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List of Texas County Books Available in the 
Wise County Heritage Museum Archive

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17-29    Store Room
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County Title Arthur Loc assec no    
Anderson Centennial History of Anderson Co.   10-A 2022786 C C
Andrews Andrews County History Anhc 10-A 201864 C C
Angelina Angelina County, Texas Marriage Record 1846-1899 Ramona. B (Harrison) Morgan 10-A 199902 C C
Angelina Land Of The Little Angel ACHC 10-A 202076 C C
Aransas Rockport Artist Sketchbook   10-A 202152X C C
Archer A Collection of Memories A History of Armstrong County 1876-1965 Armstrong Geneology Society 10-A 1990130 C C
Archer Archer County Pioneers A History Of Archer County, Texas Ruth Jones O'Keefe 10-A 1989681 C C
Archer History Of Holliday, Texas Jeannie Goble Hodge 10-A 200844 C C
Archer Trails Thru Archer Loftin 10-A 202069 C C
Atascosa Abstract town of New Artesia Atascosa County, Texas Dr. Chas. F. Simmons 10-A 19891225 C C
Austin Footprints of Five Generations C.W. Schmidt 10-A 202084 C C
Bailey Tales & Trails of Bailey County   10-A 2015142 C C
Bandera History and Directory of Bandera County G. L. Patterson 10-A 200755 C C
Bandera Pioneer History of Bandera County J. Marvin Hunter 10-A 200848 C C
Bastrop Bastrop Bastrop County Before State Hood Kenneth Kesselus 10-A 201235 C C
Bastrop Bastrop County 1846-1865 Kenneth Kesselus 10-A 202090 C C
Bastrop McDade, Tx. David Whatron 10-A 202062 C C
Baylor Salt Pork to Sirloin The History of Baylor County From 1878-1930 Baylor Co. HS 10-A 1989635 C C
Baylor The Early History of Baylor County Sarah Ann Britton 10-A 199945 C C
Bee Bee County South Texas Gen. Soc. 10-A  202151x C C
Bee Bee County Centennial 1858-1958 BCHC 10-A 201744 C C
Bee Bee County Family History Lois Chestnut 10-A 200523 C C
Bell Bell County History   10-A 202018 C C
Bell First Families of Bexar County, Texas SAGHS 10-A 201923 C C
Bell History of Bell County Tyler 10-A 202008 C C
Bell Images of America Temple, Tx. Kelsey 10-A 2015109 C C
Bell Notes on Bell County, Texas Volume 2 Hillcrest Cemetery Nancy & Michel Kelsey 10-A 200852 C C
Bell Notes On Bell County, Texas Volume 3 Temple Nancy & Michel Kelsey 10-A 200854 C C
Bell Our Ancestors Vol. II 1994 with Volume I Updates   10-A 200295 C C
Bell Texas land survey Maps for Bell County Texas Gregory 10-A 201345 C C
Bexar  100th Anniversary Pioneer Flour Mills San Antonio, Texas 1851-1951   10-A 1989326 C C
Bexar  1850 Census of Bexar County, Texas SA Gen & History Soc 10-A 2001175 C C
Blanco Blanco County Heritage Balanco Co. News 10-A 1997101 C C
Bosque Bosque Primer An Introduction to The History of Bosque County Rebecca D. Radde 10-A 1989620 C C
Brazoria A History of Bazoria County, Tx. The Old Palntationa & their Owners Smith 10-A 201745 C C
Brazoria A Narrative History of Brazoria County James A. Creighton 10-A 200059 C C
Brazos Brazos Marks & Brands Brazos Co. tx. Billings 10-A 201596 C C
Brazos Currents of the Brazos Harrison 10-A 2016113 C C
Brazos Historic Brazos County BHS 10-A 202080 C C
Brenham History of Brenham and Washington County, Texas  Mrs.' R. E. Pennington 10-A 1989676 C C
Brewster How Come Its Called That Madisson & Stillwell 10-A 198950 C C
Brewster Mirages. Mysteries and Reality Brewster County, Texas The Big Bend of the Rio Grande Clifford B. Casey 10-A 1989466 C C
Brewster My Goose is Cooked   10-A 201220 C C
Brisxco Footprints of Time Vol. Two BCHS 10-A 201854 C C
Brown Frontiers Generation Tevis Clyde Smith 10-A 200075 C C
Brown Northwest and S. Central Brown Co. Tx. Allen 10-A 201629 C C
Brown Something About Brown (A History Of Brown Co. Tx) Havins 10-A 201647 C C
Brown Zephyr, Tx Teachers and Graduates 1910-1950   10-A 201630 C C
Brown  Zephyr Yesterday and Today with Genealogy of Pioneer Families Bettis & Baird 10-A 202153X C C
Burleson Just Such a Time Jim Carroll 10-A 201234 C C
Burnett Burnet Co. Cemetery Records Supplement 1983-1992 1852-1982 BCHC 11-A 201725 C C
Burnett Burnett County Cemeteries BCHC 11-A 201726 C C
Burnett Burnett County History A Pioneer History 1847-1979 Vol. I Darrell Debo 11-A 1989639 C C
Burnett Burnett County History A Pioneer History 1847-1979 Vol. II Darrell Debo 11-A 1989638 C C
Caldwell Historical Caldwell Co   11-A 2022785 C C
Calhoun Early Days in Calhoun County Brutis Clay Chrisman 11-A 20221756X C C
Calhoun Indiandola Brownson & NMalasch 11-A 202147 C C
Calhoun Shifting Sands of Calhoun County Calahan Co. HS 11-A 1989686 C C
Calhoun The Padre Island Story Daly & Reumert 11-A missing    
Callahan I Remember Callahan CCHC 11-A 202074 C C
Camp Camp County Cemeteries in and around Camp County Volume I   11-A 202154X C C
Camp Camp County Cemeteries in and around Camp County Volume II   11-A 2021155X C C
Camp Camp County, Texas Marriages 1874-1978 Books 1-13   11-A 199662 C C
Camp The Camp County Story   11-A 201743 C C
Camp  Pedigree Charts   11-A 2008110 C C
Carson  A Time To Purpose A Chronical of Carson County Volume I   11-A 1989690 C C
Carson  A Time To Purpose A Chronical of Carson County Volume II   11-A 1989691 C C
Cass Cass County Marriages 1847-1899   11-A 200423 C C
Cass History of Cass County People   11-A 200422 C C
Cass  Cass County 1860-1870-1880 Census Index   11-A 200424 C C
Castro Castro County Texas 1891-1981 Vol I   11-A 201740 C C
Castro Castro County Texas 1891-1981 Vol II   11-A 201741 C C
Castro The Moving Finger Lillie Hunter 11-A 202078 C C
Chambers A History of Chambers Co. Tx   11-A 201742 C C
Cherokee Cherokee County History   11-A 200870 C C
Cherokee The Hills of Cherokee Hattie Joplin Raoch 11-A 200561 C C
