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List of Cowboy + Pioneer Books Available in the 
Wise County Heritage Museum Archive

     Shelf Location
1-16    Research Room
17-29    Store Room
30-32    Conference Room
33    Furniture Room
34-35    Equipment Room
36-43    Lost Battalion Room
44-45    School Room
31 Clayton 201763 15-A C C
900 Miles On The Butterfield Trail Greene 199507 14A C C
A Bride On The Chisholm Trail in 1886 Bunton 200841 14-C C C
A Hundred Years of Heroes Rerynolds 202110 15-B C C
A Stove-up Cowboy Story McCauley 198902 14-B C C
A Successful Failure Faulk 199853 14-D C C
A Texan's Garden of Trivia Welch 1989304 14-E C C
A Visit To Texas in 1831   198957 14-C C C
Adventures in glory Connor 199854 14-D C C
After The Masssacre Weddle 202222 15-C C C
Alamo Defenders Groneman 200117 14-D C C
Barbs, Prongs, Points, Prickers, & Stickers Cl;ifton 200014 14-C C C
Between Sun And sod Lewis 201261 15-C C C
Big Country Texas Day 200179 14-A C C
Bill Pickett   2002216 15-D C C
Bones Pioneer Negro Cowboy Hooks   2022581 14-D C C
Broad Skies of Freedom Moffeitt 198906 14-E C C
Buried Treasures of Texas Jameson 202214X 15-A C C
Cal Farley Boys Ranch In Poetry Vol. II   1989842 15-D C C
Cannibal Coast  Kilman 201941 15-C C C
Captivity Of The Oatman Girls Straton 201506 15-A C C
Cattle Kings of Texas Douglas 2001128 14-B C C
Cattle Trails to Trenches Smith 1989327 14A C C
Chacho & Ellie Sanchez Citizens   202217173 14-C C C
Charles Goodnight Cowman & PlaInsman   2002106 14-B C C
Cherub In Stone   202217172 14-C C C
Clear Fork Kinship Drake 200589 14-B C C
Collected Sonnets Millay 201846 15-B C C
Commanchie Barrier Richardson 201917 15-B C C
Comprehensive Water & Sewer Plan Wise County Texas   202240x 15-E C C
Courage, Charm, and Character   201873 15-c C C
Covered Wagon Women 1854-1860 Holmes 199976 14-D C C
Covered Wagon Women1864-1868 Holmes 200047 14-D C C
Cow Chips in The Cook Stove   201660 15-D C C
Cow Country Laine 1898355 14-C C C
Cow people Dobie 1989102 14-B C C
Cow People Dobie 202007 15-C C C
Cow Veterinarian It's Great EPM-DVM 199920 15-A C C
Cowboys & Cattleland Halsell 198996 14-B C C
Cowgirls of The Rodeo LeCompte 200013 14-C C C
Cowpokes. Nesters, and So Forth   2022578 14-D C C
Crossing Rio Pecos Dearen 201690 14-D C C
Cut'N Shoot Texas Montgomery 1989306 14-E C C
Dell Motley Leather Artist Smith 202223 15-B C C
Devil's Rope McCathern 201125 15-A C C
Documentary of Dunmore's War 1774   202225 15-B C C
Dry Bones McCathern 201124 15-A C C
Dust Storms and Half Dougouts Lasley 201661 15-D C C
Early Spanish Treasure Signs & Symbols Mahan 1989383 14-E C C
Early Times In Texas Duval 198961 14-C C C
Easy Money Olien 199756 14-E C C
El Fuerte Del Cibolo Thonhoff 1992216 14-A C C
Empty Money Pits Or Texas Treasure Finds Bartholomew 199961 14-E C C
Facts and Imaginary Tour Texas   2015129 14-E C C
Fair Havens Jefferson 199730 14-E C C
Fencing In McLennan County Texas Conger 1989627 14-B C C
Five Years A Cavalryman McConnell 1989593 15-C C C
Flowers For Milley Tindol 201128 14-C C C
Following The Drum Veil'e 199433 14-D C C
Footprints in The Sands of Time  Bibb 1989699 14-E C C
Forever Texas   201688 15-A C C
Forks in The Road Tindol 201348 14-A C C
Forks in The Road Tindol 202119 15-B C C
Fort Davis and The Texas Frontier Lee 198948 14-D C C
Forty Years Behind The Lid Bolt 2015138 14-E C C
From The Memories of Men Smith 201627 14-E C C
Frontier Life or Tales Hardman 1989160 15-C C C
Frontier Women Jeffery 199978 14-C C C
Gentle Giants  Elder 198938 14-C C C
Ghost Stories of Texas Syers 198929 15-C C C
Goals, Gumption and Grit Book One   1992215 14-C C C
Goodby To A River Graves 198903 14-A C C
