03
Beard, Melanie Lee Story 1961-08-04-pg08
Beard, Melanie Lee Picture 1962-11-30-pg08
Beard, Robin  Picture 1962-07-27-pg02
Beard, Treva Picture 1965-04-16-pg06
Beard, Treva/Johnny Mack Martin  Wedding 1968-11-22-pg05
Bearden, J.C. 1924 Picture 1964-03-20-pg07
Bearden, J.C., Major Picture 1962-06-22-pg08
Bearden, Terrell Opal Obituary 1964-12-11-pg15
Bearing Specialists Co. building  Picture 1968-03-08-pg03
Beason Hotel 1917  Picture 1963-06-14-pg09
Beason, W.J. 1921 Picture 1963-05-24-pg05
Beaty, Avery Crawford 'Blackie' Obituary 1967-11-03-pg09
Beaty, Patricia Paulette/Allen Royce Stevens Wedding 1961-09-01-pg06
Beaty, Thomas E./Suzanne Kay Halverson  Wedding 1968-05-17-pg03
Beauchamp, Loveta   Picture 1961-03-03-pg09
Beauchamp, Patricia Picture 1965-01-29-pg10
Beauty Pageant Picture 1962-06-22-pg01
Beavers, Sam Hospital Notes-presumably those in the hospital 1969-01-10-pg11
Beck, Charles W. M Sgt receives USAF award 1969-01-31-pg19
Beck, Charlie L. Obituary 1967-04-21-pg07
Beck, El Dee Obituary 1967-01-27-pg03
Beeson, Don Hines Obituary 1961-05-05-pg12
Beeson, Edd  1906 Picture 1964-02-28-pg05
Beeson, Emmitt Obituary 1967-02-10-pg06
Beeson, George Picture 1961-03-03-pg01
Beeson, George Picture 1961-06-16-pg04
Beeson, George Picture 1961-12-29-pg05
Beeson, George Picture 1965-04-16-pg09
Beeson, George T. Story 1961-06-30-pg06
Beeson, Glenda Picture 1963-05-17-pg23
Beeson, Glenda Picture 1963-05-24-pg16
Beeson, Glenda Picture 1963-10-04-pg06
Beeson, Glenda Picture 1964-05-29-pg12
Beeson, Glenda Kay/Joe Edward Smith Wedding 1964-05-08-pg09
Beeson, Glenda Kay/Joe Edward Smith Wedding 1964-06-19-pg05
Beeson, Lady Mary photo, exchange student in Osaka Japan 1969-06-27pg17
Beeson, M.D. 'June' Obituary 1961-05-05-pg12
Beeson, Norma Picture 1962-02-02-pg07
Beeson, Norma Picture 1962-02-02-pg07
Beeson, Norma Picture 1963-11-22-pg05
Beeson, Norma Picture 1964-02-28-pg10
Beeson, Ona  Obituary 1964-02-07-pg06
Beeson, Stacie  Picture 1962-07-27-pg02
Beeson, Valerie Picture 1966-04-08-pg28
Begeman, Beverly Hospital Notes 1969-02-07-pg10
Begeman, Denise Picture 1965-02-12-pg04
Beggs, Bobby Picture 1962-01-19-pg01
Bekker, Clayton Picture 1962-11-30-pg08
Bekker, Dale Picture 1965-05-21-pg08
Bekker, Pam  Picture 1965-05-21-pg08
Bekker, Ray children Picture 1962-01-12-pg09
Bekker, Sandra Picture 1965-01-29-pg10
Bekker, Teresa Picture 1962-12-28-pg08
Bekker, Teresa,  Picture 1962-06-01-pg05
Bekker, Terry Picture 1962-11-30-pg08
Bekker, Terry Picture 1965-05-21-pg08
Belcher, Joe Picture 1963-10-04-pg05
Belknap, Henry E.  Story 1968-12-27-pg18
Bell, Blondie Story 1968-03-15-pg07
Bell, Chris Picture 1968-07-12-pg06
Bell, Chris Picture 1968-12-20-pg18
Bell, Danny attended FFA convention in Fort Worth 1969-07-18pg15
Bell, Gary  Picture 1968-04-19-pg10
Bell, Gary  Picture 1968-05-10-pg11
Bell, Gary photo,4th place winner juding Contest 1969-04-04pg05
Bell, Gary photo, Grand Champion Charolais 1969-04-18pg20
Bell, Gary   Picture 1967-12-01-pg03
Bell, James  Picture 1968-07-19-pg05
Bell, James Picture 1964-12-04-pg01
Bell, James  Picture 1966-09-09-pg11
Bell, James optimist club student of the month 1969-06-13pg11
Bell, James  photo, worthy Patron of Eastern Star 1969-06-20pg08
Bell, James A.  Picture 1968-06-28-pg14
Bell, John, Lt.Col. Picture 1964-04-17-pg12
Bell, Lucretia Sue Picture 1962-12-28-pg08
Bell, Peggy photo, 4-H girl that won a blue ribbon 1969-03-21-pg06
Bell, Roy Story 1968-12-13-pg01
Bell, Sue  Picture 1968-03-22-pg11
Bell, Sue  Picture 1968-06-28-pg14
Bell, Sue photo, worthy Matron of Eastern Star 1969-06-20pg08
Bellah, Cheryl Hospital Notes 1969-03-21-pg10
Bellah, D. W. Hospital News 1969-03-14-pg28
Bellah, D.W., Mrs. Advertisement 1961-01-06-pg06
Bellah, Dow Picture 1967-03-17-pg08
Bellah, Freddie  Picture 1962-04-13-pg02
Bellah, Jerry  Picture 1965-09-24-pg05
Bellah, Jerry Wayne/Darla Oliver Wedding 1967-06-09-pg07
Bellah, Juanita Hospital news 1969-04-04pg20
Bellah, Judy Hospital News 1969-06-06pg16
Bellah, Stacey Lynn (Freddie) Birth 1966-08-26-pg16
Bellah, Tommy Lunn  Birth 1968-02-16-pg10
Bellah, Wesley Paul  Birth 1968-03-22-pg15
Bement, Brett Sanders Birth 1963-02-08-pg10
Bement, James (Mike) Volunteer Fire Department Members 1969-04-11pg26
Bement, Mike Picture 1966-01-28-pg12
Bement, Mike Hospital News 1969-07-25pg15
Bement, Mike, Mrs.  Picture 1961-04-21-pg01
Bement, Rhonda Picture 1961-04-14-pg09
Bement, Rhonda Picture 1965-09-03-pg01
Bement, Rhonda Picture 1967-02-17-pg08
Bement, Steven  Picture 1968-07-19-pg05
Benjamin, Clifton Picture 1967-06-16-pg10
Bennett, Karene  Picture 1964-07-17-pg04
Bennett, Kay Picture 1961-03-03-pg09
Bentley, Ruby Nell Obituary 1965-08-13-pg11
Bergstrom, Jonathan Ezell/Karan Rae Payne Wedding 1967-01-13-pg06
Bergstrom, Jonathan Ezell/Karan Rae Payne Wedding 1967-02-03-pg07
Bergtrom, Jonathan B. Pfc commended by Army at Fort Sill Oklahoma 1969-02-07-pg05
Berkley, Tonya Denise daughter born to Mr & Mrs Ricky Berkley 1969-08-29pg19
Berry, Eddie Picture 1961-09-01-pg01
Berry, Eddie Picture 1961-09-22-pg11
Berry, Eddie Picture 1962-05-25-pg04
Berry, Eddie Story 1967-05-12-pg05
Berry, Eddie Lee Story 1967-03-24-pg10
Berry, J.D. Picture 1964-08-28-pg04
Berry, Linda/Gary Wayne Potts  Wedding 1964-03-06-pg04
Berry, Lisa Jean Picture 1962-11-30-pg03
Berry, Maggie Hospital News 1969-09-19pg15
Berryman, Delores Photo, 4-H winner from Chico Texas 1969-11-14pg10
Berryman, Delores photo, 4-H girl that won a blue ribbon 1969-03-21-pg06
Best, Betty Picture 1964-01-03-pg12
Beville, Angela Dawn (Tennis, Jr) Birth 1966-07-01-pg08
Beville, Angie   Picture 1968-04-19-pg17
Beville, Junie Picture 1963-01-25-pg09
Beville, Lola Adams Obituary 1964-12-04-pg05
BHS in play 'Gammer Gurton's Needle'  Picture 1968-03-29-pg06
BHS School Dress Codes  Dress Codes 1966-07-29-pg09
bible Baptist Vacation Bible School Picture 1962-08-03-pg01
Bidwell, Rosemary article on obesity due to lack of exercise 1969-01-24-pg03
Biggs, A.A., Mrs. Obituary 1967-02-17-pg08
Bilberry, Roy, Mrs. Picture 1964-06-19-pg01
Bilby, Rollins Mr & Mrs new residents of Runaway Bay 1969-08-29pg17
Bilderback, Bill Omer/Sharon Kathleen Winder Wedding 1963-08-30-pg04
Bill to create Wise County Hospital District awaits governor's signature 1969-05-30pg01
Billington, Don Picture 1962-08-24-pg12
Billington, Don Picture 1963-03-01-pg01