Childress Memories of Childress 20 or 30 (or more) years ago Privitt 11-A 201862 C C
Clay Henrietta 1973 Centennial   11-A 1989656 C C
Clay History of Clay County and Northwest Texas J. P. Earle 11-A 1989625 C C
Clay Vashti, Texas1787-2003 Privitt 11-A 19891245 C C
Cochran Texas's Last Frontier A History of Cochran County, Texas Elvis Eugene Fleming 11-A 200838 C C
Coleman Coleman County And Its People CCHC 11-A 202281 C C
Coleman Into The Setting Sun (Coleman Co)   11-A 2022789 C C
Colin Historic DownTown Plano Janice Cline 11-A 201245A C C
Collin A History Of Collin County, Texas Stambaugh & Stanbaugh 11-A 200053 C C
Collin Collin County, Texas Families Pitts & Champ 11-A 199813 C C
Collin Collin County, Texas Families Vol. II Pitts & Champ 11-A 199901 C C
Collin Collin County, Texas Marriages 1846-1888 Alice Pitts 11-A 199814 C C
Collin Collin County: Pioneering in North Texas Roy & Helen Hall 11-A 1990112 C missing
Collin History of Frisco   11-A 1990123 C C
Collin Living In Murphy, Texas 1845-1945 Bev Zavitz 11-A 199809 C C
Collin  Collin County, Texas Cemetery Inscriptions Volume I Pitts, O'Roark, Posey 11-A 199811 C C
Collin  Collin County, Texas Cemetery Inscriptions Volume II Pitts, O'Roark, Posey 11-A 199812 C C
Collingsworth Collingsworth County 1890-1984   11-A 1989662 C C
Colorado Colorado County Chronicals Vol I CCHC 10-B 201628 C C
Colorado Colorado County Chronicals Vol II CCHC 10-B 201629X C C
Comal A Journey in Faith The History of First Protestant Church New Braunfels, Texas 1844-1995 Gregory, Goff 10-B 2001329 C C
Comal New Braunfels Comal County , Texas Gregory, Hoff, Nunn 10-B 2001327 C C
Comanche  Before Memories Fade Alfred Evans  10-B 201714 C C
Comanche  Patchwork of Memories (Comanche Co. HDC 10-B 201627X C C
Concho The Concho County A history of The Concho River Region of West Texas Gus Clemens 10-B 202148X C C
Cooke Cooke County Marriage Records 1849-1879 B. J. Lawrence 10-B 1992167 C C
Cooke Cooke County, Texas Where The South and The West Meet Michael Collins 10-B 19891255 C C
Cooke Early Days in Cooke, Texas 1848-1873 C.N. Jones 10-B 202139 C C
Cooke Era Centennial 1878-1978   10-B 199178 C C
Cooke Memoirs and History of Muenster, Tex Meurer 10-B 202114 C missing
Cooke Mt. Springs Oral History A Community Project for the 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial   10-B 1989415 C C
Cooke Muenster, Tx. A Centennial History MHC 10-B 202031 C C
Cooke Places & People Mentioned in Thrilling Indian Raids Into Cooke & Montague County   10-B 2016105 C C
Cooke TaInted Breeze Great HangIng GaInsville Ts. 1862 McCaslin 10-B 199412 C C
Cooke The First 100 Years in Cooke County A. Morton Smith 10-B 1989196 C C
Cooke  Roston Centennial 1972   10-B 1989419 C C
Cooke  Valley View Centennial 1872-1972   10-B 1989412 C C
Coryell A History of Coryell County, Texas   10-B 2001422 C C
Coryell Gatesville Centennial First Century 1870-1970   10-B 1989416 C C
Coryell Vignettes Of Coryell County  CHC 10-B 201630 C C
Coryell  History of Coryell County Centennial Edition Frank E. Simmons 10-B 2001334 C C
County maps Lure Of The Land   10-A 201636 C C
Coweta Coweta County Chronicals for One Hundred Years Jones 10-B 202061 C C
Crane Crane County History CCHC 10-B 202083 C C
Crockett A History of Crockett County   10-B 202156X C C
Crockett Ozona Country Allan R. Bosworth 10-B 200776 C C
Crosby Through The Years A History of Crosby Co. Texas Spikes-Ellis 10-B 201631 C C
Culberson  History of Van Horn and Culberson County, Texas Rose Lee Wylie 10-B 201111 C C
Dallam The Book of Years A History of Dallam and Hartley Counties Lillie Mae Hunter 10-B 201858 C C
Dallas A Stake in the Prairie Mesquite, Texas   10-B 1989697 C C
Dallas Dallas County  Cochran 10-B 202082 C C
DallaS Garland Genealogical Society Vol. 3   10-B 202149X C C
Dallas Index to Memorial & Biographical History of Dallas Co. Txx   10-B 201701 C C
Dallas Index to Probate Cases Dallas co. Texas 1846-1900 Vol I   10-B 201702 C C
Dallas Marriages Dallas County Texas Vol. 1 Books A-E 1846-1877   10-B 201703 C C
Dallas Marriages Dallas County Texas Vol. II Books G,G,H   10-B 201704 C C
Dallas The Unautherized History of Dallas Tx Rumbley 10-B 2016122 C C
Davis, Jeff Jeff Davis County, Texas  Jackbson & Nored 10-B 201717 C C
Dawson The Trail of Years in Dawson Co. Tx. Lindsey 10-B 201646 C C
Dawson Welch The History of A Dawson County Community 1900-1970   10-B 1989467 C C
Deaf Smith A History of Deaf Smith County Featuring Pioneer Families Bessie Patterson 10-B 1989655 C C
Delta Loose Leaves Ikie Cray Patterson 10-B 201232 C C
Denton 112 Years in Little Elm Community Mrs. J. M. Harris 10-B 1989626 C C
Denton 1850 Census Denton County, Texas   10-B 199736 C C
Denton Argyle Community History   10-B 1989698 C C
Denton Centurama History of Denton 100 Years of Progress   10-B 1989413 C C
Denton Denton County, Texas Marriage Records 1875-1891 Francis Terry Ingmire 10-B 199263 C C
Denton History and Reminiscences of Denton County Ed. F. Bates 10-B 199779 C C
Denton History of Denton, Texas From Its Beginning to 1960 C. A. Bridges 10-B 1989614 C C
Denton Krum, Texas Della Isbell Davis 10-B 202150X C C
Denton Ponder The little Town With the Big Rodeo Nita Seals 10-B 198960 C C
Denton Portraits of Denton Adelene Martin & Gayle Straang 10-B 1991231 C C
Denton Sangers Pioneer Texas Merchants Leon Joseph Rosenberg 10-B missing X missing
Denton The Justin Story Grace Lee Parr 10-B 1989685 C C
Denton The Story Of Sanger  Enuice Sulliban Gray 10-B 1989669 C C
Dewitt A History Of Dewitt County Murphree 10-B 201855 C C
Dickens A History of Dickens County Arrington 11-B 201863 C C
Dickens Dickens County and Its People   10-B 1989663 C C
