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Indexed Bridgeport Index Newspapers
Names 1910-1939

Indexed are all local names and stories of interest in the older papers, but only the local births, weddings, deaths, pictures, and stories in the newer papers.

Year Number of Papers Pages  Indexed by
1910 3 Papers (one paper loaned by Audrey Russell) 22 Pages Sue Tackel
1915 1 Paper (loaned by Jim Taylor-scanned by Francine West) 4 Pages
1916 1 Paper 1 Page
1925 20 Papers 90 Pages Sue Tackel
1939 1 Paper 4 Pages

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     Type Yr-Mo-Day-Page
39th Highway Location  Story 1925-05-29-pg02
A&M Name 1916-11-03-pg01
A&M College - now a thousand students Name 1910-10-21-pg06
A.A. Green & Co. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg07
A.B. Conley, Jr. Clothing Store, Bridgeport Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Absher, Ruth Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Adams, Edgar, used to own theatre, now of Memphis TX  Name 1925-05-08-pg04
Adcock, Robert Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Akin, S.L. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Akin, W.J., Mrs. & sister, Mrs. Sue Davis  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
Alamo Finest Motion Pictures Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Alamo Motion Picture Theater Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg01
Alamo Motion Pictures, 3 reels Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Alamo Motion Pictures, costs a dime, lasts an hour Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg01
Alathean Class party, Baptist Church - long list attending  Story 1925-04-10-pg04
Alberta Corsets Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Alexander, Frank, Dectur - home burned  Name 1925-04-24-pg04
Alexander, J.C. 'Crockett' Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Alexander, J.C. 'Crockett' Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Allen, A.J. 'Jack' Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Allen, A.J. 'Jack' Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Allen, Ben  Story 1925-04-24-pg06
Allen, O.C. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Allen, O.C. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Allgood, B.C.  Name 1925-05-22-pg01
Allison, E.M. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Allison, E.M. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Allison, M.C., Secretary Rock Island-Western Land Co. Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg08
Allison, M.C., Secretary Rock Island-Western Land Co. Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg03
Alta Vista Cream Station, Mrs. S.A. Shawn  Story 1939-12-15-pg04
Alvord City Hall opening  Story 1925-03-20-pg02
Alvord Cotton Yard Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Ameriacan School of Stenography, Fort Worth Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg06
Anderson, A.R. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Anderson, Mose & wife in wreck  Story 1925-12-18-pg01
Anderson, Mose, now of Spokane, WA - first born in Wise County  Story 1925-04-24-pg06
Anderson, Myerl/Sibyl Nix  Wedding 1925-03-27-pg02
Andrews, Irene, Miss, of Dallas  Obituary 1925-03-20-pg02
Arnett, M.A. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Arnett, M.A. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Arrington, G.A. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Arrington, G.A. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Arrington, G.A., General Merchandise Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg02
Arrington, G.A., General Merchandise, Boyd Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Arrington, W.C., Mrs., neice of Mary Bennett Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Arrington, Walton G. home in Boyd Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Ashlock, Grover, of Deep Creek Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Ashlock, Wes Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Atcheson, T.S., County Demonstration Agent Name 1910-10-21-pg03
Audubon School Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Auer, Phil A. of Roch Island Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg06
Auer, Phil A. of Roch Island Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg07
Automobile numbers in Texas  Story 1925-03-27-pg02
Bailey, Irma/Owen Funk  Wedding 1925-05-01-pg01
Bailey, J. Wesley Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Bailey, J. Wesley Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Bailey, J. Wesley Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Bailey, J.W. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Bailey, Joe Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Bailey, Josie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Bailey, Josie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Bailey, Josie, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Bailey, Lemont, Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Bailey, Lemont, Mrs. & Leta and Irma Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Baits, P.R., Tax Collector  Story 1925-11-27-pg06
Baker, Lee Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Baker-Wheeler Mfg. Co. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg03
Balch, Robert, Eld. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Ballard's Snow Liniment Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Banks, Alice  Obituary 1925-12-18-pg06
Baptist Church - new brick building  Story 1925-05-29-pg04
Baptist Church - new building plans  Story 1925-04-24-pg01
Baptist Foreign Mission - Dr. J.F. Love  Story 1925-04-10-pg03
Baptist Pastorium Building Construction Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Baptist quilting meeting members  Name 1925-04-03-pg03
Baptist Sunday School presents "The Valley Farm"  Advertisement 1925-04-24-pg04
Barksdale, Della, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Barksdale, Della, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Barksdale, Lee, of Chico Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Barnes, W.S., Rock Island Sation Agent Story 1925-05-29-pg04
Barnes, W.S., Rock Island Sation Agent Story 1925-12-18-pg01
Barnett, B.B. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Barnett, E.G., mother of Mrs. Sam Culwell  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
Barnett, E.G., Mrs. & sister Mrs. Robert Rhea  Name 1925-05-22-pg04
Barnett, M.A., Mrs.  Obituary 1925-09-18-pg01
Barnett, M.A., Mrs. - list attending funeral  Obituary 1925-09-18-pg04
Barnett, Prof. of Paradise Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Barnett, W.O., Mrs., daughter of S.A. Easley  Name 1925-09-04-pg04
Barr, Earle, of Fort Worth, brother of J.O. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Bartlett, J.L. - Doan's Pills  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg03
Barton, L.S., Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Beason, W.J., Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Beason, W.J., Mrs., relative of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Lawson  Name 1925-08-07-pg04
Beauchamp, Ed Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Beauchamp, F.D., Dr. Obituary 1910-10-21-pg07
Beauchamp, Willie of Aurora Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Beaumont, Ed, Mrs. Obituary 1910-06-17-pg04
Beeman, Maude Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Beeson, Cage, Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Beeson, J.E. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Beeson, M.T., Mrs., Daughter of Dug Morton Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Beeson, Sam Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Beeson, Sam Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Bell System Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg02
Bellah, J.T., uncle of Mrs. J.T. Gardenhire Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Bellah, James Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Bennett, Mary, Mrs. of Crowell was teacher here Obituary 1910-06-17-pg03
Berry Ranch storm damage, Vineyard Event 1910-06-10-pg04
Beville, Tennis, Mrs., sister of Edgar Adams, of Memphis TX  Name 1925-09-04-pg04
Bingham Bros. Grocery  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg02
Bingham, brothers, Otto, E.T., E.S., and C.T.  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
Bingham, Charles Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Bingham, Ed, School Trustee  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Bingham, Hortense/Robert Coffman  Wedding 1925-07-10-pg06
Birdwell, Clarence/Miss May Jones Wedding 1910-10-21-pg07
Black, A.W. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Black, A.W., Agent Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Black, A.W., Agent Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Black, A.W., Mr. & Mrs. & daughter, Mrs. Smisson  Name 1925-04-17-pg01
Black, A.W., Mr. & Mrs. & Margaret  Name 1925-03-27-pg04
Black, Irene, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Black, J.R. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Black, Margaret, Miss - Bridgeport National Bank  Story 1925-04-17-pg01
Blevens, Steve Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Blevins, S.D., of Thomas Community  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Blevins, Steve - White Leghorn eggs  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Blue Hole outing north of town  Story 1925-07-17-pg04
Boase, J.W.  Obituary 1925-04-03-pg01
Boase, J.W.  Obituary 1925-04-03-pg03
Boase, James Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Boaz, Oscar - 5th dry goods store for Bridgeport  Story 1925-11-27-pg01
Boaz, P.A. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Boaz, P.A. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Boaz, P.A. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Boaz, P.A. - to build between Kaker Bros. & Hawkins McClung Barber Shop  Story 1925-11-27-pg01
Boaz, P.A. & daughters, Alice & Rosie & cousin, Rosaline Shabay Name 1925-09-11-pg01
Boaz, P.A., Owner Light & Power Co.-moving back to Bridgeport  Story 1925-04-10-pg01
Boaz, Tom Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Bobo, Inez, daughter of Will of Lucky Ridge Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Boerger, F., Pastor of Lutheran Church  Name 1925-11-27-pg08
Bogy, I.F. Name 1939-12-15-pg01
Bogy, I.S. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Bogy, I.S., Druggist and Grocer Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Bogy, I.S., Mrs., sister of Miss Nettie Byrd Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Bombarger, Lee of Fort Worth Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Bond Election for County Roads  Story 1925-05-22-pg01
Bond, I.E., Mrs. & Miss Mary, mother & sister of Mrs. S.C. Warriner Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Bond, Mary, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Bond, Neata/Henry Clay  Wedding 1925-03-20-pg01
Bonifield, Bertha, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Bonifield, Bertha, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Bonifield, Bertha, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Boone, Bud Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Boone, E.H. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Boone, E.H. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Boone, Lizzie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Boone, Lizzie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Boone, Lizzie, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Boonsville to get no road in bond election Story 1925-09-11-pg04
Booth, J.M., Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Boring, Ethel Coursey  Obituary 1925-07-10-pg03
Boring, Ethel Coursey  Obituary 1925-07-17-pg04
Boring, Mary Inez (baby of Mr. & Mrs. G.W.)  Obituary 1925-05-29-pg04
Boruff, M.P., Mrs. & Miss Myrtle Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Boruff, Myrtle Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Boston Bloomers baseball team Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Bounds, Clarence, Pastor 1st Methodist Church Story 1925-12-18-pg03