Billington, Don Picture 1964-08-28-pg06
Billington, Don Picture 1966-03-04-pg01
Billington, Don Picture 1967-03-03-pg16
Billington, Don photo, initiated into Phi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1969-03-07-pg23
Billington, Karen & Helf, Larry Wedding 1962-09-14-pg02
Billington, Louise Picture 1963-04-19-pg09
Billington, Louise Picture 1964-08-28-pg06
Billington, Louise Picture 1966-04-01-pg08
Billington, Louise Picture 1966-05-27-pg12
Billington, Louise / Thornhill, Charles Wedding 1966-06-10-pg07
Billue, Johnny Dee  son born to Mr & Mrs Charles Edward Billue  1969-08-15pg10.jpg
Billue, Sammie Hospital News 1969-07-18pg07
Bingham, Elbert Thurman Obituary 1964-02-21-pg07
Bingham, Elsa Hospital Notes 1969-01-24-pg11
bingham, Elsa Hospital News, Patients admitted 1969-09-05pg11
Bingham, Elsie 1916 Picture 1964-05-22-pg08
Bingham, Margaret 1927 Picture 1963-11-15-pg09
Bingham, Walter M.  Obituary 1968-02-16-pg03
Bingham, Walter, Mrs.  Story 1961-08-25-pg10
Bird, Amos  Picture 1962-11-02-pg07
Bird, Becky  Picture 1962-07-06-pg03
Bird, Becky Picture 1967-03-10-pg12
Bird, Buddy Picture 1962-11-23-pg08
Bird, Buddy Picture 1966-09-09-pg03
Bird, Buddy Picture 1966-10-14-pg02
Bird, Buddy Picture 1967-01-06-pg01
Bird, Buddy Picture 1967-02-03-pg13
Bird, Buddy Picture 1967-02-10-pg01
Bird, Helen Picture 1962-05-11-pg01
Bird, Helen Picture 1963-05-10-pg01
Bird, Mada Story 1967-04-28-pg04
Bird, Mary Picture 1964-10-30-pg01
Bird, Mary Helen  Picture 1968-10-11-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1962-05-11-pg01
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1965-04-09-pg01
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1965-04-09-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1965-04-16-pg07
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1965-08-06-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1965-10-08-pg07
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1966-03-04-pg12
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1966-03-11-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1966-03-11-pg13
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1966-08-05-pg14
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1967-03-31-pg04
Bird, Mary Helen Picture 1967-04-07-pg01
Bird, Mary Helen Story 1967-07-21-pg11
Bird, Mary Helen/Ronald Dean Mara Wedding 1967-06-02-pg08
Bird, Mary Helen/Ronald Dean Mara Wedding 1967-07-21-pg06
Bird, Maud 1903 Picture 1963-03-29-pg04
Bird, Randy Picture 1962-07-06-pg03
Bird, Raymond, Mrs. Picture 1966-09-30-pg08
Bird, Rebecca Picture 1967-03-10-pg14
Bird, Rex 1930 Picture 1963-11-15-pg06
Bird, Rex 1927 Picture 1963-11-15-pg09
Bird, Rickey Picture 1962-07-27-pg02
Bird, Ricky Picture 1967-03-10-pg14
Bird, Sammy Picture 1967-11-10-pg07
Bird, Shirley Picture 1966-04-08-pg28
Bird, Walker Picture 1963-03-29-pg08
Bird, Walker  Picture 1965-01-29-pg12
bishop, Berniece Hospital News 1969-07-04pg04
Bishop, Donie Hospital News, patients admitted 1969-12-05pg19
Bishop, Donie Hopsital news, patients admitted 1969-12-12pg08
Bishop, Nora photo sunbathing on Kona Coast in Hawaii 1969-03-28pg20
Bishop, Nora Mrs phot, spoke at the Optimist Breakfast 1969-03-14-pg03
Bishop, Patricia (f. Billy Layton) Birth 1967-01-20-pg04
Bishop, R S. Hospital News, Patients Admitted 1969-12-26pg02
Bishop, Ralph photo sunbathing on Kona Coast in Hawaii 1969-03-28pg20
Bishop, Ralph & Nora Story 1967-03-10-pg04
Bishop, Ralph Mr & Mrs their library was donated to the Bridgeport Library 1969-10-24pg05
Bishop, Ralph Mrs photo, 3rd place winner garden club 1969-05-16pg02
Bishop, Ralph Mrs president of Opti-Mrs Club of Bridgeport 1969-10-31pg05
Bishop, Ralph S. Mrs President, Optimist Club Wives Club organized 1969-06-06pg08
Bishop, Ruben H. Event 1962-04-20-pg04
Bishop, Rueben H.  Obituary 1968-01-05-pg08
Bishop, son of Richard  Birth 1968-08-02-pg17
Bisidas, Eddie Obituary 1967-02-03-pg12
Bisidas, Janette Lynn  Birth 1968-04-05-pg03
Bisidas, Tony James  Picture 1968-05-17-pg18
Bitting, Erick Duncan Obituary 1963-01-18-pg01
Bivens, Beatrice 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bivens, Horace 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bivens, Zethner 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Black, A. W. Hospital News 1969-07-04pg04
Black, Dennis Picture 1963-05-24-pg03
Black, Edward  Picture 1964-12-25-pg19
Black, Elizzie, Mrs. Obituary 1966-09-09-pg04
Black, George L., Jr. Picture 1966-11-18-pg05
Black, Helen Picture 1964-12-25-pg19
Black, Karl Picture 1963-05-24-pg03
Black, Kirt Picture 1963-05-17-pg06
Black, Lee Picture 1963-05-17-pg15
Black, Richard Picture 1963-03-01-pg01
Black, Richard Picture 1966-08-26-pg11
Black, Richard Picture 1966-09-30-pg10
Black, Richard Picture 1966-11-04-pg12
Black, Richard Picture 1967-02-24-pg04
Black, Richard Picture 1967-02-24-pg14
Black, Russell Bunt (Sam) Birth 1965-09-17-pg11
Black, Sam J., S/Sgt.  Picture 1964-09-11-pg04
Black, Sammie Story 1967-06-16-pg07
Black, Sammy  Picture 1962-06-29-pg03
Black, Samuel J. Story 1967-02-10-pg14
Black, Samuel J. Picture 1967-04-07-pg07
Black, W.A. Obituary 1962-12-21-pg05
Blackburn, Fannie Alice Obituary 1968-07-19-pg07
Blackford, Ed  1907 Picture 1964-08-14-pg07
Blackford, Edd  1906 Picture 1964-02-28-pg05
Blackford, Webster  1916 Picture 1964-05-22-pg08
Blackwood, Lee R.  Story 1968-07-26-pg09
Blair, Richard Hospital News 1969-07-18pg07
Blalock, Buddy Erick  Birth 1961-04-28-pg02
Blalock, Eric  Picture 1966-04-22-pg11
Blalock, Jeffery D.  Birth 1968-05-24-pg17
Blaylock, A.l. Hospital News 1969-11-14pg27
blaylock, Arminda Hospital Notes 1969-01-24-pg11
Blaylock, Cornelia Story 1961-02-17-pg07
Blaylock, J.W. Obituary 1965-04-23-pg06
Blaylock, Mary Hopsital news, patients admitted 1969-12-12pg08
Bletsch, William P.  Story 1967-03-10-pg13
Blevins, Charles Picture 1963-11-01-pg07
Blevins, Elmer Mrs visited her sister Mrs C. H. Shipley 1969-09-05pg04
Blevins, Elmer, Mrs. Picture 1962-08-31-pg03
Blevins, katie Hospital news 1969-11-07pg21
Blewett  Picture 1965-10-22-pg08
Blocker, W. O. Mr & Mrs celebrated 50th wedding anniversary 1969-03-21-pg07
Blodget, Charlie F. Obituary 1967-06-16-pg03
Blodgett, C.F., Mrs. Obituary 1966-11-11-pg04
Bloomer, C.W. Obituary 1966-02-18-pg06
Blount, Bobby Joe Picture 1966-10-21-pg05
