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Many books and documents were saved digitally and are available 
Below are links to lists and some information that is online.

 Newspapers Searchable PDFs are available for all newspapers.
Name indexes with information. Over 100,000 names in indexes online.
 High School
Information about some local schools. (Many school pictures are online or saved digitally).
School census names, ledger books and census cards are avialable.
school yearbooks are online with names indexed. 
 DBC Yearbooks Pages of the Decatur Baptist College yearbooks with linking names index are online.
 Books Lists of over 6,000 books available in the museum archive. (So sorry. Most of these books were lost in the fire.)
 Family Files List of the over 2,000 family files available (All saved digitally).
 Obituaries List of obituary names in the museum files (All saved digitally).

Please come to, or contact us, for more information. The address of our temporary office is 114 E. Main, one block east of the Decatur square.

Perrin-Whitt School Yearbooks + Bryson School Yearbooks + Jacksboro School Yearbooks 1980-2015 (Jack County) are also on these pages and will be searched with this searcher. links to these yearbooks.

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