Bowie Cotton Mills - invest in stock  Advertisement 1925-07-31-pg04
Bowie Cotton Mills - Office, National Hotel Bldg.  Advertisement 1925-09-04-pg03
Bowie Cotton Mills - Preferred and common stock  Advertisement 1925-12-18-pg03
Bowlin, Alice/Carl De Graftenreld Wedding 1915-05-21-pg04
Bowlin, J.P. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Boyd, H.T. of Uvalde moving to NM Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Boyd, John E. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Boyd, John E. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Boyd, Myrtle, Miss & sister Bessie Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Boyd, R.P. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Boyd, Richard Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Boyd, T.M. moved into the Neel home in Boyd Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Boyd's new $7000 school Building Event 1910-06-10-pg05
Bradfield, W.D., Mrs. of the Caddo Hotel Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Bradfield, W.D., Rev. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Bradford, W.R., of Keeter Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Brandt, O.N. & daughter Mrs. Chic Robertson  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Braselton & Foster, Physicians & Surgeons Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg04
Braselton & Foster, Physicians & Surgeons Name 1910-06-17-pg04
Braselton & Foster, Physicians & Surgeons Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg06
Braselton, B.E., Dr. & wife Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Brevard, H.L., Mrs., daughter of Mrs. Procter Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Bridge Club Meeting  Story 1925-05-08-pg04
Bridge Club Meeting  Story 1925-07-17-pg04
Bridge Club Meeting  Story 1925-07-31-pg04
Bridge Club Meeting  Story 1925-09-11-pg04
Bridgeport Brick Co. Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg01
Bridgeport Brick Co. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Bridgeport Brick Co. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg03
Bridgeport Camp Woodmen of World Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Bridgeport City Hall  Picture 1939-12-15-pg04
Bridgeport Coal Co.  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
Bridgeport Coal Co. - groceries by phone  Advertisement 1925-05-01-pg01
Bridgeport Coal Co. - Phone for Food  Advertisement 1925-09-04-pg01
Bridgeport Coal Co. - White Swan Coffee  Advertisement 1925-04-17-pg01
Bridgeport Coal Co. will buy your hogs Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Bridgeport Coal Co., Miners and Shippers of Coal Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg03
Bridgeport Coal Co., West Side, Dealers in General Merchandise Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg03
Bridgeport Commercial College, saves $20/month board bill Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg01
Bridgeport Drug Co. Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg02
Bridgeport Drug Co. Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg03
Bridgeport Drug Co. Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Bridgeport Drug Co. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Bridgeport Drug Co.  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Bridgeport Drug Co. - Wright's Condensed Smoke Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Bridgeport Drug Co. now selling Liberty Magazine  Advertisement 1925-04-24-pg04
Bridgeport Drug Co.-Book Depository Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Bridgeport Fire Truck - new at cost of $440  Story 1925-03-27-pg01
Bridgeport Gin Co.  Story 1939-12-15-pg03
Bridgeport Golf Club  Story 1925-05-08-pg01
Bridgeport Herald, first paper in Bridgeport- Luke Pierre, Publisher  Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Bridgeport High School Tattler staff names Story 1925-09-18-pg04
Bridgeport Ice Co.  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg02
Bridgeport Lumber Co. Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Bridgeport Lumber Co. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Bridgeport Lumber Co.  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg03
Bridgeport Mill & Groves Blacksmith Shop  Story 1939-12-15-pg04
Bridgeport Millinery Parlor Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg01
Bridgeport Millinery Parlor Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Bridgeport Motor Co. - Fordson Tractor & Oliver plow & harrow  Advertisement 1925-08-07-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co. - new head lamp law starts Sept 1st  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co. - started in 1917, now to build 2 story annex  Story 1925-05-29-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co. - United States Tires  Advertisement 1925-09-18-pg03
Bridgeport Motor Co. - US Royal Cord & USCO cord tires  Advertisement 1925-07-31-pg02
Bridgeport Motor Co. - used car sale - 2 pages  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg02
Bridgeport Motor Co. - used car sale - 2 pages  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg04
Bridgeport Motor Co.- Ford batteries $16.50  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co.- new electric air compresser  Story 1925-04-10-pg01
Bridgeport Motor Co.-Lincoln, Ford & Fordson tractors  Advertisement 1925-05-08-pg01
Bridgeport National Bank  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
Bridgeport National Bank - buy Confederate Memorial Coins  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg01
Bridgeport National Bank-First National Bank - conditions  Advertisement 1925-04-17-pg03
Bridgeport Oil Lease Still Held Up  Story 1925-03-27-pg01
Bridgeport School commencement  Story 1925-05-08-pg04
Bridgeport School District Census - 555 students  Story 1925-04-10-pg01
Bridgeport Undertaking Co. - Hawkins & Johnson  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg02
Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Dept - contest for most popular girl  Story 1925-05-08-pg02
Bridgeport, new town in 1893 - list of people who had firsts  Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Bridges, Henry T. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Brite, Clay Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Brite, Clay Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Brock Realty Co. Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Brock Realty Co. Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Brock, L.A. Tailor Shop  Story 1925-04-03-pg03
Brock, L.A., Mrs. & sisters, Mrs. Frank Wallace & Mrs. Earl McKaniel  Name 1925-07-10-pg03
Brock, L.A., Mrs. Sister of Mrs. L.D. Shawver Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Brock, W.T., Mrs. & daughter Mrs. Clifton Hall  Name 1925-05-22-pg04
Brock, W.T., Mrs. & father Mr. A. Renfro Name 1925-07-10-pg03
Broiles, Lillie, Mrs., of Fox AR Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Brown, Annie, Mrs., of Decatur, daughter of L.C. Porter Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Brown, Ethel, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Brown, Ethel, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Brown, Ethel, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Brown, Eula/Ed Ward Wedding 1915-05-21-pg04
Brown, Lucy, daughter of W.A. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Brown, Russell Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Brown, S.B., moved back to the R.H. Jones place  Name 1925-12-18-pg06
Brown, Scott & son-in-law, H.D. Hutto  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
Brown, Tom  Story 1925-04-24-pg06
Brown, Tom P. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Brown, Tom P. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Brown, W.A. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Brown, W.A. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Brown, W.A. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Brown, W.A. bought C.H. Carter home Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Brown, W.A. father of Lucy Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Brown, W.A. moved from Boyd to Bridgeport Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Brown, W.B. - cemetery working at Wilson Prairie  Story 1925-04-24-pg06
Browning, Fannie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Browning, Horace, Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Browning, Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Browning, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Brunk's Comedians  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Bryant, Alice Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Bryant, M.G., Rev. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Bryant, William Cullen-Poem Story 1915-05-21-pg02
Buckingham, Frank & daughter Mrs. O.D. Strickland  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Buckingham, Owen  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Buckner Building - Montford's Drugstore Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg03
Buckner, Berneze & sister, Mrs. Clyde Handley Name 1925-07-31-pg01
Buckner, K.L., Dr., of Fort Worth  Name 1925-05-29-pg04
Buckner, L.K. & daughters, Blanche & Bernice (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-22-pg03
Burch, County Attorner Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Burgess, Jim Name 1925-03-27-pg04
Burned District - new buildings  Story 1925-03-20-pg01
Burnett, W.H., salesman for Singer Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Burnett, W.H., salesman for Singer Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Burns, Ellis, of Deep Creek Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Burns, Ellis, of Deep Creek Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Burns, Frank, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Burns, Frank, of Deep Creek Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Burress, L.L. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Burress, L.L., Paradise General Merchandise Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Butler, A.E. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Butler, A.E. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Butler, Bro. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Butler, E.F. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Butram, A.V. & family visited their home in AL  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
Byers, Uriel stuck nail through foot Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Byrd, Nettie, Miss of Chico, sister of Mrs. I.S. Bogy Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Byrnes & Lipps Filling Station  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg08
Byrnes, T.J. lost watch  Name 1925-09-18-pg01
Byrnes, Thomas & Gomer, Coal Mine  Story 1939-12-15-pg04
C.L. Tackel Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg03
Caddo Hotel, Mrs. W.D. Bradfield Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Cade, Ida, Mrs. Of Roanoke Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Cage Hotel, at depot - for sale  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg08
Cage, J.W., Mr. & Mrs. Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Cain, B.B., of the Gulf, TX & Western Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Caldwell, C.C. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Caldwell, Charles, Nephew of L.D. Kirkpatrick  Name 1925-09-11-pg04
Caldwell, Floyd, of Fort Worth Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Caldwell, R.W. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Calhoun, J.V. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Calhoun, J.Y. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg04
Calhoun, J.Y. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg05
Calumet Baking Powder Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Campbell, Andrew, Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Campbell, Drew, son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Campbell, John, Manager of the new milk station  Story 1925-07-17-pg01
