Jack County, North Texas
Index  of Perrin School Yearbooks
1979 (not all years-37 years)

Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(14,293 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
Index before 1955 by E. Lynn Wright of Scottsdale AZ lynn.wright@cox.net 
Index after 1954 by Sue Tackel - Report problems or corrections to Sue@JackCoTX.com
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

1918 Cover Missing     Cover Missing     1918-0001
1939 "The Pirate's Treasure Chest" Cover                    Copy of Cover         1939-0005
1942 "Pirate Review" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1942-0001
1946 "Treasure Chest" Cover         Picture of Cover         1946-0001
1947 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1947-0001
1948 "The Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1948-0001
1949 "The Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1949-0001
1950 "The Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1950-0001
1951 "The Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1951-0001
1952 Cover Missing     Cover Missing     1952-0001
1953 Cover Missing     Cover Missing     1953-0001
1954 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1954-0001
1955 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1955-0001
1956 "The Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1956-0001
1957 "The Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1957-0001
1958 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1958-0001
1959 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1959-0001
1960 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1960-0001
1961 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1961-0001
1962 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1962-0001
1963 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1963-0001
1964 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1964-0001
1965 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1965-0001
1966 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1966-0001
1967 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1967-0001
1968 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1968-0001
1969 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1969-0001
1970 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1970-0001
1971 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1971-0001
1972 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1972-0001
1973 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1973-0001
1974 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1974-0001
1975 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1975-0001
1976 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1976-0001
1977 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1977-0001
1978 "The Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1978-0001
1979 "Pirate" Cover                    Picture of Cover         1979-0001
4-H Club                    Picture, Group         1947-0107
A&P Food Store                    Advertisement           1942-0085
A.L. Cranford Fertilizer                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0099
A.L. Cranford Fertilizer                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0107
A.L. Cranford Fertilizer                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0109
A.L. Cranford Fertilizer                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0132
Aaron, Edwin         Faculty Picture        1967-0016
Aaron, Edwin         2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Aaron, Edwin         Coach Picture        1967-0075
Abernathie, David         1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Abernathie, David         2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Abernathie, David         3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Abernathie, David         4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Abernathie, David         Favorites Picture        1967-0037
Abernathie, David         5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Abernathie, David         6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Abernathie, David         7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Abernathie, David         8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Abernathie, David         Football Picture        1971-0059
Abernathie, David         Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Abernathie, David                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0026
Abernathie, David         Junior Picture        1974-0031
Abernathie, David         Senior Picture        1975-0024
Abernathie, David         Favorites Picture        1975-0046
Abernathie, David         Favorites Picture        1975-0048
Abernathie, David         Award Picture        1975-0118
Abernathie, Doris          PTA Officer Picture                    1964-0059
Abernathie, E.B.             Picture, School Board                    1948-0019
Abernathie, E.B.             Picture, Board of Trustees                    1951-0021
Abernathie, E.B.             Picture, School Board                    1953-0012
Abernathie, E.L.             Picture, School Board                    1952-0019
Abernathie, Everett Lee                    Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0049
Abernathie, Everett Lee                    Picture, Annual Staff                    1949-0017
Abernathie, Everett Lee                    Picture, Junior         1949-0037
Abernathie, Everette     Picture, Basketball                      1949-0087
Abernathie, Everette     Annual Staff            1950-0013
Abernathie, Everette     Picture, Senior Boys Basketball  1950-0064
Abernathie, Everette L  Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Abernathie, Everette L  Picture, Most Popular Boy - Fresh          1947-0091
Abernathie, Everette L  Picture, Senior         1950-0021
Abernathie, Everette Lee                    Picture, Most Popular Boy                    1950-0052
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1965-0009
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1967-0010
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1968-0010
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1969-0011
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1971-0012
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1972-0014
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1973-0012
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1974-0017
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1975-0014
Abernathie, W.D.           School Board Picture                    1976-0034
Abernathie, W.D., Mrs.                    PTA Officer Picture                    1966-0064
Abernathie, Warren Drew                    School Board Picture                    1966-0011
Abernathie, Warren Drew                    School Board Picture                    1970-0014
Abshire, Jewell         6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Abshire, Jewell                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Abshire, Mona         Picture, 6th Grade          1954-0035
Abshire, Mona         7th Grade Picture        1955-0033
Abshire, Mona         8th Grade Picture        1956-0034
Abshire, Mona         Picture, Grade School Queen                    1950-0058
Abshire, Mona         Picture, 3rd Grade          1951-0071
Abshire, Mona         Picture, 4th Grade          1952-0063
Abshire, Monna       Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Abshire, Monna       Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Abshire, Monna       Picture, 5th Grade          1953-0037
Abshire, Monna       Freshman Picture        1957-0030
Abshire, Monna       Favorites Picture        1957-0053
Abshire, Monna                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0028
Abshire, Monna       Favorites Picture        1958-0056
Abshire, Monna       Junior Picture        1959-0024
Abshire, Mrs.            Room Mother Picture                    1959-0026
Abshire, Roy, Mrs.  Mothers Club Officer                    1959-0055
Abshire, Velda          Mother's Club Officer Picture                    1960-0061
Activities                    Sketch                    1942-0051
Adams, Alice           Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Adams, Alice           Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Adams, James         8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Adams, Jerry           Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Adams, Jerry           Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Adams, Jerry           Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Adams, Jerry           Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Adams, Jerry           Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Adams, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Adams, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Adams, Mary          Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Adams, Mary          Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Adams, Mary Alice                    Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Adams, Mary Alice                    8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Adams, Sue             Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Adams, Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0026
Adams, Sue             Junior Picture        1958-0024
Adkins Conoco One-Stop, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0096
Adkins Conoco One-Stop, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0112
Adkins One-Stop, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0087
Adkins, Terri            7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Administration              Cover sheet          1942-0007
Advertising                  Sketch                    1942-0067
Agee, Forrest       Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Agriculture Building     Picture                    1951-0017
Agriculture building     Picture of Building     1960-0006
Akins Pontiac                    Advertisement           1954-0081
Akins, Terrie          6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Alcorn, Angela       1st Grade Picture        1974-0051
Alcorn, Angela       2nd Grade Picture        1975-0041
Alcorn, Angela       3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Alcorn, Angela       4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Alcorn, Angela       6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Alcorn, Belle           3rd Grade                     1918-0021
Alcorn, Beth            Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Alcorn, Beth            Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Alcorn, Beth            Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Alcorn, Beth            Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Alcorn, Billy            1st Grade Picture        1957-0041
Alcorn, Billy            2nd Grade Picture        1958-0042
Alcorn, Billy            3rd Grade Picture        1959-0041
Alcorn, Billy            3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Alcorn, Billy            4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Alcorn, Billy            5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Alcorn, Billy            8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Alcorn, Billy            Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Alcorn, Billy            Class Officer Picture                    1967-0024
Alcorn, Billy            Favorites Picture        1967-0024
Alcorn, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0025
Alcorn, Billy            Favorites Picture        1968-0020
Alcorn, Billy            Junior Picture        1968-0021
Alcorn, Billy            Favorites Picture        1968-0037
Alcorn, Billy            Class Officer Picture                    1969-0020
Alcorn, Billy            Senior Picture        1969-0021
Alcorn, Billy            Favorites Picture        1969-0050
Alcorn, Billy            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0104
Alcorn, Billy M.      6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Alcorn, Billy M.      7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Alcorn, Charles       Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
Alcorn, Charles       Picture, 8th Grade          1948-0071
Alcorn, Della           Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Alcorn, Della           8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Alcorn, Della           Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Alcorn, Della                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0028
Alcorn, Della           Junior Picture        1960-0024
Alcorn, Della           Senior Picture        1961-0018
Alcorn, Della Beth  6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Alcorn, Della Beth  7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Alcorn, Don            Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Alcorn, Don            Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Alcorn, Don            Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Alcorn, Don            Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Alcorn, Don            Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Alcorn, Don            Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Alcorn, Don                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0026
Alcorn, Don            Favorites Picture        1956-0053
Alcorn, Don            Junior Picture        1957-0022
Alcorn, Don            Senior Picture        1958-0016
Alcorn, Don            King Picture        1958-0060
Alcorn, George       4th Grade                     1918-0021
Alcorn, Georgia Lee                    Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Alcorn, Georgie      Picture, Annual Staff                    1949-0017
Alcorn, Georgie      Picture, Senior         1949-0027
Alcorn, Georgie Lee                    2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Alcorn, Leona         6th Grade                    1918-0021
Alcorn, Linda          Picture, 1st Grade          1952-0065
Alcorn, Linda          Picture, 2nd Grade  1953-0042
Alcorn, Linda          Picture, 3rd Grade          1954-0038
Alcorn, Linda          4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Alcorn, Linda          5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Alcorn, Linda          6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Alcorn, Linda          7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Alcorn, Linda          8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Alcorn, Linda          Freshman Picture        1960-0032
Alcorn, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0032
Alcorn, Linda          Junior Picture        1962-0026
Alcorn, Linda          Senior Picture        1963-0014
Alcorn, Linda          Favorites Picture        1963-0046
Alcorn, Maude       Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1976-0035
Alcorn, Maude       Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1977-0011
Alcorn, Maude       Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1978-0020
Alcorn, Mrs.            Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1979-0012
Alcorn, Nell             2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Alcorn, Nell             Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Alcorn, Nell             Picture, Junior         1948-0043
Alcorn, Nell             Picture, Junior         1949-0037
Alcorn, Nell             Picture, Senior         1950-0021
Alcorn, Patsy          Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Alcorn, Patsy          Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Alcorn, Patsy          Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Alcorn, Patsy          Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Alcorn, Patsy          Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Alcorn, Patsy          Picture, Girls Basketball                    1951-0093
Alcorn, Patsy          Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0045
Alcorn, Patsy          Picture, Sophomore Favorite Girl              1952-0073
Alcorn, Ronald                    Kindergarten Picture  1977-0039
Alcorn, Ronald       1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Alcorn, Ronald       2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Alcorn, Thelma Jo  2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Alcorn, Thelma Jo  Group Picture        1939-0040
Alcorn, Thelma Jo  Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Alcorn, Thelma Jo  Picture, Senior         1949-0027
Aldon Nash Registered Polled Herefords                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0111
Alexander, Barbara      PTA Officer Picture                    1963-0053
Alexander, Bobby        5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Alexander, Bobby        Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Alexander, Bobby        7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Alexander, Bobby Chris                    6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Alexander, David         3rd Grade Picture        1962-0043