Grandmothers Home Remedies Veilleux 200410 14-C C C
Grapevine Tales Thru Time Andrews 201945 15-D C C
Great American Cattle Trails Drageo 199851 14A C C
Guest logbook  1980-1982   202237x 15-E C C
Heros of The Alamo & Goliad Guerra 2001224 14-D C C
Historic Ranches of The Old West O'Neal 199979 14-B C C
History of The Cattlemen of Texas THS 199227 14-B C C
Homeless Bound Rogers 199104 14-E C C
Hometown Heros of Texas THP 19891213 14-E C C
Hood'S Texas Brigade in The Civil War Williams 202102 15-B C C
Horns McCathern 201123 15-A C C
Horsefeathers Gregory 201357 15-A C C
Hurrah For Texas Sterne 202117 15-B C C
I Couldn't Beleive Big Wonderful Thing   Harrigan 202233X 15-D C C
I Give You Texas House 200353 14-E C C
I Remember The Bryson Men Beck 200872 15-A C C
II'll Gather my Geese Stillwell 199203 14-C C C
Internet Sampling   202247x 15-E C C
James Bourland Hangman Or Hero Boswell 202124 15-B C C
Jane Long The Mother of Texas Gonzalez 202123 15-B C MISSING
Jefferson Riverport to the Southwest Tarplay 201916 15-B C C
Jerry Flemmings Texas Siftings Flemmon 201692 15-C C C
Jinglebob Rollins 201754X 14-B C C
Jon McConal's Texas McConal 200232 15-A C C
Juneteenth At Comanche Crossing Pemberton 201915 15-B C C
Kendall of The Picayune Copeland 1989329 15-A C C
LBJ final environental Statement and Unit Plan   202238x 15-E C C
Legends, History, and Yarns Along The Texas Trails Vol l Henson 199837 15-A C C
Lie Still Heaberlin 201359 15-B C C
life In The Saddle Clarke 199828 14-A C C
Lone Star Justice Utley 201668 15-D C C
Lone Star Saucers Riddle 201410 14-E C C
Lone Star Spooks Seraching For Ghost in Texas Riddle 201229 15-C C C
Management Direction Statement for Caddo   202239X 15-E C C
Memories Along The Chisolm Trail smith 201344 14-A C C
Memories Along The Chisolm Trail Smith 201344 14-A C C
Memories of An Era Veilleux 200411 14-C C C
Memory Cups of Panhandle Pioneers Porter 200321 14-A C C
Mistletoe Jones Gregory 201358 15-A C C
Muleshoe & More Bradford 201584 15-C C C
Nekid Cowboy Breeze 1989348 14-B C C
News Of The World Jiles 201906 15-B C C
No Rules Or Guide Lines   1989258 15-B C C
O ye Legendary Texas Horned Frog Welch 199511 15-A C C
Official Quarterly Conference Record Methodist   2022232x 15-D C C
Oil Patch Tales Herring 2002128 14-E C C
Old Buck And I Raht 199397 14-A C C
Old Indianola Gray 2001132 15-A C C
Old Ranches of The Texas Plains Rogers 200358 14-B C C
Oldtimers of SouthWest Texas Fenley 201920 15-B C C
On Rainbow Wings Pegues 19891107 15-A C C
On The Banks Of the Blanco Gentry 2016119 15-C C C
On The Trail Life & Tales of “Lead Steer” Potter Burroughs 1992202 14A C MISSING
On The Watershed of Ecketo & the Clear Fork of Sandies Vol 1 Smith 2001122 14-D C C
On The Watershed of Ecketo & the Clear Fork of Sandies Vol lI Smith 2001123 14-D C C
Once Upon Texas Clarke 200068 14-E C C
One Armed Cowboy Pond 200899 14-C C C
Only A Gringo Would Die For An Anteater Milts 202231 15-D C C
Outlaw Country McCathern 201127 15-A C C
Pacific's Shotshell Handloading Manual   199831 14-B C C
Palo Duro Gold McCathern 201126 15-A C C
Panhandle Pilrimage Robertson 201147 15-C C C
Panhandle Plains Memories   201662 15-C C C
Papa Oh Papa Read 199225 15-C C C
Passanger Trains of Texas Burlington Route   2022186 15-C C C
Passanger Trains Of Texas Rock Island   2022185 15-C C C
People and Places in The Texas Past Welch 1989147 15-C C C
Pioneer Women Schlesinger 199466 14-A C C
Pioneer Women Voices from the Kansas Frontier Stratton 199466 14C C MISSING
Pioneering in North Texas   202217171 14-C C C
Pioneering in Texas Allen 1989137 15-C C C
Playnig DeaD Heaberlin 201228 15-B C C
Poems From Weede's Corner Willbanks 19891248 14-D C C