Campbell, Lee/Mamei Holt Wedding 1915-05-21-pg01
Campbell, Maggie, Miss & brother, James (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-22-pg03
Cannon, W.W. & daughters, Bessie & Bertha (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-29-pg02
Cansler, M.D., Bank Director Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Cansler, M.D., Dry Goods Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg04
Carather, W.R. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Cardui, The Woman's Tonic Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg08
Cardui, The Woman's Tonic Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg03
Carlisle News Story 1915-05-21-pg03
Carpenter, J.H., Bank Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Carpenter, J.H., Bank Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Carpenter, R.L., Prop. of Carpenter's Livery Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg06
Carpenter, R.L., Prop. of Carpenter's Livery Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg06
Carpenter's Livery & Transfer Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg06
Carpenter's Livery & Transfer Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg06
Carswell, R.E. & Robert, Lawyers Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg04
Carswell, Robert Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Carter, C.H. sold home to W.A. Brown Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Carter, C.H. sold home to W.A. Brown Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Carter, E.C., Dry Goods, Furnishings, Paradise Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg04
Carter, E.C., Paradise Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg03
Carter, E.C., Paradise, Kalamazoo Corset Co. Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Carter, J.Z., Bank Director Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Carver, W.C. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Casey, C.C. - closed his bakery  Name 1925-05-22-pg01
Casey, Mr. - moved City Bakery from Dieb building  Story 1925-04-10-pg04
Cates, Cliff D. Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Cates, Cliff, Decatur Chamber of Commerce Secretary  Name 1925-04-24-pg03
Cearley, John  Obituary 1925-06-26-pg04
Chambers, Caroline, Miss, County Home Demonstration Agent Name 1925-05-08-pg04
Chandler, J.A., Poland China hog farmer Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Chearin, Floy Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Chenault, Cora, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Chenault, Cora, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Chenault, Cora, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Cherry, Ethel, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Cherry, May, grandmother of Miss Wynona Dudley Name 1939-12-15-pg02
Childress, C.C., Rev. & Mrs. & daughter, Mrs. Robert Hedrick Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Childress, C.C., Rev. & son Clovis  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
Childress, C.C., Rev. & sons Clovis & Roby  Name 1925-07-10-pg03
Childress, J.M., Dr. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Chilton, Fred, City Marshal - no fireworks in city  Story 1925-12-18-pg01
Christian Endeaver Program  Story 1925-04-10-pg04
Christian Endeaver Program - listing  Story 1925-04-17-pg04
Christian Endeavor Program - listing  Story 1925-04-24-pg06
Christian Endeavor Program - listing  Story 1925-05-08-pg04
Church band meeting  Story 1925-07-31-pg04
Citizen-Star, Fort Worth weekly farm paper Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg07
Citizen-Star, Fort Worth weekly farm paper Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg04
City Hall Building Contract Story 1915-05-21-pg01
City Market in the Gus B. Funk building  Story 1925-03-20-pg01
City of Bridgeport - list of officers in 1939  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg04
Clark & Krudwig brickwork Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Clark & Krudwig, Messrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Clark, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Newt Birth 1915-05-21-pg03
Clark, Eugene F./Daughter of B.B. Poore Wedding 1916-11-03-pg01
Clark, J.T., Mr. & Mrs.  Name 1925-03-20-pg04
Clark, L.W. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Clark, L.W., Bank Director Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Clark, L.W., Paradise Dry Goods & Groceries Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Clark, Oscar, of Draco Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Clay, E.S., Mrs. & Iva  Name 1925-03-27-pg04
Clay, Henry/Neata Bond  Wedding 1925-03-20-pg01
Clover Farm Grocery Store  Story 1939-12-15-pg02
Coaches listed (5 from county) Name 1925-11-27-pg03
Coal mines now working about 100 men  Story 1925-07-17-pg02
Coffman, Robert/Hortense Bingham  Wedding 1925-07-10-pg06
Coffman, Ruth, Miss, sister of Mrs. Dorsie Souther  Name 1925-05-08-pg04
Coffman, T.M., accounts for Renshaw Grocer Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Coleman, H.J. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Coleman, W.S., of Bridgeport Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Collier, Frank - convicted of murder  Story 1925-12-18-pg02
Collier, Margaret, Mrs., sister of Mrs. Matsinger Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Collier, Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg01
Collins, Jennie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Collins, Jennie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Collins, Jennie, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Collins, Jonah & Clarence & father, J.J.  Name 1925-12-18-pg06
Combs, Lib, Mr. & Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Combs, Ophia Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Combs, W.C., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Combs, Worthy Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Conley, A.B. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Conley, A.B., Jr. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Conley, A.B., Jr. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Conley, Frances Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Conley, Marian Name 1910-06-10-pg01
Conley, Marian Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Conley, Marion Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Continental Bank of Boyd Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Continental State Bank of Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg04
Continental State Bank of Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Cook, C.M., parents of Luther Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Cook, E.P., Undertaker Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Cook, E.P., Undertaker, Boyd Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg07
Cook, Luther, Mr. & Mrs. of OK City Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Copeland, S.D. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Coronado, Miss  Name 1925-04-03-pg03
Costen, A.G. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Cottle, T.M., of Axtell Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Cotton Co-operative  Story 1925-04-10-pg02
Cotton Mill Coming to Bowie-TX produces a third of US cotton  Story 1925-07-31-pg01
Cotton Seed - 'Half and Half' - Bill Smith  Advertisement 1925-04-10-pg03
Counts' Sunday School Class Social  Story 1925-06-26-pg04
Counts, Etta, guardian of the estate of Paul Counts  Story 1925-08-07-pg04
Counts, Etta, mother of Mrs. E.D. Murray  Name 1925-05-22-pg01
Counts, Etta, Mrs. & daughter Mrs. E.D. Murray  Name 1925-11-27-pg08
Counts, Etta, Mrs., works at Kendall Dry Goods Store  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
Counts, J.T., of Chico Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Counts, Mr. - Crafton School Story 1915-05-21-pg04
Counts, U.L., Mr. & Mrs.  Name 1925-03-20-pg01
Coursey, T.L., Pres Cuba Farmers' Union Letter 1910-10-21-pg03
Cowling, Boss Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Cowling, Edgar, Mrs., of Silsbee Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Cowling, Essie, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Cowling, Essie, Miss, sister of Mrs. Sam Woody Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Cox, Oscar, at meat market  Story 1925-03-27-pg01
Crafton School Story 1915-05-21-pg04
Crawford, J.H., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Crawford, J.L., Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Crawford, J.L., Real Estate Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg06
Crawford, J.L., Real Estate Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg06
Crawford, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Crescent Garage - Star Car  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg06
Crescent Garage going in were Renshaw Grist Mill was  Story 1925-09-18-pg01
Crescent Garage- W.M. Bingham, Earl Thresher, & W.O. Johnson  Advertisement 1925-09-18-pg04
Crews, Frank death of mother Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Crews, Mrs., sister of D.W. Weaver Obituary 1910-06-10-pg05
Cross, J.F. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Cuba Farmers' Union Letter 1910-10-21-pg03
Culwell, A.L., School Trustee  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Culwell, S.J., Mrs. - Womans Missionary Society  Story 1925-04-10-pg04
Culwell, Sam J. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Culwell, Sam J. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Culwell, Sam J., Insurance Agent Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Culwell, Sam J., Insurance Agent Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Culwell, Sam J., property for sale Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Culwell, Sam moved to the Bradford house (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-22-pg03
Cunningham, M.E., Mrs., mother of Mrs. Gladie Flickinger  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
Cunningham, M.E., Mrs., Trip to Several Cities  Story 1925-09-18-pg04
Curley, J.W., Mr. & Mrs. - run theatre  Name 1925-09-11-pg01
Curley, Mrs.  Name 1925-03-20-pg04
Curly, Mr., operator of National Theatre  Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Daddy's Bedtime Story Story 1915-05-21-pg02
Dam on Trinity will bring thousands of acres under irrigation  Story 1925-12-18-pg02
Davenport, J.R. 'Bob' Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Davenport, J.R. 'Bob' Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Davis, Jim had a stroke  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Davis, Kitty, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Davis, Mattie, Miss & grandfather J.M. Portwood Name 1910-06-10-pg08
De Graftenreld, Carl/Alice Bowlin Wedding 1915-05-21-pg04
DeArmon, Monnie, Miss, of Newark Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Dearmore, W.E., Rev. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Dearmore, W.E., Rev. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
DeBerry, Willie M., Mrs.  Advertisement 1925-05-29-pg04
Decatur Baptist College - $313.50/session  Advertisement 1925-09-04-pg02
Decatur college gets new basketball court Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Decatur square to be graveled and graded Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Decoration Day at Old Town & City Cemeteries Event 1910-06-10-pg07
Dellinger, C.M., Rev. Story 1915-05-21-pg02
Dellinger, C.M., Rev. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Dennis, Noah, father of Mrs. A.F. Garner Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Denny, J.D., of Alvord Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Derryberry, Genavive, Miss  Name 1925-04-17-pg01
Dethloff, Allie Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Dethloff, Joe - quilting meeting in home  Story 1925-04-03-pg03
Dethloff, John Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Dethloff, Sarah Alpha  Obituary 1925-12-18-pg01