Alexander, David         4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Alexander, David         Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Alexander, David         5th Grade Picture        1964-0043
Alexander, Diane          4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Alexander, Diane          5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Alexander, Diane          6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Alexander, Florine        Picture, Annual Staff                    1952-0013
Alexander, Florine        Picture, Senior Class Officers                    1952-0027
Alexander, Florine Davis                    Picture, Senior         1952-0029
Alexander, Florine Dvis                    Picture, Senior Favorite Girl                    1952-0071
Alexander, Linda          1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Alexander, Linda          Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Alexander, Linda          2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Alfred W. Brisco, Sinclair Products                    Advertisement           1953-0103
Alldredge, Ellen           7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Alldredge, James         3rd Grade Picture        1971-0035
Alldredge, Johnny       4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Allen Melton       Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Allen Smith Texaco                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0121
Allen, Carol Sue             6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Allen, Dana           5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Allen, Dana           6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Allen, Dana           7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Allen, Dana           Favorites Picture        1977-0031
Allen, Dana           8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Allen, Doris Ruth Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Allen, Doris Ruth Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Allen, Doris Ruth Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Allen, Doris Ruth Senior Picture        1942-0015
Allen, Doris Ruth Award Picture        1942-0053
Allen, Doris Ruth Senior Play Cast            1942-0061
Allen, Gay                    Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Allen, Gay                    Senior Picture        1968-0018
Allen, Gay                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0092
Allen, Ila                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0028
Allen, Ila                    Junior Picture        1961-0028
Allen, Ila                    Senior Picture        1962-0018
Allen, Ilene                    Senior Picture        1942-0015
Allen, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0024
Allen, Jewell         Senior Picture        1939-0018
Allen, Jewell         Typing Class Group Picture                    1939-0046
Allen, Karon Gay 4th Grade Picture        1960-0040
Allen, Karon Gay 5th Grade Picture        1961-0043
Allen, Karon Gay 6th Grade Picture        1962-0040
Allen, Karon Gay 7th Grade Picture        1963-0035
Allen, Karon Gay 8th Grade Picture        1964-0040
Allen, Karon Gay Freshman Picture        1965-0026
Allen, Karon Gay                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0026
Allen, Karon Gay Junior Picture        1967-0023
Allen, Kay                    Class Officer Picture                    1966-0025
Allen, Kay                    Senior Picture        1968-0018
Allen, Kay                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0092
Allen, Kristi          3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Allen, Kristi          4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Allen, Kristi          Favorites Picture        1977-0040
Allen, Kristi          5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Allen, Kristie        2nd Grade Picture        1975-0041
Allen, Melton       Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Allen, Melton       Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Allen, Melton       6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Allen, Melton       7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Allen, Melton       Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Allen, Melton       Senior Picture        1961-0018
Allen, Melton       Favorites Picture        1961-0025
Allen, Melton       Beau Picture        1961-0059
Allen, Milton        8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Allen, Milton                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0028
Allen, Milton        Favorites Picture        1959-0030
Allen, Milton        Junior Picture        1960-0024
Allen, Milton        King Picture        1960-0050
Allen, Myrtis        Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Allen, Myrtis        Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Allen, Sharon Kay                    4th Grade Picture        1960-0040
Allen, Sharon Kay                    5th Grade Picture        1961-0043
Allen, Sharon Kay                    6th Grade Picture        1962-0040
Allen, Sharon Kay                    7th Grade Picture        1963-0035
Allen, Sharon Kay                    8th Grade Picture        1964-0040
Allen, Sharon Kay                    Freshman Picture        1965-0026
Allen, Sharon Kay                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0026
Allen, Sharon Kay                    Junior Picture        1967-0023
Allen, Tammy                    Kindergarten Picture  1975-0043
Allen, Tammy       1st Grade Picture        1976-0032
Allen, Tammy       Favorites Picture        1976-0050
Allen, Tammy       2nd Grade Picture        1977-0037
Allen, Tammy       3rd Grade Picture        1978-0062
Allen, Trecie Ola  Senior Picture        1939-0018
Allen, Trecie Ola  Favorites Picture        1939-0020
Allensworth Clinic, Mineral Wells - Dr. John & Dr. W.B. Allensworth & Dr. Joanna Kenner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0090
Allensworth Clinic, Mineral Wells - Dr. John & Dr. W.B. Allensworth & Dr. Joanna Kenner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0124
Allensworth Clinic, Mineral Wells - Dr. John & Dr. W.B. Allensworth & Dr. Joanna Kenner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0094
Allensworth Clinic, Mineral Wells - Dr. John & Dr. W.B. Allensworth & Dr. Joanna Kenner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0116
Allensworth Clinic, Mineral Wells - Dr. John & Dr. W.B. Allensworth & Dr. Joanna Kenner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0112
Allensworth Clinic, Mineral Wells - Dr. John Allensworth & Dr. Joanna Kenner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0101
Allensworth Clinic, Mineral Wells - Dr. John Allensworth & Dr. Joanna Kenner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0124
Allensworth Clinic, Mineral Wells - Dr. John Allensworth & Dr. Joanna Kenner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0112
Amburn, Blaine         Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Amburn, Carl             Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Amburn, Carl             Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Amburn, Carl             3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Amburn, Carl             4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Amburn, Carl             5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Amburn, Carl             6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Amburn, Carl             7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Amburn, Carl             8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Amburn, Carl             Freshman Picture        1961-0036
Amburn, Carl                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0030
Amburn, Carl             Junior Picture        1963-0022
Amburn, Carl             Senior Picture        1964-0018
Amburn, Curtis         Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Amburn, Curtis         Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Amburn, Curtis         Picture, 7th Grade          1950-0043
Amburn, Curtis         Picture, 8th Grade          1951-0065
Amburn, Curtis         Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Amburn, Elain           Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Amburn, Elaine         Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Amburn, Elaine         Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Amburn, Elaine         Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Amburn, Elaine         6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Amburn, Elaine         7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Amburn, Elaine         8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Amburn, Elaine         Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Amburn, Elaine                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0028
Amburn, Elaine         Junior Picture        1960-0024
Amburn, Elaine         Senior Picture        1961-0018
Amburn, Gail             PTA Officer Picture                    1978-0016
Amburn, Jessie         Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Amburn, Jessie         Picture, 5th Grade          1949-0059
Amburn, Jessie         Picture, 6th Grade          1950-0044
Amburn, Jessie         Picture, 7th Grade          1951-0067
Amburn, Jessie         Picture, 8th Grade          1952-0057
Amburn, Jessie         Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Amburn, Jessie         Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0025
Amburn, Jessie         Junior Picture        1955-0022
Amburn, Jessie         Senior Picture        1956-0016
Amburn, Jessie         Favorites Picture        1956-0052
Amburn, Kenneth     Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Amburn, Kenneth     Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Amburn, Kenneth     Picture, 3rd Grade          1949-0057
Amburn, Kenneth     Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Amburn, Kenneth     Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Amburn, Kenneth     Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Amburn, Kenneth     Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Amburn, Kenneth     Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Amburn, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Amburn, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0026
Amburn, Kenneth     Junior Picture        1957-0022
Amburn, Paul            Picture, 1st Grade          1952-0065
Amburn, Paul            Picture, 2nd Grade  1953-0042
Amburn, Paul            Picture, 3rd Grade          1954-0038
Amburn, Paul            4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Amburn, Paul            5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Amburn, Paul            6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Amburn, Paul            7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Amburn, Paul            8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Amburn, Paul            Freshman Picture        1960-0032
Amburn, Paul                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0032
Amburn, Paul            Junior Picture        1962-0026
Amburn, Paul            Senior Picture        1963-0014
Amburn, Paul            Favorites Picture        1963-0046
Amburn, Paula          5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Amburn, Paula          6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Amburn, Paula          7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Amburn, Paula          8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Amburn, Sherry                    Kindergarten Picture  1978-0065
Amburn, Sherry        1st Grade Picture        1979-0048
Amburn, Truman      2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Amburn, Truman      3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Amburn, Truman      King Picture        1977-0062
Amburn, Truman      4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Amburn, Truman      5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Amburn, Velencia                    Kindergarten Picture  1977-0039
Amburn, Velencia     1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Ames, Norma        Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Anastas Electric Co                    Advertisement           1953-0089
Anastas Electric Co                    Advertisement           1954-0073
Anderson, Arvia          4th Grade                    1918-0021
Anderson, Darlene      Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Anderson, Darlene      Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Anderson, Darlene      Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Anderson, Darlene      Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Anderson, Darlene      Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Anderson, Darlene      Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Anderson, Darlene      Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Anderson, Darlene      8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Anderson, Darlene      Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Anderson, Darlene                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0026
Anderson, Darlene      Junior Picture        1958-0024
Anderson, Darlene      Senior Picture        1959-0016
Anderson, David         3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Anderson, Diana          6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Anderson, Diane          5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Anderson, Donie         2nd Grade                      1918-0020
Anderson, Donna        Faculty Picture        1975-0019
Anderson, Donna Lee 6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Anderson, Donna Lee Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Anderson, Donna Lee                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Anderson, Elbert          1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Anderson, Elbert          Group Picture        1939-0040
Anderson, Gene           7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Anderson, Gene           8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Anderson, Gene           Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Anderson, Gene                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Anderson, Jackie                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Anderson, Jackie Luc  6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Anderson, Joan            8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Anderson, Joan            Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Anderson, Joan            Favorites Picture        1967-0024
Anderson, Joan                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0025
Anderson, Joan            Junior Picture        1968-0021
Anderson, Joan            Class Officer Picture                    1969-0020
Anderson, Joan            Senior Picture        1969-0021
Anderson, Joan            Favorites Picture        1969-0050
Anderson, Joan            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0104
Anderson, June            5th Grade Picture        1965-0031
Anderson, June            6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Anderson, June            Favorites Picture        1966-0043
Anderson, June            7th Grade Picture        1967-0029
Anderson, June            8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Anderson, June            Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Anderson, June                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0031
Anderson, June            Queen Picture        1970-0068
Anderson, June            Junior Picture        1971-0024
Anderson, June            Senior Picture        1972-0022
Anderson, June            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1972-0098
Anderson, Kyle            6th Grade Picture        1972-0032
Anderson, L.L.             PTA Officer Picture                    1966-0064
Anderson, L.L., Mrs.   PTA Officer Picture                    1967-0058
Anderson, Lee                    Kindergarten Picture  1974-0053
Anderson, Lee              1st Grade Picture        1975-0042
Anderson, Leona         4th Grade                     1918-0020
Anderson, Mary Ann 5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Anderson, Mrs.            Room Mother Picture                    1959-0022
Anderson, Neal            6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Anderson, Neal            7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Anderson, Neal            Favorites Picture        1979-0042
Anderson, Pharis                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0024
Anderson, Pharis         Junior Picture        1966-0023
Anderson, Pharis         Favorites Picture        1966-0069
Anderson, Pharis         Awards Picture        1966-0090
