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List of Family Books Available in the 
Wise County Heritage Museum Archive

     Most of these books are also noted in the family file for that family. Check also the books listed with the families in the family file lists - 

The following 14 books have good family histories and stories and are searched for the family files:

Cates Pioneer History of Wise County - Terrell History and Family book 3 Vol History of Wise Co., A Link With The Past - Alvord Centennial Bridgeport, The First 100 Years -Bridgeport Historical Pictures Decatur Square 2 Vol History of Paradise & Cottondale  

2 vol The History of North & West TX (1906) - Biographical Souvenir of TX (1889)

These 2 books were loaned for scanning and are online
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Alvord Centennial
History of North & West Texas Vol II
(first pages are missing from this copy)
     Shelf Location
1-16    Research Room
17-29    Store Room
30-32    Conference Room
33    Furniture Room
34-35    Equipment Room
36-43    Lost Battalion Room
44-45    School Room
FAMILY BOOKS Author Shelf Assmnt #  
A Friend to Man  The Life Story of J. H. Doss   1-C 201411 C
A Genealogy of The Thomas Harvey, David McLain Famiies of Wise County, Tx   1-E 202111 C
A History & Genealogy of Henry Austin and Descendants at Calvert County, Maryland Isrial, Mrs Henry 1-A 20221779X C
Activities on the Square Decatur, Texas 1880-1910     202217244 C
Adventures of Private Gililland During the Civil war as told to cliff Cates   1-D 202259X C
Alexander Beall 1649-1744 Of Maryland McvlEAN 1-A 1989987 C
An American Heritage Story (Peoples) Elam 2-D 201656 C
Ancestor Trails Mid-Cities Gen Soc. 1-A 200308 C
Ancestors of Charla, Pamela & Angela Womack   3-E 202274X C
Anderson Family Genealgy   1-A 202250x C
At Home with The Nibletts   2-C 201355 C
Ball Family History Carlisle & Margaret their Ancestors & Desc. Ball Joan Huseman 1-A 1989999 C
Barrick "Peter Barrick's Descendants"   1-A missing C
Bayne Family Research   1-A 202252x C
Beall "The Beall Family"   1A missing C
Bean McBean, McBain: Dec. 1971-Dec. 1974 Vol. I   1A 1989434 C
Bean McBean, McBain: March 1975- March 1977 Vol. II   1A 1989433 C
Beeson Taylor 1-A 199914 C
Beeson "A Beeson Genealogy 1925   1A 199913 C
Beeson "John Wesley Beeson and the Beeson Colleges"   1-A 199912 C
Bell "I was A Teen In The 1930's by Harold Bell"   1-A 200368 C
Berry "Berry Picken"   1-A 1989223 C
Bertha Rosenzweig   2-E 202269X C
Biography of Walter Marshall William Splawn 6/16/1883 1/17/1963   2-F 202270X C
Birdwell Family   1-B 199404 C
Blake "The Last Free Land: A Blake Kincannon Genealogy"   2-A 1989981 not found
Bobo Ramblings of A Country Doctor Bobo 1-B 1989406 C
Borglum, Gutzon Price 1-B 19891099 C
Bovee "Pioneer Families of Michigan"   1-B 199371 C
Bradley (Cousin book )   1-B 19891288 C
Bridges, The Descendants of Theodosia bowers Bridges of Paradise, Wise Co. TX Nancy Brown Guest 1-B 201404 C
Bryans Horton Allied Families     1989438 C
Burke " Burkes Family Records   1-B 199973 C
Butler   1-B 199614 C
C. E. Baits History Hughs, Johnny 1-A 200048 C
Cantwell-Greene Families of East Tenn.   1-B 201908 C