Devereax, A. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Devereux, A. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Devoe Paint Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Dickenson, Pearl, Miss  Obituary 1925-04-24-pg06
Dickson, E.A., Furniture & Variety, Chico - robbed  Story 1925-04-17-pg01
Dieb Bros. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Dieb Brothers' Building-Opening of Pete Shabay Dry Goods  Advertisement 1925-04-03-pg01
Dieb Brother's Dry Goods Co. Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg07
Dieb Brother's Dry Goods Co., Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg01
Dieb Brother's Dry Goods Co., Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Dieb, George & son, Jemel  Name 1925-04-24-pg01
Dieb, Jemel  Name 1925-03-27-pg04
Dilliard, S.G.A., now of Center Mills TX Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Doan's Pills - relieves kidney trouble  Advertisement 1925-04-10-pg03
Dodson & Milligan Ice Plant, Decatur  Story 1925-04-24-pg04
Dodson's Liver Tone - Don't take Calomel Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Doss, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Dr. Cox's Barbed Wire Liniment Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg03
Dr. Cox's Painless Blister Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg03
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Draco News Story 1915-05-21-pg03
Drug Store Opens, J.C. Frost  Story 1925-04-24-pg06
Dunn, Dillie Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Durham, E.J., Rev. Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Durham, W.F., have clothes cleaned  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg03
Durham, W.F., Mrs., sister of Mr. H.C. Browning  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
Durham, W.F., Mrs., sister of Mrs. J.H. Arnold Name 1925-07-31-pg04
Earley, Joe, Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Earley, Lillie/Harry Ratliff Wedding 1910-10-21-pg07
Earley, S.H., Bank Director Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Easley, J.A., Photographer  Advertisement 1925-12-18-pg06
Easley, M.E., Mrs. & daughter, Mrs. W.R. Tripplet  Name 1925-05-08-pg01
Easly, J.A., Mr. & Mrs., parents of Arthur Easly  Name 1925-12-18-pg03
Eastern Star Meeting  Story 1925-09-04-pg04
Eastern Star, Bridgeport history from 1907 - many names given  Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Eaton, D.F., County Agent Story 1939-12-15-pg03
Edgil, J.B., Mrs. & mother, Mrs M.J. Edgil  Name 1925-04-24-pg06
Edgil, James B.  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
Edmondson, Joseph Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Edwards, D.M. Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Eichelberger, G.W., Rev., Anti-Saloon League Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Elder, J.E. & son, R.C.  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Elder, J.E., Mrs.  Name 1925-03-20-pg04
Electric Bitters Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg03
Elliott, Ethel Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Elliott, Ida Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Elliott, Ida, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Elliott, Ida, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Elliott, Ida, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Elliott, Jesse Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Elliott, Jesse Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Elliott, Jesse Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Elliott, Lola/T.H. Jenkins  Wedding 1925-03-20-pg04
Elliott, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Elmira's Beauty Shop  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg04
Ely, F. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Embroidery Club Meeting - list  Story 1925-04-17-pg04
Embroidery Club Meeting - list  Story 1925-05-08-pg04
Embroidery Club Meeting - list  Story 1925-05-22-pg04
Embroidery Club Members  Name 1925-04-03-pg01
Errick, David/Velma Stewart Wedding 1910-10-21-pg08
Estes, R.L., Evangelist  Picture 1925-07-17-pg04
Eudaly, O.M., guardian of the estate of Cleo Eudaly  Story 1925-08-07-pg04
Euterpean Club Meeting  Story 1925-05-29-pg04
Euterpean Club officers  Story 1925-04-10-pg04
Euterpean Meeting  Story 1925-05-22-pg04
Euterpean Meeting  Story 1925-06-26-pg04
Euterpean Music Club organized  Story 1925-04-03-pg03
Evans, Mark - sold lake camp to Bill Hill  Story 1939-12-15-pg04
Ewing, John & son Artie  Name 1925-12-18-pg06
Ewing, John, of Paradise Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Faith, Sam Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Faith, Sam Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Fansher, Claire  Story 1925-03-27-pg02
Farm Club Encampment at Joe Wheeler Park  Story 1925-06-26-pg01
Farm Contest Plan Meetings  Story 1925-04-24-pg03
Featherston, Miss, music class Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Featherston, Miss, music classes of Paradise & Bridgeport Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Fee, Charles, Mrs. & children Elizabeth, George & Robert Name 1910-06-10-pg08
First Baptist Church Mother's Day Program  Story 1925-05-08-pg04
First child born in Wise County  Story 1925-04-24-pg06
First National Bank - Oldest National Bank in Wise County  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg03
First National Bank - raise chickens  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg01
First National Bank of Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
First National Bank of Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
First National Bank of Bridgeport Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
First National Bank of Bridgeport Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
First National Bank of Bridgeport  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
First National Bank of Decatur new building  Story 1925-03-27-pg02
First State Bank of Paradise Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Fitzgerald, John  Obituary 1925-09-11-pg04
Floyd, Effie, Miss of Fort Worth Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Ford Fordor Sedan in Windsor Maroon - $660  Advertisement 1925-12-18-pg02
Ford Motor Co. - Coupe $520  Advertisement 1925-08-07-pg02
Ford Motor Co. - Fordor Sedan $660  Advertisement 1925-05-22-pg03
Ford Motor Co. - guarantee on used cars  Story 1925-04-17-pg02
Ford Touring Car $290  Advertisement 1925-09-18-pg02
Forrester, Mattie Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Forrester, Mattie, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Forrester, Modena H., Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Forrester, Modena, Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Fort Worth Star Telegram & Fort Worth Record  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg03
Forth of July - 2 day celebration plans  Story 1925-06-26-pg01
Forth of July celebration committee  Story 1925-05-08-pg01
Forty-two Club meeting-listing  Story 1925-05-01-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing  Story 1925-05-08-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing  Story 1925-05-22-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing  Story 1925-06-26-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing  Story 1925-08-07-pg01
Forty-two Club meeting-listing  Story 1925-09-04-pg01
Forty-two Club meeting-listing  Story 1925-09-04-pg04
Forty-two Club meeting-listing  Story 1925-09-11-pg01
Foster & Hardy Insurance & Real Estate  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Foster, C.F., now of Kent County  Name 1925-05-08-pg04
Foster, Judge Name 1925-05-08-pg04
Fourth of July Concessions  Advertisement 1925-05-22-pg01
Fralin & Leary Drugs and Furniture, Boyd Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg02
Fralin & Leary Drugs and Furniture, Boyd Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Fralin & Leary Drugs and Furniture, Boyd Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg07
Fralin, J.W., Dr., of Denton, brother of R.H. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Fralin, R.H. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Fralin, R.H., brother of Dr. J.W. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Franks, A.T. hardware Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Fraze, M.S., of Boyd Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Frost Drug Store  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg03
Frost, J.C. - new druggist from Paradise  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Frost, J.C. - School Supplies  Advertisement 1925-09-11-pg02
Frost, J.C. of Paradise  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Frost, J.C. to open drug store here  Story 1925-03-27-pg01
Frost, J.C., Drug and Cold Drinks  Advertisement 1925-04-24-pg03
Frost, J.C., Drug Co. - Devoe Home Improvement Plan  Advertisement 1925-09-11-pg02
Frost, J.C., Druggist - Devoe Marble Floor Varnish  Advertisement 1925-05-29-pg04
Frost, J.C., Drugs & Sundries, Cigars & Cigarettes  Advertisement 1925-05-22-pg02
Frost, J.C., father of Earle Frost  Name 1925-11-27-pg08
Frost, J.C., Paradise Druggist Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Frost, Jacqulyn Jean - recital Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Funk, Clyde, Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Funk, Dr. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Funk, Dr. P.C., Physician and Surgeon Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg06
Funk, Gus Building to open  Story 1925-03-27-pg01
Funk, Owen, car taken by teenager  Story 1925-06-26-pg04
Funk, Owen/Irma Bailey  Wedding 1925-05-01-pg01
Funk, P.C., Bank Vice-Pres Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Funk, P.C., Bank Vice-Pres Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Funk, P.C., Dr. Name 1910-06-17-pg04
Funk, P.C., Dr. Story 1915-05-21-pg04
Funk, P.C., Dr. & Mrs. & Owen  Name 1925-03-20-pg04
Funk, P.C., Dr., Physician & Surgeon Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg04
Funk, Reba Name 1910-06-10-pg07
G.A. Arrington & Co. Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Gabriel, C.W., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Gabriel, Charles, W., Master Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Gabriel, Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Ganzer, Mr., Government Agent Name 1910-06-17-pg06
Garages & filling stations (4)-one to stay open on Sundays  Story 1925-04-10-pg04
Gardenhire, Aaron Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Gardenhire, Aaron, son of J.T. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Gardenhire, Gladys, daughter of J.T. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Gardenhire, J.T. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Gardenhire, J.T. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Gardenhire, J.T., Mrs. & children, Aaron, Sammie & Gladys Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Gardenhire, Sammie, son of J.T. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Gardenhire, Trula, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Garner, A.F., Mrs., daugher of Noah Dennis Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Garner, Floyd Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Garner, Gervais Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Gary, Sue Thank you 1910-06-10-pg01
Gentry, E.A., Mrs., grandmother of Miss Hines Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Gentry, John W. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Gentry, John W. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
George J. Pentacost Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Gibben, A. Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Gibbon, W.E. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Gibbons, Lorena - lost a fountain pen  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Gibson, J.K. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Gibson, J.K. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Giles, Lloyd of Greenwood Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Gililland, D.B. Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Gilliland, Ben & son, W.P. (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-29-pg02