Donley Dolney County Land O'Promise Browder 11-B 201859 C C
Eastland Growing up In Ranger, Boomtown USA Dent & Chapman 11-B 201204 C C
Eastland Images of America Ranger Tx, Rogers 11-B 201653 C C
Eastland The Ranger Story Boyce House 11-B missing X missing
Edwards Pioneering In Southwest Texas (Edwards Co.) (Signed) Frank Gray 11-B 201401 C C
El Paso Births, Deaths, & Marriages from El Paso Newspapers 1886-1890 Beard 11-B 1995187 C C
El Paso Births, Deaths, & Marriages from El Paso Newspapers Through 1885 Beard 11-B 1995186 C C
El Paso Births, Deaths, & Marriages from El Paso Newspapers Volume III 1891-1895   11-B 1995188 C C
El Paso El Paso to 1900   11-B 2022775 C C
El Paso Password Vol. XXVII No. 2 Summer 1982   11-B 199608 C C
El Paso Password Vol. XXVII No. 1 Spring 1982   11-B 199607 C  C
El Paso Password Vol. XXVII No. 4 Winter ,1982   11-B 199609 C C
Ellis 1850 and 1860 Federal Census of Ellis County, Texas   11-B 200122 C C
Ellis Ellis County, Texas Marriage Records 1850-1878 Vol. I Weldon Hudson 11-B 200250 C C
Ellis Ellis County, Texas Naturalization Records   11-B 200251 C C
Ellis  History of Ellis County, Texas   11-B 200777 C C
Erath A Way of Work and A Way of Life Rhinehart 11-B 2016124 C C
Erath Fragments of History Erath County Stephen 11-B 201850 C C
Erath Oysters Macaroni & Beer Tucker 11-B 201652 C C
Erath People Events and Erath County, Texas Shuetz 11-B 201632X C C
Erath The Birth of A Texas Ghost Town Gentry 11-B 201654 C C
Falls A History of Western Falls County, Tx St. Roman 11-B 20221757X C C
Falls History of Falls County, Texas   11-B 201853 C C
Fannin Fannin County, Texas 1870 Census Francis Terry Ingmire 11-B 1992106 C C
Fannin History of Fannin County, Texas W. A. Carter 11-B 1989409 C C
Fannin Marriage Reords of Fannin County, Texas 1838-1870 Francis Terry Ingmire 11-B 1992107 C C
Fannin  A History of Fannin County Floy Grandall Hodge 11-B 1989705 C C
Fayette  An Early History of Fayette County Weyand & Wade 11-B 200771 C C
Fisher Families of Fisher County   11-B 200352 C C
Fisher History of Fisher County, Texas Yeats & Shelton 11-B 200773 C C
Fisher One Corner Of Heaven Naylor 11-B 2001333 C C
Fisher The Empty Schoolhouse Clegg 11-B 201416 C C
Fisher The First 100 Years of Fisher County History   11-B 199917 C C
Fisher The Picture Book of Fisher County   11-B 199911 C C
Floyd They Loved The Land Bailey Felps 11-B 1990133 C C
Fort Bend History Of Fort Bend County Sowell 11-B 200118 C C
Fort Bend History Of Fort Bend County Wharton 11-B 200119 C C
Fort Bend History of Freestone County, Texas   11-B 2008106 C C
Fort Bend Sugarland a Pictorial Tribute   11-B 1989631 C C
Franklin The History of Franklin County 1874-1964 LC 11-B 201633X C C
Galveston The Strand of Galveston Virginis Eisenhower 11-B 199197 C C
Galveston The True Story of The Galveston Flood   11-B 198959 C C
Galveston Treasures of Galveston Lewis 11-B 202278 C C
Galveston  FootprInts Garzo   11-B 1989221 C C
Garza A lady's Day Out In The hill Country Paula Ramsey 11-B 200227 C C
Garza Wagon Wheels A history of Garza Co.  GCHC 11-B 201634X C C
Gillespie History of Gonzales County   11-B 200262 C C
Gillespie Pioneers In Gods Hills   11-B 1989369 C C
Gillespie The Story Of Fredericksburg Walter Edwards 11-B 1989850 C C
Gonzales Gonzales County History   11-B 200262 C C
Grayson 1850 U.S. Census Grayson County, Texas   10-C 199737 C C
Grayson A History of Grayson County, Tx. Lucas & Hall 10-C 201346 C C
Grayson Ancestors and Descendants Grayson County., Texas   10-C 1989634 C C
Grayson Grayson County, Texas Marriages 1847-1877 Francis Ingmire 10-C 199296 C C
Grayson History of Sherman & Grayson County   10-C 2022774 C C
Grayson The History of Grayson County, Texas Vol. I   10-C 1989613 C C
Grayson The History of Grayson County, Texas Vol. II   10-C 1989636 C C
Grayson The Men and Women in WW II from Grayson Co.   10-C 2022779 C C
Green Tom Green County Chronicles of Our heritage Vol. I   10-C 201751 C missing
Green Tom Green County Chronicles of Our heritage Vol. II   10-C 201752 C missing
Gregg  Gregg County, Texas Family Histories   10-C 200596 C C
Grimes History Of Grimes Co. Land Of Heritage and Progress   10-C 1989637 C C
Guadalupe Hale County History Vol. I Number 3 November 1971   10-C 201777 C C
Guadalupe Inventory of County Records Guadalupe County   10-C 2001124 C C
Guadlalupe The Men & Women of WWII from Guadlaupe Co.   10-C 201412 C C
Hale Hale County Facts & Folklore Wofford 10-C 201930 C C
Hale Hall County Heritage Trails Virginia Browder 10-C 200365 C C
Hale History Of Hale County Texas Mary Cox 10-C 201777 C C
Hall Cotton, Cattle and Courage Deaver 10-C 202082 C C
Hall Yesterday In Hall County Baker 10-C 2015110 C C
Hamilton History of Hamilton, Texas Vol. 2   10-C 200052 C C
Hansford A Search For Oppportunity A History of Hansford Co. Jnes 10-C 201867 C C
Hardeman The Heritage of North Harris County   10-C 201114 C C
Hardeman The Last Frontier The Story of Hardeman County, Texas Bill Neal 10-C 1989463 C C
Harris Wimberley's Legacy   10-C 1989404 C C
Harrison Images of America Marshall   10-C 201937 C C
Hays A Brief History of Hayes County and San Marcos, Texas Dobie 10-C 202077 C C
Hays Abbott, Texas First 100 Years 1881-1981   10-C 202157X C C
Hemphill Hemphill county History HCPC 10-C 201635X C C
Henderson A History of Henderson Co. Texas 1846-1861 Howell 10-C 201736 C C
Hill A History of Hill County Texas 1838-1865 Bailey 10-C 201351 C C
Hill A History of Hill County, Texas 1853-1980 Bailey  10-C 2001142 C C
Hill Hill County, Texas Marriage Records Francis Ingmire 10-C 200331 C C
Hill The Early Settlers Life in Texas  Kirkpatrick 10-C 19891140 C C
Hood Glancing Backward A History of Lipan, Texas Iris Williamson Hubbard 10-C 2001140 C C