Caraway " The Caraway Families of Wise County"   1-B 201511 C
Caraway "Some Caraway Families " by Thelma Caraway Lawdrum   1-B 201510 C
Caraway "Stories and Notes On The Caraway Family 1993"   1-B 201512 C
Caraway "The Caraway Families 1993"   1-B 201513 C
Caraway "The Families of Caraway, Ludwell and Eastwood American Pioneers" by M. Marie Taylor   1-B 1992211 C
Carter Family History   1-B 200721 C
Carter, Amon   1-B 200003 C
Cates " The Cates of Lower East Tennessee and Related Families"   1B missing C
Cearley   1-G 202021 C
Champion   1-B 200821 C
Chenault " The Education of Anna" by Anna Chenault   1-B 199378 C
Chenault "Descendants of Estienne Chenault"   1-B 201509 C
Christian Family History   1-B 201682 C
Christian of Charles City   1-B 201681 C
Christian, Terril   1-B 1989204 C
Christian-Skelton History & Genalealogy   1-B 201683 C
Clark "The Chiangs of China" by Ellmer L. Clark   1-B 199401 C
Clarks Across America   1-B 199816 C
Cocanougher Family History From 1745   1-B 202191 C
Cody "The Last of the Great Scouts" by Helen Cody Wetmore   1-B 199645 C
Coffey: Lynn, Nixson,Moidl, Galdstone, Williams, Schmittou, Barefoot, Scott, Cartner, Peiz, Buck, Millican, Reding, Moore, Watkins, Chapman, Charles, Gresham, Giles, Bell, Baggett, McKinney, Milner, Conners, Gates, Mosley, Allen, Atteberry, Walker, Woodward, Tidemore, Dailey, Flint, Brown, Nixon, Russell, Porter, Baker, Neeley, Garrett, Leek   1-B 201514 C
Cole " Ordinary Americans" by Charles E. Cole   1-B 1989228 C
Conner " Historical Southern Families" Vol. XXII   1-B 200267 C
Cook "Charity Cook: A Liberated Woman"   1-B 1990145 C
Coombes "The Diary of a Frontiersman 1858-1859   1-B 201515 C
Coombs "Descendants of John Ensey and Catherne Combs"   1-C 2008102 C
Cope " Families from Middle Tenn to Denton County"   1-C 201516 C
Cox " The Descendants of James Silas Cox"   1-C MISSING C
Craig, Descendants of John Craig& John Robertson   1-C 2001300 C
Crawford " George Washington Crawford"   1-C 199506 C
Crawford " Some of Our ancestors"   1-C 201517 C
Crawford "Descendants of John Crawford Of Scotland Emigrants to America 1600-1984"   1C 202254x C
Crawford "The Crawford Families 1600-1988"   1-C 199363 C
Crewzburg "Speissegger"   1-C 202255x C
Crockett " Nathan Crockett Oldest Bro. of Daby"   1-C 1989255 C
Cross "Cross Connections"   1-C 1989250 C
Crouch "Hondo My Father"   1-C 1989231 C
Dallas, Descendants William Dallas of Graslte, The Oa, Isay. Scotland Doris Barfield Sanders 1-C 201403 C
Darley " Your Darley Ancestors"   1-C 200266 C
Darlington, Hale, Paul look under paul   1C missing C
Davenport   1-C 199226 C
Davenport "Woot has Twelve Pigs   1-C 1989440 C
Davis, Baptist    1-C 201814 C
Decendants of John Ensey & Catherine Combs   1-D 202256 C
Decendants of Rice & Rachael Simpson   2-E 201563 C
Deline " The Pioneers Families Of Michigan" Deline   1-C 199369 C
Denham "Pennington Family History"   1-C 199983 C
Dent & Drennan " The Dent & Drennan Families of Parker and Wise County, TX"   1-C 200517 C
Derberry "The Derberry Families in America"   1-C 199664 C
Descendants of Archibald Smith   2-F 201566 C
Descendants of Daniel Lookingbill   2-B 201417 C
Descendants of John Jasper Pinkneuy Davis   1-C 2022579 C