Anderson, Pharis         Class Officer Picture                    1967-0019
Anderson, Pharis         Senior Picture        1967-0020
Anderson, Pharis         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1967-0096
Anderson, Robert        1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Anderson, Stephanie  2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Anderson, Stephanie  3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Anderson, Susie          2nd Semester Students                    1972-0038
Anderson, Tina            3rd Grade Picture        1978-0062
Anderson, Tina            4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
Anderson, Todd          7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Anderson, Todd          8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Anderson, Todd          Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Anderson, Walter        2nd Grade                    1918-0020
Anderson, Willie          6th Grade                     1918-0020
Anderson, Wilmer       7th Grade                    1918-0018
Anderson, Wilmer, Mrs.                    Mothers Club Officer                    1959-0055
Andress & Allen Cleaners                    Advertisement           1954-0068
Andress & Allen Cleaners                     Advertisement           1951-0147
Andrews, Marty         5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Andrews, Marty         6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Andrews, Marty         7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Andrews, Marty         Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Andrews, Marty                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0026
Andrews, Marty G.    8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Antwine Grocery                    Advertisement           1952-0115
Antwine, Clyde          Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Antwine, Clyde          Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Antwine, Clyde          Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Antwine, Clyde          Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Antwine, Clyde          Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Antwine, Clyde          Picture, Most Popular Boy - Fresh          1951-0085
Antwine, Clyde          Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0045
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Basketball Team                    1946-0089
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Sophomore Class Officers      1947-0049
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Most Popular Boy - Soph           1947-0091
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, FFA President                    1947-0099
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Boy's Basketball                    1947-0119
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Annual Staff                    1948-0013
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Junior         1948-0043
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Basketball                      1948-0093
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Annual Staff                    1949-0017
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Senior         1949-0029
Antwine, Floyd          Picture, Most Popular Boy                    1949-0067
Antwine, Retha          Picture, Senior         1946-0027
Antwine, Retha          Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Antwine's Grocery                    Advertisement           1951-0143
Archer, Becky         Class Officer Picture                    1974-0030
Archer, Becky         Junior Picture        1974-0031
Archer, Becky         Senior Picture        1975-0024
Archer, Charles       6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Archer, Charles       Favorites Picture        1968-0034
Archer, Charles       7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Archer, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Archer, Charles       Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Archer, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0026
Archer, Charlie        Junior Picture        1973-0024
Archer, Charlie        Senior Picture        1974-0029
Archer, Charlotte    6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Archer, Charlotte    Favorites Picture        1968-0034
Archer, Charlotte    7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Archer, Charlotte    Favorites Picture        1969-0051
Archer, Charlotte    8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Archer, Charlotte    Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Archer, Charlotte                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0026
Archer, Charlotte    Junior Picture        1973-0024
Archer, Charlotte    Favorites Picture        1973-0051
Archer, Charlotte                    Cheerleader Picture     1973-0090
Archer, Charlotte    Award Picture        1973-0097
Archer, Charlotte    Senior Picture        1974-0029
Archer, Charlotte    Queen Picture        1974-0061
Archer, Charlotte    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1974-0120
Archer, Kenneth     7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
Archer, Kenneth     8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
Archer, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1970-0035
Archer, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0026
Archer, Kenneth     Favorites Picture        1971-0042
Archer, Kenneth     Junior Picture        1972-0024
Archer, Kenneth     Senior Picture        1973-0020
Archer, Sheila         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1973-0114
Ard, Ricky                    3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Armes, John           Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Arms, Gwendoline                    Junior Picture        1939-0022
Arms, Gwendoline                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Armstron, Janice         Picture -High School Basketball Sweetheart                    1954-0045
Armstron, Terry          Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Armstrong Barber Shop                    Advertisement           1952-0129
Armstrong, Avis           Picture, 1st Grade          1954-0040
Armstrong, Avis           2nd Grade Picture        1955-0038
Armstrong, Avis           3rd Grade Picture        1956-0039
Armstrong, Avis           4th Grade Picture        1957-0038
Armstrong, Avis           5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Armstrong, Emil             Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0025
Armstrong, Janice         Picture, Junior         1954-0021
Armstrong, Janice         Picture -FHA Sweetheart                    1954-0046
Armstrong, Janice         Picture Junior Class Favorite Girl              1954-0047
Armstrong, Janice         Senior Picture        1955-0016
Armstrong, Janice         Favorites Picture        1955-0043
Armstrong, Janice         Favorites Picture        1955-0049
Armstrong, Melba         Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Armstrong, Melba         Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Armstrong, Melba         6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Armstrong, Melba         7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Armstrong, Melba         8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Armstrong, Melba         Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Armstrong, Stanley       Picture, 2nd Grade  1953-0042
Armstrong, Stanley       Picture, 3rd Grade          1954-0038
Armstrong, Stanley       4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Armstrong, Stanley       5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Armstrong, Stanley       6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Armstrong, Stanley       7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Armstrong, Terry          Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Armstrong, Terry          8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Armstrong, Terry          Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Armstrong, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0026
Army Store                    Advertisement           1953-0097
Arnes, Quilla                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Arnold, Billie Faye  Picture, Senior         1946-0027
Arnold, Billie Faye  Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Arnold, Donna        Picture, Senior         1948-0031
Arnold, Donna T    Picture, Junior         1947-0041
Arnold, Greg            1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Arnold, Greg            2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Arnold, Greg            3rd Grade Picture        1965-0033
Arnold, Greg            4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Arnold, Greg            5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Arnold, Greg            6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Arnold, Greg            7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Arnold, Greg            Favorites Picture        1969-0051
Arnold, Greg            8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Arnold, Greg            8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Arnold, Greg            Class Officer Picture                    1972-0028
Arnold, Greg            Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Arnold, Greg            Favorites Picture        1972-0042
Arnold, Greg            Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Arnold, Greg                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0033
Arnold, John Mark 3rd Grade Picture        1964-0045
Arnold, Jon Mark   6th Grade Picture        1967-0030
Arnold, Mark           1st Grade Picture        1962-0045
Arnold, Mark           2nd Grade Picture        1963-0040
Arnold, Mark           4th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Arnold, Mark           5th Grade Picture        1966-0033
Arnold, Mark           7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
Arnold, Mark           8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
Arnold, Mark           Freshman Picture        1970-0035
Arnold, Mark                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0026
Arnold, Mark           Class Officer Picture                    1972-0024
Arnold, Mark           Junior Picture        1972-0024
Arnold, Mark           Favorites Picture        1972-0042
Arnold, Mark           Award Picture        1972-0049
Arnold, Mark           Senior Picture        1973-0020
Arnold, Mark           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1973-0114
Arnold, Marvin       Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Arnold, Velma         Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Arnold, Velma         Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Arnold, Velma         Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0043
Arnold, Velma         Volley Ball Girls            1949-0081
Arnold, Velma         Picture, Soph Class Favorite Girl              1949-0077
Art Beauty Salon                    Advertisement           1951-0161
Arterburn, Vernon       Picture, 1st Grade          1952-0065
Ash, Donna        Faculty Picture        1968-0013
Ashbrook, Elmer          3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Ashbrook, Joel             2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Aston, Sammie       King Picture        1968-0058
Aston, Sammie                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0031
Aston, Sammie Wayne                    Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Aston, Sammie Wayne                    Junior Picture        1970-0027
Athletics                    Sketch                    1942-0043
Atkinson, Charlotte    Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Ator, Cindy         3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Ator, Michael      4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Austin, Iris                    Faculty Picture        1939-0012
Austin, Marvin       8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Austin, Ray             Freshman Picture        1961-0036
Austin, Ray                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0030
Austin, Ray             Junior Picture        1963-0022
Austin, Ray             Senior Picture        1964-0018
Austin, Roger         3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Austin, Roger         4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Austin, Roger         5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Austin, Roger         6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Austin, Roger                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0025
Austin, Roger         Junior Picture        1968-0021
Austin, Roger B.     Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Austin, Roger B.     Senior Picture        1969-0021
Austin, Roger B.     Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0104
Austin, Roger Bill   7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Austin, Roger Bill   8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Austin, Yvonne                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0031
Auto Parts & Service                    Advertisement           1948-0147
Auto Parts & Service                    Advertisement           1948-0167
Awalt, Carla           3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Awalt, Carla           4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Awalt, Carla           5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Awalt, Carla           Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Awalt, Carla                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0025
Awalt, Carla           Junior Picture        1968-0021
Awalt, Carla           Senior Picture        1969-0021
Awalt, Carla           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0104
Awalt, Carla J.       6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Awalt, Carla June  7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Awalt, Carla June  8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Awalt, Jim Bob             School Board Picture                    1966-0011
Awalt, Jim Bob             School Board Picture                    1967-0010
Awalt, Jim Bob             Booster Club Officer Picture                    1967-0056
Awalt, Jim Bob             School Board Picture                    1968-0010
Awalt, Jim Bob             School Board Picture                    1969-0011
Awalt, Mrs.            Teacher's Aide Picture                    1979-0011
Awalt, Peggy         PTA Officer Picture                    1964-0059
Awalt, Peggy         Teacher's Aide Picture                    1970-0018
Awalt, Peggy         Teacher's Aide Picture                    1971-0018
Awalt, Peggy         Teacher's Aide Picture                    1972-0018
Awalt, Peggy         Teacher's Aide Picture                    1973-0017
Awalt, Peggy         Teacher's Aide Picture                    1974-0022
Awalt, Peggy         Faculty Picture        1975-0019
Awalt, Peggy         Teacher Aide Picture                    1976-0035
Awalt, Peggy         Secretary Aid Picture                    1977-0011
Awalt, Peggy         Teacher's Aide Picture                    1978-0020
Awalt, Robin         1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Awalt, Robin         2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Awalt, Robin         Queen Picture        1965-0044
Awalt, Robin         3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Awalt, Robin         4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Awalt, Robin         5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Awalt, Robin         6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Awalt, Robin         7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Awalt, Robin         8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Awalt, Robin                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0066
Awalt, Robin         Class Officer Picture                    1972-0028
Awalt, Robin         Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Awalt, Robin         Favorites Picture        1972-0042
Awalt, Robin                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0026
Awalt, Robin                    Cheerleader Picture     1973-0090
Awalt, Robin         Class Officer Picture                    1974-0030
Awalt, Robin         Junior Picture        1974-0031
Awalt, Robin         Senior Picture        1975-0024
B&B Skating Rink                    Advertisement           1948-0139
B.A. Buzbee, Sinclair Refining                    Advertisement           1946-0127
B.A. Linley                    Advertisement           1951-0149
B.Y. Peacock Waehouse                    Advertisement           1952-0129
Back Cover of Yearbook                    Back Cover of Yearbook                    1942-0093