Hood History of Hood County Thos T. Ewell 10-C 1989654 C C
Hood Hood County History in Picture and Story 1978   10-C 201108 C C
Hopkins A History of Hopkins County, Texas Gladys St. Clair 10-C 1989688 C C
Hopkins Hopkins County Remembered SOC 10-C 201639 C C
Hopkins Hopkins County Tax Roll 1864 SOC 10-C 201640 C C
Hopkins The Tell of Time people, Places and Things of Sulphur Bluff and Hopkins County, Texas David Hugh (Dick) Hare 10-C 1989644 C C
Houston Houston Co. Tx. Cem.   10-C 2001138 C C
Houston Houston County in The Civil War Mainer 10-C 1989568 C C
Houston Houston County Sesquicentennial 1837-1987   10-C 20221759X C missing
Houston Houston County's Heroes and Heroines HCHC 10-C 201869 C C
Howard Big SprIngsThe Casual Biography Of A Prairie Town   10-C 19+89704 C C
Hunt History of Greenville & Hunt County, Texas W. Walworth Harrison 10-C 1989667 C C
Hunt Hunt County Marriage Records Frances Ingmire 10-C 199297 C C
Irion A History of Irion County, Texas Crawford 10-C 201737 C C
Irion Irion County History ICHC 10-C 202087 C C
Jack 1870 U. S. Census of Jack County, Texas Francis Terry Ingmire 11-C 20221760x C C
Jack History of Jack County  Thomas F. Horton 11-C 19891029 C C
Jack History Of Jack County Vol I   11-C 1989647 C C
Jack Index to Ninety-Four Years in Jack County, Texas 1854-1948 Ida Lasater Huckabay 11-C 1992168 C C
Jack Jack Co. Civil War Pension Applications   11-C 2021257X C C
Jack Jack County 1860 Census   11-C 19891253 C C
Jack Jack County Voters 1867-1869 Jack County Census 1870 A-L   11-C 202158X C C
Jack Jack County, Texas Marriage Records 1890-1900 Book 4 Lucille Gardner 11-C 1992129 C C
Jack Jack County, Texas Marriage Records Book 1 & 2 1858-1881 Lucille Garner 11-C 1992166 C C
Jack Jack County, Texas Marriage Records Book 3 1881-1889 Vol. 2 Lucille Gardner 11-C 1989997 C C
Jack Jack County, Texas Marriage Records books1, 2 B. J. Lawrence 11-C 19891251 C C
Jack Jacksboro, Texas 1875-1975   11-C 20221761X C missing
Jack Ninety-Four Years in Jack County 1854-1948 Ida Lasater Huckabay 11-C 1989646 C C
Jack Service Book Jack County Tx   11C 2022778 C C
Jackson The Cavalcade of Jackson County Taylor 11-C 202072 C C
Jackson Twin Centennial Commemorative History 1882-1982   11-C 201868 C C
Jefferson A History of Jefferson County Texas Block 11-C 202081 C C
Jefferson The Story Of Beaumolnt Stratton 11-C 201942 C C
Jefferson Water Rails & Oil Historic Mid & South Jefferson County Dr. Archie P. McDonald 11-C 201356 C C
Johnson History of Johnson County and Surrounding Areas Viola Block 11-C 199960 C C
Johnson History of Johnson County Vol. I Goodnight 11-C 2002115 C C
Johnson Johnson County Texas a Pictorial History Leach 11-C 201632 C C
Johnson Joshua: As It Was and Is 1853-1976   11-C 1989679 C C
Johnson Joshua: As It Was and Is Volume II Centennial Edition   11-C 1989678 C C
Jones The First 100 Years of Jones County, Texas Hooper Shellton & Homer Hutto 11-C 200563 C C
Karnes Karnes County the first 150 Years   11-C 201120 C C
Kaufman Forney Country A History of Northwestern Kaufman County, Tx Flook 11-C 202085 C C
Kendall A History of Kendall Co. Texas     2022782 C C
Kent Kent County and Its People Jewell Pritchett * Erma Black 1-C 201113 C C
Kerr Kerr County, Texas 1856-1976 Clara Watkins 11-C 200406 C C
Kimble Kimble The Story of A Texas County Fisher 11-C 201641 C C
King King Co. Windmills And Barbed Wire KCHS 11-C 201718 C C
Kinney Kinney County KCKS 11-C 201870 C C
Klergburg Klerberg County KCHC 11-C 201872 C C
Knox Between The Wichita's   11-C 1989704 C C
Knox Early Days in Knox County Mrs. R.D. Gray 11-C 1989695 C C
Knox It Happened in Post Oak Johnie Lee 11-C 202159X C C
Knox Knox County History   11-C 199840 C C
La Salle La Salle County Annette Martin Ludeman 10-D 201122 C C
La Salle Settlement of Cibolo Nueces strip Cstro 10-D 202079 C C
Lamar 1850 Census of Lamar and Red River Counties, Texas Skipper Steely 11-C 1989245 C C
Lamar J.K. Street Civil War Letters 9th Texas Infantry Paris, Lamar County, Texas Julie Williams Coley 11-C 200361 C C
Lamar Olton Area History   11-C 201121 C C
Lamar The History of Lamar County Neville 11-C 202029 C C
Lamb A History of Lamb County   10-D 201664 C missing
Lamb Lamb County Heritage     202217168 C C
Lamb Pioneer Days: A Half-Centry of Life in Lamb Co. & Adjacent Communties Peterman 11-C 201852 C C
Lampasas  Lampasas County, Texas its History and Its People   10-D 199921 C C
Lavaca The History Of Lavaca County   10-D 202028 C C
Lee A History of Lee County Texas Vol II LCHS 10-D 201719 C C
Lee Lee County   10-D 201860 C C
Leon A History of Leon County   10-D 202136 C C
Leon History of Leon County, Texas Vol. I   10-D 200896 C C
Liberty Liberty, Liberty County and The Atascosito District Partlow 10-D 201871 C C
Limestone 1860 Census of Limestone County, Texas Sandra Haney Tedford 10-D 2001111 C C
Limestone A Family History of Limestone County Vol. I   10-D 2001116 C C
Limestone A Family History of Limestone County Vol. II   10-D 2001117 C C
Limestone A History of Limestone County Ray A. Walter 10-D 2001139 C C
Limestone A History of Limestone County Texas 1833-2860 Hampton Steele 10-D 200105 C C
Limestone And The Clock Struck Ten Ferguson 10-D 202095 C C
Lipscomb A History of Lipscomb County, Texas 1876-1976   10-D 200846 C C
Live Oak The Peoples History of Live Oak Co. Tx.   10-D 2022793 C C
Llano Llano County Family Album A History   10-D 1990122 C C
Llano Llano Gem of the Hill Country A History of Llano County, Texas William Oatman 10-D 1989670 C C
Madison A History of Madison County, Texas MCHC 10-D 202088 C C
Marioln Images of America Jefferson   10-D 201935 C C
Marshall Immages of America Marshall   10-D 201937 C missing