Descendants of Richard Hull   1-F 202027 C
Dobie "Out of Old Rock"   1-C 200801 C
Dobson "From 1787-1971"   1-C 1989265 C
Donoho/Helm   1-C 201518 C
Dorene-Oats- Morgan   12-E 2022266X C
Dorsey " Fayes Journal"   1-C 199767 C
Doty "James Duane Doty Frontier Promoter"   1-C 201519 C
Dowson "Ernest Dowson The Swan of Lee"   1-C 1989405 C
Drain " Who's Who of The American Drains"   1-C 1992244 C
Drain "Living Near Home by Archie & Mary Beth Drain"   1-C 1992245 C
Draine-McCraw-McCarry Family   1-C 1991238 C
Drayton D. Shirey   2-E 199330 not found
Duke " James H. Duke Family Tree"   1-C 199329 C
Durham "John Coats Durham Family Tree"   1-C 199328 C
Early Day Nibblets   2-C 201606 C
Ellison " The Ellison's since the Civil War"   1-C 2005119 C
Emberson " On their Roaring Way"   1-D 1989213 C
Erwin ,RhIneland Emigrants   1-D 201520 C
Families of Jooseph and Isaac Wyatt   3-E 2001260 C
Families Of Joseph & Isacc Wyatt   3-F 2001260 C
Family History Butler   1-B 202217221 C
Family History of William Morrison   2-B 1991136 C
Family of Walter & Masy Crawford Ver 2   1-C 202253X C
Farley "No Rules Or Guidelines"   1-D MISSING C
Farwell "The Story Of Irene"   1-D 200757 C
Felix Benedict Dixon   1-C 200433 C
Ferguson " Outlaws, Inlaws, & Unlaws Vol. I"   1-D 200071 C
Filer "Peter/Lewis/Filler"   1-D 199612 C
Fillingham " The Family of John Fillingham Sr. & Margaret Money"   1-D 199615 C
Fisher "The Fisher Family"   1-D 200364 C
Flemmons "Amon"   1-D MISSING C
Fletcher "Proud Lines and Stong Minds"   1-D 1989217 C
Flowers  " Descendants of John Flowers Vol. I"   1-D 200291 C
Flowers " Descendants of John Flowers Vol. II"   1-D 200292 C
Flowers For Milley (Walker)   3-E 202122 C
Following The Wagon Train  (Rogers)   2-E 199910 C
Ford " Our Fords"   1-D 199958 C
Ford "Taylor, Fogleman, Wetzel, Bonnett"   1-D 201522 C
Ford, Markley   1-D 2016127 C
Fortenberry " Family Tree With Twigs and Branches"   1-D 1989237 C
Foster Family Migration   1-D 200401 C
Foster Family of Scotland   1-D 201524 C
Foster/ Cason   1-D 201525 C
Frances "Frances Sample Franklin"   1-D 201523 C
Frantz "Rosemary Frantz"   1-D 199575 C
Fullinghim "Archer Fullinghim A Country Editors View Ol Life"   1-D 1989242 C
Fulton " Tales of The Trail"   1-D 199644 C
Funchess " The Funches Family History"   1-D 199959 C
Garrett "Bishop Garrett's Journal Texas 1875-1890"   1-D 1989212 C
Geddie " Geddie & McPhail Genealogy"   1-D 200608 C
Genelogy Gentry-Spain 1986   1-D 202258X C
Genelogy Gentry-Spain May 1986   1-D 202257x C
Geneology of Wilkinson & Kinred Famlies   3-F 202017 C
Generations Back Norton and Related lines   2-D 202266X C
Gentry "Gentry/ Spain"   1-D 1989110 C
Gentry "Gentry/Spain"   1-D 1989200 C
George W. Littlefield   2-A 200880 C
Geron "Soloman Geron and His Descendants"   1-D 1989220 C
Gilley   1-D 200521 C
Gladys Merritt & The Serena Jane Mount Family   2-B 201544 C
Golaz " The John Henry Golaz Family"   1-D 201527 C
Golden " Golden Chains of Love"   1-D 1989443 C
Gorham " Family Records"   1-D 1992199 C
Gose   1-E 1989460 C
Gosney " The Gosney Family In America Vol II"   1-E 201529 C
Gosney "The Gosney Family In America Vol I"   1-E 201528 C
Gragg Descent   1-E 1989247 C