Baggett, Billie Jo      Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Baggett, Billy Jo       5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Baggett, Billy Jo       Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Baggett, Lou             Mother's Club Officer Picture                    1960-0061
Baggett, Lou             Room Mother Picture                    1961-0023
Baggett, Marcia        Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Baggett, Marcia        Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Baggett, Marcia        Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Baggett, Marcia        Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Baggett, Marcia        Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Baggett, Marcia        8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Baggett, Marcia        Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Baggett, Marcia                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0026
Baggett, Marcia        Basketball Picture        1957-0062
Baggett, Marcia        Junior Picture        1958-0024
Baggett, Marcia        Basketball Picture        1958-0066
Baggett, Marcia        Senior Picture        1959-0016
Baggett, Marcia        Basketball Picture        1959-0061
Baggett, Mrs.            Room Mother Picture                    1959-0022
Baggett, Mrs.            Room Mother Picture                    1959-0030
Baggett, Mrs.            Room Mother Picture                    1960-0026
Baggett, Nacy           Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Baggett, Nancy        Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Baggett, Nancy        Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Baggett, Nancy        Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Baggett, Nancy        Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Baggett, Nancy        6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Baggett, Nancy        7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Baggett, Nancy        8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Baggett, Nancy        Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Baggett, Nancy                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0028
Baggett, Nancy        Favorites Picture        1959-0030
Baggett, Nancy        Junior Picture        1960-0024
Baggett, Nancy        Favorites Picture        1960-0052
Baggett, Nancy        Sweetheart Picture        1960-0054
Baggett, Nancy        Senior Picture        1961-0018
Baggett, Nancy        Queen Picture        1961-0054
Baggett, Wayne       1st Grade Picture        1956-0041
Baggett, Wayne       2nd Grade Picture        1957-0040
Baggett, Wayne       3rd Grade Picture        1958-0041
Baggett, Wayne       4th Grade Picture        1959-0040
Baggett, Wayne       5th Grade Picture        1960-0039
Baggett, Wayne       6th Grade Picture        1961-0042
Baggett, Wayne       7th Grade Picture        1962-0039
Baggett, Wayne       8th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Baggett, Wayne       Freshman Picture        1964-0036
Baggett, Wayne                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0024
Baggett, Wayne       Junior Picture        1966-0023
Baggett, Wayne       Awards Picture        1966-0090
Baggett, Wayne       Senior Picture        1967-0020
Baggett, Wayne       Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1967-0096
Bagley, Alfred         Junior Picture        1967-0023
Bagley, Alfred         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0092
Bagley, Alfred Ray Senior Picture        1968-0018
Bagley, Gene           8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Bagley, Gene           Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Baier, Bryan         1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Baier, Daryl          2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Bailey, Cindy                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0018
Bailey, Crawford    Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Bailey, Crawford    Picture, Junior         1947-0041
Bailey, Crawford    Picture, FFA Vice President                    1947-0099
Bailey, Crawford    Picture, Senior         1948-0031
Bailey, Crawford    Picture, Basketball                      1948-0095
Bailey, Deneice      Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Bailey, Deneice      Picture, Senior         1947-0031
Bailey, Deneice      Picture, Carnival Queen                    1947-0079
Bailey, Denice        4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Bailey, Denice        Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Bailey, Doris Nell  5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Bailey, Doris Nell  Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Bailey, Doris Nell  Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Bailey, Doris Nell  Mention                    1942-0039
Bailey, G.C.                    Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Bailey, G.C.                    Picture, Basketball Team                    1946-0089
Bailey, G.C.                    Picture, Senior         1947-0031
Bailey, G.C.                    Picture, Best Citizen - Boy                    1947-0085
Bailey, G.C.                    Picture, FFA Reporter                    1947-0099
Bailey, G.C.                    Picture, Annual Staff                    1947-0105
Bailey, G.C.                    Picture, Boy's Basketball                    1947-0119
Bailey, Lafreita       Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Bailey, Lafreita       Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Bailey, Lafreita       Picture, Senior         1954-0014
Bailey, Lafreita       Picture, Best Citizen Girl                    1954-0043
Bailey, Lafreita       Picture -High School Senior Favorite Girl                    1954-0046
Bailey, Lafrita         Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0045
Bailey, Lafrita         Picture Yearbook Staff                    1953-0010
Bailey, Lafrita         Picture, Junior         1953-0022
Bailey, Lafrita         Picture                    1954-0007
Bailey, Lorraine     Junior Picture        1939-0022
Bailey, Lynda         8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Bailey, Sandy         Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Bain, Roycalee    Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Baker Hotel                    Advertisement           1947-0129
Baker Hotel                    Advertisement           1951-0147
Baker Hotel Barber Shop                    Advertisement           1954-0090
Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0094
Baker Irene                    Sophomore Picture     1939-0024
Baker Royce         Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Baker, Abbie         School Secretary Picture                    1967-0014
Baker, Bobby        1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Baker, Bobby        Group Picture        1939-0040
Baker, Clyde          2nd Grade                      1918-0020
Baker, Clyde          Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Baker, Esther         Grade School Faculty                    1950-0018
Baker, Ilene                    Junior Picture        1939-0022
Baker, Ilene                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0037
Baker, Ilene                    Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Baker, Irene                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Baker, Joyce          Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Baker, Joyce          Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Baker, Joyce          Picture, 3rd Grade          1949-0057
Baker, Joyce          Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Baker, Joyce          Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Baker, Joyce          Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Baker, Joyce          Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Baker, Joyce          Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Baker, Joyce                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0026
Baker, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1956-0053
Baker, Joyce          Junior Picture        1957-0022
Baker, Joyce          Senior Picture        1958-0016
Baker, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1958-0049
Baker, Joyce          Sweetheart Picture        1958-0052
Baker, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1958-0053
Baker, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1958-0055
Baker, Kenneth     6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Baker, Mamie        3rd Grade                    1918-0020
Baker, Media         6th Grade                     1918-0020
Baker, Nila Fay             6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Baker, Ray Don            4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Baker, Ray Don            Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Baker, Royce         Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Baker, Royce         Picture, 3rd Grade          1949-0057
Baker, Royce         Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Baker, Royce         Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Baker, Royce         Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Baker, Royce         Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Baker, Royce         Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Baker, Royce         Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Baker, Royce                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0026
Baker, Royce         Junior Picture        1957-0022
Baker, Royce         Basketball Picture        1957-0062
Baker, Royce         Senior Picture        1958-0017
Baker, Royce         Favorites Picture        1958-0048
Baker, Royce         Beau Picture        1958-0052
Baker, Royce         Favorites Picture        1958-0054
Baker, Royce         Basketball Picture        1958-0067
Baker, Wayne       7th Grade Picture        1939-0028
Baker, Wilbern      FFA History       1942-0063
Baker, Wilburn     7th Grade Picture        1939-0028
Baker, Willard       3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Baker, Willard       Group Picture        1939-0040
Baker's Café                    Advertisement           1950-0097
Balcony Beauty Shop                    Advertisement           1947-0169
Ball, Becky                    Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Ball, Becky                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0020
Ball, Becky                    Junior Picture        1978-0042
Ball, Connie       6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Ball, Connie       7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Ball, Connie       8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Ball, Connie       Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Ball, Sandra        8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Ball, Sandra        Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Ball, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0046
Ball, Sandra        Junior Picture        1979-0030
Ballard Feed & Grocery, Whitt                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0089
Ballard, Terri            2nd Grade Picture        1974-0049
Ballard, Terri            3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Ballard, Terri            4th Grade Picture        1976-0029
Ballard, Terri            5th Grade Picture        1977-0034
Ballard, Terri            6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Ballard, Terri Lee    7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Ballard, Tracy          6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Ballard, Tracy          7th Grade Picture        1975-0034
Ballard, Tracy          8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Ballard, Tracy          Favorites Picture        1976-0049
Ballard, Tracy          Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Ballard, Tracy                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0046
Ballard, Tracy          Junior Picture        1979-0030
Ballenger, Dovie         2nd Grade                      1918-0020
Ballenger, Hank                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0026
Ballenger, James         Picture, 5th Grade          1949-0059
Ballenger, Roy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0023
Ballew, Linda          Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Ballinger, Buddy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0023
Ballow, Jimmy Norman                    7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Ballow, Linda          Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Bandy, Jerry           Picture, 1st Grade          1952-0065
Bandy, Jerry           7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Bandy, Jerry, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture                    1960-0034
Bandy, Jerry, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture                    1961-0034
Bandy, Lois            PTA Officer Picture                    1962-0059
Bandy, Lois            Room Mother Picture                    1963-0020
Bandy, Sonja          4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
Bandy, Ted                    Picture, 3rd Grade          1954-0038
Bandy, Ted                    4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Bandy, Ted                    5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Bandy, Ted                    6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Bandy, Ted                    8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Bandy, Ted             Freshman Picture        1960-0032
Bandy, Ted                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0032
Bandy, Ted             Junior Picture        1962-0026
Bandy, Ted             Favorites Picture        1962-0028
Bandy, Ted             King Picture        1962-0050
Bandy, Ted             Senior Picture        1963-0014
Bandy, Ted             Favorites Picture        1963-0046
Bandy, Ted             Beau Picture        1963-0051
Bandy, Ted, Mrs.   PTA Officer Picture                    1961-0063
Bandy, Tye                    Kindergarten Picture  1979-0049
Bandy's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0113
Bandy's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0124
Banks, Elaine         3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Banks, Elaine         Group Picture        1939-0040
Banks, Etta                    6th Grade                     1918-0020
Banks, Herman      Faculty Picture        1939-0013
Banks, Herman      Group Picture        1939-0014
Banks, Young        3rd Grade                    1918-0020
Barabra's Donut Shopt                    Advertisement           1954-0073
Barker, James         1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Barker, James         3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Barker, James         4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Barker, James         5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Barker, James         6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Barker, James                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0025
Barker, James         Junior Picture        1968-0021
Barker, James         Senior Picture        1969-0021
Barker, James D.    7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Barker, James D.    8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Barker, James D.    Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Barker, James D.    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0104
Barker, James Dickie                    2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Barker, John           School Board Picture                    1966-0011
Barker, John           School Board Picture                    1967-0010
Barker, John           School Board Picture                    1968-0010
Barker, John           School Board Picture                    1969-0011
Barker, John           School Board Picture                    1970-0014
Barker, John           School Board Picture                    1971-0012
Barker, John           School Board Picture                    1972-0014
Barker, John           School Board Picture                    1974-0017
Barker, Loyd           1st Grade Picture        1955-0039
Barker, Loyd           2nd Grade Picture        1956-0040
Barker, Loyd           3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
Barker, Loyd           4th Grade Picture        1958-0040
Barker, Loyd           5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Barker, Loyd           6th Grade Picture        1960-0038
Barker, Loyd           7th Grade Picture        1961-0041
Barker, Loyd           Favorites Picture        1962-0052
Barker, Loyd           Freshman Picture        1963-0030
Barker, Loyd                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0032
Barker, Loyd           Junior Picture        1965-0022
Barker, Loyd           Senior Picture        1966-0020
Barker, Loyd           Beau Picture        1966-0075