Quick Silver Terlingua & The Shios Mining Co. Ragsdale 1989104 14-E C C
Rawhide Texas Gard 200845 15-A C C
Recollections & Reflections of A Texian Anderson 198944 15-A C C
Red River Rebels Boswell 202118 15-B C MISSING
Red River Valley Historical Review Vol LL No 3   199622 14-E C C
Red Rooster Country Mike Cox 1989693 11-E C C
Relucant Empire Fuermann 198927 14-E C C
Richland Crossing Dixson 199801 14-D C C
Riding Fence Welch 1989351 14-C C C
Rio Grande Round-up Book III   1995169 14-D C C
Robert Simpson Neighbors and The Texas Frontier 1836-1850   199034 14-C C C
Ronald S. Mackenzie on The Texas Frontier Wallace 1989503X 14-E C C
Saddles & Sabers Anderson 1989595 14-B C MISSING
Sally Bowman The Story of A Yong Comandche Victom   20221723x 15-E C C
San Jacinto Carroll 200176 14-D C C
Sangers' Pioneer Texas Merchants Rosenberg 199604 15-B C C
Santa Fe In The Lone Star State   202261 15-B C C
Sentinel of The Southern Plains Hamiltom 199625 15-D C C
Shadows On The Land McIlvain 1989105 14-E C C
Shorthorn Breaders Assoc.   202236x 15-E C C
Sironia, Texas Vol. 1 Cooper 200184 14-D C C
Sironia, Texas Vol. 2 Cooper 200185 14-D C C
Sister Bernadette Cowboy Nun From Tx. Muller 7 Neeld 200139 14-C C C
Sixty Years In Texas Jackson 198935 14-C C C
Slidell Missionary Church Bk 1   202234X 15-D C C
Slidell Missionary Church Bk 2   202235x 15-D C C
Some Still Do Abernethy 198952 15-A C C
Standard of The West Tlhe Justin Story Farman 200032 15-A C C
Sticks & Stones EPM-DVM 19891103 14-E C C
Storm & Stampede on the Chislom Collins NA 14A C  
Stray Tales of The Big Bend Miles 201644 15-C C C
Sunlit Path and Other poems   202217195 15-E C C
Surviving On The Texas Frontier Hall 199763 14-C C C
Sweet Medicine Vol 1 Powell 202066 15-C C C
Sweet Medicine Vol. 2 Powell 202067 15-C C C
Tails of The Trail   202217222x 15-E C C
Tales By Auntie Pi Johnson 1989374 14-C C C
Tales of Old-Time Texas Dobie 199509 15-A C C
Talk of Texas Maguire 198954 14-E C C
Tassie's Jounrey Magee 200415 14-C C C
Tell Me A Texas Story Welch 199503 15-A C C
Ten Tall Texans Kubiak 198922 14-E C C
Texas  Michener 199309 15-A C C
Texas After Spindletop McKay & Faulk 199858 14-D C C
Texas First Ladies TWU 199648 14-D C C
Texas Ghosttown Encyclopedia Bartholomew 200180 15-C C C
Texas Heros Daffan 200173 14-E C C
Texas in The War 1861-1865   2016112 15-B C C
Texas In Turmoil Wallace 199856 14-D C C
Texas Is My Home Reuther 1992197 14-C C C
Texas Is My Home Reuther 198981 14-E C C
Texas Live The legend   201693 14-E C C
Texas Local History Munnerlyn 2002162 14-E C C
Texas The Story of The Lone Star State Hester-Nunn-Henson 201609 14-E C C
Texas Tomboy Lenski 198968 14-D C C
Texas Travel Guide   202216x 15-B C C
Texas Travel Guide   202217X 15-B C C
Texas Travel Guide   202218X 15-B C C
Texas Women A Pictorial History Winegarten 199707 14-C C C 
The Best Loved Poem Felleman 201847 15-B C C
The Big Ranch Country Williams 200004 14-B C C
The Big Ranch Country Williams 200849 14-B C C
The Birth of A Texas Ghost Town Thurber, Tx 1886-1933 Gentry 200834 15-C C C
The Bobbed Wire Bible Glover 1989986 14-B C C
The Bobbed Wire Vi Bible Glover 1989986 14-C C C
The Bobbed Wire Vii Bible Glover 199403 14-C C C
The Boy Captives Smith 200419 15A C C
The Brazo's Broncbuster's Scrapbook Hittson 198941 14-B C C
The Chisholm Trail Gard 2022922X 14-D C C
The Chisolm Trail Gard 198947 14A C MISSING
The Chisolm Trail High Road of The Cattle Kingdom Worcester 2015112 14A C C
The Cowboys Time 198901 14-B C C
The Cowgirl Who Wants To Ride Buckles Story 201715 14-C C C
The Cross Timbers Memories of A North Texas Boyhood Dale 198973 15-A C C
The Day The Cowboys Quit Kelton 2002130 14-B C C
