Obituaries & Funeral Notices
Newspaper Clippings and Funeral Notices

    Over 25,000 local obituaries and funeral announcements have been pasted on cards and filed by employees and volunteers since the late 1960's. These are in file cabinets, and also have recently been photographed and updated to include 2015 by employee, Jack Gainer.
The following obituaries/funeral notices are available at the museum. The names may be listed several times as the obituary may have been in several different local newspapers. Some maiden names (if known) have parenthesis around them. The year of death follows the name.
Contact the museum for images of these obituaries

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The following list is some of the newspapers collected.
The name of the paper (if known) may be abbreviated on the clipping

Alvord Gazette - 'Gazette'
Alvord News
Austin American Statesman
Boyd Banner
Bridgeport Index
- 'Index'
Chico Review became the Chico Texan -'Texan'
Denton Record Chronicle
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Southern Wise Times
Springtown Telegram
Wise County Messenger
- 'Messenger' or 'WCM'
Wise County Shopper - 'Shopper'
Wise Times - 'Times'