Gilmore, C.L. Name 1910-10-21-pg03
Glauton, L.C., Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Glenn, Earle, infant of Harry Glenn Obituary 1916-11-03-pg01
Golaz, Henry Story 1915-05-21-pg04
Golf Club goes to Jacksboro  Story 1925-09-11-pg01
Goode, Ayleen - party for Sunday School Class  Story 1925-07-31-pg01
Goode, K.O. - buys J.W. Myers home  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
Goode, R.F., Mrs., mother of Mrs. J.B. Andrews & Mrs. M.E. Cunningham  Name 1925-05-08-pg04
Goodger, Lily Belle Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Goodger, Mr. & Mrs. J.M. & son Jeff Name 1910-06-10-pg01
Goodger, Otis Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Goss, Percy - Nor-Goss Confectionery  Story 1925-05-01-pg01
Grady, Albert - car struck on Meridian Highway  Story 1925-04-24-pg04
Graham, Charles Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Gray, John  Story 1925-12-18-pg01
Green, A.A. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Green, A.A., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Green, A.A., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Green, A.A., Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Green, Bernice, Mr., buyer for King-Kollie Cotton Co.  Name 1925-09-11-pg04
Green, J.B. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Green, J.B. - moves to Decatur  Story 1925-04-17-pg04
Green, J.B. - School district census  Story 1925-03-27-pg04
Green, J.B., Mr. & Mrs. Honored at party  Story 1925-06-26-pg04
Green, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Green, Ollie Name 1910-06-17-pg04
Green, Ollie Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Green, W.E. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Green, W.E. brother-in-law of Mrs. Julia Pearson  Name 1925-05-22-pg01
Green, W.E., Bank Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Green, W.E., Bank Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Green, W.E., Insurance Agency Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg06
Green, W.E., Mrs.  Name 1925-03-20-pg04
Green, W.E., Real Estate & Insurance Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg06
Grisham, Addie, Miss  Name 1925-05-01-pg01
Grollman & Hines Produce Dealers Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Groves, Obed, bought blacksmith shop from W.M. Tackel  Story 1939-12-15-pg04
Guffee, S.A. & father, S.A. & brother, Jim Name 1925-05-29-pg04
H.H. Hardin & Co. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
H.H. Vardeman & Co. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Haddock, Ethel, Miss of Fort Worth Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Halcomb, Effiemae Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Halcomb, Mrs. Story 1915-05-21-pg02
Hall, Clifford, son of  Birth 1925-04-17-pg04
Hall's Catarrh Cure Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg03
Hallum, Minnie, Miss, sister of Mrs. R.T. Gillentine  Name 1925-07-10-pg03
Hamilton, Homer Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Hamilton, T.P. Obituary 1910-06-17-pg04
Hamilton, Tommie & Everett of Fort Worth Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Hamner's Bargain Store Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Hand, H.C., Rev. & daughters, Dorothy & Lula Grace  Name 1925-05-29-pg04
Handley & Massengale bought Poore's Confectionery  Advertisement 1925-09-11-pg04
Handley, Brooks, to teach in Cottondale Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Handley, Clyde - moves to Jacksboro  Story 1925-04-17-pg01
Handley, Clyde - store in corner drug  Story 1925-09-04-pg01
Handley, S.D. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Handly, Brooks Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Hanson Hotel - headquarters for oil geologists  Story 1925-05-08-pg01
Hardcastle, Charles & daughter Mrs. Wooten Winton (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-22-pg03
Hardcastle, Charles & daughter, Mrs. A.C. Raines  Name 1939-12-15-pg02
Hardin, H.H.- Building Material & Undertaking  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Hardin, H.H., parent of Lois Kinnebrew Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Hardin, M.H., & Company, building materials Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg04
Harding, W.S. 'Walter' Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Harding, W.S. 'Walter' Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Hardy & Kendall Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Hardy, Harry Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Hardy, Luke, Mrs.  Name 1925-12-18-pg01
Hardy, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Hardy's, Mrs. Art Shop  Story 1925-04-03-pg03
Harland, John, County Treasurer  Name 1925-03-27-pg04
Harris, Bob, Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Harris, E.O. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Harris, E.O. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Harrison, G.M. of Paradise Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Harrison, Katie, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Harrison, W.R., brother of G.M. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Hartsell, I.J., Bank Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Hartsell, I.J., Bank Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Hartsell, Luther, Commissioner  Story 1925-03-27-pg04
Hartsell, Luther, Commissioner  Name 1925-05-01-pg01
Hartsell, Russell, to work for TN Dairy  Name 1925-12-18-pg06
Hawkins, H.F. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Hawkins, Sam Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Hawkins, Sam Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Hawkins, W.A., Funeral Director  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg02
Hawkins, W.A., Purchesed Coleman's Barber Shop (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-22-pg03
Haynes, Albert, Mrs., aunt of Miss Babe Albritton  Name 1925-12-18-pg06
Hays, Jesse/Miss Lola McElroy Wedding 1910-10-21-pg08
Helm, Floyd & brother Orville  Name 1925-05-29-pg01
Helm, Floyd buys W.S. Barnes home  Story 1925-12-18-pg03
Helm, Floyd, Bridgeport Motor Co. Manager  Name 1925-03-20-pg04
Helm, Floyd, Manager of Bridgeport Motor Co.  Story 1925-11-27-pg01
Helm, Floyd, School Trustee  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Helm, Wes Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Helm, Wes Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Hembree, Annie Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Hembree, J.W., Rev. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Henderson, J.B. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Henderson, J.B. and daughter, Miss Ruth Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Henderson, Jim B., Master Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Henderson, Ruth Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Henderson, Ruth, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Henderson, Ruth, Miss & Master J.B. of Bridgeport Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Henrietta School Burns Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Henry, J.C., Chico sweet potato plants  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg01
Henry, J.T. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Henry, J.T. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Herbine cures torpid liver Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Highway 114 to be hard surfaced  Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Highway 39 from Chico to Jacksboro  Story 1925-03-20-pg02
Highway 39 funds-Decatur to Bridgeport  Story 1925-05-01-pg01
Highway bond for road from Big Sandy to rock crusher  Story 1925-04-17-pg02
Highway Bond voted down 2 to 1  Story 1925-09-18-pg01
Hill, Bill, Camp at Lake  Story 1939-12-15-pg04
Hill, Callie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Hill, Callie, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Hill, Callie, Miss, of Rhome Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Hill, Lee, Brick Plant Foreman  Name 1925-04-03-pg01
Hill, Reuben  Obituary 1939-12-15-pg01
Hill, W.P., Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Hillan, George  Obituary 1925-04-03-pg01
Hines Grocery - Gold prizes & Red Seal auction  Advertisement 1925-05-01-pg01
Hines Grocery Co. - 24th Anniversary Sale  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg01
Hines Grocery has Red Seal money  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
Hines, Dorothy  Obituary 1925-03-20-pg02
Hines, G.W., Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Hines, H.C. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Hines, H.C. & daughter, Lena Belle  Name 1925-04-24-pg06
Hines, H.C., Mr. & Mrs. & Miss Lena Belle Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Hines, H.C., parents of Mrs. W.S. Cowling  Name 1925-03-27-pg01
Hines, J.J. & daughters, Mrs. L.M. Steel & Mrs. J.M. Anderson  Name 1925-04-03-pg01
Hines, J.J. parents of Mrs. Milton Anderson (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-22-pg03
Hines, J.J., Rev. Name 1910-06-17-pg04
Hines, J.T. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Hines, Joe & sister, Mrs. Frank Turner (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-22-pg03
Hiring Teachers for Rural Schools Story 1915-05-21-pg02
Holder, Cam Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Holt, A.T., Plumbing  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg04
Holt, Buck, teacher Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Holt, Mamei/Lee Campbell Wedding 1915-05-21-pg01
Holt, Perry Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Holt, Robert - 59 at family reunion  Story 1925-09-11-pg01
Holt, W.M., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Home Bakery  Advertisement 1925-09-04-pg02
Home Bakery - Fruit Cake Time  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg06
Home Encampment Week at Joe Wheeler Park in Decatur  Story 1925-07-17-pg02
Hooper's Tetter-Rem - cures all skin diseases  Advertisement 1925-04-10-pg03
Hopson, Rob, Mrs. Name 1916-11-03-pg01
House, Frank, brother of Elbert & Miss Buena House  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
House, Frank, Postmaster of Bridgeport  Name 1925-03-20-pg04
House, Frank, Postmaster to get raise  Story 1925-04-03-pg03
House, J. Frank & sisters, Trula & Nettie Name 1925-05-22-pg04
Hubbard, Charles H., Judge Obituary 1925-03-20-pg02
Huddleston, Doctor of Newark Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Hudson, Ernest  Name 1939-12-15-pg01
Hudson, R.M., Mr. & Mrs. of Springtown Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Huff, Lula Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Hughes, A.C., broke arm at Alvord skating rink Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Hughes, Henry, death of daughter & granddaughter  Name 1925-05-22-pg04
Hughes, W.M., Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Hunter, Bro. Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Hunter, Charlie, Mrs., sister of L.L. Nately  Name 1939-12-15-pg02
Hutcheson, Manager of A.B. Conley Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Hutchison, Ethel - hemstitching  Advertisement 1925-04-03-pg01
Hutson, Grace/Luther Richardson  Wedding 1925-05-01-pg04
Hutto, Jack in old Panter's Furniture Store  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
Hutto, Jack, Dry Goods Business  Story 1925-09-11-pg04
Hyde, Tom Name 1915-05-21-pg04
I.S. Bogy & Co. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg03
Independent Telephone Co. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Ingram, Jay, of Decatur  Name 1925-04-24-pg04
Irving, Gilbert Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Irwin, Gilbert Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Itson, S.N./Dsha (Dasha) Welch  Wedding 1925-05-08-pg04
J.A. Summers & Co., Bridgeport Groceries Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
