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Decatur Baptist College (DBC) 
Old Newspaper Clippings &
Pictures/Papers from the Wise County Heritage Museum Files

Wise County, North Texas

1892 - 1906
From the Wise County Messenger, Decatur News, &
Wise County Heritage Museum Files

Below are some images of newspaper clippings and pictures about the Decatur Baptist College. These images came from microfilm and pictures that are available at the Wise County Heritage Museum Only a few articles are represented. Clippings that mentioned only a few names of students attending the school were not included. 
These articles and pictures give some information about the college before we had yearbooks.
All of the names in the articles below are in the yearbook index of names.
Click here to go to the index of 25,000 names in all of these books.
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Construction & ads for opening of Northwest Texas Baptist College.
Teachers under President A.J. Emerson.
Reopening under Principal C.E. Thompson.

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College bought by the Baptist Coalition. Name changed to Decatur Baptist College.
Reopened under President, Dr. B.F. Giles.
Articles about graduation and honor roll.
DN1897-08-12.jpg (107894 bytes)  WCM1898-09-23.jpg (111764 bytes)  WCM1899-06-02.jpg (997444 bytes)  DN1899-06-02.jpg (953314 bytes)  WCM1899-06-09.jpg (407390 bytes)  WCM1899-11-24.jpg (374596 bytes)  DN1900-01-12.jpg (224282 bytes)  WCM1900-01-19.jpg (207810 bytes)  WCM1900-02-23.jpg (592560 bytes)  WCM1900-06-01.jpg (1020844 bytes)  B.F. Giles.jpg (975088 bytes)  Museum1892.jpg (10712304 bytes)  Museum1898-2.jpg (9782379 bytes)  Museum1898-1.jpg (2073952 bytes)  

Dr. J.L. Ward becomes president.
In 1904 the boy's dormitory burns.
DN1901-04-05.jpg (209150 bytes)  WCM1901-05-31.jpg (1020807 bytes)  WCM1901-11-01.jpg (1263006 bytes)  WCM1902-01-31.jpg (211142 bytes)  DN1902-05-30.jpg (453904 bytes)  WCM1902-05-30.jpg (1004654 bytes)  WCM1902-07-18.jpg (948519 bytes)  WCM1903-01-02.jpg (204869 bytes)  WCM1903-05-29.jpg (1015367 bytes) WCM1903-09-11.jpg (986216 bytes)  WCM1904-01-29.jpg (885691 bytes)  WCM1904-03-11.jpg (455662 bytes)  WCM1904-04-15(1).jpg (1185995 bytes)  Museum1904.jpg (2253876 bytes)  WCM1904-04-15(2).jpg (241843 bytes)  WCM1904-05-27.jpg (1003187 bytes)  WCM1904-09-23.jpg (191507 bytes)  HistBk-1904.jpg (256298 bytes)  Museum1903-1.jpg (4903221 bytes)  Museum1903-2.jpg (9041663 bytes)    Museum1907-2.jpg (3317259 bytes)

Articles with names of students and teachers.
In 1905 the first 'Black and Gold' magazine was published.
(Some pictures below that came from the Museum go beyond the year 1907)
WCM1905-06-02.jpg (995416 bytes)  WCM1905-07-28.jpg (344754 bytes)  WCM1905-09-08.jpg (263294 bytes)  DN1905-11-24.jpg (573187 bytes)  WCM1906-06-01.jpg (988031 bytes)  WCM1907-05-31.jpg (654711 bytes)  WCM1907-09-13.jpg (950905 bytes)  WCM1908-05-29.jpg (980268 bytes)  HistBk-1905.jpg (255101 bytes)  HistBk-1906.jpg (269040 bytes)  1907 Eros.jpg (2023281 bytes)  Museum1907.jpg (2987056 bytes)  Museum1907-1.jpg (998570 bytes)  1904 Elocution Class.jpg (1878940 bytes)  Museum1905.jpg (9456915 bytes)  1909 Group Picture at Neel Hall.jpg (2033620 bytes)  Museum1910.jpg (4131276 bytes)  Museum1910-1.jpg (7360579 bytes)  Museum1910-2.jpg (2981394 bytes)  Museum1910-3.jpg (3487652 bytes)  Museum1910-4.jpg (1662191 bytes)  Museum1910-5.jpg (3786239 bytes)  Museum1911-1.jpg (2455933 bytes)  Museum1911-2.jpg (3065740 bytes)  Museum1912-1.jpg (10132505 bytes)  Museum1912-2.jpg (1650426 bytes)  Museum1912-3.jpg (7245277 bytes)  Museum1913.jpg (2882724 bytes)  museum1914.jpg (1622634 bytes)  Museum1914-1.jpg (6469955 bytes)  Museum1914-2.jpg (7360249 bytes)