Blount, Sheryl Hopsital news, patients admitted 1969-12-12pg08
Blue Birds, Merry - Mother-Daughter tea Story 1961-05-19-pg09
Blue Birds, Merry - officers Story 1961-04-21-pg06
Blue Birds, Singing - meeting Story 1961-04-14-pg12
Blue Birds, Singing - travel to Fort Worth Story 1961-05-12-pg04
Blue Birds, Singing - Weiner Roast Story 1961-05-26-pg03
Bluebird, Giggliest - officers list Story 1967-10-06-pg07
Bluebird, Happy - members Story 1961-11-10-pg08
Bluebirds, Flying - Meeting Story 1961-12-22-pg15
Bluebirds, Flying, Meeting Story 1961-12-08-pg15
Bluebirds, Flying, Officers Story 1961-10-06-pg03
Bluebirds, Merry Story 1961-01-27-pg04
Bluebirds, Merry Story 1961-02-10-pg06
Bluebirds, Nest of - meeting Story 1961-02-24-pg09
Bluebirds, Nest of - members Story 1961-01-20-pg10
Bluebirds, Nest of, Officers Story 1961-10-20-pg08
Bluebirds, Nest of, Officers Story 1961-12-08-pg07
Bluebirds, Singing Story 1961-01-27-pg04
Bluebirds, Singing - Meeting Story 1961-02-17-pg04
Bluebirds, Singing - Meeting Story 1961-02-24-pg09
Bluebirds, Singing - Meeting Story 1961-03-03-pg09
Bluebirds, Singing - Meeting Story 1961-03-10-pg03
Bluebirds, Singing - members Story 1961-01-20-pg10
Bluebirds, Singing meeting Story 1961-02-10-pg06
Boase, Beverly Kay & Covington, M. Engagement 1962-12-28-pg02
Boase, Beverly Kay/Marcus Covington, Jr. Wedding 1963-02-15-pg05
Boase, Exia Picture 1968-09-20-pg08
Boase, Exia Story 1961-12-22-pg03
Boase, Exia submitted Eastern Star tribute to Anna Wood 1969-11-14pg09
Boase, Exia Mrs election clerk  1969-02-14-pg01
Boase, James Picture 1963-08-23-pg15
Boase, Les Obituary 1961-04-28-pg01
Boase, Les Obituary 1961-05-05-pg12
Boase, Les, Mrs. Picture 1965-10-22-pg05
Boase, Mary L. Obituary 1961-07-07-pg12
Boase, Scott Edward/Donna KatherineCarter  Wedding 1968-07-19-pg06
Boase, Scott/Donna Carter  Wedding 1968-07-12-pg11
Boaz Store remodeled into Corner Drug  Picture 1964-08-14-pg01
Boaz, Ernest Picture 1963-03-22-pg10
Boaz, Ernest 1921 Picture 1963-05-24-pg05
Boaz, Ernest Old Picture  1967-03-03-pg05
Boaz, Fred 1921 Picture 1963-05-24-pg05
Boaz, Freddie  Picture 1966-12-02-pg01
Boaz, Freddy, Mrs.  Picture 1967-12-08-pg08
Boaz, Nannette 1927 Picture 1963-06-28-pg07
Boaz, Oscar, Mrs.  Picture 1967-12-08-pg08
Boaz, Paul, Mrs. Picture 1967-12-08-pg08
Boaz, Rosalie Advertisement 1961-01-13-pg15
Boaz, Roslie Picture 1967-12-08-pg08
Bob, Jerry Michael son born to Mr & Mrs Jerry Bobo of Boyd 1969-08-22pg11
Bobcats trapped on L.R. Wood Ranch Picture 1967-03-17-pg02
Bobo, Delbert Sgt has arrived for Duty at Clark AFB Philippines 1969-03-07-pg09
Bobo, Lester R. Story 1961-06-09-pg05
Bock, Jerry elected president of new auto club Chaparrals 1969-03-07-pg01
Bock, Jerry elected president of new auto club Chaparrals 1969-03-07-pg04
Bogy, Grandpa 190? Picture 1963-03-08-pg08
Bohenek, Stanley Story 1967-06-30-pg01
Bohenek, Stanley Story 1967-07-14-pg04
Boldin, Louise Story 1961-11-17-pg01
Bolding, Ivy deceased obituary, he was born Aug 17, 1908 1969-09-12pg09
Bolding, Ivy deceased buried in East Bridgeport Cemetery 1969-09-12pg09
Bolding, Ivy deceased survived by wife, Murel Beck Bolding 1969-09-12pg09
Bolding, Ivy deceased survived by daughter Mrs Lloyd Williams 1969-09-12pg09
Bolding, Ivy deceased survived by daughter Judy Bolding 1969-09-12pg09
Bolding, Ivy deceased survived by sister Mrs Allie Pierce 1969-09-12pg09
Bolding, Judy  Picture 1962-11-02-pg05
Bolding, Judy photo, Bridgeport Band Majorettes 1969-11-14pg18
Bolding, Judy Picture Picture 1968-03-29-pg07
Boles, Ernest Neil & Rita McElhaney Picture 1962-09-07-pg07
Boles, Kathy Picture 1961-04-14-pg09
Boles, Michael Alex photo, Bridgeport Citizens of Tomorrow. 1969-03-14-pg27
Boles, Michael Alex (Ernest) Birth 1965-02-26-pg04
Bolin, Judith Ann Story 1961-02-10-pg05
Bolin, Judy Picture 1963-11-01-pg04
Bolling, Jo Ann & Mann, Jack Picture 1962-12-14-pg10
Bommarito, Maria Picture 1967-03-31-pg07
Bond, Fredda Picture 1963-12-20-pg03
Boner, Mary Picture 1962-05-25-pg14
Boner, Mary Picture 1963-04-12-pg06
Boner, Mary Picture 1963-10-11-pg13
Boner, Mary Picture 1963-12-20-pg06
Boner, Mary Picture 1964-11-06-pg04
Boner, Mary Picture 1964-11-20-pg11
Bones, Mary Picture 1963-06-21-pg05
Bonnefield, Bertha (Denny) 1903  Picture 1966-03-11-pg06
Boomer, H. E. photo, Gen. Superintendent Natural Gas Pipeline 1969-10-17pg01
Boon, Annie  1907 Picture 1964-08-14-pg07
Boon, Lattie 1907 Picture 1964-01-17-pg03
Boon, Lizzie 1907 Picture 1964-01-17-pg03
Boon, Lizzie 1906 Picture 1964-02-28-pg05
Boon, Lizzie 1907 Picture 1964-08-14-pg07
Boon, Lottie 1907 Picture 1964-08-14-pg07
Boon, Ray 1907 Picture 1964-08-14-pg07
Boone, Annie  1910 Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Billy R. Story 1961-03-17-pg02
Boone, Billy R. & Joyce Story 1961-11-17-pg02
Boone, Danny L., Rev. Picture 1964-03-27-pg03
Boone, Danny, Rev. Picture 1966-08-19-pg05
Boone, Lattie 1910 Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Lizzie 1910 Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Nettie  1910 Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Ozell  1910 Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Boone, Ray 1910 Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Boonsville  Picture 1965-10-22-pg08
Boonsville 4-H officers listed Story 1967-10-20-pg02
Boonsville Commuity Center Building  Picture 1964-09-11-pg03
Boonsville Community Building  Picture 1965-04-23-pg01
Boonsville Community Center Picture 1965-04-23-pg04
Boonsville Community Center Ice Cream Supper Picture 1967-08-11-pg08
Boonsville Meeting Picture 1965-05-14-pg01
Boonsville Open Are Pavillion Building  Picture 1964-09-11-pg03
Boonsville Pavilion Picture 1965-05-14-pg14
Boonsville Telephones Story 1966-06-17-pg05
Boorhem, Bill Picture 1964-01-03-pg01
Booth, John  Picture 1964-10-09-pg07
Borday, Judy Patients admitted to the hospital 1969-08-22pg11
Bordner, Alva Jewell Hospital news 1969-04-04pg20
Bordner, Helen Galik Mrs visited by sister Mrs Vera Bida of Fort Worth 1969-08-29pg10
Bordner, Melinda  Picture 1968-05-03-pg21
Bordner, Melinda  Picture 1968-05-17-pg04
Bordner, Melinda  Picture 1968-07-26-pg13
Bordner, Melinda Picture 1962-06-29-pg07
Bordner, Melinda Picture 1963-10-11-pg14
Bordner, Melinda Picture 1965-01-29-pg07
Bordner, Melinda Picture 1966-12-09-pg15
Bordner, Melinda Picture 1967-05-12-pg03