J.J.B. McCullar Lumber Co. Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
J.J.B. McCullar Lumber Co. Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Jack Rabbit Bounty-5 Cents Story 1915-05-21-pg02
Jackson, Henry Name 1910-10-21-pg07
James, T.L., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
James, T.L., Mr. & Mrs., R.B. Spencer Lumber Co. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
James, Thomas L., son of Lula McCracken Name 1910-06-17-pg03
James, Tommie, Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Jarvis, J.M. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Jarvis, J.M. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Jenkins, T.H. to teach school  Story 1925-09-04-pg04
Jenkins, T.H., brother of I.B. Jenkins  Name 1925-08-07-pg04
Jenkins, T.H./Lola Elliott  Wedding 1925-03-20-pg04
Jennings, Ida Hartsfield Obituary 1916-11-03-pg01
Jennings, Thomas Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Jennings, W.A., Dr. Name 1910-06-17-pg04
Jermyn, J.J., of the Gulf, TX & Western Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Jeter, A.B. Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Jeter, A.B. - 64 at family reunion  Story 1925-08-07-pg04
Jeter, A.B. & garnddaus. Vivian Mae Crawford & Freddie Mae Perry  Name 1925-07-31-pg04
Jeter, Pollard, School Trustee  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Jeter, Vernon Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Jeter, W.P., Mrs.  Name 1939-12-15-pg04
Job, J.D., Eld. of Bridgeport Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Joe Wheeler Park in Decatur Name 1910-06-10-pg08
John, Lisle, Miss, head of Eng Dept of Westmoorland College  Story 1925-09-18-pg01
John, W.H. & daughter Miss Lisle  Name 1925-11-27-pg08
John, W.H., Mr. & Mrs. & Julia  Name 1925-03-20-pg04
John, W.H., of the Bridgeport Coal Co. Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Johns, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Johnson Café  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Johnson, Bun Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg04
Johnson, Cone Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Johnson, S.B., Rev., brother of Mrs. D.M. Munn Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Johnson, W.O. & sister, Mrs. R.A. Herring  Name 1925-07-10-pg01
Johnston, J.R. & daughter Opal  Name 1925-05-29-pg04
Johnston, Lucy Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Johnston, M.L. Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Johnston, R.L., Mr., cousin of George Fancisco  Name 1925-04-24-pg01
Jones Dry Goods Co. Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Jones Dry Goods Co. Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Jones Dry Goods quitting business sale Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg01
Jones Dry Goods quitting business sale Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Jones, C.C., of Wichita Falls owns 2 stores on Hallsell St  Story 1925-05-29-pg01
Jones, C.E., Dry Goods Store, Chico - robbed  Story 1925-04-17-pg01
Jones, Corrine/Rush Roberts  Wedding 1925-03-20-pg01
Jones, Corrine/Rush Roberts  Wedding 1925-03-20-pg04
Jones, daughter of Andy  Birth 1939-12-15-pg01
Jones, Dr. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Jones, Edna, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Jones, Edna, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Jones, Edna, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Jones, Ernest - Fordson Tractor Training School in Dallas  Story 1925-09-18-pg02
Jones, Frank of Keeter & sons Will and Oscar Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Jones, May/Clarence Birdwell Wedding 1910-10-21-pg07
Jones, Oscar, son of Frank Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Jones, Paul, of Chico Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Jones, Will, son of Frank Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Kaker Block brickwork complete Event 1910-06-10-pg05
Kaker Bros. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Kaker Brothers Hardware - Sherwin-Williams Paints  Advertisement 1925-05-22-pg01
Kaker, Irma Frances - recital Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Kaker, J.A., Bank Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Kaker, J.A., Bank Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Kaker, John  Obituary 1925-07-31-pg01
Kaker, Lawson, Mrs., mother of Irma Bailey Name 1925-05-01-pg01
Kaker, S.A., owner of Bridgeport Mill  Story 1939-12-15-pg04
Kearney, Miss, Millinery Store  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
Kellar, K.F. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Kelley, J.H. and family d  Name 1925-05-01-pg04
Kelley, Ottis, Mrs.  Name 1925-05-01-pg04
Kelsay, C.W., Mrs.  Name 1925-04-03-pg01
Kemp, Mr. & Mrs. Moved into Reuben Martin's place  Name 1939-12-15-pg04
Kendall & Henderson, Dry Goods, Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Kendall, I.M. Name 1910-06-10-pg01
Kendall, I.M. - buys Masonic building  Story 1925-04-03-pg03
Kendall, I.M., Mr. & Mrs.  Name 1925-04-03-pg01
Kendall, I.M., Mr. & Mrs.  Name 1925-04-24-pg06
Kendall's Dry Goods Store, history from 1907  Story 1939-12-15-pg02
Kendrick, Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Kendrick, Red, Prop. Kendrick Camp - boats & minnows  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg03
Kent, J.R. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Kent, Russell Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Keown, Grant Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Kiehl, John  Obituary 1925-03-27-pg02
Kilgore, E.G., Bro. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Kincannon, Nina, mother of Henry  Name 1925-12-18-pg06
Kinnebrew, Lois, Mrs, daughter of H.H. Hardin Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Kirkpatrick, L.D. Name 1910-06-10-pg01
Kirkpatrick, L.D. & daughter, Mrs. Lee Mott  Name 1925-09-11-pg04
Kirkpatrick, L.D. & nephews Charles Caldwell & Howard Balck  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Kirkpatrick, L.D. is moving to the Miller house (20 yrs ago)  Name 1925-05-22-pg03
Kirkpatrick, L.D., Cashier Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg04
Kirkpatrick, L.D., Cashier Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Kirkpatrick, L.D., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Kirkpatrick, L.D., Mr. & Mrs. & daughter Mrs. Lee Mott  Name 1925-04-03-pg01
Kirkpatrick, M.B., Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Kirkpatrick, Mr. Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Klein, Father Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Knights of Pythias Hall Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Knights of Pythias lodge Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Koeninger, J.F., moved into Helm place  Name 1925-09-18-pg01
Kone, Ed R. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Koons, G.C. & son, Ray  Name 1925-04-24-pg06
Koons, G.C. buys W.S. Slover farm  Name 1925-05-29-pg04
Koons, Perry, shooting of young folks in Wheeler County  Story 1925-09-18-pg01
Krugle, Mrs. - to put in bakery in Mrs. Clay's rock building  Story 1925-08-07-pg01
Laff-a-Lots Meeting  Story 1925-09-18-pg01
Lake Bridgeport Project  Story 1925-05-22-pg02
Lamn, E.F. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Lamons, S.M., Editor of the Index  Name 1939-12-15-pg03
Land of the Turk Story 1915-05-21-pg02
Landers, Dovie, Mrs. & son Master Robert of Rockdale Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Lane, W.H., father of Mrs. Carl Arnold  Name 1925-05-22-pg01
Lane, W.H., Mr. & Mrs., parents of Mrs. Joseph Vanvetterman Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Largent, Cora, aunt of Mrs. T.S. Pate  Obituary 1939-12-15-pg01
Largent, Jewell Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Largent, Vol Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Lefors, Bedford of Charco Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Leonard Bros Store, Fort Worth  Advertisement 1925-04-10-pg03
Leonard, Earnest Obituary 1910-06-17-pg03
Leonard, Earnest died at home of L.R. Smith Obituary 1910-06-17-pg03
Leonard, H.G. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Leonard, H.G. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Leonard, H.G., Cashier Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Leonard, H.G., Cashier Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Leonard, H.G., father of Edgar Leonard  Name 1925-07-31-pg04
Leonard, H.G., Pres. First National Bank  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
Leonard, Robert, Bookkeeper for First National Bank  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Leverett, T.J. Obituary 1925-09-04-pg01
Lewis, Mr., high school band director  Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Light & Power Co. - new 24 hour service  Story 1925-04-10-pg01
Lightfoot, Sam Lillard Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Lillard Milling Co., Pride of Texas Flour  Advertisement 1925-09-04-pg04
Lillard, J.F., Superintendent of Bridgeport Brick Co. Name 1925-09-11-pg04
Lillard, Margrete Ann, daughter of Jack Lillard Birth 1925-09-11-pg04
Lillard, Steve A. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Lindley, M.A., Mrs. & sister, Mrs. W.W. McClister  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Lindsey, Loutie, Wife of W.J. Mann Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Lipps, T.H.  Name 1925-04-03-pg03
Lipps, T.H. & wife, Frances Margaret Boyd  Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Littlepage, Helen, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Littlepage, Noel, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Lobdell, City Attourney Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Lobdell, H.E. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Lone Star Gas Co.  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Long, Bobbie, Uncle Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Long, Charles father of Willis Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Long, W.A. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Long, Willis Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Longley, W.R., of Bridgeport Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Love, County Agent - meeting about prize money  Story 1925-04-17-pg01
Lovell, F., Mrs., of Boyd, Sister of Lee Ramsey Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Lovell, Miss Ruth & Masters Gaddy & Chandler Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Lowry, Homer F., Prop. Bridgeport Commercial Collage Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg01
Lundquist, A.W.B., Optician Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Lyle, F.W., Mrs., sister of Mrs. R.M. Hudson Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Lyle, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Lynch, J.P. of Chico  Name 1925-05-22-pg01
Mack's Shoe Store - big apron sale  Advertisement 1925-04-24-pg06
Mack's Shoe Store - Christmas 1939 sale  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg04
Mack's Shoe Store - Insured Trunk & Arrow Brand Hosiery  Advertisement 1925-04-10-pg04
Mack's Shoe Store - New Fall Line  Advertisement 1925-09-18-pg01
Mack's Shoe Store in the Weaver building  Story 1925-03-20-pg01
Mack's Shoe Store opening after Nov fire  Story 1925-03-27-pg01
Mack's Shoe Store sale  Story 1925-04-03-pg03
Mack's Show Store - page ad  Advertisement 1925-04-03-pg04
Mack's Show Store - too much Gingham & Voil  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg04
Maddox, Emma D., Secy of Eastern Star Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Maddux, J.A., Mr. & Mrs. & son, Capt H.B. Maddux  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
Man, Howard, of Decatur  Story 1925-04-24-pg04
Mann & Johnson, Paradise - Hardware, Undertakers' Supplies, Etc Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg04