Gray "The Last Campfire"   1-E 1989215 C
Greathouse " Greathouse/Hogg/Renshaw"   1-E 201530 C
Gregg " Gregg/Gragg"   1-E 1989247 C
Gregg "Gregg/Gregg"   1-E 1989425 C
Gresham " Anyway you Spell It"   1-E 1989785 C
Gresham " Anyway you Spell It"   1-E 199176 not found
Groves "Blanch Groves of China:Incomitable Lady"   1-E 199560 C
Guthrie ' The Blue Hens Cluck"   1-E 200029 C
Hamman "Phillip Hamman Man of Valor"   1-E 1989222 C
Hankins " Daniel Begat   1-E 19891294 C
Hanna " Twigs and Branches"   1-E 1995103 C
Hanner " family   1-E 201531 C
Hanner Family   1-E 201531 C
Haplin "Lawrence Haplin Notebooks 1959-1971"   1-E 1989267 C
Hardings " The Hardings in America"   1-E 1989403 C
Harris   1-E 1989437 C
Harrity "The World Famous Harrity Family"   1-E 199646 C
Haynes " the Haynes Family Papers"   1-E 199137 C
Hays " Hayes History"   1-E 199436 C
Hays" Hays & Huffs"   1-E 199613 C
Hefley   1-E 1990108 C
Hicks " An Open book"   1-E 1989741 C
Hill " Isaac"   1-F 201533 C
Hill " Sam Hill The Prince of Castle Nowhere"   1-F 201532 C
Hill "Shirley Plantation a Personal Adventure for Ten Generation by Joanne Young"   1-F 200704 C
Hill "Squires Richard Hill, Sr. Of Mississippi. His Descendants and Related Lines"   1-F 199476 C
Historical Novel Lands of Fratricide     202217243 C
History of Allen Family Allen, Donald Lee 1-A 202113 C
Hobbs " The Humble Hobbs Family"   1-F MISSING C
Hobson   1-F 199469 C
Hoffman "Our Kin"   1-F 199771 C
Hogg ' Ima Hogg The governors Daughter by Virginia Bernhard"   1-F 1989807 C
Hogg "Miss Ima and The Hogg Family"   1-F 199798 C
Holden " A Ranching Saga Vol II"   1-E 1989320 C
Holden " A Ranching Saga Vol. I"   1-E 1989319 C
Holley " Newsom, Easly, Hohnson"   1-F 200701 C
Holloway The Story Of My Life"   1-F 1989402 C
Holmes " A Homes Family of Rowan and Davidson Counties of North Carolina"   1-F 1989886 C
Hopson Some Very Fine Folks"   1-F 1989243 C
Howard Chance   1-F 1989427 C
Huddleson- Watson   1-F 1989449 C
Index to Bailey's Christian-Skelton History   1-B 201684 C
It is who I am Life stories and Ancestors (Womack)   3-E 202105 C
It Is Who They Are Vol I (Womack)   3-E 202106 C
It Is Who They Are Vol ii (Womack)   3-E 202107 C
It is Who They Are Vol III (Womack)    3-E 202108 C
It Is Who They Are Vol IV (Womack)   3-E 202109 C
It'll Rain  someday, Always Does (Cherryhomes)   1-B 2022120X C
Jackson   1-F 201949 C
Jackson " The Presidents Lady"   1-F 1989283 C
Jackson "Jacksonian America"   1-F 201534 C
Jaques "Some of Their Ancestors and Descendants"   1-F 1992149 C
Jesse James   1-F 201948 C
Jeter "The Jeter Family by Wimberly"   1-F 1989431 C
John Ball of Lee County, Virginia Hoskins, William 1-A 1989239 C
John T. Paschall & His wife Mary Cook Paschall   2-D 201901 C
John Techel to John Tackel   2-F 1989424 C
John Washington Harvey 1853-1917   1-E 201312 C
Jones " Jones-Gillock & Allied Families History 1674-1984"   1-F 1989455 C
Jones "Colonel Morgan Jones by Vernon Aladen Spence"   1-F 1989124 C
Jones, Revbeca Jane to Otho James Nitcholas   1-F 201761 C
Karr "The Karr Family Record Book I"   1-F 1989456 C
Kay " The Descendants Of Robert Kay"   2-A 1989397 C
Keeter " Family History"   2-A 199221 C