Bordner, Melinda Picture 1967-11-17-pg13
Bordner, Melinda photo, senior play cast 1969-04-18pg05
Bordner, Melinda honored with brunch (will attend NTSU in fall) 1969-05-30pg06
Bordner, Pete G., Mr. & Mrs  Picture 1966-04-22-pg14
Boren, Amos Levan Obituary 1962-02-02-pg02
Boren, Ken Picture 1964-08-28-pg06
Boren, Kenneth Picture 1963-08-30-pg06
Boren, Kenneth Picture 1963-09-06-pg08
Boren, Kenneth  Picture 1964-09-11-pg10
Boring, Cotton hosted family reunion 1969-06-27pg16
Boring, E. W. Mr & Mrs former residents celebrate 40th anniversary 1969-06-27pg16
Boring, Emogene Thomas Obituary 1968-11-29-pg14
Boring, ruth Hospital News 1969-04-11pg10
Boruff, Myrtle 1910 Picture 1963-12-20-pg05
Boseman, Paul Obituary 1966-02-18-pg03
Bost, Mary Lois Picture 1966-04-08-pg28
Bost, R. E. Rev. (deceased) obituary, born April 5, 1892 in Erath County TX 1969-04-25pg16
Bost, R. E. Rev. (deceased) Funeral held in Lufkin Texas 1969-04-25pg16
Bost, R. E. Rev. (deceased) Pastor of Baptist Church during 1930's & 40's 1969-04-25pg16
Bost, R. E. Rev. (deceased) survived by daughter Mrs Mary Lois Porter 1969-04-25pg16
Bost, R. E. Rev. (deceased) survived by sons David, Emmett, & William 1969-04-25pg16
Bost, R. E. Rev. (deceased) survived by sister Mrs Gray Andrews 1969-04-25pg16
Bost, R. E. Rev. (deceased) survived by sister Mrs Bernice Boone of Altus OK 1969-04-25pg16
Bost, R. E. Rev. (deceased) buried in Garden of Memories Memorial Park 1969-04-25pg16
Bost, R.E., Mrs. Obituary 1964-05-15-pg08
Bostic, Larry Story 1961-11-10-pg12
Boswell, Daniel Dean Birth 1964-07-10-pg11
Boswell, David (age 11) former resident of Bridgeport Texas 1969-04-04pg04
Boswell, David (age 11) severely burned with grease fire at Cundiss TX 1969-04-04pg04
Boswell, David (age 11) parents Mr & Mrs Ralph Boswell 1969-04-04pg04
Boswell, J.T. Picture 1964-07-03-pg08
Boswell, J.T., Mrs. Picture 1963-06-28-pg13
Bott, Carol Picture 1967-11-17-pg12
Bouchillon, Debra Kay  Picture 1968-04-19-pg17
Bouchillou, Debra  Picture 1968-06-28-pg17
Bough, Ernest Story 1961-05-19-pg10
Bough, Ernest Story 1961-10-06-pg04
Boulware, Elizabeth Keith Obituary 1965-09-24-pg11
boulware, J. B. Volunteer Fire Department Members 1969-04-11pg26
Boulware, J. B. (Bonnie) Miss visited by brother Donald W. Davidson 1969-06-06pg09
Boulware, J. B. (Bonnie) Mrs visited by sister Mrs R. E. Byrnes of Midland 1969-06-06pg09
Boulware, J.B.  1930 Picture 1963-11-15-pg06
Boulware, Johnny Picture 1966-03-04-pg01
Boulware, Johnny Picture 1966-06-10-pg05
Boulware, Johnny Picture 1967-03-03-pg16
Boulware, Johnny Picture 1967-03-17-pg07
Boulware, Johnny Picture 1967-05-12-pg04
Boulware, Larry Picture 1962-12-28-pg07
Boulware, Larry Picture 1963-04-12-pg09
Boulware, Larry  Picture 1964-03-27-pg06
Boulware, Larry Picture 1965-09-10-pg08
Boulware, Larry Picture 1965-09-24-pg13
Boulware, Larry Picture 1966-05-27-pg12
Boulware, Paula Picture 1963-02-15-pg03
Boulware, Raymond Picture 1962-06-22-pg12
Boulware, Virginia Picture 1963-05-03-pg01
Boulware, Virginia Picture 1963-08-23-pg02
Boulware, Virginia 1930 Picture 1963-11-15-pg06
Boulware, Virginia Picture 1964-05-29-pg10
Boulware, Virginia Picture 1964-08-28-pg07
Boulware, Virginia Picture 1964-09-04-pg01
Boulware, Virginia Picture 1965-05-21-pg06
Boulware, Virginia Story 1967-06-30-pg12
Boulware, Virginia/Don K. Smith Wedding 1967-05-12-pg04
Boulware, Virginia/Don Key Smith Wedding 1967-07-14-pg11
Bounds, Jimmy  Story 1968-12-13-pg01
Bounds, Larry Picture 1968-11-29-pg15
Bounds, Larry photo, returns home from Viet Nam 1969-03-07-pg06
Bouton, Carol Picture 1967-04-28-pg06
Bowden, Jerry  Picture 1962-05-18-pg06
Bowden, Mary Hospital News 1969-03-14-pg28
Bower, Earline Story 1961-06-30-pg05
Bowlin, Joe Bill  Obituary 1968-08-02-pg10
Bowlin, Kathyrn Montford  Obituary 1968-04-05-pg09
Bowling Class-Youthful Builders Story 1961-05-05-pg09
Bowling League Formed by Ladies Class Story 1961-03-24-pg02
Bown, Patsy Sue Hospital Notes-presumably those in the hospital 1969-01-10-pg11
Boyd Dam Proposed - map  Picture 1961-01-13-pg09
Boyd Lake Opposition - Donators list Story 1961-02-10-pg03
Boyd Lake Opposition - Donators list Story 1961-02-17-pg05
Boyd Lake Opposition Fund Donations Story 1961-02-24-pg10
Boyd Lake Opposition Pancake supper  Picture 1961-02-10-pg03
Boyd Lake Refected by State Board Story 1961-12-08-pg01
Boyd, Arthur C. Obituary 1967-06-16-pg09
Boyd, Billy Picture 1967-03-17-pg08
Boyd, Carole Ann Picture 1963-09-13-pg04
Boyd, Charles  Picture 1964-09-25-pg01
Boyd, Edna M. Hospital News, Patients Admitted 1969-12-26pg02
Boyd, Lanna Mrs photo, bio, vocalist and painter 1969-10-17pg03
Boyd, Larry photo, Host Pro for Runaway Bay 1969-09-05pg01
Boyd, Wesley Hardie Obituary 1961-06-30-pg05
Boydston, Barty Picture 1963-06-21-pg05
Boydston, Betty photo, winners of Wise County 4-H Food Show 1969-03-07-pg19
Boykin, Ruby Story 1961-09-01-pg09
Boyle, Susie Newton  Picture 1968-05-03-pg14
Bracket, Jack Photo, Golf Tournmanet Chairman presents awards  1969-04-25pg03
Brackett, Jack Story 1961-03-03-pg01
Brackett, Jack Story 1961-04-07-pg01
Brackett, Jack Picture 1961-05-19-pg01
Brackett, Jack Picture 1961-05-19-pg07
Brackett, Jack Picture 1962-10-19-pg01
Brackett, Jack Picture 1964-09-04-pg03
Brackett, Jack and Betty participants in Bridgeport Golf Tournament 1969-06-27pg08
Brackett, James  Picture 1968-08-23-pg04
Brackett, Jamie Picture 1962-11-23-pg05
Brackett, Jimmy Picture 1965-01-29-pg12
Braddish, Jerry photo, vp of Wise County Rescue Squad 1969-06-13pg10
Braddish, Jerry photo, view a demonstration of police helicopter 1969-06-27pg01
Bradford, Christopher Allen (f. Gordon) Birth 1967-05-05-pg09
Bradford, G.L.  Picture 1966-04-22-pg15
Bradford, Julie Ann  daughter born to Mr & Mrs James Bradford  1969-09-05pg11
Bradford, Linda Hospital news, patients admitted 1969-08-29pg19
Bradford, Toni  Picture 1968-05-03-pg21
Bradford, Toni Picture 1967-02-17-pg08
Bradford, Toni Picture 1967-09-08-pg10
Bradford, Tony  Story 1968-04-12-pg08
Bradish, Jimmy Joe (Jerry Joe & Ruby Lee) Birth 1967-01-20-pg04
Bradley, Bonie D. Hospital News 1969-01-17-pg08
Bradley, Carolyn Hospital News 1969-04-11pg10
Bradley, Clifford  Obituary 1968-04-19-pg01
Bradley, Doyle G. Picture 1966-12-02-pg07
Bradley, Ionya photo, daughter of Reba and Wayne Bradley 1969-04-25pg10