Martin Martin County The First Thirty Years Smithson & Hull 10-D 202160X C C
Mason Hiistory of Mason County, Texas Through 1964 Bierschwale 10-D 202068 C C
Matagorda Historic Matagorda County Vol. I   10-D 1989682 C C
Matagorda Historic Matagorda County Vol. II   10-D 1989683 C C
McCulloch  Handbook of McCulloch County History Vol. I Spiller 10-D 201635 C C
McCulloch  Handbook of McCulloch County Hittstory Vol. II Spi;;er 10-D 201634 C C
McCulloch  Handbook of Mculloch County History Vol III   10-D 2022795 C C
McLennan A Pictorial History of Waco   10-D 2008109 C C
McLennan McLennan Co. Tx 1850-1870 Roger N. Conger 10-D 2002186 C C
McLennan McLennan County Before 1980 Poage 10-D 201910 C C
McLennan McLennan County Marriage Record    10-D 2002186 C C
McMullen McMullen Co. History   10-D 2022783 C C
Midland Land of The High Sky Griffin 10-D 201738 C C
Midland The Pioneer History of Midland County, Texas 1880-1926   10-D 201866 C C
Milam History Of Milam County, Texas Lelia M. Batte 10-D 201233 C C
Milam Milam County Courthouse & It's People Spiller 11-C 201633 C C
Mills Mills County Memories MCHC 10-D 202073 C C
Mitchell The Centennial Book (Mitchell Co, Tx)   10-D 2022886X C C
Montague 100 Years in Montague County, Texas   11-D 1989668 C C
Montague Centennial Forestburg, Tx.   11-D 202195X C C
Montague Early Marriages of Montague County, Texas 1873-1882 1882-1892    11-D 19891295 C C
Montague Famous Court Trials of Montague County Marvin F. London 11-D 1989621 C C
Montague History of Montague County, Texas Mrs. W. R. Porter 10-D 200716 C C
Montague History of Spanish Fort, Texas   11-D 199515 C C
Montague Images Of America Nocona (signed)   11-D 201226 C C
Montague Indian Raids in Montague County Marvin F. London 11-D 1989515 C C
Montague Levi Perryman Pioneer Indian Fighter   11-D 202161X C C
Montague Looking Back Moments in Montague County History Melvin E. Fenoglio 10-D 200026 C C
Montague Montague County TexaS 1870 Census Mrs. Frank Hawkins 11-D 19891297 C C
Montague Montague County, Texas 1890 Census Vol. II   11-D missing C missing
Montague Montague County, Texas 1860 Census   11-D 19891296 C C
Montague Montague County, Texas 1860 Census Transcribed from Microfilm T9-M1320 Mrs. Frank Hankins 11-D missing C missing
Montague Montague County, Texas 1880 Census Vol. I   11-D 19891298 C C
Montague Murder in Montague   11-D 20221782X C C
Montague Nocona Future of a Texas Leather Center   11-D 1989417 C C
Montague Our Yesterdays  Melvin E. Fenoglio 10-D 200233 C C
Montague Panorama of Nocona's Trade Area   11-D 1989664 C C
Montague Pioneer Salad Days Of St. Jo Norma K. Thompson 11-D 200710 C C
Montague Pioneer Sketches G. W. Cox 11-D 199307 C C
Montague Story of Montague County The Past and The Present   11-D 2022842X C C
Montague This Soil Will Grow Grapes A History of Montague County Italians Melven E. Fenoglio 11-D 200413 C C
Montague  Monatague County Pension Applications Civil War No 2   11-D 202217101X C C
Montgomery The History of Montgomery Co.   11-D 2022791 C C
Moore 100 More Years Texas Centennial Dumas   11-D 199343 C C
Moore Moore County Memories That Count   11-D 1991187 C C
Moore Our One And Only Cactus Funk & Futrell 11-D 1991186 C C
Moore Our Town Dumas "I'm A Ding-Dong Daddy From Dumas" Jay B. Funk 11-D 1991189 C C
Moore The Windswept Land Myrna Tryon Thomas 11-D 19891188 C C
Motley Of Such As These History of Motley County Elenor Mitchell Traweek 11-D 1989684 C C
Motley The Early History of Motley Co Campbell 11-D 201739 C C
Nacogdoches  Abstracts of Wills Nacogdoches County, Texas 1845-1903   11-D 1982108 C C
Nacogdoches  The Book Of Nacogdoches County July 1 1927 Brown, Nugent 11-D 201628 C C
Navarro Cemetery Records Volume III (missing)   11-D missing C missing
Navarro Navarro County, Texas Marriages 1846-1888 Vol. I   11-D 200311 C C
Navarro Old Northwest Texas Historical-Statistical-Biographical Vol. I-A Navarro County 1846-1860 Samuels & Knox 11-D 1989671 C C
Navarro Old Northwest Texas Historical-Statistical-Biographical Vol. I-B 1846-1860 Samuels & Knox 11-D 1989672 C C
Newton Newton Co. Nuggets   11-D 2022792 C C
Nolan A History of Nolan County, Texas  Yeats, Hooper 11-D 201115 C C
Nolan First 100 Years Nolan County Texas Barber & Bennett 11-D 201119 C C
Nueces An American-Mexican Frontier Taylor 11-D 201721 C C
Nueces The History of Nueces County   11-D 2022790 C C
Ochiltree Postpioneers Juanita Lewis Hindman 11-D 1989702 C C
Ochiltree Wheatheart of the plains Ochiltree County History Vol. I   11-D 1989665 C C
Ochiltree Whetheart OF the Plains Ochiltree County History Vol. 2   11-D 1989666 C missing
Palo Pinto Historical Markers of Palo Pinto, County, Texas  Hubert C. Smidt 11-D 200866 C C
Palo Pinto History Of Palo Pinto County   11-D 200378 C missing
Palo Pinto I Remember Newark Everett Johnston 11-D 201779 C missing
Palo Pinto MIneral Wells Great Health Resort Of Tx. Charles Cutter 11-D 200770 C C
Palo Pinto Painted Pole Barbara Belding Gibson 11-D 200428 C C
Palo Pinto Painted Post Past A 150 Year History of Palo Pinto County, Texas   11-D 200867 C C
Palo Pinto Palo PInto Co. History   11-D 200868 C C
Palo Pinto Palo Pinto County 150 Year Celebration on Tour   11-D 200865 C C
Palo Pinto Palo Pinto County History   11-D 200868 C C
Palo Pinto Possum Kingdom country   11-D 201778 C C
Palo Pinto The Brazos Bronc Busters Scrapbook Hittson 11-D 198941 C C
Palo Pinto The Palo Pinto Story Mary Whatley Clarke 11-D 200864 C C
Palo Pinto  Views of The Past Palo Pinto District Court Records 1858-1867   11-D 200886 C C
Panola A History of Panola County PHC 11-D 201722 C C
Panola Panola County Calvacade   11-D 201865 C C