Mann, Allie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Mann, Allie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Mann, Bessie Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Mann, E.L., Tungsten electric lamps Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Mann, G.W., of Balsora Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Mann, J. Lee Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg04
Mann, James, Father of W.J. Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Mann, Sheriff Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Mann, Tom Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Mann, W.J. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Mann, W.J. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Mann, William James 'Bill' 'W.J.' Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Mann, William James 'Bill' 'W.J.' Picture 1915-05-21-pg01
Mann, William James 'Bill' 'W.J.'-cont. Story 1915-05-21-pg02
Marshall, G.M. & wife Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Martin, Chessie, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Martin, D.A., Mrs., sewing in home Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Martin, J.B. of Salk Creek Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Martin, J.C., Mrs. & babe of Itasca Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Mask & Pate, barbers Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Mask, M.P. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Mask, M.P. - home on Halsell to be finished in June  Story 1925-04-10-pg04
Mask, Mack Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Mask, Mack, new home  Story 1925-03-20-pg02
Mask, Mr. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Mask, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Mask, Whitt of Oakdale, near Gibtown Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Massengale, J.C. - Nor-Goss store  Story 1925-09-04-pg01
Massingale, J.C. sold interest in Nor-Goss Confectionery  Story 1925-11-27-pg08
Matar, P.S.  Name 1925-05-01-pg04
Matar, P.S., home from hospital  Story 1925-09-11-pg04
Matheson, G.M.D., County Assessor  Name 1925-03-27-pg04
Matsinger, Mrs., sister of Margaret Collier Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Mattress factory coming  Story 1925-04-10-pg04
Mayo, S.H. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg07
McAfee, Carlton Name 1915-05-21-pg04
McAfee, T.J., Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Jack Lillard Name 1925-03-27-pg04
McAnear, A.V. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
McCain, G.R. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
McClain, G.R., brother of Jasper Name 1910-06-17-pg03
McClain, Jasper, brother of G.R. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
McClary, George & son, Willis Hayes - returned home on the Rocket  Name 1939-12-15-pg01
McClung, A.D. - Safety hatch incubator for sale  Advertisement 1925-04-17-pg04
McClung, Marvin & A.D.  Name 1925-03-27-pg04
McConnell, Prof. & Mrs. W.J., of Van Horn Name 1910-06-10-pg01
McConnell, W.J., Prof. & Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
McCool, Alma, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
McCool, Alma, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
McCool, Alma, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg07
McCool, George, of Keeter Name 1910-10-21-pg07
McCord, J.J.  Name 1925-12-18-pg01
McCracken, G. F. 'Dee' Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
McCracken, G. F. 'Dee' Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
McCracken, Lula, Mrs. & daughter Pearl of Springtown Name 1910-06-17-pg03
McCracken, Lula, Mrs., mother of Thomas L. James Name 1910-06-17-pg03
McCullar, F.L. Name 1910-06-10-pg01
McCullar, J.J.B., Lumber Co. Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
McCullar, J.J.B., Lumber Co., Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
McCullar, J.J.B., Lumber Co., Bridgeport Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg04
McCune's Drug Co.- Shaw Bro. Ice Cream Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
McCune's Drug Co.- The Nyal Store Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
McDaniel, J.H. Obituary 1915-05-21-pg04
McDonald, Daniel, father of Dr. N.F.  Obituary 1925-04-24-pg06
McDonald, son of N.F.  Birth 1925-09-11-pg04
McDonald, W.W. Name 1910-06-10-pg05
McElroy, Lola, Miss/Jesse Hays Wedding 1910-10-21-pg08
McKeehan, C.E. & family - cotton mills at Bowie  Story 1925-07-17-pg01
McKeehan, J.C., Mrs.  Name 1925-03-20-pg01
McKeehan, J.C., Mrs. Mother of Mrs. J.D. Peeler  Name 1925-05-29-pg01
McKeehan, Mrs., mother of Mrs. J.D. Peeler  Name 1925-08-07-pg04
McKenzie, J.S. Name 1910-06-10-pg01
McKenzie, J.S. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
McKenzie, J.S. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
McKenzie, J.S. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
McKenzie, J.S. - Racket Goods & Furniture  Advertisement 1925-12-18-pg05
McKenzie, J.S. Store  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg03
McKenzie, J.S., Mrs. & Neice, Mrs. Alvin Rains  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
McKenzie, J.S., Nickel Store  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg03
McKenzie, T.A. 'Audy' Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
McKenzie, T.A. 'Audy' Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
McKenzie, W.H. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
McWain, D.C., Mrs., sister of Pearl Norman Name 1910-06-10-pg05
McWain, D.G. Name 1910-06-10-pg05
McWain, D.G., prop. of the Alamo Theater Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg01
McWain, D.G., prop. of the Alamo Theater Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg01
McWain, D.G., prop. of the Alamo Theater Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Medlin, M.  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Meek, R.C.  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
Meek, Walter of Decatur Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Methodist Church conference-list  Story 1925-05-01-pg04
Methodist Church Revival  Story 1925-07-31-pg04
Milk Station to open again under the TN Dairies at Dallas Story 1925-07-17-pg01
Miller, Edward Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Miller, Luke, Mrs., sister of W.A. Sensibaugh  Obituary 1925-09-11-pg01
Miller, P.W. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Miller, W.A., cousin of S.D. Copeland Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Miller, W.F. of Deep Creek, father of Mrs. Willie Morrell Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Milligan, Tom F., of Greenwood Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Mineral Wells, famous health resort  Story 1925-07-10-pg03
Miners have gone to Thurber to work Event 1910-06-17-pg04
Mines have not resumed work Event 1910-06-17-pg04
Mitchell, H.F., building railroad from Weatherford Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Montford, A.H. Name 1910-06-10-pg01
Montford, A.H. drug service Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg05
Montford, A.H., Druggist Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg02
Montford, A.H., Druggist Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Montford, A.H., Druggist Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Montford's fountain Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg06
Montgomery, W.A., Mrs., daughter of Rev. & Mrs. A.D. Roberts  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
Montgomery, W.A., Mrs., daughter of Rev. & Mrs. A.D. Roberts  Name 1925-07-31-pg04
Montrief, J.V., Mrs. & mother, Mrs. M.B. Weakley  Name 1925-07-31-pg01
Moody, E.L., Pastor  Name 1925-03-20-pg01
Mooney, M.A., Mrs. - 50 acres for oil lease  Advertisement 1925-09-11-pg03
Moore, Brother Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Moore, D.F. of South Allen St in Boyd Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Moore, D.F., Jeweler and Optician, Boyd Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg07
Moore, D.F., Mrs., sister of Mrs. Ruth Warren Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Moore, E.B. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Moore, J.A. 'Ab' Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Moore, J.A. 'Ab' Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Moore, W.F. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Moose, Myrtle Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Moreland, R.B., Rev. Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Moreno, Charlie Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Morocco Parchment Bond Paper Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg08
Morocco Parchment Bond Paper Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg03
Morrell, Willie, Mrs., daughter of W.F. Miller Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Morris Mercantile Co., Chico - robbed  Story 1925-04-17-pg01
Morris, A.P. & motherless son & daughter of Odell Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Morris, R.L., of Chico  Name 1925-03-27-pg02
Morris, T.H., Pastor Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Morris, T.H., Pastor Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Morton & Davis Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Morton, Dug Obituary 1915-05-21-pg01
Morton, Grandpa Obituary 1915-05-21-pg03
Morton, Luke Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Mott & Gilmore - Cackelo Poultry Feed & Milkelo Dairy Feed  Advertisement 1925-11-27-pg06
Mott, A.J., Barber Shop  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg02
Mountain View Hotel of Vineyard Fire Event 1910-06-10-pg04
Moyer, Mr., of Decatur  Story 1925-04-24-pg04
Mulinax, J.O., Mr. & Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Munn & Portwood, Agents Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg07
Munn, D.M., of Lucky Ridge Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Munn, W.E., of Boyd Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Murphy, J.A., father of Mrs. J.A. Leonard  Name 1925-12-18-pg06
Murphy, J.E., Bank Director Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Muse, Ada, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Muse, Ada, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Muse, Ada, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Muse, J.T., Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Muse, Lillian Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Myers' Variety in Dr. Funk building  Story 1925-03-20-pg01
Myers Variety Store  Advertisement 1925-09-04-pg04
Myers' Variety Store - candy  Advertisement 1925-04-03-pg03
Myers, Leaty, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Myers, R.S. & relatives  Name 1925-04-03-pg03
National Mazda Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg03
National Theatre  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg01
National Theatre - $5 gold piece to winning ticket  Advertisement 1925-06-26-pg01
National Theatre - Paramount Week  Advertisement 1925-09-04-pg04
Neal, J.A. Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Neal, J.A. Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Neal, J.W. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Neel, Agnes, Miss, graduated from D.B.C.  Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Neel, Agnes, Miss, of Decatur Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Neel, Blanche, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Neel, J.E., General Merchandise, Boyd Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg02
Neel, J.E., General Merchandise, Boyd Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Neel, J.E., wife and daughter, Blanche Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Neel, V.H. Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Neel, Velma, Miss, of Decatur Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Neil, J.W. Name 1910-06-10-pg03
NeSmith, W.W. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
NeSmith, W.W., Rev. & Mrs.  Name 1925-03-20-pg01
NeSmith, W.W., Rev. & Mrs. Parents of Mrs. J.P. Lynch  Name 1925-05-22-pg01
Nesmith, W.W., Rev., of Chico Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Newsom, J.C., sold interest in West Side Store Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Newsom, J.W., bought interest in West Side Store Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Nix, Sibyl/Myerl Anderson  Wedding 1925-03-27-pg02