Bradley, Jennifer LaChelle  Birth 1968-10-18-pg19
Bradley, Kenneth James son born to Mr & Mrs Dougas L. Bradley of Azle 1969-04-18pg15
Bradley, Lowell Picture 1967-12-08-pg03
Bradley, Lowell L.  Story 1968-02-23-pg09
Bradley, Lowell L. Specialist serving in Army in Germany 1969-02-14-pg11
Bradley, Mary F. Hospital Notes 1969-03-07-pg22
Bradley, Minta Hopsital news, patients admitted 1969-12-12pg08
Bradley, Nolan  Picture 1964-11-20-pg12
Bradley, Paula Kaye Picture 1967-05-26-pg03
Bradley, Randy Picture 1963-03-01-pg01
Bradley, Tanya Picture 1961-08-04-pg05
Bradley, Tanya Picture 1962-07-27-pg02
Bradley, Tanya  Picture 1964-01-10-pg12
Bradley, Tanya Jo Picture 1966-06-03-pg15
Bradley, Vivain  Picture 1964-02-21-pg07
Bradley, Wayne  Acme Roadrunner team member 1969-06-20pg11
Bradshaw, Floyd  Picture 1968-04-26-pg02
Bradshaw, William V., Dr./Barbara Arthur Wedding 1963-06-14-pg13
Bradshaw, William V., Dr./Barbara Arthur Wedding 1963-08-30-pg05
Brady, A. Picture 1964-09-18-pg01
Brake, Katha  Picture 1962-08-31-pg10
Bramlett, Kenneth Obituary 1963-01-04-pg01
Brammer, Ollie Hospital Notes 1969-03-28pg11
Branch, J. R. Sheriff attended seminar of probation officers 1969-12-19pg17
Branch, J. R. Sherriff Wise County Sherriff 1969-08-01pg03
Branch, J.R.  Story 1968-01-05-pg01
Branch, J.R.  Picture 1962-11-02-pg04
Branch, J.R., Sheriff Picture 1965-02-26-pg01
Branch, J.R., Sheriff Picture 1965-05-21-pg10
Branch, J.R., Sheriff Picture 1966-03-18-pg05
Branch, J.R., Sheriff Picture 1966-03-18-pg08
Branding Iron Café in Chico Story 1967-07-14-pg01
Branding Iron Restaurant Picture 1967-09-01-pg16
Brandon, Jerry Picture 1967-02-24-pg01
Brandon, Larry Picture 1966-11-11-pg07
Brandon, Larry Picture 1967-02-03-pg09
Brandon, Roger Picture 1966-11-11-pg07
Branson, Charlie Picture 1963-05-17-pg01
Branson, Charlie Picture 1963-05-17-pg11
Branson, Charlie Picture 1966-04-22-pg08
Brantley, Sabra Story 1961-02-10-pg05
Brantley, Sidney  photo won 1st place in Plant Identifcation contest 1969-04-11pg18
Brantly, Sabra Picture 1963-12-20-pg15
Braselton, B.E., Mrs.  Story 1961-01-06-pg04
Braselton, Sina Obituary 1967-07-14-pg03
Brasher, Debbie  photo, delegate to Miss Texas World 1969-09-05pg03
Brassfield, Don Picture 1967-10-20-pg15
Bratcher, Bill Picture 1964-10-16-pg05
Bray, Barbara 1927 Picture 1963-11-15-pg09
Brazier, Annie Obituary 1961-07-21-pg06
Brazier, J.H. Picture 1961-04-21-pg01
Brazier, J.H. Picture 1964-05-29-pg13
Brazier, J.H., Jr. Story 1967-04-14-pg06
Brazier, J.H., Jr.  Picture 1965-04-23-pg16
Brazier, J.H., Jr.  Picture 1965-06-18-pg07
Brazier, J.H., Jr.  Picture 1965-10-29-pg09
Brazier, Mauresette Hospital News, Patients Admitted 1969-12-19pg19
Breeze, Delores Picture 1963-05-31-pg13
Breeze, Ronnie Picture 1967-02-03-pg09
Breeze, Ronnie Picture 1967-03-17-pg06
Breeze, Virgil Lee (Otis) Birth 1966-11-18-pg05
Brenkus, Regis Edward/Amyana Kaker Wedding 1964-10-02-pg02
Brewer, Bill  Story 1968-12-13-pg18
Brewer, Billy Picture 1965-05-21-pg03
Brewer, Billy Picture 1965-05-21-pg07
Brewer, Billy Story 1967-12-08-pg03
Brewer, Billy J.  Story 1968-03-08-pg11
Brewer, Billy J. Picture 1967-04-07-pg08
Brewer, Billy Jay Picture 1967-03-24-pg10
Brewer, Billy Jay/Leanna Baldosser  Wedding 1968-09-27-pg17
Brewer, Burlin L. Picture 1966-10-28-pg03
Brewer, Charles Picture 1963-03-29-pg08
Brewer, Chuck  Picture 1966-09-30-pg10
Brewer, Chuck Picture 1967-02-03-pg09
Brewer, Chuck Picture 1967-02-24-pg10
Brewer, Chuckie  Picture 1968-04-19-pg04
Brewer, Chuckie  Picture 1968-10-04-pg19
Brewer, Chuckie Picture 1962-11-23-pg08
Brewer, Chuckie Picture 1966-04-01-pg08
Brewer, Chuckie Picture 1967-04-21-pg08
Brewer, Chuckie Picture 1967-08-25-pg04
Brewer, Chuckie photo, High School Ag Occupational Trainee 1969-02-28-pg05
Brewer, Chucky  Picture 1968-10-11-pg01
Brewer, Don Picture 1962-03-23-pg12
Brewer, Esther  1910 Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Brewer, Esther  1907 Picture 1964-08-14-pg07
Brewer, Jimmy Dale  Story 1968-06-07-pg19
Brewer, Larry  Picture 1962-04-20-pg01
Brewer, Larry  Picture 1965-10-22-pg01
Brewer, Larry  Picture 1966-05-27-pg12
Brewer, Larry  Picture 1966-09-30-pg13
Brewer, Lottie Ludell, Mrs. Obituary 1966-10-21-pg05
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1962-03-23-pg07
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1962-12-14-pg01
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1962-12-21-pg08
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-04-05-pg01
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-05-03-pg11
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-05-17-pg01
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-05-17-pg04
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-05-17-pg12
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-05-24-pg14
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-06-21-pg01
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-06-21-pg11
Brewer, Nellie Picture 1963-06-21-pg16
Brewer, Nellie Faye Picture 1963-07-26-pg01
Brewer, Nellie, Outstanding Player  Picture 1962-12-21-pg18
Brewer, Nellie/James Redwine Wedding 1963-08-30-pg08
Brewer, Pearl  1910 Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Brewer, Pearl  1907 Picture 1964-08-14-pg07
Brewer, Raymond Lynn/Bobbie Jean White Wedding 1961-06-30-pg04
Brewer, Sam Obituary 1967-01-20-pg12
Brewer, Wilburn 1907  Picture 1964-08-14-pg07
Brewer, Wilburn 1910  Picture 1964-01-31-pg06
Brewer, Wilburn 1912  Picture 1964-01-24-pg12
Brewster, A.B.  Picture 1966-09-30-pg04
Brewster, Judy Picture 1966-09-30-pg04
Brewster, Sue Picture 1966-05-27-pg12
Brian, Mary, Sister  Picture 1968-06-21-pg08
Bridgeport Band marches in Astrodome Story 1969-01-10-pg01
Bridgeport Bullies Football Team Picture 1963-09-20-pg08
Bridgeport Bullies Squads  Picture 1966-11-11-pg15
Bridgeport Café - Early 1900's 1900 Picture 1963-11-29-pg05
Bridgeport City Park Picture 1965-11-12-pg14
Bridgeport City Park Picture 1965-12-10-pg08
Bridgeport City Park Picture 1965-12-31-pg07
Bridgeport City Park Picture 1966-01-07-pg11
Bridgeport Coal Company's Deer Shaft No.2  19?? Picture 1964-03-13-pg02
Bridgeport Elementary Boys Basketball Team Picture 1964-03-13-pg01
Bridgeport F.F.A. Picture 1966-01-07-pg05
Bridgeport FFA Chapter Picture 1968-02-16-pg20
Bridgeport football team  Picture 1968-08-23-pg04