Parker A Cry Unheard The Story of Indian Attacks in and Aaround Parker County, Texas 1858-1872 Doyal Marshall 10-E 2001126 C C
Parker A New History of Parker County 1906   10-E 200235 C C
Parker A Parker County Texas Cowboy "All Over"   10-E 200236 C C
Parker A Tale of Two Schools Springtown Parker County John Nix 10-E 1989982 C C
Parker Around Veal's Station Smith 10-E 201950 C C
Parker Historical Highlights of Springtown & Texas Vol. 2 Laurie Moseley, III 10-E 202164X C C
Parker Historical Highlights of Springtown & Texas Vol. 3 Laurie Moseley, III 10-E 200081 C C
Parker Historical Highlights of Springtown & Texas Vol. I Laurie Moseley, III 10-E 202163X C C
Parker Historical Sketch of Parker County & Weatherford, Texas H. Smythe 10-E 1989632 C C
Parker History of Parker County   10-E 1989623 C C
Parker Parker County Marriage Records   10-E 1992164 C C
Parker Parker County, Texas District Court Civil Minutes 1874-1880 Vol. I Part 2 Munnerlyn 10-E 200766 C C
Parker Parker County, Texas District Court Civil Minutes 1874-1880 Vol. I Part I Munnerlyn 10-E 200767 C C
Parker Parker County, Texas Marriage Records 1874-1889 Weldon Hudson 10-E 19891256 C C
Parker Parker County, Texas Marriages Before 1875 Bennett & Vernon 10-E 200764 C C
Parker Parker County, Texas Mayor's Court 1860-1874 Christi Bellah 10-E 200763 C C
Parker Parker County, Texas Naturalizations and Certificates No 15501-15519 Weldon Hudson 10-E 200765 C C
Parker Peaster   10-E 202165X C C
Parker Pictorial History of Parker County   10-E 202162X C C
Parker Record of Wills 1874-1916 Parker County, Texas Munnerlyn 10-E 200769 C C
Parker Scholastic Census 1917 Parker County. Texas Munnerlyn 10-E 200768 C C
Parker the Double Log Cabin G. A. Holland 10-E 200078 C C
Parker Weatherford Immigrants Guide (Missing)   10-E   C missing
Parmer A History of Parmer County   10-E 202070 C C
Parmer Prarie Progress PCHS 10-E 201723 C C
Pecos Pecos County History   10-E 202086 C C
Polk A Pictorial History of Polk County, Texas   10-E 202166X C C
Polk Polk County, Texas Marriages 1846-1880 Imogene Kennedy 10-E 200313 C C
Polk The History of Polk Co. Tx. Emma R. Hayes 10-E 200195 C C
Polk There Never Were Such Men Before Ruth Pebbles 10-E 200192 C C
Potter In The Cattle County History of Potter County Della Tyler Key 10-E 19891022 C C
Presidio History of Marfa and Presidio County Vol. I Cecilia Thompson 10-E 1989410 C C
Presidio History of Marfa and Presidio County Vol. II Cecilia Thompson 10-E 1989411 C C
Rains In Their Footsteps   10-E 199388 C C
Randell The Randell County Story Mrs. Clyde W. Warwick 10-E 1989673 C C
Real Wagons, Ho A History of Real County, Texas  Marjorie Kellner 10-E 199616 C C
Red River 1850 U.S. Census of Red River County, Texas   11-E 199735 C C
Red River Gateway to Texas History of Red River County Martha Sue Stroud 11-E 202094 C C
Red River Old Red River Ancestor Charts and Family Sheets Clara Massey Nash 11-E 199859 C C
Red River Red River County Om 1890 Lww 11-E 201651 C C
Red River Red River Dust Bowers 11-E 2016123 C C
Red River The Red River Valley Then and Now A. W. Neville 11-E 200775 C C
Refugio Refugio Vol. I Hoburt Huson 11-E 200163 C C
Refugio Refugio Vol. II Hoburt Huson 11-E 200164 C C
Roberts  A History Of Miami And Roberts County RCHS 11-E 201720 C C
Robertson A History Of Robertson County, Texas Baker 11-E 201116 C C
Robertson Recollections of Robertson, Co. Tx Parker 11-E 201856 C C
Rockwall History Rockwall Country 1842-1968 Steger 11-E 202091 C C
Rummels Runnels Is My country Poe 11-E 202092 C C
Rusk Remembering Rusk County The Heritage of Rusk County, TX. Vol. I   11-E 200524 C C
Rusk The History of Rusk County, Texas Vol. I Dorman H. Winfrey 11-E 200772 C C
San Augustien The Cradle of Texas A Pictorial History of San Augustine Co.  Jones 11-E 2022796 C C
San Jacinto A History of San Jancinto , Tx.   11-E 2022784 C C
San Parricio History of San Patrico Co. Keith Guthrie 11-E 202167X C C
San Saba The Call of The San Sabas Hamrick 11-E 200525 C C
Schleicher  Schleicher County or Eighty Years of Development In Southwest Texas   11-E 201107 C C
Scurry From Buffalo .... To Oil History of Scurry County, Texas Hooper Sheldon 11-E 202168X C C
Scurry Saga of Scurry  Cotton 11-E 201851 C C
Shackelford Shackelford County Sketches Don H. Biggers 11-E 2005107 C C
Shelby  Legends of The Pineys Joseph F. Combs 11-E 198943 C C
Shelby  The Men and Women in WW II from Shelby County   11-E 2022580 C C
Sherman God, Grass & Gritt SCHS 11-E 201724 C C
Smith Along The Century Trail Austin 11-E 201939 C C
Smith The History of Smith County Texas Vol I Smallwood 11-E 201746 C C
Smith The History of Smith County Texas Vol II Smallwood 11-E 201747 C C
Smith The Proud Century Tyler Public Schools 1882-1982 Lewis 11-E 202060 C C
Smith Tyler Smith County Texas Glover 11-E 201943 C C
Somerville History and Families of Somerville County, Texas   11-E 200337 C C
Somerville Story of A Texas county W. C. Nunn 11-E 201222 C C
Stephens Doodle Bugs 7 Cactus Berries Hanna 11-E 201748 C C
Stonewall Stonewall Caounty Between The Forks   11-E 2022794 C C
Swisher WInd MillIng Swisher Co. 1876-1977   11-E 1991125 C C
Tarrant  The Fort Worth Story Henson & Phillips 10-F 2001144 C C
Tarrant 1850 U.S. Census Tarrant County, Texas John F. Schunk 10-F 199734 C C
Tarrant Arlington, Texas birthplace of the Metropolis 1838-1910 Joyner 10-F 1992249 C C
Tarrant Azle Community History History of Azel Community History Vol. I   10-F 1989616 C C
Tarrant Cowtown Metropolis Robert H. Talbert 10-F 1989611 C C
Tarrant First Settlers of Tarrant County, Texas 1841-1859 Vol. I Weldon F. Hudson 10-F 1989246 C C
Tarrant Folrt Worth's Log Cabin Village Jordan 10-F 2016111 C C
Tarrant Fort Worth A Frontier Triumph Garrett 10-F 2015102 C C