Barker, Loyd           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1966-0092
Barker, Loyd E.      8th Grade Picture        1962-0038
Barker, Mr. & Mrs.       Room Parent Picture                    1963-0032
Barker, Patsy          1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Barker, Patsy          2nd Grade Picture        1960-0042
Barker, Patsy          3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Barker, Patsy          5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Barker, Patsy          Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Barker, Patsy          Class Officer Picture                    1967-0026
Barker, Patsy          Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Barker, Patsy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0023
Barker, Patsy          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1970-0104
Barker, Patsy Kay  6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Barker, Patsy Kay  7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Barker, Patsy Kaye                    4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Barker, Patsy Kaye                    8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Barker, Patsy Kaye                    Junior Picture        1969-0027
Barker, Patsy Kaye                    Senior Picture        1970-0023
Barker, Robert        1st Grade Picture        1974-0051
Barker, Robert        2nd Grade Picture        1975-0041
Barker, Robert        Favorites Picture        1975-0050
Barker, Robert        3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Barker, Robert        4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Barker, Robert        5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Barker, Robert        6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Barner, James         3rd Grade                     1918-0021
Barnes, Bobby        7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Barnes, Charlotte    Senior Picture        1968-0018
Barnes, Charlotte    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0092
Barnes, Cora            2nd Grade                    1918-0020
Barnes, Julie            5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Barnes, Roger         2nd Grade Picture        1970-0047
Barnett Jewelers                    Advertisement           1942-0069
Barnett Jewelers                    Advertisement           1946-0121
Barnett Jewelers                    Advertisement           1948-0125
Barnett Jewelers                    Advertisement           1950-0098
Barnett Jewelers                    Advertisement           1952-0129
Barnett Jewelers                    Advertisement           1953-0089
Barnett Jewelers                    Advertisement           1954-0072
Barnett, Carl             Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Barnett, Carl             Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Barnett, Carl             Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Barnett, Carl             Picture, 3rd Grade          1951-0071
Barnett, Carl             Picture, 4th Grade          1952-0063
Barnett, Carl             Picture, 5th Grade          1953-0037
Barnett, Carl             Picture, 6th Grade          1954-0035
Barnett, Carl             7th Grade Picture        1955-0033
Barnett, Carl             8th Grade Picture        1956-0034
Barnett, Carl             Freshman Picture        1957-0030
Barnett, Dorcas Elease                    1st Grade Picture        1956-0041
Barnett, Dorthy       Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Barnett, Dorthy       Who's Who Picture                    1959-0013
Barnett, Dorthy                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0028
Barnett, Dorthy       Junior Picture        1960-0024
Barnett, Dorthy       Senior Picture        1961-0019
Barnett, Dorthy       Favorites Picture        1961-0024
Barnett, Dorthy       Favorites Picture        1961-0051
Barnett, Eddie          4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Barnett, Edward       Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Barnett, Edward       Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Barnett, Irene           Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Barnett, Irene                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0026
Barnett, Irene           Junior Picture        1957-0022
Barnett, Irene           Senior Picture        1958-0017
Barnett, Irene           Favorites Picture        1958-0051
Barnett, Irene           Favorites Picture        1958-0054
Barnett, Irene           Favorites Picture        1958-0056
Barnett, Juanita       Picture, 1st Grade          1952-0065
Barnett, Juanita       Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Barnett, Juanita       Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Barnett, Juanita       3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Barnett, Juanita       4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Barnett, Mrs.            Room Mother Picture                    1959-0030
Barnett, Mrs.            Room Mother Picture                    1960-0026
Barnett, Opal            Mother's Club Officer Picture                    1960-0061
Barnett, Truman      Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Barnett, Truman      3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Barnett, Truman      4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Barnett, Truman      5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Barnett, Turman      Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Barnhill, T.J., Barnhills Barber Shop & Tailor                    Advertisement           1918-0035
Barnhill. Violet          1st Grade                    1918-0016
Barton, Grace          4th Grade                    1918-0017
Barton, John           1st Grade                    1918-0016
Barton, Richard      5th Grade                    1918-0018
Base Lanes, Fort Wolters - James W. Allen                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0120
Base Lanes, Fort Wolters - James W. Allen                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0124
Basketball Club            Picture, Girls Basketball - Group         1953-0059
Basketball Club            Picture, Boys Basketball - Group         1953-0059
Basketball Club A Team Boys                    Picture Group         1954-0055
Basketball Club A Team Girls                    Picture Group         1954-0055
Basketball Club Boys Picture Group         1954-0055
Basketball Club Girls   Picture Group         1954-0055
Basketball Club Junior Boys                    Picture Group         1954-0055
Basketball Club Junior Girls                    Picture Group         1954-0055
Basketball Squad         Picture, Group         1947-0121
Basketball Team - State Finalist                    Picture, Group         1946-0091
Bassing, Charlie        Bus Driver Picture        1977-0011
Baum & Carlock Funeral Directors                    Advertisement           1948-0159
Baum & Carlock, Licensed Embalmers                    Advertisement           1942-0081
Bean Viola                    Grade School Faculty                    1950-0018
Bean, Bobbie       Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Bean, Bobby        Picture, 7th Grade          1948-0071
Bean, Mr.                    Bus Driver Picture        1965-0010
Bean, Mr.                    Sponsor Picture        1965-0023
Bean, R.R.                    Sponsor Picture        1964-0026
Bean, R.R., Mr. & Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture        1963-0024
Bean, Robert        Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Bean, Robert        Bus Driver Picture        1963-0012
Bean, Robert        Bus Driver Picture        1964-0011
Bean, Robert Ray                    Faculty Picture        1963-0010
Bean, Robert Ray                    Faculty Picture        1964-0014
Bean, Robert Ray                    Faculty Picture        1965-0012
Bean, Viola                    Picture, Grade School Faculty                    1946-0019
Bean, Viola                    Picture, Grade School Faculty                    1947-0025
Bean, Viola                    Picture, Grade School Faculty                    1948-0025
Bean, Viola                    Picture, Grade School Faculty                    1949-0023
Bean, Viola                    Picture, Grade School Faculty                    1951-0027
Beard, Dane           Senior Picture        1966-0020
Beasley, Addie         Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Beasley, Addie         Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Beasley, Addie Mae                    Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0043
Beasley, Addie Mae                    Picture, Junior         1950-0030
Beasley, Addie Mae                    Picture, Senior         1951-0033
Beasley, Faye           Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Beasley, Faye           Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Beasley, Faye           Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Beasley, Faye           Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Beasley, Faye           Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Beasley, Faye           Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0045
Beasley, Faye           Picture, Junior         1953-0022
Beasley, Faye           Picture, Senior         1954-0014
Beasley, Faye           Picture, Senior Most Studious Girl              1954-0018
Beauty Bar, Mineral Wells - Evelyn Austin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0118
Beauty Bar, Mineral Wells - Evelyn Austin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0113
Beavers Motor Co                    Advertisement           1952-0113
Beavers Motor Co                    Advertisement           1953-0085
Beck, Ray                    Freshman Picture        1964-0036
Beck's Drive Inn                    Advertisement           1954-0073
Beetham Frazar                    Advertisement           1947-0129
Beetham-Powell Funeral Home                    Advertisement           1949-0121
Beffs, Jerry           2nd Semester Students                    1971-0038
Beggs, Cleo            Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Beggs, Jerry           4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Beggs, Joe                    2nd Semester Students                    1971-0038
Beggs, Joe                    2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Beggs, Theo           Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Behrens, Stephanie  1st Grade Picture        1972-0037
Belew, W.H.           Counselor Picture        1961-0012
Bell, David                    Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Bell, David                    Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Bell, David                    Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Bell, David                    Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Bell, David                    6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Bell, David                    7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Bell, David                    8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Bell, David                    Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Bell, David                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0028
Bell, David                    King Picture        1959-0056
Bell, David                    Junior Picture        1960-0024
Bell, David                    Senior Picture        1961-0019
Bell, David                    Favorites Picture        1961-0025
Bell, Farris                    Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Bell, Jesse                    Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Bell, Jesse Garland      8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Bell, Jimmie                    Picture, 5th Grade          1948-0069
Bell, Jimmie                    Picture, 5th Grade          1949-0059
Bell, Jimmie                    Picture, 6th Grade          1950-0044
Bell, Jimmie                    Picture, 7th Grade          1951-0067
Bell, Jimmie                    Picture, 8th Grade          1952-0057
Bell, Jimmie                    Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Bell, Jimmie                    Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0025
Bell, Jimmy                    Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Bell, Laura Etta             Picture, 7th Grade          1948-0071
Bell, Laura Etta             Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0055
Bell, Laura Etta             Picture, Senior         1953-0016
Bell, Lura                    Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Bell, Lura Etta             Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Bell, Lura Etta             Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Bell, Lura Etta             Picture, Junior         1952-0039
Bell, Sylvia                    Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Bell, Sylvia                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0020
Bell, Veda                    Room Mother Picture                    1961-0023
Ben Franklin Store                    Advertisement           1953-0106
Benson, F.K.             School Board         1918-0007
Benson, Ottie Mae  9th Grade                    1918-0019
Bentle, Maxine       Senior Picture        1939-0019
Bentley, Clyde          6th Grade                    1918-0018
Bentley, Dan             3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Bentley, Dan             Group Picture        1939-0040
Bentley, Dan             Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Bentley, Dan             Picture, Senior         1947-0031
Bentley, Eulah          3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Bentley, Jeff              8th Grade                    1918-0019
Bentley, Jeff, Mr. & Mrs.                    Homecoming Picture  1970-0069
Bentley, Jerry           Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
Bentley, Lora            5th Grade                    1918-0018
Bently, Clifford       1st Grade                    1918-0016
Benton, Vicki                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0026
Benton, Vicki           Junior Picture        1972-0024
Benton, Vicki           Favorites Picture        1972-0042
Benton, Vickie         Favorites Picture        1972-0040
Berend, Diana          4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Berend, Mike           1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Bernstein, Kyle            1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Berry, R.W.                    Commissioners Picture                    1962-0119
Berry, R.W.                    Commissioners Picture                    1963-0095
Berry, R.W.                    Commissioners Picture                    1964-0093
Berry, R.W.                    Commissioners Picture                    1965-0075
Berry, R.W.                    Commissioners Picture                    1966-0125
Bert W. Hines Butane                    Advertisement           1950-0091
Betham-Frazar Funeral Home                    Advertisement           1948-0125
Bevers, Henry         1st Grade                    1918-0021
Bevers, Lee                    6th Grade                    1918-0022
Bevers, Lina            4th Grade                    1918-0022
Bevers, Minnie       5th Grade                    1918-0022
Bewley, Don            Senior Picture        1939-0015
Big James Blue & Son, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0108
Biggers, Ester           Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Biggers, Esther         Senior Picture        1939-0019
Bill Cox Beauty Salon, Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0076
Bill Cox Beauty Salon, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0086
Bill Cox Beauty Salon, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0085
Bill Gillespie Service Station                    Advertisement           1939-0052
Billington, Faye           Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Bill's Bar-B-Q, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0123
Billue, Danny        2nd Semester Students                    1972-0038
Billue, Danny        4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Billue, Timmy        2nd Semester Students                    1972-0038
Billue, Timmy        2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Billue, Tommy       2nd Semester Students                    1972-0038
Billue, Tommy       2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Billue, Vicki           2nd Semester Students                    1972-0038
Billue, Vicki           Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Billue, Walter        1st Grade Picture        1973-0044
Bird, Freddie       Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Bird, Freddie       Picture, 3rd Grade          1951-0071
Blackman's                    Advertisement           1950-0098
Blackman's                    Advertisement           1951-0157