Bridgeport Future Farmers Officers Picture 1964-05-08-pg09
Bridgeport Grade School Basketball Picture 1962-03-16-pg12
Bridgeport Gym & Group of Builders 1937 Picture 1963-11-15-pg14
Bridgeport High Ranch/Western Day  Picture 1966-02-25-pg05
Bridgeport High Ranch/Western Day  Picture 1966-02-25-pg06
Bridgeport High Ranch/Western Day  Picture 1966-02-25-pg07
Bridgeport High School A Honor Roll listed 1969-02-14-pg09
Bridgeport High School B Honor Roll Story 1969-02-14-pg11
Bridgeport High School Band Picture 1964-11-13-pg07
Bridgeport High School Band members attended 2 week band clinic at McMurry College 1969-08-01pg04
Bridgeport High School Band members photo, names listed 1969-08-01pg04
Bridgeport High School Basketball B Team Picture 1964-12-25-pg12
Bridgeport High School Dress Up Day Picture 1965-12-31-pg12
Bridgeport High School FHA  Picture 1965-04-09-pg05
Bridgeport High School Football Team Picture 1964-09-04-pg06
Bridgeport High School Football Team Group Picture Picture 1965-08-27-pg10
Bridgeport High School Graduation Story 1961-05-26-pg10
Bridgeport High School Junior Class 1933  1933 Picture 1964-02-14-pg06
Bridgeport High School Stage Band photo, under direction of Judy Mathis 1969-03-28pg05
Bridgeport High School VOE Lab class  Picture 1968-12-06-pg08
Bridgeport Homemaking Dept  Picture 1965-12-17-pg01
Bridgeport Hospital - new wing construction Picture 1967-09-22-pg01
Bridgeport Hospital addition construction Picture 1967-06-30-pg01
Bridgeport Hospital addition ground breaking Picture 1967-06-16-pg01
Bridgeport Index Newspaper presented award by Texas Alcohol Narcostic Ed. 1969-02-07-pg09
Bridgeport Insurance Agency Picture 1968-03-29-pg22
Bridgeport Insurance Agency Story 1967-05-12-pg01
Bridgeport Junior High Band Members Picture 1964-04-10-pg12
Bridgeport Library Moves to Lion's Hall Event 1964-08-21-pg08
Bridgeport Marching band photo, performed at SMU-Oklahoma game 1969-01-10-pg05
Bridgeport Methodist Church-Early 1900's 1918 Picture 1963-06-07-pg10
Bridgeport Motel fire Picture 1967-08-11-pg01
Bridgeport Motel fire Picture 1967-08-11-pg09
Bridgeport Municipal Airport -construction begins Picture 1968-11-08-pg01
Bridgeport Optimist Club photo, speaker Rev. James Gilbert of Denton 1969-09-12pg04
Bridgeport Public Library Board 5 women's clubs support the library  met, 1969-09-19pg16
Bridgeport Recreation Center Building construction Picture 1964-04-24-pg02
Bridgeport residents attend dinner of appreciation for State Rep. Tom Holmes 1969-07-04pg01
Bridgeport Riding Club Wizard Wells Trail Ride Picture 1963-09-06-pg10
Bridgeport School - New in 1902 1902 Picture Story 1963-03-08-pg05
Bridgeport School Board - plans for new Jr High  Picture 1968-09-13-pg01
Bridgeport School board special meeting Story 1969-12-05pg10
Bridgeport School Cafeteria Lunchroom Cooks Picture 1964-03-06-pg07
Bridgeport School Placed on Athletic Probation Story 1961-04-14-pg01
Bridgeport School Until 1902 1902 Picture 1963-03-01-pg07
Bridgeport Schools changes in faculty  Story 1968-08-23-pg01
Bridgeport Schools Honor Rolls  Story 1961-10-27-pg12
Bridgeport Second Grade Class 1930 1930 Picture 1964-06-19-pg09
Bridgeport Seventh Grade Football Team Picture 1964-11-20-pg01
Bridgeport Sissies photo, tournament champions Story 1969-12-12pg01
Bridgeport Stage Band  Picture 1968-01-19-pg01
Bridgeport Stage Band  Picture 1968-05-10-pg01
Bridgeport Stage Band photo 1969-02-14-pg01
Bridgeport students at Runaway Bay, Ben Barnew talk  Picture 1968-03-22-pg01
Bridgeport Varsity Basketball Team Picture 1964-12-11-pg01
Bridgeport Western Days  Picture 1966-02-25-pg01
Bridgeport, Junior High Football Team Picture 1964-11-27-pg05
Bridgeport/Weatherford baseball game Story 1961-04-28-pg02
Bridgeport's First City Hall  1912 Picture 1963-09-27-pg06
Bridgeport's Main Street at Night Picture 1964-08-21-pg03
Bridges, Beulah 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Bobby D. 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, C. A. (Gus) Mr photo, giving history of Cottondale community 1969-05-09pg11
Bridges, Cary Hospital News 1969-05-09pg14
Bridges, Charlene Hospital News 1969-07-25pg15
Bridges, Charlie Otis son born to Mr & Mrs Pete Bridges 1969-07-04pg03
Bridges, Della 1915 Picture  1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Della  Picture 1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Della 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Della Hospital news 1969-11-07pg21
Bridges, Dixie Hospital News 1969-07-04pg04
Bridges, Dona 1915 Picture  1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Dona Picture 1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Dona 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Donna  Picture 1968-05-24-pg20
Bridges, Donna Picture 1963-09-27-pg12
Bridges, Donna Picture 1965-08-13-pg01
Bridges, Donna Picture 1966-02-25-pg14
Bridges, Donna Picture 1966-07-22-pg08
Bridges, Donna Picture 1966-08-05-pg02
Bridges, Donna Picture 1967-01-27-pg05
Bridges, Donna Picture 1967-03-31-pg04
Bridges, Donna Picture 1967-04-07-pg01
Bridges, Donna Miss maid of honor was Miss Jannie Spain 1969-05-30pg08
Bridges, Donna Miss photo, Bride elect of George William Lewis 1969-01-24-pg06
Bridges, Donna Miss photo, bride, parents Mr & Mrs Stanley Bridges 1969-05-30pg08
Bridges, Edrie 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Grace Picture 1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Grace 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Gus  Picture 1965-10-29-pg09
Bridges, Hazel Mrs president of Woman's Club 1969-01-10-pg07
Bridges, Ina 1915 Picture  1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Ina Picture 1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Ina 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, J.K. Picture 1967-05-12-pg01
Bridges, Jane Picture 1962-08-10-pg06
Bridges, Joe 1915 Picture  1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Karen photo, Wise County Dair Queen Contestant 1969-06-27pg08
Bridges, Lillie 1915 Picture  1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Marie Picture 1965-10-29-pg09
Bridges, Mary 1915 Picture  1967-09-22-pg16
Bridges, Mary Picture 1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Mary 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Melvin  Picture 1968-10-11-pg01