The Decatur Road Coomer 1989122 15-A C C
The Eagle And The Raven Michener 1991124 15-A C C
The Empty Schoolhouse Clegg 201808 15-C C C
The Fencin Tool Bible Marquis 199755 14-C C C
The Free Enterprisers of Texas   199194 14-E C C
The Gates of The Alamo Harrington 201645 14-D C C
The Glory That Was Texas Welch 199512 15-C C C
The Great PlaIns  Webb 200175 14-A C C
The Greatest Generation Speaks Brokow 200881 15-C C C
The History of The Waggoner Ranch Kinard 201138 14-B C C
The Home Ranch Moody 200030 14-B C C
The Humor of The American Cowboy Hoig 199904 14-B C C
The joys and The Sorrows Milligan 200897 14-D C C
The Lady Makes Boots Lipscomb 202248 15-D C C
The Last Day Brown 200893 14-D C C
The legend of The Old Stone Ranch Cloud 198933 14-B C C
The Life Of Robert Hall Brazos 199332 15-A C C
The Light Crust doughboys are On The Air Dempsey 200836 15-A C C
The Log Of A Cowboy Adams & Brown 198914 14-B C C
The Longhorns Dobie 1989113 14C C C
The Matadors & Other Stories Bean 199391 14-B C C
The Old Time Cowhand Adams & Brown 1989360 14-B C C
The Old Trails West Moody 19891110 14-A C C
The Old West Women J. S. Reiter 200103 14-C C C
The Ranchers Time 202213X 14-B C C
The Ranching Heritage Center TT U 202212X 14-B C C
The Rath Trail Rath  202065 15-C C C
The Raven Sam Houston   202215x 15-B C C
The Restless American Powell 1989227 14-B C C
The Revolutionary Decades Vigness 199857 14-D C C
The Saga of Judge Roy Bean McDaniel 2015106 14-E C C
The Sandy Creek Boys Matney 202126 15-B C C
The Santa Fe Trail Rittenhouse 200843 14A C C
The Santa Fe Trail Duffus 1989395 14A C C
The Search For Maturity Warren 199855 14-D C C
The Southwestern Frontier   201631 15-C C C
The Spanish Borderlands Frontier 1513-1821 Bannon 201689 14-D C C
The Spanish Mustang Worcester 200033 14-C C C
The Texans What They Are –And Why Nevin 198967 14-D C C
The Texas Calaboose Moore 201849 15-C C C
The Texas Frontier & The Butterfield Overland Mail 1858-1861 Ely 201655 14-A C C
The Texas Panhandle Frontier Rathjen 200363 15-C C C
The Trail Drivers of Texas Hunter 198994 14A C C
The West Texas Frontier McConnell 1989352 14-E C C
The Wilderness Road  Kincade 1989330 14-A C C
The Wire That Fenced The West McCullum 201709 14-C C C
The Wonderful Country Lea 1995158 14-A C C
The Wonderful Country Lea 1995158 14-B C C
Those Buried Texans No Stone Unturned Allen 198982 14-E C C
Three Ranches West Adams & Brown 1989315 14-B C C
Trails to Texas  Jordan 199414 14A C C
Trials in Paradise   202217194 15-E C C
True Romantic Tales of The West Featherston 198980 15-A C C
Twentieth Century Poetery   201848 15-B C C
Two Ceturies in East Texas Crocket 201932 15-B C C
Under Texas Skies Rickard&Martin 200177 14-E C C
Under The X In Texas Renfro 201504 15-C C C
Unsolved Texas Mysteries Charito,Eckhardt,Young 199301 15-C C C
Unsung Heros of Texas  Huff 199561 14-E C C
We Pointed Them North Abbott 1989316 14-A C C
Weird Texas Treat,Shade, Riggs 2015115 14-E C C
Wilderness Pioneer Hoff 200178 15-C C C
Wise County Census Index 1860   202243X 15-E C C
Wise County Census Index 1880   202241X 15-E C C
Wise County Texas Census Index 1870   202242X 15-E C C
Wise County Web Pg from Internet   202246X 15-E C C
Women & Indians on The Frontier 1825-1915 Riley 199774 14-C C C
Women In Texas History Beeman 1989190 14D C C
Women Of The West   200049 14-C C C
Women Who Charmed The West Seagraves 199766 14-C C C
Women's Diaries of The Westward Journey   1989244 14-C C C
Woolgathering Life In A Little West Texas Towm Earney 200082 15-A C C
Workers and Wealth of Texas Stigler & Tardy 198971 14-E C C
Wpa Oral History Bk 1   199673 15-E C C
Wpa Oral History Bk. 2   199674 15-E C C