Blackman's Specialty Shop                    Advertisement           1947-0167
Blackman's Specialty Shop                    Advertisement           1948-0151
Blackman's Specialty Shop                    Advertisement           1949-0135
Blackmer, James         8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Blain, Jo Beth            Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Blain, Jo Beth            Senior Picture        1942-0015
Blain, Jo Beth            Award Picture        1942-0053
Blain, Jo Beth            1942 Pirate's Review Staff                    1942-0055
Blain, Jo Beth            Senior Play Cast            1942-0061
Blain, Jo Beth            FHT History       1942-0065
Blain, Roycalee    Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Blain, Roycalee    Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Blain, Roycalee    Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Blain, Roycalee    Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Blain, Roycalee    8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Blain, Roycalee    Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Blain, Roycalee                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0026
Blain, Roycalee    Junior Picture        1958-0024
Blain, Roycalee    Who's Who Picture                    1959-0013
Blain, Roycalee    Senior Picture        1959-0016
Blain, Roycalee    Favorites Picture        1959-0021
Blain, Roycele      Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Blain, Tommy       Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Blain, Tommy       Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Blain, Tommy       Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Blain, Tommy       Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Blain, Tommy       Junior Picture        1960-0024
Blain, Tommy       Senior Picture        1961-0019
Blain, Tommy       Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Blain, Tommy       6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Blain, Tommy       7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Blain, Tommy       8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Blain, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Blain, Tommy                     Sophomore Picture     1959-0028
Blaine, Jo Beth            Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Blaine, Roycalee    Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Blair, Doyle         1st Grade Picture        1975-0042
Blair, Gaylene                    Kindergarten Picture  1976-0033
Blair, Gaylene      Favorites Picture        1976-0050
Blair, Gaylene      1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Blair, Gaylene      2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Blair, Gaylene      3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Blair, Travis                    Kindergarten Picture  1974-0053
Blair, Travis         Favorites Picture        1975-0050
Blair, Travis         2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Blair, Travis         3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Blair, Travis         4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Blair, Travis         5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Blakely, Hoss           8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Blakely, Hoss           Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Blakely, Hoss                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Blakely, Robby        Favorites Picture        1976-0049
Blakely, Robby        8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Blakely, Robby        Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Blakely, Robby                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Blakley, Hoss           7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Blakley, Robby        6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Blakley, Robby        7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Blakley, Ronald       6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Blakley, Ronald       Favorites Picture        1975-0049
Blocker, Hershell     Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
Blocker, Hershell     Picture, 8th Grade          1948-0071
Blocker, Hershell     Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Blocker, Lisa             1st Grade Picture        1976-0032
Blocker, Suzan         6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Blocker, Wayne       6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Blodgett, S.D.             High School Faculty                    1950-0017
Blue Ribbon Shoe Shop                    Advertisement           1953-0098
Blue Ribbon Shoe Shop                    Advertisement           1954-0068
Blue, Alvin                    Picture, Junior         1951-0049
Blue, Buddy        Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Blue, Peggy         Picture, 7th Grade          1951-0067
Blue's Laundry Mart, Mineral Wells - James F. Blue                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0114
Blue's Quick Check Grocery, Mineral Wells - James Blue                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0112
Board of Trustees    List of trustees      1942-0009
Boater's Paradise, Mineral Wells - Ken & Larry Tolin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0120
Boaz Department Store                    Advertisement           1954-0084
Boaz Dry Goods                    Advertisement           1942-0085
Bobbie's Beauty Bar - Bobbie Thompson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0124
Bob's Dari-Crème, Mineral Wells - Bob Purefoy                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0110
Bob's Food Store                    Advertisement           1947-0143
Bock, C.C., Co at Large, Perrin, TX              Important School Officers                    1918-0023
Bock, C.C., Superintendent                    Faculty                     1918-0007
Boecker, Mandy       2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Boecker, Mandy       3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Boecker, Mandy Sue                    Kindergarten Picture  1976-0033
Boecker, Mandy Sue                    1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Boecker, Martha       PTA Officer Picture                    1977-0010
Boecker, Randy        2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Boecker, Randy        3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Boecker, Randy Roy                    Kindergarten Picture  1976-0033
Boecker, Randy Roy                    1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Bogan, Lewis          Senior Picture        1979-0026
Bogart Industries, Jacksboro - J.T. Rumage, Andrew Stalcup, LaDonna & Mae Schmittou                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0134
Bohanan, Douglas     Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Bohanan, Shirley        Junior Picture        1968-0021
Bohannon, Billie Mae  Freshman Picture        1960-0032
Bohannon, James         4th Grade Picture        1960-0040
Bollier, Darrell        1st Grade Picture        1979-0048
Bollier, Karen         Faculty Picture        1970-0016
Bollier, Karen         Sponsor Picture        1970-0026
Bollier, Karen         Faculty Picture        1971-0016
Bollier, Karen         Faculty Picture        1972-0016
Bollier, Karen         Sponsor Picture        1979-0028
Bollier, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1979-0010
Bollier, Timmy        4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
Bollier, Timmy        5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Bollier, Vicki           1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Bolton, Ronnie       3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Bolton, Ronnie       4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Bond, R.B.                    Sophomore Picture     1939-0024
Bond, R.B.                    Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Bonds, Ina                    4th Grade                    1918-0017
Bonds, Leonard     3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Bookshire Co                    Advertisement           1953-0095
Booz Grocery                    Advertisement           1946-0133
Booz Grocery                    Advertisement           1948-0149
Booz, Charley      Group Picture        1939-0014
Booz, Charley      Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Booz, Charley      Theatre Group Picture                    1939-0044
Booz, Charley      Play Group Picture        1939-0045
Booz, Charlie        Basketball Group Picture                    1939-0036
Booz, Charlie        Typing Class Group Picture                    1939-0046
Booze, Charley      Junior Picture        1939-0022
Botkin's Jewelry                    Advertisement           1954-0079
Boudreau, Arthur        Junior Picture        1973-0024
Bouldin, Barry          2nd Semester Students                    1971-0038
Bouldin, Barry                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0026
Bouldin, Barry          Junior Picture        1973-0024
Bouldin, Barry          Senior Picture        1974-0029
Bouldin, Barry          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1974-0120
Bouldin, Brian           2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Bouldin, Brian           3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Bouldin, Brian           4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Bouldin, Brian           5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Bouldin, Brian           6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Bouldin, Brian           7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Bouldin, Brian           Class Officer Picture                    1976-0025
Bouldin, Brian           8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Bouldin, Brian           Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Bouldin, Brian                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Bowden Dry Goods                    Advertisement           1948-0161
Bowden Dry Goods                    Advertisement           1949-0129
Bowden's                    Advertisement           1951-0161
Bowdens Quality Dry Goods                    Advertisement           1942-0079
Bowland, Jeffery                    Kindergarten Picture  1978-0065
Bowland, Jeffery        1st Grade Picture        1979-0048
Bown, Billy Fred            Junior Play Cast            1942-0061
Boyd, Billy                    Kindergarten Picture  1974-0053
Boyd, Charles       2nd Grade Picture        1974-0049
Boyd, Don                    7th Grade Picture        1963-0035
Boyd, Don                    Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Boyd, Don                    8th Grade Picture        1964-0040
Boyd, Eleanor       1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Boyd, Eleanor       Group Picture        1939-0040
Boyd, James         Freshman Picture        1963-0030
Boyd, James         Favorites Picture        1963-0032
Boyd, James                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0032
Boyd, John           4th Grade Picture        1964-0044
Boyd, Johnny       3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
boyd, Laverne                    Sophomore Picture     1939-0024
boyd, Laverne      Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Boyd, Linda          1st Grade Picture        1974-0051
Boyd, Paul                    3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Boydson, Dwayne     Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Boydson, Dwayne     Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Boydston, Betty          Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Boydston, Betty          Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Boydston, Betty          Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Boydston, Bettye        Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Boydston, Bettye        Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Boydston, Bettye        Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Boydston, Bonnie                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Boydston, Dwayne     Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Boydston, Dwayne     Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Boydston, Dwayne     Picture, 7th Grade          1952-0059
Boydston, Dwayne     Picture, 8th Grade          1953-0034
Boydston, Dwayne                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0024
Boydstun, Bettye        Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Boydstun, Bettye        8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Boydstun, Bettye        Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Boydstun, Bettye                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0026
Boydstun, Bettye        Junior Picture        1958-0024
Boydstun, Bonnie Lee                    6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Boydstun, Dwayne     Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Boydstun, Dwayne     Junior Picture        1956-0022
Boydstun, Dwayne     Senior Picture        1957-0014
Boydstun, Dwayne     Favorites Picture        1957-0046
Boydstun, Dwayne     Beau Picture        1957-0050
Boydstun, Dwayne     King Picture        1957-0051
Boydstun, Mary          8th Grade                    1918-0019
Boydstun, Travis         4th Grade                    1918-0017
Boydstun, Walter        5th Grade                    1918-0018
Boy's Basketball  Picture, Group         1950-0066
Boy's Basketball  Picture, Group         1951-0099
Boy's Basketball  Picture, Starting Five Boys                    1953-0060
Boy's Basketball  Picture, Group, B Squad                    1953-0062
Bozz Dry Goods                    Advertisement           1949-0135
Bradley Price Barber Shop                    Advertisement           1948-0167
Bradley, Dorotha     Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0038
Bradley, Dorothy     7th Grade Picture        1939-0028
Bradley, Eddie          Faculty Picture        1975-0016
Bradley, Eddie          Faculty Picture        1976-0036
Bradley, Eddie          Faculty Picture        1977-0008
Bradley, Harold        Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Bradley, Harold        Picture, 1st Grade          1951-0073
Bradley, Harold        Picture, 2nd Grade  1952-0065
Bradley, Harold        Picture, 3rd Grade          1953-0039
Bradley, Harold        Picture, 4th Grade          1954-0037
Bradley, Harold        6th Grade Picture        1956-0036
Bradley, Harold Dean                    5th Grade Picture        1955-0035
Bradley, Harold Dean                    7th Grade Picture        1957-0035
Bradley, Harold Dean                    8th Grade Picture        1958-0036
Bradley, Joyce          3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Bradley, Joyce          Group Picture        1939-0040
Bradley, Lori             3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Bradley, Lori             4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Bradley, Royce         1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Brannon, Bernice       2nd Grade                     1918-0022
Brannon, Claud          Teacher in primary division - Oakdale      1918-0007
Brannon, Earl             5th Grade                    1918-0022
Brannon, H.L.             List of trustees      1942-0009
Brannon, Juanita                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Brannon, Vinnice       4th Grade                    1918-0022
Bratcher, Elberta        Teacher in primary division - Wilder        1918-0007
Bratcher, Elberta        9th Grade                    1918-0019
Bratcher, Isa               8th Grade                    1918-0019
Bratcher, J.P.              3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Bratcher, Lindsey      4th Grade                    1918-0017
Bratcher, Nellie          7th Grade                    1918-0018
Bray, Carl                    Senior Picture        1939-0019
Bray, Lilly                    5th Grade                     1918-0021
Brazos Record & TV Center, Mineral Wells - Harold Jones, Doyle Vaughn & E.C. Hale                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0097
Brazos River Gas Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0080
Brazos River Gas Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0109
Brazos River Gas Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0093
Brazos Roller Rink, Mineral Wells - U.S. Eidman, Glenn H. Leatherwood & Sam Davis                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0113
Breeden, Junior         4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Breeden, Junior         5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Breeden, Sissy          3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Breedon, Sissy          2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Bridges, Beth            8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Bridges, Randy        Freshman Picture        1970-0035
Brinkman's                    Advertisement           1953-0097