Bridges, Melvin Picture 1963-11-08-pg04
Bridges, Melvin Picture 1967-12-08-pg18
Bridges, Melvin E. photo, 10 year service award from Pipeline Co. 1969-03-28pg03
Bridges, Melvin E. Hospital news 1969-06-13pg14
Bridges, Pete Birth 1968-07-26-pg08
Bridges, Pete Volunteer Fire Department Members 1969-04-11pg26
Bridges, Reagan 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Sidney Hospital News 1969-10-17pg10
Bridges, Stanley Mrs president woman's club, 1st meeting of the year 1969-09-12pg16
Bridges, Stanley, Mrs. Picture 1966-07-22-pg08
Bridges, Sue Ann Story 1961-06-02-pg03
Bridges, Sue Ann Picture 1961-06-23-pg01
Bridges, Theresa 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridges, Tom, Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1967-03-24-pg10
Bridges, Wright Picture 1966-09-09-pg10
Bridges, Wright 1915 Picture  1967-01-06-pg03
Bridwell, Doug  Picture 1968-02-16-pg18
Bridwell, Doug  Picture 1968-04-19-pg04
Bridwell, Doug  Picture 1968-05-03-pg24
Bridwell, Doug Picture 1965-09-10-pg04
Bridwell, Douglas Picture 1964-01-24-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan  Story 1968-12-13-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan Editor & Publisher of the Bridgeport Index 1969-01-31-pg08
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1961-06-23-pg02
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1964-02-21-pg04
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1964-02-28-pg10
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1967-02-03-pg04
Bridwell, Harlan Picture 1967-05-12-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan photo, president of Chamber of Commerce 1969-02-14-pg17
Bridwell, Harlan photo, chamber of commerce, Sears store open 1969-03-14-pg01
Bridwell, Harlan publishes numerous articles on conservation 1969-04-11pg04
Bridwell, Harlan   photo, best conservation editor 1969-04-25pg15
Bridwell, Harlan  photo, President of Chamber of Commerce 1969-03-28pg17
Bridwell, Harlan  Vice Presidnet of West Texas Chamber of Comm.  1969-04-25pg07
Bridwell, Harlan purcheses "Frisco Enterprise" Story 1967-07-14-pg04
Bridwell, Jay Harlan  Birth 1968-04-19-pg04
Bridwell, Keith Harlan / Jay, Karen Elizabeth Wedding 1966-07-29-pg04
Bridwell, Keith, Douglas & Stan  Picture 1961-02-10-pg01
Bridwell, Melanie Picture 1962-06-29-pg06
Brigance, Ed Story 1961-05-05-pg01
Brigance, Ed Story 1961-07-14-pg01
Brigance, Ed, Mrs.  Story 1961-05-05-pg04
Briggs, Martha Jane/William Embry Hines, Jr. Wedding 1963-04-19-pg04
Briggs, Martha Jane/William Embry Hines, Jr. Wedding 1963-06-28-pg11
Brints, Calvin  Picture 1965-02-05-pg01
Brisco, Cathy Picture 1967-10-27-pg01
Brisco, Onie M. Obituary 1961-09-01-pg09
Brisco, Robert B. Picture 1967-02-17-pg11
Briscoe, Cathy  Picture 1968-04-05-pg01
Briscoe, Cathy  Picture 1968-04-12-pg05
Briscoe, Cathy  Picture 1968-05-03-pg21
Briscoe, Cathy Picture 1967-03-10-pg01
Briscoe, Cathy Picture 1967-03-17-pg07
Briscoe, Cathy Salutatorian of 1969 class 1969-05-16pg01
Briscoe, Cathy photo, Member of Bridgeport Stage band 1969-05-30pg06
Briscoe, Cathy  Picture 1966-12-09-pg15
Briscoe, David Hospital News 1969-04-11pg10
Briscoe, R.W.  Picture 1964-10-16-pg19
Briscoe, Whitney Jeanell daughter born to Mr & Mrs R. W. Briscoe 1969-04-18pg17
Briscoe, Whitney Jeanell grandparent Mrs D. Griffin of seagoville 1969-04-18pg17
Briscoe, Whitney Jeanell grandparents Dr. & Mrs R. W. Briscoe Sr 1969-04-18pg17
Briscoe, Whitney Jeanell  first Runaway Baby Born 1969-04-18pg17
Brite, Clay 1910 Picture 1963-12-20-pg05
Brock, Darren Keith  Birth 1968-08-23-pg20
Brock, George Lee/Lorinda Gay Haney  Wedding 1968-08-02-pg17
Brock, Harvey 1910 Picture 1963-12-20-pg05
Brock, L.A., Mrs. 1924 Picture 1964-03-20-pg07
Brock, L.A., Mrs. 1930 Picture 1964-06-19-pg09
Brock, Luther A. Story 1961-10-06-pg11
Brock, Luther A. Picture 1962-10-12-pg05
Brock, Luther A. Picture 1966-04-08-pg28
Brock, Luther A., Dr./Linda Joanne Miller Wedding 1967-07-28-pg04
Brock, Luther A., Dr./Linda Joanne Miller Wedding 1967-09-08-pg08
Brock, Velma Hospital News, patients admitted 1969-09-12pg16
Brock, W.T., Mrs. Obituary 1962-02-16-pg08
Brogan, James Story Story 1965-11-12-pg01
Brooke, Charles Hospital news 1969-11-07pg21
Brookins, J.K.  Picture 1964-08-28-pg04
Brooks Motor Co., Chico Picture 1964-11-27-pg04
Brooks, Appliance Co., Chico Picture 1964-11-27-pg04
Brooks, Charles Hosptial News 1969-05-16pg16
Brooks, Donelda Hospital Notes 1969-03-07-pg22
Brooks, Echo Hospital news 1969-04-04pg20
Brooks, Jeffrey Coy (Homer) Birth 1966-08-19-pg10
Brooks, John Allen Birth 1963-08-30-pg11
Brooks, John O. Hospital News 1969-11-14pg27
Brooks, Kerie Jo Picture 1961-08-04-pg03
Brooks, Melodye Picture 1967-08-11-pg10
Brooks, Melodye Toniett  Picture 1968-08-02-pg03
Brooks, Melodye Toniett Birth 1964-08-14-pg02
Brooks, Melodye Toniett  photo, completes 1st year of dancing 1969-06-06pg10
Brooks, R.C.  Picture 1966-08-26-pg10
Brooks, Tommy David  Birth 1968-08-30-pg20
Brooks, Tommy William Birth 1964-08-14-pg02
Broom, Jim Picture 1964-10-09-pg06
Brown, Agnes candidate for District Clerk 1969-12-19pg04
Brown, Agnes Picture 1962-10-12-pg08
Brown, Albert Picture 1961-11-24-pg08
Brown, Alfred/Berta Mae Slagle  Wedding 1964-05-01-pg18
Brown, Alfred/Berta Mae Slagle  Wedding 1964-06-26-pg08
Brown, Audrey McAfee Picture 1965-04-16-pg09
Brown, Barbara Picture 1962-03-02-pg04
Brown, Barbara Sue & Leroy C., Jr., & Angela  Picture 1966-06-03-pg15
Brown, Barbara, Mrs. Picture 1966-04-01-pg07
Brown, Beaumont Picture 1961-05-26-pg07
Brown, Bently Picture 1963-11-15-pg03
Brown, Bently 1930 Picture 1963-11-15-pg06
Brown, Bently B. Story 1967-02-10-pg13
Brown, Berta Hospital News, Patients Admitted 1969-12-26pg02
Brown, Blanch Hospital news 1969-02-14-pg15
Brown, Carolyn Picture 1963-05-24-pg14
Brown, Carolyn Picture 1964-01-31-pg11
Brown, Carolyn Picture 1964-05-22-pg03
Brown, Carolyn Sue / Maag, Alva Wedding 1966-09-09-pg08
Brown, Charles A.  Picture 1968-05-03-pg04
Brown, Charles W. Picture 1966-06-17-pg06
Brown, Cherry Picture 1961-05-26-pg07
Brown, Cheryl Annette Birth 1963-08-30-pg06
Brown, Cindy  Picture 1964-12-25-pg18
Brown, Clinton Hospital News 1969-09-19pg15
Brown, Delvin visited cousin Mr Tommy Glassie 1969-02-14-pg07
Brown, Doris  Picture 1968-08-23-pg20
Brown, E.B., Mrs. Story 1961-01-06-pg06