Tarrant Fort Worth In Pictures   10-F 1989142 C C
Tarrant Fort Worth Memories Vol Iii   10-F 2022781 C C
Tarrant Fort Worth Outpost on the Trinity Oliver Knight 10-F 199380 C C
Tarrant Ft. Worth Memories   10-F 201913 C C
Tarrant Gamblers & Gangsters Ann Arnold 10-F missing C  
Tarrant Grapevine Area History   10-F 1989640 C C
Tarrant Grapevine's Most Unforgettable Characters   10-F 202169X C C
Tarrant History of Birdville Mrs. Thelma Ray 10-F 1989680 C C
Tarrant Images of America Grapevine   10-F 2008104 C C
Tarrant My Home Town (Azle) Beatrice Gipson Carter 10-F 1989696 C C
Tarrant Reminiscences in The Early Years of Fort Worth Capt. J. C. Terrell 10-F 200560 C C
Tarrant Tarrant County, Texas Marriage Records Vol. III   10-F 199308 C C
Tarrant The Fort That Became a City Selcer 10-F 2015100 C C
Tarrant The House of Courts A Restoration Oct. 1893.Dec. 1983   10-F 199416 C C
Tarrant The Sailor's Destiny Earl Vernon Ray 10-F 200559 C C
Tarrent A History of Fort Worth in Black and White Selcer 10-F 202116 C C
Tarrent Fort Worth Memories Vol II   10-F 2022780 C C
Tarrent Fort Worth Scrapbook   10-F 202219 C C
Tarrent Images of america Fort Worth Stockyards Pate 10-F 201364 C C
Tattant The History of North Richland Hills Green 10-F 202030 C C
Taylor A History of Rural Taylor County Taylor 10-F 1995182 C MISSING
Taylor Abilene Remembered our Centennial Treasury Book 1881-1986 Juanita Daniel Zachry 10-F 201140 C C
Taylor Images of America Early Abilene   10-F 201143 C C
Taylor Pioneer Days Two Views   10-F 201223 C C
Taylor Pioneer Women Of Abilene Vernon 10-F 201142 C C
Taylor Pioneers of the Abilene Area Volume I   10-F 200066 C C
Taylor Potosi  Mrs. Tommy Clark 10-F 201221 C C
Taylor The Settling of A Frontier A History of Rural Taylor County  Jack North 10-F 2016104 C C
Terrell Terrell County Texas It Past It's People   10-F 2022788 C C
Terry Valley View Days 1939-1945 TCHC 10-F 201371 C C
Throckmorton Early Settlers of Terry Co. TCHC 10-F 201749 C C
Titus History of Titus County, Texas W. M. Morrison 10-F 1995184 C C
Titus Throckmorton County   10-F 201750 C C
Tom Green History of Titus County, Texas Vol. 2   10-F 1995185 C C
Tom Green Tom Green County Chronicals of Our Heritage Vol 1     201751 C C
Travis 19th Century Austin Frances Terry Ingmire 11-F 200183 C C
Travis Austin Genealogical Society Quarterly Index XII-XXVIII Jeanette Flachmeier 10-F 200084 C C
Travis Georgetown Yesterday   11-F missing C MISSING
Travis Georgetown's Yesteryears A Special Place Vol. 3   11-F 202172X C C
Travis Georgetown's Yesteryears Reaching for The Gold Ring Vol. I   11-F 202170X C C
Travis Georgetown's Yesteryears The People Remembered Vol. 2   11-F 202171X C C
Travis Georgetown's Yesteryears The Way It Was Vol. 4 Katherine Hart 11-F 202173X C C
Travis Pioneer Austin Notables Vol. II   11-F 1989266 C C
Travis Tom Green County Chronicals of Our Heritage vol. II Lucie Clift Price 10-F 201752 C C
Travis Travis County, Texas Marriage Records 1840-1882   10-F 2001110 C C
Travis Tyler County, Texas Marriage Records 1847-1888   11-F 2001233 C C
Tyler Camp Travis and Its Part In WWI In 1918   11-F missing C MISSING
Upshur A Brief History of Upshur County Doyle T. Loyd 11-F 2001347 C C
Upshur A Proud Heritage G. F. Baird 11-F 200847 C MISSING
Upton A History of Upshur County, Texas Ethic Eagleton 11-F 1989687 C C
Uvalde A Proud Heritage   11-F 200847 C C
Uvalde Yesteryears Burns 11-F 201938 C C
Van Zant A History of Canton, Texas Every First Monday W.S. Mills 11-F 1989619 C C
Van Zant History of Van Zant County   11-F 200405 C C
Victoria 300 Years In Victoria County Victor M. Rose 11-F 200181 C C
Victoria On The Last Frontier A History of Upton County, Texas   11-F 200754 C MISSING
Victoria Pictorial History of Victoria County David Nelson Wren 11-F 2001119 C C
Victoria  History of Victoria County   11-F 2001143 C C
Victoria  The Handbook of Victoria County Leopold Morris 11-F 200196 C C
Walker Huntsville and Walker Counties, A Bicentennial History   11-F 2016115 C C
Walker Walker County History   11-F 2016116 C C
Waller A History Of Waller Co. Tex.   11-F 199966 C C
Waller Water, Oil, Sand And Sky A History of Ward Co. Tx.   11-F 2022787 C C
Ward A History of Washington County, Texas  Mr. & Mrs. Nath Windield 11-F 200174 C C
Washington All our Yesterdays a Brief History of Chappell Hill Mrs. R. E. Pennington 11-F 198910 C C
Washington History of Brenham and Washington County, Texas Charles F. Schmidt 11-F 1989676 C C
Wharton  Wharton County Pictorial History 1846-1946 Our First 100 Years Vol. I Mrs. Sallie B. Harris 11-F 201708 C C
Wheeler Hide Town in The Texas Panhandle Jonnie Morgan 11-F 1989462 C C
Wichita History of Wichita Falls   11-F 1989650 C C
Wichita Legends of Wichita County Dorthy Crowder 11-F 200837 C C
Wichita Pioneers Remembered Interviews From The Golden Jubilee Celebration Held In Wichita Falls, TX... September 25,26,27, 1932 Betty Smedley 11-F 199915 C C
Wichita Tales of The Red River Valley Louise Kelly 11-F 199040 C C
Wichita Wichita County Beginnings   11-F 1989706 C C
Wichita  Wichita Falls Where Enterprise and Opportunity Meet Rose & Rouse 11-F 202175X C C
Wilbarger Official Early-Day History if Wilbarger County John J. Leffler 11-F 1989675 C C
Williamson Early History of Williamson County Charles R. Wilhite 11-F 202284 C C
Williamson Historic Williamson County an Illustrated History   11-F 200108 C C
Williamson Land of Good Water Griffith 11-F 200117 C C
Williamson Williamson County, Texas Marriage Records 1848-1888 Clara Sterns Scarbrough 11-F 200323 C C
Wise 1.Admi. Of Estates of Persons who died Intestate. 2. New Hope Cemetery Montague o Tx. 3. Decl of intentiona and petition for Naturalization. 4. Tax Sales 1892. 5. Abstracts of Wills from Old Probate Minutes of Wis County    3-D 202217217 C C