Briscoe Motors                    Advertisement           1948-0145
Briscoe, Louise B    Picture, Junior         1947-0041
Brister, Sandra        Faculty Picture        1969-0017
Brock Cecil                    Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Brock, Barbara      2nd Grade Picture        1970-0047
Brock, Beva           Junior Picture        1978-0042
Brock, Beva           Senior Picture        1979-0026
Brock, Billie Ray             Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Brock, Billy            Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Brock, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Brock, Billy Ray             2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Brock, Billy Ray             Group Picture        1939-0040
Brock, Billy Ray             Picture, Sophomore                       1947-0049
Brock, Billy Ray             Picture, Junior         1948-0043
Brock, Cecil                    Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Brock, Cecil                    Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Brock, Cecil                    Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Brock, Cecil                    Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Brock, Cecil                    Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Brock, Cecil                    Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Brock, Cecil                    Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Brock, Cecil                    8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Brock, Cecil                    Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Brock, Cecil                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0026
Brock, Chris           1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Brock, Chris           2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Brock, Chris           2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Brock, Chris           3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Brock, Chris           4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Brock, Chris           5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Brock, Chris           6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Brock, Chris           7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Brock, Chris           8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Brock, Cinda          Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1961-0013
Brock, Daniel         Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Brock, Daniel         Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Brock, Daniel         Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Brock, Daniel         Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Brock, Daniel         Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Brock, Daniel         Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0025
Brock, Daniel         Picture -High School Favorite Boy             1954-0045
Brock, Daniel         3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Brock, Donald       Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Brock, Donald       Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Brock, Donald       3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Brock, Donald       4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Brock, Donald Lee                    6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Brock, Donald Lee                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Brock, Donna        7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Brock, Donna                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0026
Brock, Donna Jo   6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Brock, Donna Jo   8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Brock, Donna Jo   Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Brock, Donnie       5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Brock, Donnie       6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Brock, Donnie       7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Brock, Dorotha     Senior Picture        1939-0017
Brock, Dorotha     Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0037
Brock, Dorotha     Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Brock, Dorotha     Typing Class Group Picture                    1939-0046
Brock, Ernest         Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Brock, Ernest         Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Brock, Ernest         Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Brock, Ernest         Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Brock, Ernest         Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Brock, Ernest         Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Brock, Ernest         6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Brock, Ernest         7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Brock, Ernest         7th Grade Picture        1957-0035
Brock, Ernest         Freshman Picture        1959-0032
Brock, Ernest D.    8th Grade Picture        1958-0036
Brock, Grady         8th Grade                    1918-0019
Brock, James         1st Grade Picture        1969-0046
Brock, James         1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Brock, James         2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Brock, James         3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Brock, James         4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Brock, James         5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Brock, James         Favorites Picture        1974-0059
Brock, James         King Picture        1974-0062
Brock, James         6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Brock, James         7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Brock, James         8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Brock, James         Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Brock, James                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Brock, Kenneth     Favorites Picture        1978-0059
Brock, Kenneth     4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Brock, Kenneth     5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Brock, Loyd           Picture, 1st Grade          1954-0040
Brock, Loyd           2nd Grade Picture        1955-0038
Brock, Loyd           3rd Grade Picture        1956-0039
Brock, Loyd           4th Grade Picture        1957-0038
Brock, Loyd           5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Brock, Loyd           6th Grade Picture        1959-0038
Brock, Loyd           7th Grade Picture        1960-0037
Brock, Loyd           8th Grade Picture        1961-0040
Brock, Loyd           Freshman Picture        1962-0034
Brock, Loyd                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0026
Brock, Loyd           Junior Picture        1964-0028
Brock, Loyd           Senior Picture        1965-0016
Brock, Loyd           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1965-0018
Brock, Loyd           FFA Officer Picture                    1965-0046
Brock, Meledy      2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Brock, Michael      1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Brock, Michael      1st Grade Picture        1969-0046
Brock, Michael      2nd Grade Picture        1970-0047
Brock, Michael      3rd Grade Picture        1971-0035
Brock, Michael      4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Brock, Michael      5th Grade Picture        1973-0036
Brock, Michael      6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Brock, Michael      8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Brock, Michael      Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Brock, Mike           7th Grade Picture        1975-0034
Brock, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0046
Brock, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Brock, Minnie       Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Brock, Minnie       Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Brock, Minnie Faye                    1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Brock, Minnie Faye                    Group Picture        1939-0040
Brock, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1959-0012
Brock, Mrs.            Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1960-0008
Brock, Owen          Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Brock, Owen          Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Brock, Owen          Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0043
Brock, Owen          Picture, Junior         1950-0030
Brock, Owen          Picture, Senior         1951-0033
Brock, Randy                    Kindergarten Picture  1974-0053
Brock, Randy        Favorites Picture        1974-0059
Brock, Randy        1st Grade Picture        1975-0042
Brock, Randy        2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Brock, Randy        3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Brock, Randy        4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Brock, Randy        5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Brock, Randy        Favorites Picture        1979-0050
Brock, Regina        PTA Officer Picture                    1972-0057
Brock, Ronnie       1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Brock, Ronnie       2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Brock, Ronnie       4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Brock, Ronnie       5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Brock, Ronnie       6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Brock, Ronnie       7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Brock, Ronnie       8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Brock, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Brock, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Brock, Ronnie Dean                    3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Brock, Tammy       7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Brock, Tammy       8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Brock, Thomas      4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Brock, Thomas Wayne                    3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Brock, Tommy       5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Brock, Tommy       1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Brock, Tommy       2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Brock, Tommy       5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Brock, Tommy       6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Brock, Tommy       7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Brock, Tommy       8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Brock, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Brock, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Brock, Vernon       Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Brock, Vernon       Senior Picture        1942-0015
Brock, Vernon       Group Picture        1942-0049
Brock, Vernon       Senior Play Cast            1942-0061
Brock, Vernon       Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Brock, Vernon       Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Brock, Vernon       Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Brock, Vernon       Picture, 3rd Grade          1951-0071
Brock, Vernon       Picture, 4th Grade          1952-0063
Brock, Vernon       Picture, 5th Grade          1953-0037
Brock, Vernon       Picture, 6th Grade          1954-0035
Brock, Vernon       7th Grade Picture        1955-0033
Brock, Vernon       8th Grade Picture        1956-0034
Brock, Vernon       Freshman Picture        1957-0030
Brock, Vernon                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0028
Brock, Zela                    Favorites Picture        1939-0020
Brock, Zela                    Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Brock, Zela                    Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Brock, Zela                    Senior Picture        1942-0015
Brock, Zela May            Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Brooker, Becky                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0026
Brooker, Bonny        6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Brooker, Donny        7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Brooks, Brenda       1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Brooks, Brenda       Favorites Picture        1971-0044
Brooks, Brenda       3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Brooks, Brenda       Favorites Picture        1973-0053
Brooks, Brenda       4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Brooks, Brenda       5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Brooks, Brenda       6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Brooks, Brenda       7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Brooks, Brenda       Class Officer Picture                    1977-0031
Brooks, Brenda       Queen Picture        1977-0062
Brooks, Brenda       8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Brooks, Brenda       Favorites Picture        1978-0055
Brooks, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Brooks, Brenda       Queen Picture        1979-0091
Brooks, Brenda Lee                    2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Brooks, Cindy         1st Grade Picture        1969-0046
Brooks, Cindy         3rd Grade Picture        1971-0035
Brooks, Cindy         6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Brooks, Cindy         7th Grade Picture        1975-0034
Brooks, Cindy                    Cheerleader Picture     1975-0086
Brooks, Cindy                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0046
Brooks, Cindy         Favorites Picture        1978-0048
Brooks, Cindy         Favorites Picture        1979-0022
Brooks, Cindy         Junior Picture        1979-0030
Brooks, Cindy         Queen Picture        1979-0090
Brooks, Cynthia      2nd Grade Picture        1970-0047
Brooks, Cynthia      4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Brooks, Cynthia      5th Grade Picture        1973-0036
Brooks, Cynthia      8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Brookshire Co, Home Furnishing                    Advertisement           1952-0127
Brookshire Co, Home Furnishing                    Advertisement           1954-0074
Broom, Alice           5th Grade                     1918-0021
Broom, Alvie          7th Grade                    1918-0018
Broom, Charles Ray                    2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Broom, Charles Ray                    Group Picture        1939-0040
Broom, Charlie        Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Broom, Charlie        Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Broom, Clyde          Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Broom, Don            5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Broom, Don            Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Broom, Don            Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Broom, Evelyn Louise                    2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Broom, Evelyn Louise                    Group Picture        1939-0040
Broom, James E      Group Picture        1939-0040
Broom, James K.    1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Broom, Johnny       3rd Grade                     1918-0021
Broom, Louise        Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Broom, Ora                    5th Grade                     1918-0021
Broom, Sue                    Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Broom, Wanda       Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0026
Brown & Mitchell Hats                    Advertisement           1918-0037
Brown Derby Café                    Advertisement           1953-0104
Brown, Angela       4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Brown, Archie        1st Grade                    1918-0016
Brown, Belly Fred  1942 Pirate's Review Staff                    1942-0055
Brown, Bennie        2nd Grade                      1918-0020
Brown, Billy            Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Brown, Billy Fred   Junior Picture        1942-0025
Brown, Billy Fred   Mention                    1942-0029
Brown, Billy Fred   Group Picture        1942-0049
Brown, Billy Fred   FFA History       1942-0063
Brown, Brook         9th Grade                    1918-0019
Brown, Ernest         3rd Grade                     1918-0021
Brown, Ida Mae            1st Grade                    1918-0016
Brown, Jackie         Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Brown, Jimmie        Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Brown, Jimmy         Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Brown, Jimmy         Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Brown, Joe                    1st Grade                    1918-0020