Keith "Collected Geneologies North America 1997"   2-A 199860 C
Kendall "Kenndal The Picayune"   2-A 19891052 C
Kennamer " The Kennamer Book A Great American Family"   2-A 1989218 C
Kennamer 'Yhe Kennamer Family"   2-A 1989430 C
Key  and Allied Families    2-A 202025 C
Kidd, Reuben Vaughn   2-A MISSING not found
Killough " Background of  The Killough Family Historical"   2-A 201535 C
Kincannon " Kincannon and McDonald of Southwest Virginia"   2-A 199373 C
King " And Related Familiy"   2-A 199181 C
King " Pioneer Thomas King"   2-A 201537 C
King " United King Book 1920-1960"   2-A 200146 C
Kinship of Melinda LaRue Hearrold   1-E 201562 C
Knox "Supplement to Certain Topics on the Ingham, Waterhouse and Allied Families"   2-A MISSING C
Kuykendall - Kirkendall   2-A 201539 C
Kuykendall "Kuykendall Families Vol.3"   2-A 201538 C
Lafores/Laforce   2-A 201540 C
Lakey-Ford-Bales-White " Our Niche in History Letters to Our Children"   2-A 199553 C
Lambshead Before Interwoven 1948-1878   2-E 2022577 C
Lasater " The History Of The Lasater Family"   2-A 201541 C
Leaves From A Family Album (Holcombe & Greer)   1-F 201940 C
Lee   2-A 201542 C
Lehmann "A New Look at Nine Years With Indians by Herman Lehmann"   2-A 200529 C
Lemme " Family Tree"   2-A 199567 C
Lemuel Morris Ball 1826-1900 Ball, Lemuel Jr. 1-A 199660 C
Like Leaves on Trees Anderson 1-A 1995106 C
Lindley " Jacob Marion"   2-A 1989454 C
Livingston " Livingston Lines"   2-B 199027 C
Locke "Jacobs People by Kenneth H. Lee"   2-B 199581 C
Magee "Our Yesterday's by Mable Magee Thompkins & Odelia Magee Walker"   2-B 1989210 C
Mann " The Manns From Tenn To Texas"   2-B 1989234 C
Mann "Memorial Addresser"   2-B 1989260 C
Marlett " The Marlett Story"   2-B 1989248 C
Marlow " The Marlow Brother Ordeal"   2-B 1991161 C
Martin " Joseph Martin 1740-1976"   2-B 199540 C
Martin " The Martin Genealogy"   2-B 200723 C
Matney "The Sandy Creek Boys by Jerry A. Matney"   2-B 201129 C
Maxwell, Nathaniel Family 1742 - 1990     (2 copies) Lena Knight Maxwell 2-B 199083 C
McAdams " The McAdams Family of Walker county"   2-C 19891303 C
McCall "On The Road To Adam And Eve"   2-C 200148 C
McClung " The McClung Family of Wise County"   2-C 1989429 C
McConnell " McConnell Memorial"   2-C 199382 C
McCracken " Descendants of  James McCracken"   2-C 200434 C
McCracken " They Went West"   2-C 1989263 C
McCuray "Unbroken Circle"   2-C MISSING C
McDaniel " The McDaniel Book"   2-C 199053 C
McFadden "A McFadden Chronology 1710-1900"   2-C 201545 C
McGlosson   2-B 202010 C
McGoodwin Family   2-B 202264x C
McGuire The McGuire Family Heritage Book I"   2-C 201546 C
McGuire The McGuire Family Heritage Book II"   2-C 201547 C
McNeeley "The Untold Generation"   2-C 200027 C
Meeks "Nathan and Sarah All our children"   2-B 202265x C
Memories of A Methodist Circuit Rider ( HABERN)   1-E 202188 C
Middleton " Doc Middleton"   2-B 1989126 C
Mikesell (Pioneer Families of Michigan)   2-B 199367 C
Miller "Due West by Covered Wagon"   2-B 200403 C
Miller "W. Henry Miller Pioneer North Texas"   2-B 1990112 C
Mock Families of America   2-B 202187 C
Montoya " Nestor Montoya"   2-B 1989831 C
Mood " For God and Texas"   2-B 201543 C
Moore " Faith"   2-B 199437 C