Brown, Earl, Mrs. Picture 1961-07-07-pg11
Brown, Elizabeth Alice Foster Obituary 1968-03-08-pg08
Brown, Elmer, Mr. & Mrs. & children Picture 1962-03-02-pg04
Brown, Elster Bettie Obituary 1965-08-06-pg11
Brown, Elvis photo, view a demonstration of police helicopter 1969-06-27pg01
Brown, Ethel 1910  Picture 1963-12-20-pg05
Brown, Foy Story 1961-01-06-pg01
Brown, Foy, Mrs. Obituary 1964-08-21-pg01
Brown, Fred, Mr & Mrs. Picture 1962-08-31-pg03
Brown, Fred, Mrs. Picture 1962-08-31-pg03
Brown, Guy  Picture 1962-12-28-pg06
Brown, Guy, Jr. Picture 1963-04-05-pg05
Brown, Guy, Mrs. Picture 1961-09-29-pg01
Brown, Guy, Mrs. Picture 1965-10-22-pg05
Brown, Guy, Sr. 1913 Picture 1963-04-05-pg08
Brown, Guy, Sr. Obituary 1965-02-05-pg14
Brown, Guy,Sr., Mrs. Picture 1964-11-06-pg01
Brown, James Thomas (James Marvin & Margie Ann) Birth 1967-01-13-pg06
Brown, Jana Photo, 4-H winner from Chico Texas 1969-11-14pg10
Brown, Jana photo, 4-H girl that won a blue ribbon 1969-03-21-pg06
Brown, Jimmie D., Jr.  Birth 1963-09-20-pg09
Brown, Joe Obituary 1961-01-13-pg08
Brown, Joe Thank you note 1961-01-13-pg08
Brown, John Clinton  Birth 1964-11-27-pg02
Brown, Johnnie Story 1961-02-24-pg07
Brown, Johnnie Hospital News 1969-06-20pg16
Brown, Johnny Joe / Fitzgerald, Paula Wedding 1965-07-16-pg05
Brown, Johnny Joe / Fitzgerald, Paula Wedding 1965-08-06-pg08
Brown, Laverne Hospital Notes 1969-02-07-pg10
Brown, Laverne Hospital News 1969-03-14-pg28
Brown, Leroy, house fire on Irvin St  Picture 1968-02-16-pg10
Brown, Lester, Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1962-03-02-pg04
Brown, Lester, Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1962-08-31-pg03
Brown, Linda & Cynthia Picture 1966-06-03-pg15
Brown, Lisa Diane Picture 1966-07-08-pg06
Brown, Martin Hospital News 1969-06-06pg16
Brown, Martin Hospital News, patients admitted 1969-09-12pg16
Brown, Martin Hospital News 1969-09-19pg15
Brown, Maury W., Sergeant Picture 1965-01-29-pg09
Brown, Melissa Gail  Picture 1967-06-16-pg19
Brown, Melissa Gail (Johnny Joe) Birth 1966-12-23-pg18
Brown, Mildred 1921 Picture 1963-05-24-pg05
Brown, Minnie Hospital News 1969-01-17-pg08
Brown, Minnie Hospital Notes 1969-02-07-pg10
Brown, Minnie H Hospital news 1969-11-07pg21
Brown, Misty Dawn  Birth 1968-06-21-pg03
Brown, Monna Hospital Notes 1969-03-28pg11
Brown, Myrtle Hospital News 1969-07-04pg04
Brown, Nora Mrs visited her daughter Mrs H. O. Pierce 1969-03-07-pg19
Brown, Nora Mrs visited daughter Mrs H. O. Pierce 1969-04-11pg15
Brown, O. Ray Story 1961-07-28-pg07
Brown, O. Ray  Picture 1964-01-17-pg01
Brown, O. Ray  Picture 1964-09-25-pg07
Brown, Oma Lee Picture 1962-03-02-pg04
Brown, Patsy Stickler Picture 1962-06-22-pg12
Brown, Patsy Stickler Picture 1965-06-25-pg08
Brown, Paul Picture 1963-08-09-pg12
Brown, Paula Hospital News 1969-01-17-pg08
Brown, Paula DeAnn  Birth 1968-03-01-pg16
Brown, Paulette/Doyle Gene Smith Wedding 1961-10-20-pg01
Brown, Penny Sue daughter born to Mr & Mrs William Guy Brown 1969-01-17-pg08
Brown, Pennysue Miss daughter born to Mr & Mrs Guy Brown  1969-01-10-pg16
Brown, Randall groom, son of Mr & Mrs Raymond Brown  1969-12-26pg33
Brown, Rayeann Picture 1967-03-10-pg12
Brown, Raymona Hospital News, Patients Admitted 1969-12-26pg02
Brown, Raymond, Mrs.  Story 1968-10-04-pg22
Brown, Reagan  Picture 1965-05-21-pg10
Brown, Richanna  Picture 1968-06-28-pg17
Brown, Richard Picture 1963-04-05-pg05
Brown, Richard E. Story 1967-08-18-pg08
Brown, Richard Guy Picture 1966-06-03-pg15
Brown, Richard J. Picture 1962-11-30-pg06
Brown, Richard J./Doris Marie Coleman Wedding 1963-01-25-pg04
Brown, Rickanna Story 1961-08-25-pg04
Brown, Rickanna Picture 1964-03-27-pg08
Brown, Rickanna Picture 1966-06-03-pg15
Brown, Robbie  Picture 1965-04-16-pg06
Brown, Sherlyn Picture 1967-02-17-pg08
Brown, Sheryl Elaine Story 1967-12-08-pg05
Brown, Stacie Gale & Tracie Dale  Birth 1968-10-18-pg19
Brown, Stacy Renee daughter born to Mr & Mrs Johnny Brown  1969-01-17-pg08
Brown, Stephanie Picture 1966-07-08-pg06
Brown, Stephenia Picture 1962-07-27-pg02
Brown, Stephenia photo, daughter of Elvis and Flora Brown 1969-04-25pg10
Brown, Stephenia Ann Picture 1964-12-04-pg10
Brown, Tince Obituary 1962-03-30-pg02
Brown, Tommy  Picture 1964-11-20-pg12
Brown, Tommy  Picture 1965-05-21-pg07
Brown, Tommy Z. Army Specialist 4 assigned to duty in Vietnam 1969-01-24-pg16
Brown, Tommy Z. promoted to Army specialist 1969-09-12pg09
Brown, William G., Jr., Mrs.  Picture 1968-05-24-pg18
Brown, William Guy, Jr. Story 1961-02-10-pg05
Brown, William Guy, Jr. Picture 1962-03-30-pg03
Brown, William Marion Obituary 1963-08-02-pg03
Browning, Cheryl Anetta Picture 1966-07-08-pg06
Browning, Cheryl Annette Picture 1964-03-27-pg08
Browning, Cheryl Annette Picture 1964-06-05-pg07
Browning, Edward & McDaniel Mary A. Wedding 1962-08-24-pg09
Browning, Gayle & Monett, Kenneth Wedding 1962-08-17-pg02
Bruce, G.H., Mr. & Mrs. Picture 1961-08-25-pg10
Bruce, Gary Picture 1965-08-13-pg05
Brumlow Community reunion to be held Story 1969-07-04pg03
Brummell, Nancy Picture 1964-08-14-pg01
Bruster, Jane Picture 1963-05-24-pg15
Bruster, Jane/Robert Kasner Wedding 1963-12-13-pg09
Bruster, Sue Picture 1965-04-09-pg08
Bruster, Sue Picture 1965-04-16-pg07
Bruster, Sue Picture 1966-11-18-pg06
Bruster, Vella Hospital News, Patients admitted 1969-09-05pg11
Bryabt, Eldon L. Picture 1965-04-09-pg03
Bryan, Linda Hosptial News 1969-05-16pg16
Bryan, Linda Hosptial News 1969-05-16pg16
Bryant, Berniece Hospital News 1969-01-17-pg08
Bryant, Cindy  Picture 1966-08-05-pg14
Bryant, Cindy and Karen visited Sweden last summer in Lions exchange 1969-03-07-pg06
Bryant, Cyndy Picture 1962-07-06-pg01
Bryant, Cyndy Picture 1965-08-06-pg08
Bryant, Cyndy  Picture 1968-05-24-pg20
Bryant, Cyndy & Karen  Picture 1968-05-17-pg04
Bryant, David Picture 1961-01-13-pg11
Bryant, David Picture 1961-09-29-pg08
Bryant, David  Picture 1962-08-31-pg01
Bryant, David Picture 1963-05-24-pg15
Bryant, David Dr.  photo, Lions Club meeting 1969-07-18pg04
Bryant, David Dr.  Wise County Health Officer  1969-08-01pg01
Bryant, David Dr. & Mrs hosting Lions exchange students from Sweden 1969-07-18pg01
Bryant, David Dr. and Mrs switched houses with Mr & Mrs Dean Padfield 1969-09-19pg03
Bryant, David Mrs representing Chamber of Commerce in Austin 1969-05-09pg03