Nobles, Victor, Principal of Megargel School Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Nobles, Victor, Teacher at Audubon Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Nor-Goss Confectionery  Advertisement 1925-04-03-pg02
Nor-Goss Confectionery - Bargain Days in toilet articles  Advertisement 1925-07-31-pg04
Nor-Goss Confectionery - Easter candy & Ice Cream  Advertisement 1925-04-10-pg04
Nor-Goss Confectionery - interior improvements  Story 1925-05-01-pg01
Nor-Goss Confectionery - Laurene Toilet articles  Advertisement 1925-05-08-pg04
Nor-Goss sells to Handley & Massengale  Story 1925-09-04-pg01
Norman, E.L., of Balsora Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Norman, Kate, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Norman, Kate, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Norman, Pearl, Miss, sister of Mrs. McWain Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Norwood, D.M., Editor of Index  Name 1925-03-20-pg02
Norwood, D.M., Mrs. & sister, Mrs. John Haynes  Name 1925-04-03-pg01
Norwood, Jack, Mrs.  Story 1925-04-03-pg03
Norwood, Louise, Miss  Name 1925-03-27-pg04
Nunnally, C.K. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Nunnally, C.K. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Nye, Edwin A. Name 1910-10-21-pg01
Oil development-blocking of acreage  Story 1925-03-27-pg02
Oil drilling to start - Castleberry No.1 & Hoyle well  Story 1925-07-31-pg01
Oil Prospects Getting Better Story 1925-07-17-pg01
Oil Well for Bridgeport  Story 1925-03-20-pg02
Oil well, Castleberry No.1, drilling continues  Story 1925-09-04-pg01
Old Town's Building Program-Burned District  Story 1925-03-20-pg02
Oliver Creek Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Operetta "Princess Snowwhite" Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Owen, L.C., owner of Ice Plant  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
P.A. Boaz Store Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Palmer, T.J. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg08
Panhandle Telephone Co. - rooms over bank for rent  Advertisement 1925-08-07-pg02
Panter, W.M., patents of Mrs. R.W. Bolton  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Panter, W.R. - sells Monitor windmill  Advertisement 1925-04-17-pg01
Panter's Furniture Store in Hardy Building  Story 1925-03-20-pg01
Park Springs Bank Robbery Attempt  Story 1925-04-17-pg01
Parrish, Jack, Produce House west of track  Advertisement 1925-12-18-pg05
Paschall, E.L.  Name 1925-04-10-pg04
Paschall, E.L., Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Paschall, E.L., Mrs. - Rhode Island Red eggs  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg04
Paschall, Ed Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Paschall, J.T., Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Paschall, R.A. 'Rob' Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Paschall, R.A. 'Rob' Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Paschall, W.D. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Paschall, W.D. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Pate, Lula, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Pate, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Pate, Sinkler Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Pate, W.H. restaurant will be closed for 15 days Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg05
Pate, W.H. restaurant will be closed for 15 days Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Patterson, Mabel, Miss sister of W.C. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Patterson, W.C. and sister, Miss Mabel Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Patterson, W.G., Mr. & Mrs. Parents of Ida Cade & Mrs. Charles Fee Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Patterson, W.G., Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Pearson & Franks, Paradise Hardware Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Pearson, Buster Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Pearson, Jeff Lee sold farm to Oscar Clark Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Pearson, W.J. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg05
Pearson, W.J., of Paradise Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Peden, Knox Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Peden, Pearl Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Perkins, Mattie, Wife of W.J. Mann Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Perkins-Timberlake Co., Decatur  Advertisement 1925-07-10-pg06
Peters Diamond Brand Shoes, St. Louis Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg06
Peterson, Walter A.  Obituary 1925-11-27-pg08
Pete's Shoe Store  Advertisement 1925-07-10-pg01
Petty, Earl to attend Summer Normal at Denton Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Phillips, Addie, sister of Mrs. J.O. Kelley  Name 1925-12-18-pg03
Phillips, Bettie Jane (infant of Mrs. & Mrs. W.L.)  Obituary 1925-05-29-pg04
Phillips, J.C., Mrs., sister of Mrs. J.V. Reasoner  Name 1925-07-17-pg04
Phillips, Walter  Name 1925-03-27-pg04
Piano Contest, $400 Hamilton Piano Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Pillers, A.J., of Alvord Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Pockrus, W.D., Owner of Pockrus Place, boats & minnows  Advertisement 1939-12-15-pg02
Poindexter, J.G., Physician & Surgeon Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg04
Poland China-Tamworth cross hogs Article 1910-06-10-pg07
Ponder, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Poore, B.B. Advertisement 1916-11-03-pg01
Poore, B.B. - Headquarters for Real Gifts  Advertisement 1925-12-18-pg05
Poore, B.B. & Miss Ora Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Poore, B.B., Jeweler and Optician Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg02
Poore, B.B., Jeweler and Optician Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg04
Poore, B.B., Jeweler and Optician Advertisement 1910-06-17-pg02
Poore, B.B., Jeweler and Optician Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg02
Poore, Cleo, Miss, birthday party - list attending  Story 1939-12-15-pg01
Poore, Daughter of B.B./Eugene F. Clark Wedding 1916-11-03-pg01
Poore, Ora, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Poore, Ora, Miss Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Poore, Ora, Miss Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Pope, A.L., Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Pope, R.A. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Porter, Eld. of Alvord Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Porter, L.C., father of Mrs. Annie Brown Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Portwood, J.M. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Portwood, J.M. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Portwood, J.M. & granddaughter Mattie Davis Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Portwood, Setha, Mr. & Mrs. left for Snyder OK Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Power, D.L. - Estate by Alice Power  Name 1925-05-08-pg04
Power, G.H. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Power, G.H. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Power, Jess Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Powers, T.J., manager of Bridgeport Gin  Story 1939-12-15-pg03
Preskitt, Loyd Story 1915-05-21-pg04
Price, J.T., Mr. & Mrs., parents of J. Riley Price Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Prickly Ash Bitters Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg03
Princess Snowwhite operetta at the Alamo Theater Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Procter, Ayleen, Miss Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Procter, Edgar Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Procter, Edgar Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg03
Procter, Edgar Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Procter, Edgar and sons Spencer and Louis Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Procter, Edgar, Index Asso. Editor Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Procter, Edgar, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Procter, J.S. Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg03
Procter, J.S. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Procter, J.S., Editor of Boyd Index office Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Procter, J.S., Editor of Boyd Index office Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Procter, J.S., Index Asso. Editor Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Procter, Mr. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Procter, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Procter, Orion Name 1910-06-10-pg01
Procter, Orion, former owner of paper  Story 1925-06-26-pg04
Procter, Orion, Index Editor Name 1910-06-10-pg04
Procter, Orion, Index Editor Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg03
Procter, Orion, Secretery of Masons Story 1915-05-21-pg01
Prunty, John V., dentist at Boyd Advertisement 1910-06-10-pg08
Prunty, John V., dentist at Boyd Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Prunty, John V., dentist at Boyd Advertisement 1910-10-21-pg07
Pyatt, Bro. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Pyatt, Elsie Name 1910-06-10-pg07
Pyatt, J.B., Rev. Name 1910-06-10-pg05
Pyatt, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Pyatt, Pastor of the Baptist Church Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Ragland, J.W. of Alvord Name 1910-06-17-pg04
Ragsdale, Mr. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Ramsey, Lee, of Newark, brother of Mrs. F. Lovell Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Ran, Paul, of Decatur  Name 1925-03-20-pg02
Randall, F.P. Name 1910-06-10-pg01
Ratliff, C.F., Mrs., mother of Mrs. Dovie Landers Name 1910-06-17-pg03
Ratliff, C.T., Mrs., sister of Arthur Stanford Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Ratliff, G.C., relatives of Rev. & Mrs. W.W. NeSmith  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Ratliff, Harry/Lillie Earley Wedding 1910-10-21-pg07
Ratliff, L.D. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Ratliff, L.D. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Ratliff, L.D. Name 1915-05-21-pg04
Ratliff, R.T., owner of Clover Farm Store since 1936  Story 1939-12-15-pg02
Raven, Alton -College of pharmacy in Little Rock  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Raven, Alton, to be Pharmacist in Throckmorton  Name 1925-09-11-pg01
Raven, G.J., & son, Oscar and other relatives  Name 1925-09-11-pg04
Raven, G.J., aunt of Sterling Leverett  Name 1939-12-15-pg02
Raven, George, Mrs., sister of T.J. Leverett  Name 1925-09-04-pg01
Ray, T.L. Polictical 1910-06-10-pg06
Ray, T.L. Polictical 1910-06-17-pg06
Ray, Tran, night watchman & bread wholesale  Name 1925-05-29-pg04
Rayborn, S.E., Mrs., rooms for rent  Advertisement 1925-04-03-pg01
Rayborn, Sallie & relatives  Name 1925-04-03-pg03
Rayborn, Sallie, Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg02
Rayborn, Sallie, Mrs. Name 1910-06-10-pg03
Rayborn, Sallie, Mrs. Name 1910-06-17-pg02
Rayborn, Sallie, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Read, Carl, Dr., Dentist  Advertisement 1925-03-20-pg02
Read, Carl, Mrs. & brother, C.W. Pearson  Name 1925-04-17-pg04
Read, Will, Mr. & Mrs. Name 1915-05-21-pg03
Reddell, D.F. Name 1910-06-17-pg05
Reddell, D.F. Letter 1910-10-21-pg03
Reddell, Rev. of Bridgeport Baptist Church Name 1916-11-03-pg01
Redford, Dr. Name 1910-10-21-pg07
Redford, W.E., Dr. Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Redford, W.E., Trustee Boyd School Name 1910-06-10-pg08
Reed, Carl, Mrs. & mother Mrs. W.J. Pearson  Name 1925-06-26-pg04
Reed, H.M., Rev. Name 1910-10-21-pg08
Reed, Herman Name 1910-06-17-pg04
Reed, Herman Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Reed, Mrs. Name 1910-10-21-pg06
Reeder, R.C. Advertisement 1915-05-21-pg04
Reeves, A.D. Name 1910-06-17-pg01
Reeves, Doctor of Decatur Name