Moore " The Birge Moore Family"   2-B 199558 C
Morgan "Ancestors and Descendants of Rutha Sledge Morgan"   2-B 1989261 C
Morris " Morris-Blair History" Catherine Troxell Gonzales 2-B 1989995 C
Morrison, Harvey   2-B 200322 C
Mosely " A Mosley Genealogy   2-B 199374 C
Mote "Silas Mote and Some of His Descendants"   2-B 199362 C
Mount "Brent Mount"   2-C 1989233 C
Murray " Alfalfa Bill Murray"   2-C 1989230 C
Nabers "James Monroe Nabers Family"   2-C 1989254 C
Name Index to A. J. Sowell's Early Settlers & Indian Fighters of Southwest Texas   2-F 199641 C
Nancy McEntire A Tale of The Prairies   2-B 201548 C
Neville  " Backward Glances Vol 2 1930-1932"   2-C 1989187 C
Neville  " Backward Glances Vol 3 1932-1933"   2-C 1989188 C
Neville  " Backward Glances Vol I 1929-1930"   2-C 1989186 C
Newberry " The Annais Of Newberry"   2-C 199933 C
Newby " The Newby Book From England to America 1612-1996"   2-C 199665 C
Nichols "Mann, Poe, Teague, Vandoran"   2-C 1989235 C
Nirkirk   2-C 201549 C
Nivens Fanily Genealogy Research  Nivens 2-C 202275 C
Norris " The Best Is Yet To Come"   2-C 200895 C
Norton " The Descendants of Mercer (Messer) Norton 1750-1800 and His Wife Martha"   2-D 200213 C
Nulish "Named Nulsch"   2-D 199113 C
Oates " Ancestors & Descendant of John William & Nellie Olive (Webb) Oats"   2-D 200293 C
Oates -Cates-Porter   2-D 1989452 C
Oates/Case/Porter   2-D MISSING C
Oats Data   12-E 2022267X C
Old Southern Bible Records   1-A 199051 C
Oliver  "The August Oliver Family"   2-D 199835 C
O'Neal Family Ancestory Research 2019 202276 2-D 202276 C
Our Family Circle (Smith)   2-F 1989398 C
Owen Family History   2-D 202267X C
Parker " The Descendants of John Parker and His Wife Sarah Gordy"   2-D 201550 C
Paul   2-D 201551 C
Perry "McDaniel, Vick, Borders, Watson, Strait, Allied Lines, Tenhet, Waters, Joyner"   2-D 1990134 C
Peter Barrick Revolutionary War Soldier Bailey 1-A 199504 C
Petty     2-D 200506 C
Petty "& Descendants"   2-D 201552 C
Phillip Hamman and The Saving of The Greenbrier Settlement   1-E 202260x C
Philpot " Rosenberg"   2-D 201554 C
Pioneer Families of Michigan (Argersinger) Vol II Fre, Carol 1-A 199368 C
Pitts   2-D 201834 C
Pitts Family   2-D 1989236 C
Porter "Papa Was A Preacher"   2-D 2002160 C
Pratt " The Pratt Directory 1980"   2-D 201553 not found
Proffitt, L. B. Jr.   2-D 201362 C
Ragsdale   2-D 201555 C
Read Ancestry   2-D 199366 C
Recollections of the Box Family Tragedy Box 1-B 201907 C
Recollections of the Box Family Tragedy   1-B 201907 C
Reddell "John Reddell 1730-1800 Of Maryland and Points West Riddell, Riddle"   2-D 1991137 C
Reeves "Reeves Family History"   2-D 200722 C
Renshaw " Cousins"   2-D 1989436 C
Renshaw " I'll Carry You Back"   2-D 199479 C
Renshaw "Early Years in The Life of The Renshaw Family"   2-D 1989251 C
Renshaw "Renshaw Reflections"   2-D 1989209 C
Reuben Vaughn Kidd Soldier of The Confederacy   2-A 201686 C
Reynolds "Interwoven A pioneer Chronicle"   2-E 1989240 C
Rhine " Movelda On the Run"   2-E 1989450 C
Richardson "This I Remember"   2-E 199944 C
Richburg's " The Hugenot Trail"   2-E 199842 C
Richburg's" The Hugenot Trail"   2-E 199843 not found
Riley " The Edward Riley Family"   2-E 199832 C
River of Years (Newton)   2-C 1989367 C