Brown, Jr                    Senior Picture        1942-0015
Brown, Jr.                    Award Picture        1942-0053
Brown, Jr.                    1942 Pirate's Review Staff                    1942-0055
Brown, Jr.                    Senior Play Cast            1942-0061
Brown, Junior         Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Brown, Junior         Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Brown, L.L., The All Purpose Man                    Advertisement           1918-0025
Brown, Landreth, Miss                    County Agent Picture                    1965-0048
Brown, Maudie      Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Brown, Michael      Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Brown, Michael      Picture, 5th Grade          1948-0069
Brown, Michael      Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Brown, Nathan       4th Grade                    1918-0017
Brown, Ruth           1st Grade                    1918-0016
Brown, Stella          2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Brown, William       Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Brown's Gulf                    Advertisement           1950-0099
Brown's Gulf Station                    Advertisement           1951-0163
Broylee, Francis Jo  Junior Picture        1942-0025
Brumbelow, Bubba        8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Brumbelow, Eldon          2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Brumbelow, Eldon          3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Brumbelow, Eldon          4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Brumbelow, Eldon          Favorites Picture        1975-0050
Brumbelow, Eldon          5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Brumbelow, Eldon          Favorites Picture        1976-0050
Brumbelow, Eldon          6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Brumbelow, Eldon          7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Brumbelow, Eldon          Favorites Picture        1978-0057
Brumbelow, Eldon Don 1st Grade Picture        1972-0037
Brumbelow, Eldon Joe   Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0025
Brumbelow, Frances      Freshman Picture        1959-0032
Brumbelow, Frances                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0028
Brumbelow, Frances      Junior Picture        1961-0028
Brumbelow, Frances      Senior Picture        1962-0018
Brumbelow, Glenda        2nd Grade Picture        1966-0036
Brumbelow, Glenda        3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Brumbelow, Glenda        4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Brumbelow, Glenda        5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Brumbelow, Glenda        7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Brumbelow, Glenda        8th Grade Picture        1972-0030
Brumbelow, Glenda        Favorites Picture        1972-0043
Brumbelow, Glenda        Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Brumbelow, Glenda                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0033
Brumbelow, Glenda        Favorites Picture        1974-0057
Brumbelow, Glenda        Junior Picture        1975-0026
Brumbelow, Glenda        Favorites Picture        1976-0043
Brumbelow, Glenda        Favorites Picture        1976-0045
Brumbelow, Glenda        Sweetheart Picture        1976-0047
Brumbelow, Glenda        Favorites Picture        1976-0048
Brumbelow, Glenda        Queen Picture        1976-0070
Brumbelow, Glenda Jo   1st Grade Picture        1965-0035
Brumbelow, Glenda Jo   6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Brumbelow, Glenda Jo   Senior Picture        1976-0012
Brumbelow, Mr. & Mrs.                    Bus Driver Picture        1978-0020
Brumbelow, Sherrie                    Kindergarten Picture  1974-0053
Brumbelow, Sherrie        1st Grade Picture        1975-0042
Brumbelow, Sherrie        2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Brumbelow, Sherrie        3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Brumbelow, Sherrie        4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Brumbelow, Sherrie        5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Brumbelow, Wanda       Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Brumbelow, Wanda                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0028
Brumbelow, Wanda       Junior Picture        1960-0024
Brumbelow, Wanda       Favorites Picture        1961-0025
Brumbelow, William       Freshman Picture        1965-0026
Brumbelow, William                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0026
Brumbelow, William       Favorites Picture        1966-0041
Brumbelow, William       Junior Picture        1967-0023
Brumbelow, William       Beau Picture        1967-0082
Brumbelow, William       Senior Picture        1968-0018
Brumbelow, William       Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0092
Brumblelow Service Station                    Advertisement           1951-0153
Brumblow, Joe              Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Brush Motor Co                    Advertisement           1948-0135
Bruton, Clyde          5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Bruton, Clyde          Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Bruton, Clyde          Group Picture        1942-0049
Bruton, Debbie       7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Bruton, Debbie       8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Bruton, Debbie       Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Bruton, Debbie                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0026
Bruton, Debbie       Favorites Picture        1972-0042
Bruton, Debra         1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Bruton, Debra         2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Bruton, Debra         3rd Grade Picture        1965-0033
Bruton, Debra         5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Bruton, Debra         6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Bruton, Debra Ann                    4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Bruton, George Ed  4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Bruton, George Ed  5th Grade Picture        1964-0043
Bruton, Glen            5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Bruton, Glen            6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Bruton, Jackie         1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Bruton, Jackie         Group Picture        1939-0040
Bruton, LeAnn        2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Bruton, Mark           King Picture        1961-0055
Bruton, Mark           2nd Grade Picture        1962-0044
Bruton, Mark           3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Bruton, Mark           4th Grade Picture        1964-0044
Bruton, Mark           5th Grade Picture        1965-0031
Bruton, Mark           6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Bruton, Mark           8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Bruton, Mark           Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Bruton, Mark                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0031
Bruton, Mark           Favorites Picture        1970-0050
Bruton, Mark                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0026
Bruton, Mark           Senior Picture        1972-0022
Bruton, Mark           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1972-0098
Bruton, Mark Edward                    7th Grade Picture        1967-0029
Bruton, Sophie LeAnn                    1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Bryant, Cathy         7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Bryant, Diane                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0031
Bryant, Larry           8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
Buckhorn Café                    Advertisement           1946-0123
Buckhorn Café & Service Station                    Advertisement           1947-0135
Buckhorn Café & Service Station                    Advertisement           1948-0155
Buckhorn Café & Service Station                    Advertisement           1949-0121
Buckhorn Café & Station                    Advertisement           1954-0076
Buckhorn Service Station                    Advertisement           1951-0165
Buddies Super Markets, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0080
Buddies Super Markets, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0115
Buddies Super Markets, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0119
Buddies Super Markets, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0139
Buddies, Super Markets, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0098
Building, New            Dedication Picture        1962-0006
Buildings                    Picture of Building     1962-0007
Bunch, R.T.                    Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Bunch, R.T.                    Picture, Junior         1947-0041
Bunch, R.T.                    Picture, Most Popular Boy - Junior         1947-0091
Bunch, R.T.                    Picture, 3rd Vice President                    1947-0099
Bunch, R.T.                    Picture, Senior         1948-0031
Bunch, R.T.                    Picture, Basketball                      1948-0095
Bunch, Royac         Picture, 7th Grade          1951-0067
Bunch, Royas         Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Bunch, Royas         Picture, 5th Grade          1949-0059
Bunch, Royce         Picture, 6th Grade          1950-0044
Bunch, Sandra        Picture, 1st Grade          1951-0073
Bunch,Royas                Picture, 4th Grade          1948-0067
Burge, Boyd          2nd Grade Picture        1956-0040
Burge, Boyd          3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
Burge, Boyd          4th Grade Picture        1958-0040
Burge, Darlene      4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Burge, Darlene      5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Burge, Darlene      6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Burge, Jimmie        1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Burge, Virgil           1st Grade Picture        1957-0041
Burge, Virgil           2nd Grade Picture        1958-0042
Burkhalter, Collen         3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Burkhalter, Dani            Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Burkhalter, Dani                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Burkhalter, Don                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0046
Burkhalter, Don            Junior Picture        1979-0030
Burkhalter, Jimmye       1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Burkholder, Dolon         10th Grade                    1918-0019
Burleson, Darrell        Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Burleson, Darrell        Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0043
Burleson, Darrell        Picture, Soph Class Favorite Boy             1949-0077
Burleson, Darrell        Picture, Junior         1950-0030
Burleson, Darrell        Picture, Senior         1951-0033
Burleson, Darrell        Picture, Most Popular Boy - Senior         1951-0083
Burly Hull Motor Co                    Advertisement           1954-0082
Burnet, Leon           5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Burnett, Gail             Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Burnett, Gail             Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Burnett, Gail             Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Burnett, Gail             Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Burnett, Gail             Picture, 8th Grade          1953-0033
Burnett, Gail             Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Burnett, Gail                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0024
Burnett, Gail             Junior Picture        1956-0022
Burnett, Gail             Senior Picture        1957-0014
Burnett, Gail             Favorites Picture        1957-0052
Burns, Gary            Junior Picture        1968-0021
Burns, Gary            Senior Picture        1969-0021
Burns, Gary            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0104
Burns, Ronnie       8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Burns, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Burns, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0031
Burns, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1971-0024
Burns, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1972-0022
Burns, Ronnie       Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1972-0098
Burns, Roy             Senior Picture        1968-0018
Burns, Roy             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0092
Burns, Toni Masterson                    Award Picture        1970-0103
Burns, Toni Masterson                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1970-0104
Burnside, Jalayna       1st Grade Picture        1976-0032
Burnside, Jalayna       2nd Grade Picture        1977-0037
Burnside, Jalayna       3rd Grade Picture        1978-0062
Burton Milner Auto Parts, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0115
Burton Milner Auto Parts, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0135
Burton Milner Auto Parts, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0108
Burwell, Stoney       1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Burwell, Stoney       2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Burwell, Stoney       3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Burwell, Stoney       4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Burwell, Stoney       5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Burwell, Stoney       6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Burwell, Stoney       7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Burwell, Stoney       8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Burwell, Stoney       Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Burwell, Stoney                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0032
Burwell, Tyson        1st Grade Picture        1973-0044
Burwell, Tyson        2nd Grade Picture        1974-0049
Burwell, Tyson        3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Burwell, Tyson        4th Grade Picture        1976-0029
Burwell, Tyson        5th Grade Picture        1977-0034
Burwell, Tyson        Favorites Picture        1977-0040
Burwell, Tyson        6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Burwell, Tyson        7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Bus Club                    Picture of school buses and drivers        1953-0009
Bus Drivers                    Picture, Group         1949-0051
Bus Drivers                    Picture, Group         1950-0047
Bus Drivers                    Picture, Group         1951-0111
Busbee Funeral Home                    Advertisement           1950-0087
Bush Motor Co                    Advertisement           1949-0121
Buster Perritt, Butane Gas Co                    Advertisement           1949-0125
Busy Bee Café                    Advertisement           1953-0098
Busy Bee Café                    Advertisement           1954-0071
Butane Gas Co., John Pankey & Von Ford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0108
Button                    Picture, School Board                    1948-0019
Buzbee Funeral Home                    Advertisement           1953-0110
Buzbee Funeral Home                    Advertisement           1954-0074
Byers, A.N.                    List of trustees      1942-0009
Byers, Betty Jean 1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Byers, Betty Jean Group Picture        1939-0040
Byers, Jean                    Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Byers, Margaret    3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Byers, Margaret    Group Picture        1939-0040
Byers, Margaret    Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Byers, Margaret    Picture, Future Homemakers                    1946-0099
Byers, Nathan       3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Byers, Nathan       Group Picture        1939-0040
Byers, Nathan       Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Byers, Nathan       Picture, Senior         1947-0031
Byers, Nathan       Picture, 2nd Vice President                    1947-0099
Byers, Nathan       Picture, Boy's Basketball                    1947-0119
Byford, Steve          1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Byrd Implement Co                    Advertisement           1947-0163
Byrd Implement Co                    Advertisement           1953-0086
Byrd Renfro Washateria                    Advertisement           1950-0095
Byrd Renfro Washateria                    Advertisement           1951-0137
Byrd's Grocery                    Advertisement           1951-0163

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