Wise 11th Census of US Surviving Soldiers, Sailors , Marines & Widows Etc Wise Co June 1890    3-D 202217102X C C
Wise 1920 Census Boonsville Tackel Keith 3-D 202181X C C
Wise A Walk Through Time The Decatur Square Jim Tom Barton 3-D 2008100 C C
Wise Abstracts Decatur News Birth, Deaths, Marriages Jan. 12-1883-Nov 30 1900 Vol 1   3-D 202217207 C C
Wise Abstracts from The Wise County Messenger Births, Deaths, Marriages and other Genealogical Data Vol I   3-D 202217208 C C
Wise Abstracts from The Wise County Messenger Births, Deaths, Marriages and other Genealogical Data Vol II   3-D 202217209 C C
Wise Abstracts from The Wise County Messenger Births, Deaths, Marriages and other Genealogical Data Vol III   3-D 202217210 C C
Wise Abstracts from The Wise County Messenger Births, Deaths, Marriages and other Genealogical Data Vol IV   3-D 202217211 C C
Wise Abstracts from The Wise County Messenger Births, Deaths, Marriages and other Genealogical Data Vol V   3-D 202217212 C C
Wise Abstracts from The Wise County Messenger Births, Deaths, Marriages and other Genealogical Data Vol VI   3-D 202217213 C C
Wise Alvord Centennial The First 100 Years 1882-1982   3-D 1989652 C C
Wise Alvord The First 100 Years Fulmore 3-D 202251X C C
Wise Aurora, Texas The Town That Might Have Been   3-D 201267 c C
Wise Boyd, Texas Community Information Handbook 1989 Edition   3-D 202176X C C
Wise Centennial History of Wise County 1853-1953   3-D 202141 C C
Wise Cross-Timbers Chaparral   3-D 200898 C C
Wise Decatur Baptist College The Truth Be Known  Etta Bearden Pegues 3-D 20221764X C C
Wise Decatur Township 1930 Census Sanders 3-D 202180X C C
Wise Eighter From Decatur Growing Up In North Texas   3-D 202178X C C
Wise Every Name Index to Selected Wise Co., Texas Deed Books Sue Jean Cocanougher 3-D 200101 C C
Wise Family Places Garrett Creek, Boonsville, Balsora Terrell 3-D 201604 C C
Wise From Peanuts Politics and Other Things John A. Jackson 3-D 1995178 C C
Wise From Wagon Wheels To Rocket Ships Bridgeport the First 100 Years 1873-1973   3-D 2021283X C C
Wise Frontier Protection of Confederate State of Texas 1861-1865   3-D 202217219 C C
Wise History of Mineola Williams 3-D missing C  
Wise How Texas Counties got their names   3-D 202101 C MISSING
Wise How The West Was Begun: The Tale of Prairie Point, a Frontier Texas Town Cathern Toxell Gonzalez 3-D 202182X C C
Wise I Remember Newark   3-D 201779 C C
Wise Images of America Bridgeport Charles T. Gettys 3-D 2008101 C 3
Wise Index to 1890 Wise County Tas Rolls   3-D 202217218 C C
Wise Index to Wise County Deads Vol I   3-D 202217214 C C
Wise Newark Its Heritage and Landmarks   3-D 1989677 C C
Wise Reflections of The Past & Old time recipes Kelly Jenks 3-D 200369 C C
Wise Reflections of The Past & Old time recipes   3-D 200369 C C
Wise Requested Info for Civil War Veterans Buried in Wise Co Gonzales 3-D 2021258X C C
Wise Rhome A pioneer History   3-D 1989622 C C
Wise Slidell Centennial  Dr. G. A. Bridges 3-D 1989624 C C
Wise Social History Of Wise County, Texas Between 1880 and 1910 June 1969 Lucille Jones 3-D 199566 C C
Wise Social Security List of Heath Benefits Paid to those With Wise Co. Zip Codes also Includes Springtown and Poolville Book 1   3-D missing C  
Wise Social Security List of Heath Benefits Paid to those With Wise Co. Zip Codes also Includes Springtown and Poolville Book 2   3-D missing C  
Wise Some Wise County Marriages of The Late 1800's Book 1 A-J   3-D 199276 C C
Wise Some Wise County Marriages of The Late 1800's Book 2 K-Z La Darla Walker Keith 3-D 199277 C C
Wise Springtown an Poolville   3-D missing C  
Wise Taylorsville Bette Jane Dodd's 3-D 1989742 C C
Wise The Geology of Wise County, Texas La Darla Walker Keith 3-D 202179X C C
Wise The History Of Slidell From The Beginning to 1954 Bridges 3-D 201770 C C
Wise The Terrells Johnston 3-D missing C  
Wise To God Be The Glory   3-D 199866 C C
Wise Wild Flowers of Wise County Ann Vance Thurmond 3-D 199070 C C
Wise Wise Ancestory March 1987 Vol I NO !   3-D 202217215 C C
Wise Wise Ancestory March 1989 Vol 3 No 1   3-D 202217216 C C
Wise Wise County 25 Years of Progress   3-D 1989418 C C
Wise Wise County Confederate Pensions   3-D 199965 C C
Wise Wise County Info.   3-D 202217220x c c
Wise Wise County Texas Marriage Records 1881-1893   3-D 202217206 C C
Wise Yesterday's Butter Mary Gates Moore 3-D 200329 C C
Wood Chips, Of Wood County Tx..   11-F 201754 C C
Wood History Of Minola Jones 11-F 1989660 C C
Young A History of Young County, Texas  Carrie J. Crouch 11-F 200817 C C
Young Centennial Graham 1872-1972 Barbara N. Ledbetter 11-F 1989700 C C
Young Fort Belknap Frontier Saga Barbara A. Neak Kedbetter 11-F 199111 C C
Young Newcastle, TX. Features, Facts, Families, Fotos Vol. IV A Barbara Neal Ledbetter 11-F 1992205 C C
Young Newcastle, TX. Historical Sketches of People, Landmarks, Buildings, Cemeteries of the Town and Surrounding Area 1851-1989 Vol. 3 La Darla Keith 11-F 20221763X C c
Young Newcastle, TX. Sketches of Its School and Its Scholars 1909-1983 Vol. 2 Barbara Neal Ledbetter 11-F 1990121 C C
Young Newcastle, TX. The Coal Mining Town Vol. I Barbara Neal Ledbetter 11-F 1990140 C C
  Birth Records Wise County 1864-1902   3-D 2022171701 C C
  Camp Travis & Its Part In The World War   10-A 201597 C C
  Grapevine--A Visual Journey Through A Beloved Texas Town Kristi Reese 10-F 200564 C C
  History of Henderson County   10-C 201712 C C
  History of Montague Co. Tx. Potter 10-D 202140 C C
  Wise County History Workbook   3-E 202217459 C C
  Wise County Turn Of The Century   3-E 202217460 C C