Roberts   2-E 202268X C
Roberts   2-E 2022576 C
Rogers " Descendants Genealogy Of Edward James Rogers"   2-E 200502 C
Rogers " Will Rogers Families Tree"   2-E 1989446 C
Roper " The Roper Book Vol. I"   2-E 201556 C
Rose Family Bulletin   2-E 201557 C
Rosenburg "Family History of Henry and Barbara Rosenberg Germany 1675-Aug. 2002"   2-E 201558 C
Rosseau " Biographies"   2-E 1989407 C
Russell " John Russell Family Tree"   2-E 199331 C
Rutan " A Second Family Index"   2-E 201560 C
Rutan "A Rutan Family Index"   2-E 201559 C
Sampler " Sampler Family Tree"   2-E 199361 C
Sampler " Sampler Interviews"   2-E 201561 C
Santayna " Persons and Places"   2-E 199105 C
Sarratt " Family History"   2-E 199177 C
Scroggins "Scroggins Acres"   2-E 199030 C
Seltz & Kindred " Families"   2-E 1989445 C
Sexton   2-E 199052 C
Shive "1540-2008" "Bean, Grower,Maen, Mckinley, Marroll, Norton, Orr"   2-E MISSING C
Shivey " Drayton D. Shiveley Family Tree"   2-E 199330 C
Short "Short and Early Virgian Family"   2-E 1989224 C
Shults " The Shults Is All Well Shults Of Montague County Texas"   2-E 200598 C
Smith " Over 7600 Texas Smith Marriages   2-F 201567 C
Smith " Smith Legacy Unveiled"   2-F 201565 C
Social History of Wise County     202217247 C
Some Descendants & Ancestors of C. E. Baits   1-A 20221780X C
Some Descendants of Halifax Ashby Sr.  Metzger, Noveda 1-A 20221778X C
Sparberry "John Parrish Family History For Matthew Eli Sprayberry"   2-F 201568 C
Speaches & State Papers of James Stephen Hogg   1-F 20221781X C
Splawn "Genealogy Of The Splawn and Collins Family"   2-F 1989251 C
Stallings " Name Index for Stallings"   2-F 199505 C
Stark-Whitsett   2-F 200702 C
Steele" Archibald Steele and Descendants"   2-F 199770 C
Stewart " Just Me or How I Survived My Texas Childhood"   2-F 199668 C
Stockton " Margaret Elizabeth (Dobbs) Stockton"   2-F 201569 C
Stokes, William M./ Aaron  Brown   2-F 201571 C
Stories I Remember     202217246 C
Stovall  Journal, Vols. May 1995 ,May 1996,Feb. 1997  May 1997, Nov. 1997,    2-F 201406 C
Stowe " Descendants Of Warren Stowe"   2-F 199833 C
Stribling and Related Families   2-F 201911 C
Stribling and Related Families   2-F 201911 not found
Strong " His Memoirs"   2-F 1989461 C
Strong And Allied Families Chester S. C.   2-F 202271x C
Supplement to Ingham, Waterhouse & Allied Families   1-F 1991224 C
Tabner "Nathaniel 7 Margarat Tabner Family Tree"   2-F 200752 C
Taylor "Hallum Taylor"   2-F 201570 not found
Techel to Tackel  "The Descendants of Ewald Jacob Techel/Tackel"   2-F 200303 C
Ten SouThern Families   1-E 1989459 C
Terrell "The Terrells 85 Years Texas to Atomic Bombs"   2-F MISSING not found
Thames " A family's Story"   2-F 199769 C
The Ball Family of The Potomac 1654-2004 Ball, George 1-A 201373 C
The Boone Boys Frontiersmen and Their Great Wild West Show Boone 1-B 1989211 C
The Cearley Connection Butler 1-B 200211 C
The Children of Levi Peacock Pierce 2-D 201347 C
The Christian Genealogy   1-B 201685 C
The Descendants of Miahael & Martha Reed   2-D 2015141 C
The Fabulous Applewhite Family Farwell, Applewhite 1-A 1991217 C
The Family Directory Barfield, Et Al. Sanders, Doris 1-A 200590 C
The Family Directory" by Doris Barfield Sanders With Listings on :                                                                                             Barfield, Barefield, Dallas, Davis, Gilley, Holley, Newsome, Spinks, Stark   1A missing C
The Family of Walter & Mary Henrettia Crawford   1-C 201369 C
The Hardings In America   1-E 1989403 not found
The Huff Family Massacre   1-F 201947 C
The Humble Hobbs Family   1-F 200223 C
The John Edwards Ross Family   2-E 201716 C
The John Sanford Gilliland Family Geneolgy   1-D 202012 C
The John Sanford Gilliland Family Geneolgy     202013 C
The Last Free land Blake- Kincannon   2-A 1989981 C
The Last Free Land Blake-Kincannon Burns 1-B 1989353 C
The Life Of One Pioneer Family (Weaver Tasker)   3-F 1989400 C
The Lovien Irish The Gillilands   1-D 202011 C
the Mall Song And Other Poems     202217245 C
The Robert Abernethy Family Vol. 1 Abernathy, Arvord 1-A 1992219 C
The Robert Abernethy Family Vol.II Abernathy, Arvord 1-A 1992220 C
The Saling Family In America   2-E 202127 C
The Second Look (Gose)   1-E 202014 C
The Skinners   2-E 201564 C
The Sun Rides High (Burright)   1-B 201224 C
The Undending Story of the Jones & Owen Families   1-F 201926 C
The World Book of Sanders   2-E 201697 C
The Yesterdays Behind The Door   1-B 202262 C
Thew Garden Under The Hill   1-E 202015 C
Thomas B. Boyd    1-B 201265 C
Thomas Sr. & Lucy Hunt & Their Children & Descendants   1-F 201929 C
Thompson "Thomas Begat an Accounting of The Family Of Thomas Thompson"   2-F 19891290 not found
Thompson "Three Stars for the Colonel"   2-F 1989354 C
Three Centuries of Ballingers in America Reevews 1-A 201320 C
Three Hundred Years of Easley Geneology   1-C 2016128 C
Tippin    2-F 201572 C
Tippit " This Is What I Remember"   3-F 199484 C
Tottys " Tottys and Totty Ties"   3-F 1989256 C
Troxell Trails   3-F 202143 C
Tudor   3-F 1995132 C
Turner "Dobson, Turner, Lewis"   3-F 1989458 C
Unbroken Circle (Weaver)   3-F 1989197 C
Urghart   3-F 199470 C
Vance "Yesterday's Butter"   3-F 200329 C
Vanmeter   3-F 1990111 C
Walker  " 1 of 2"   3-F 1990106 C
Walker " 2 of 2"   3-F 1990107 C
Washburn   3-F 201574 C
Welch " And Allied Names In America"   3-F 201575 C
Welch " Notes On My Family"   3-F 1992162 C
Welch " Surname Newsletter"   3-F 201576 C
Welch " The Legacy of Fountain Lee Henry Welch & His Descendants"   3-F 200382 C
Welch "A Family History"   3-F 1989225 C
Wetzel " History Of Wetzel Family"   3-F 201577 C
Where The Waters Part (Ward)   3-F 202004 C
White "The White, Hill, Wiley & Kuns Cousins"   3-F 199326 C
Whizenant " Robert Caldwell whizenant Family Tree"   3-F 199327 C
Wiles " Wiles Family History 1730-1996 12 Generations"   3-F 200294 C
Wilhite "From Peanuts to Politics and Other Things   3-F 1995178 C
Wilkerson   3-F 200520 C
Willett-Burt (Pioneer families of Michaigan vol IV   3-F 199370 C
Williams " The Wandering Williams"   3-F 199023 C
Williams " Williams and Allied Families"   3-F 201102 C
Williamson   3-F 201578 C
Wilson " Jenkins, Wilson South Carolina, Georgia"   3-F 1989121 C
Wise County District 10 1940 Census     202217242 C
Woods   3-E 20221783X C
Wright   3-F 199468 C
Wright Confederate Devil John   3-F 200584 C
You and Your Health Bobo 1-B 19891038 C